we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 24


guys i think iam boring u..and pls forgive me if u didnt like that previous update..

recap; ragsan romance, pinky aunty entry , some masti scenes,ragsan to act as married couple infront of pinky aunty

now they all start to plan ..when pinky aunty goes for shopping …

swara; we have to do something big..then only that wicked witch will run frm this house

lak; hey swara ..wait …before .planning that,..we will swim in the swimming pool yaar..!!

sanky; yes bhai …iam too ready with my suits ..and rags u have ur bikkini na..u too join us ..what say

ragini(in a angry tone); hey u iam going to crook ur backbone sanky ..then u have to walk like a duck..quak..quak qauk!!(she did to iritate him)

lak; oh stop ur fight…u two r not lkg babies!!

swara; guys wait wait…i have one idea ….

then she says an idea to them ..and it was shown muted

ragini; wah!! swara..now that pinky aunty ..will run out of this house

sanky; we r going to torture her like hell!!

lak; guys ok come on !!

they all r seen doing some works

then pinky aunty returns

pinky ; oh darlings..iam back home…

then when she opened the door ..a box full of flour was poured in her head frm the up side of the door

she was like a flour monster ..and her dress was full of flour…

rags sanky were seen hiding in the side of the wall and they did a hifi and they were saying “plan A sucess”!! and laughed silently

pinky ;swara!! ragini!! where r u two …what is happening here!!

then she enters the hall and tries to go to the washroom

then ragini shouts; thief !!! thief!! …..pinky aunty ..thief has come

pinky aunty ; where ragu ..and she runs shouting and she goes to the opening the door and she goes near the swimming pool..

swara signs to ragini to push her …

lak; sanky bhai..u go and tell her

then sanky frm far ..does silly actions to show .that push pinky aunty in the swimming pool to rags

ragini in mind ; why this sanskaar is doing like a cockroach ..what he is trying to say!! …hmmmmn. i got it..he says me to put cockroach in pinky aunty’s dress..

then rags went to the kitchen and was searching for an cockroach..

sankar.lak,swara ..all went behind ragini ..thinking that ,.she is going to put an master plan

ragini was going to take an cockroach but then only she remembered that she is sacred of cockraoches

ragini; aaahhh!! she shouted

and rags was very sacred when she saw the cockrach in zoom ,,,

swara; y this rags is shouting like this..is she acting ..??

lak; hey guys i think ..he has got sacred by that cockroach!!

sanky ; what a stupid girl ,,she is ???,,she came like a hero ..and after seeing a cockroach ..she turned into a comedian !!

then rags in fear was messing the whole place …by running frm the cockroach which was following her..and the whole kitchen was messed and she mistakenly pushes the gramflour jar frm the shelf ..while running ..and that jar end up in falling in sanskaar head ..and he was fully bathed by that gram flour..swara and lucky ..cant control thier laughter seeing sanky;s situation..and at last after bathed frm that gram flour ..the jar gave him a knock in his head..which made everyone laugh out

ragini didnt know it was sanky

ragini; swara!! lak!! really a thief has come ..swara take that jute bag !!

swara; rags …wait yaar..he is not thi….she was abut to say ..but pinky aunty has come there ..and now no one can recognize her

lak; bhoot !!!!(ghost) everyone run!!!

swara; rags come yaar!!(she shouts)

then sanky was also sacred by pinky aunty ..

pinky aunty(seeing sanky); (she thinks that they all shout seeing sanky face and even she also dont know that it was sanky); yes bhoot!!!!

then she too runs with them ..they all think that ..bhoot is following them

ragini; hey guys ..where is anky ..and bhoot is following us ..that too two ghosts!!! aaaah..

lak; rags..hey there is only one bhoot ,,,..sanky is not bhoot ..come we will save him !!

sanky ; guys iam here

then they all round the whole farmhouse ..

they all get separated as two

ragini; hey sanky !! wipe ur face with this kerchief..i cant see ur gram flour face!!!

then he wipes his face

swara; hey lak..i think .,.we all have got separated..come we have to save ragsan frm that bhoot!!!

lak; we will go to the swimming pool

swara; y ya!!

lak ; we have to ask help frm pinky aunty!!

swraa; ok come

ragini; swara have said us to come to the swimming pool..

sanky ; ok come we will go !!

they all go to the swimming pool

ragini; pinky aunty is not here ..the ghost is only here

sanky ; lak and swara..what shall we do now

then swara takes a wodden bat and she hits pinky aunty thinking that she has hit the ghost

then while hitting her everyone by mistake fall in the swimming pool

then it was seen as it was not pinky aunty or the ghost ..it was the tour guide ..who came to thier house ..to take them out ..but they all have fully misunderstood

in swimming pool

tour guide(in a crying way); it very paining madam..oh god!! ..y u all have dont this!! fine its enough !!! iam resigning my job!! aaah(he crys like a funny man and he goes)

ragini ; oh we have done a big mistake!!!

lak; sanky bhai and rags ..u two were only there in the entrance..but how come u dint see that it is the tourguide??

sanky ;lak after putting the flour only we saw..thats y we didnt see that it is the tour guide ..

swara; oh no ..guys ..i can hear her car sound!!!aahhh she hates messing room ,,!!! oh what shall we do !!??

ragini keeps her hand flat . near her neck and show her tongue out and signs that ” we r dead today!!(hope u can understand)

pinky aunty ; y r u crying man…!!(to the tour guide)

he crys even badly and goes

pinky aunty ; crazy fellow!!!

and she enters the room

pinky ; o mg what a mess??

and they all try to escape..but she catch them red handedly

then they all stand like a criminals and pinky aunty stands like a police officer

pinky aunty; (in a angry voice); clean up!!!

they all salute to her and shakes thier heads

“yes madam” ragsanswalak

then they all were seen sweeping the house and cleaning it

ragini(crying like a small baby ); swara….i hate her..and my hands r paining ..i want to kill her..that idiotic women!!!

swara; same felling!!!(both cries like funny babies)

sanky(he was in a funny trauma ..as if he has lost everything and he too starts crying like a baby); lak ..even at home..i havent done these works…aahhh(he cries ..lying in lak’s shoulders)

‘lak; bhai…..even me bhai ..this mad witch has made all our plan ..ulta!!! (he too cries lying in his shoulders)

then pinky aunty is seen seeing tv serials ..and she was also crying ,,,seeing that

pinky aunty ; y this preethi is hurting him like this …aaaahh(she cries sneezing with her cloth)

swara and rag heared this and they run towards her ..

and hugged her

ragini; pinky aunty ..ur very good lady ..

swraa; yes pinky aunty ..bcz of our hard work only know u r crying !!

pinky aunty ; see that preethi..she is very wicked ..and iam crying for anand!!!aaah(she cries seeing that serial)

swara and rags ..fall upside down..in anger

ragini ; this pinky aunty is a pycho!!! i thought she was crying for us..but see !!

swara; ragini..now we will show her ..who we r!!!

they smile evily

and they first think to get back to work

and sanlak has finished thier work and they come in the direction of swarag

lak; what r u girls doing??

sanky ; yeah..even iam hear to ask u that..

swara; and ragini said in same timing;(in a funny way) ; we r sleeping here??

sanky(in a funny way); oh sleeping ha..ok ok continue sleeping !! come lak ..we will go …we thought to say u a plan..but its ok..come lak!!

lak; come bhai!!

swara; wait wait..first say us ur plan

ragini; but pls dont say some nonsense!!

sanky shows them a powder

then they all understood that

ragini; i will mix this in her …food

sanky; but pls u dont ..flop the plan..by doing some stupid things ..like u did today

ragini; if u have acted like… to push her in the swimming pool .i wud have pushed…..but u was acting like a cockroach ..so what can i do??

swara; ok stop this..

sanky ; oh miss wildcat..i think .something wrong in ur eyes ..go to an eye doctor!!

then they both were fighting

lak; swara ..let them fight ,..we will itself ..add the powder in pinky aunty’s food

swara; yes lak..its waste of time to stp thier fighting

ragini; hey sanky ..they have gone..bcz of our fight!!

sanky ; yep…

swara slowly goes to the kitchen and adds the powder

and she serves it to pinky aunty …

swara..in mind ;;now there will be no prob!! oops..i forgot to ask lak..what will this powder will do??

swara; lak what will this powder will do??

lak(he strikes his head); ops swara..i didnt read the precription.. in that powder

rags sees the precription ..which was down…and she reads it

ragini; hey sanky ..that time itself ..i thought u two ..will do like this only ..oops..it is a crazy tablet ..she will be like a drunken women ..

sanky ; oh shit ..i cant digest ..when she is normal itself..now i have to adjust her in a drunken state..even u r better ..when u r drunken..but that yellow aunty!!

ragini; not yellow ..pinky aunty!!!

then they rush to the hall and it was seen as pinky aunty was dancing to an item song(chikini chameli frm angneepath)

and lak and swara was keeping thier hands in thier cheeks ..sitting lifelessly seeing her horrible dance..

pinky aunty(she was even singing and dancing..she was even whistling);aayi chikini chameli chup ki akeli phawa chadhake ayi
aayi chikni chameli chup ke akeli phawa chadke ayi..

lak(he starts to cry ) ;swara in seeing her dance ..iam getting vomit ..and i love katrina kaif..but after seeing ur pinky aunty;s dance..now i hate katrina !!!..ahhhh(he cries funnyly)

swara; u know lak..iam a die heart fan of hrithik roshan..but ..i cant see her dancing to my fav hero’s movie!!!…and lak ..this stupid granny ..is humilating shreya ghoshal ….(she hit her head in the wall and says this)

sanky comes there..his eyes were teary

sanky ; katrina..katrina !!! .. rags see na..this 50 yrs granny is dancing for my fav song!! (she catches rags shoulders and he beats his chest)

ragini;(pats his shoulder and console him); sanky ..i can understand ur feelings……what to do ..these all r time’s curse!!! but its really very horrific!!

swara; guys ..this was ur mistake…now what we will do!!

lak; yes swara..this was my mistake..and i made my fav song like this..and he takes the pic of katrina kaif..and he taer it ; sorry katrina..frm today..iam hating u !!!aaa(he cries)

swara consoles him!!(guys this is totally a funny scene)

sanky ; bhai..we have to be strong!!! and rags and swara pls say some idea to chase this..pinky aunty!!! nd there is a limit for everything guys.

ragini; idea!!! swara we will call her mother in law!!!

lak; but she told..that she is not married

swara; lak…she is a divorced..but she is very afraid of her mother in law..

sanky ; then ..what the hell r u guys waiting ..call her!!

ragini calls her in phone and luckily she was in goa only ..so she came there and she took pinky aunty with her

mother in law of pinky ;thank u guys..acutally …i was searching her .for her remarriage.with my son..

lak; ok dadi..thank u for coming ..and drink some coffee and go’

but she refuses and go

swara,ragini,sanky,lak wave thier hand to her ..and they give a relief breadth

sanky ; thank god ..now atleast she have gone!!!

lak; yes bhai..now only iam happy

swara; now lets celebrate going to the top 1 club in the town!!! to celebrate our victory

ragini; swara..we r not clg students..and in night its very dangerous to go to that places

sanky; hey rags ..everyone will go in night only ..come yaa..we will go there!!

lak; yes ragini..we will go ,,and iam very suprised..that swara..has gone to that parties..very modern wife!!

swara; oh helo lak,,i have gone only once..but one condition..no drinks..ok ..espeacially lak and sans

sanky; swara ji..we will not drink ..but u pls be carefull with ur sis..she will nly be drinking (he acts like rags)

ragini; swara..i will not drink ..!!(she said angryly facing sanky)

ok get ready to the party ..they all shout …

swara was seen in a light brown prom dress and rags was also wearing a black prom dress and they left thier hair open

sanky and lak was in thier normal jean and top…which was looking very classy

they all enter thier car

in the car

lak; hey guys..do u know any clubs here..and this is a new town and hw can we find a club

sanky ; wait lak ..i will search in google

rags; sanky ..u give the phone to me ..i will type..bcz u will type something wrong

sanky; iam not a small baby!! and i know to handle it

and he types and he says to lak the directions frm the google

swara; guys i think we have come!!

then they all enter there

swara; hey ..i dont think it is a club guys!!

lak; swara ..what r u saying ..this is a club only

rags; in mind ; y i feel that something is going to happen

sanky; come inside guys!!

all enter it and someone closes the door

swara; this is a club..only ..!!

lak; i said u know!!

sankaar; i think today ..the owner of the club is coming !!

rags; yes u r right..thats y they have did so much decorations it seems

swara; guys but there r no ppl here..there r only guards and securities and maybe no has come yet i think

lak; swara..y they have arranged it .as if a marr is going to be held..??

ragini; its very confusing ??

then suddenly a it was dark ….and then light flashes in the middle of the hall ..and a person was seen coming frm the red carpet and the whole light was on him

………to be continued

frnds..i know iam boring u all.. and this update was not very much funny ..and [pls cmnt..guys…iam missing ur cmnts!!and if u didnt like this..i will end this in my 25th epi

Credit to: namratha

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