we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 23 ( comedy + romance)


hi guys ..namratha here!! and iam here with another epi and today’s epi ..i hope u all will like ..and keep on supporting me

recap; everyone gets a big bulb after they come to know that the man was the tour guide … garden near sea shore dinner for ragsan and swalak and that too,, candle light dinner..,falling star ..etc..

sanky keeps on looking rags ..and suddenly sanky phone beeps a msg ..

sanky(in mind); y this swara and lak have given a msg that they r going to spent thier time in a lone place..

ragini; what msg is that sanky??

sanky; ragini your sis and my stupid bro needs some time lone …so they have booked some other table ..very far for thier dinning it seems!

ragini; it is good only na!!..becoz they r newly wedded couple ..so they will ask like this only..so u dont mind this and u start to eat..and u was telling know that u was very hungry

then before sans go to dinning table ..ragini goes there rushing and she eats ..as if she has not eaten for a year !! and sanky was looking at ragini with his mouth and eyes enlarged

ragini finishes eating

sankaar; ragini ..have u finished ..or u want more ha?? and madam u have ate my food also

ragini; sanky ..sorry .i was very hungry and actually this is not enought for me..but its ok ..iam dieting na..so it is enough!!

then rags asks the worker for food for sanky ..then waiter brings ..and sanky eats it fastly ..thinking that ,he shud eat his food fast or else rags will snatch his food and he even covers his food with one hand and he eats..and rags was laughing at him

ragini; mr cat ..i will not eat ur food…so dont wry eat slowly !!

then food got suck in his throat as a resultant ..of his fast food action

ragini pats his shoulder and head and she gives him water making him to drink it slowly .

then somehow he became normal

ragin; y sanky ..ur doing like this..this is so childish

then they finish eating

now they r lying in the sand keeping thier hands in the back of thier head.. on the beach shore

sanskaar; hey rags see that star know it looks like your eyes

ragini; do u like my eyes that much ??(in a lovable expression)

sankaar(in a funny way); not ur eyes everymuch but i like u when ur nose becomes red like chilly in anger!!

then she hit him .with her elbow ..

sanky; this anger only rags i ..like the most !!

then she comes near him and she hugs him tight and she set a kiss in his forehead

sankaar was amazed in a shock

then rags come back to her position and hides her blush ..she was on the top of the world

and sanky ..cant control himself .so he grasped her shoulders and she holds her with a grip and shakes her with anxiety

sanskaar; ragini ..now can u tell me ..what did u do ..and now u cant lie to me that u have done this ..as a frnd?? say me rags

ragini; so u dont know ..what i have done !! is it ??..and sanky u know what!! u r such a dumboo..and u cant understand after all a girl’s feelings!!

then he giving her a blissful smile and with his enthusiasm he hugged her like his teddy (tum hi ho plays)..but he was not aware that she was crying hard …and she tried to bear it..but her tears of sadness ..didnt leave her to stop .and she thanked god that sans didnt notice her tears ..and she wiped her tears before he cud see that

sanskaar; ragini …i love u ..i love a lot!!!

ragini; even me sanskaar ..i love u ..

tere liye hi jiya main khud ko jo yun de diya hai..

teri wafa ne mujhko samhala saare ghamon ko dil se nikkala

tere saat mera hai naseeb juda

tujhe paake adhoora naa raha hnmmm…

kyunki tum hi ho ..ab tum hi ho ..zindagi ab tum hi ho ..

ahin bhi ..mera dard bhi ..meri aashique ab tum hi ho ;

tu tu tu tu …(meri aashique plays.. that tune)

then sankaar lift her by catching her body (she was in her blue trans saree)

ragini was glaring at his intense eyes which was only blinking for her ..

now screen shifts to swalak

they were sitting in dining table

swara ; lak ..a bad news!! now only i got msg frm piny aunty ..she is coming tom..aaaah.!!!

lak; (in a flirting mood ); who cares !! swara pls yaar ..leave me to hold your hands

swara knocks on his head with her hand

lak; ouch!!! my head

swara;arrey lak !! iam serious…and u dont know abut piny aunty ..she is a weirdo !! o god ..hw will i expalin u ..(then she covers her head by her hands)

lak; (holding his head and rubbing it ); swara .i think there is no weird person than u in this world …husband is coming near to romance but u always tell some moronic stories and end me in shock for stopping our romance!! and who is that hell ?? piny aunty??

swara stretch her eyes and she offs all the lights and she keeps a torch in her face ..as if she is going to say a horror story …and she keeps her hands front to do actions and explain him and she was about to start the story and laskh came running from the kitchen with a bowl full of popcorns and he came so fast to stop swara before she cud start the story

seeing this swara ‘s face turned red

swara; lak ..iam not going to say u a story ..this is about my crazy pinky aunty !!!

lak; (in a disappointed face); oh what swara!! for that only u did so much build up ha!!.(he strikes his head with his hands)

lak; ok anyways ..i brought this popcorn ..so no option..i have to eat this listening to your tedious story !!(he said irritatingly .making an big scene)

swara came to her position offing the light again and keeping the torch infront.of her face

swara(doing silly actions to express that piny aunty is a weirdo); (she raised her hands high to tell “one day”); lak one day ..piny aunty an cyclone came to our house telling that she is a far cousin of my papa..rags was upset becoz of her presence ..she also was telling about her to me like this..i was hardly 16 at that time ..she came near me and was pinching my cheeks to say me cute…and hate her voice..when i hear her voice it will be like a teacher is scractching 100s of chalk pieces in the board..(then swara made her face ..as if she is paralyzed .becoz she was doing like.. her right side cheek moves to her left side cheek.(i hope u understand..it is like if a fix patient will do na like that ).to express that pinky aunty’s voice was horrible..even lak to do like that ..becoz swara was doing like that..

swara(she become an crazy lady);lak ..she will not at all leave us to enjoy ..she thinks like she is the only person ..who makes everyone laugh with her nonsensic jokes ..aaah(she gives a crazy look..holding her neck and trying to show that she cant digest her aunty’s arrival!!)(guys u think ..hw will jim carrey will do in his movie liar liar..if u didnt see that movie pls try to see his crazy reactions ,…so u can understand the humour in swara’s expressions)

lak(he was totally got sacred by swara’s funny reactions ..so he was seen hiding ..under the dinning table and he was bending down there and he was holding his head .); aaaahh!! oh so swara ..pls stop this..even if u have said a horror story i wont be sacred this much ..but this story with ur idiotic expressions made me scare like hell!!

swara(coming to normal ); oops sorry lak..and wait …oh no ..aaaahhh..she starts to cry like a silly girl.seeing a letter in the table

lak(coming out frm the table and he pops out to see .y swara was screaming); hey swara ..y r u screaming

swara(she started to sweat …); see yeah pinky aunty have send a letter ..it means she is not coming tom ..she has arrived here..aaaahhh..kanah ji ..pls save me god!!..

lak; swara ..hw will a person come with the letter saying they r going to come..even they have arrived like shinchan ‘s dada (frnds i think ..u have seen shinchan cartoon ..his dada also will post a letter and when the letter has come he will also be there,,i think u have seen it)

swara;(her eyes extended ); exactly lak..wait keep quit ..can u hear a unpleasant wind and can u feel that ..earthquake is coming!!

then earthquake comes !!..they two head down in the ground ..closing their ears

pinky aunty come from putting an half frock and free bob hair and a kinda blue bag ,an sunglasses , high heels, full of ugly make up ..pinkest lipstick and everything is pink

swara(in a shock way); she has come !!!!

lak(to irritate swara); what an oldy beauty!! (now an funny bgm plays for this situation)

pinky aunty ; oh helo swara darling ..and hey u handsome man …ur very s**** hot..and ur my swara’s hubby right!!(she laughs as if she found a big thing)

lak(he dint like her..but to irritate swara he .behave very smartly to her); aunty ..ur very sizzling and i shud say that u r hot..and come to our farmhouse aunty!

swara was irritated and she was suprised as hw lak like her and she was keep on seeing them and pinky aunty pinching her cheeks ..and she said she was cute

pinky;oh thank u charming man and i know that iam dazzy hot and come come we will go inside..and dont wry ,,i will be only for two days and i will not disturb ur honeymoon and ragsan hm..ok ..(and she laughed like a crack for her stupid jokes)

swara(in mind); in this age ..she is dazzy hot ha..disgusting ..and this lak is her PA ..wait ..wait lak.. i will show u who am i ..when u come to our room!!

swara was giving a fake smile and suddenly she was shock and she dragged lak leaving pinky aunty to go first

swara; hey lak ..she had understood wrongly!! ragsan r not married yet ..but hw can we say her that they came simply here,,then she will thing wrongly about them and can create some rumours abut them..and who knows ..she can even stop them getting close..

lak; swara..we will take this itself as an advantage ..and we will tell ragsan to act like they r married ..so that ragsan will also get close and pinky aunty will also not get any doubts

swara; superb lak

and she hugs him

lak(in mind); swara ..still my game is not started ..now i will irrtitate u .then u will come close to me ..and this pinky aunty is my tool..yeeppe..!! now swara .will know my value(he thought to do some masti)

then they all go to the farmhouse inside

pinky; where is ragini and sanky ..swara ..i want to see them

swara; (in tension); aunty ..actually …..

lak; vo they have gone outside! and we will leave them alone ..they will be spending their time

pinky aunty; u r right lak ..ok lak charm ..u go and sleep ..me and swara r going to watch a crime movie ,,we two like that every much ..if u want to join us u can!!but no nottyness

swara gave a disgusting and tired look thinking that; that day i have mistankely said her this ..and frm that day this idiotic granny is torturing me..and she again gave a fake smile to them

lak(in a planning way); ok aunty i will also join u guys ..becoz in night ..i love movies to watch

then they all sit in the sofa and lak and swara was sitting close to each other and pinky aunty came there and she poped in the middle ..which made them irritating

swra; y this nut off case is coming n the middle!!AAAhhh(she says in mind)

then lak sleeps ..in the middle of the movie

pinky(seeing the movie very interestingly); swara y that girl is running behind that man

swara; i dont know aunty ..we will know this when the climax comes only

swara was very sleepy bur pinky aunty was very wake and she was keep on asking stupid questions to swara abut the movie and swara was keep on falling on her shoulders as she was very sleepy ..but pinky aunty was not letting her to sleep

screen goes to ragsan..sanky was carrying ragini and they two were lost in each other eyes (tum hi ho was still playing) and the tune was also playing

sanky ; so u have hidden so long ..that u love me!!

ragini(she was hidding that she was crying); yes sanky.and what abut u ..u have also hidden it to me

sanky; ok leave yaar..so now ..iam going to make u as mine forever!!

then he takes her to their room frm the backside .of the farmhouse

he then makes her sit in the bed and she was wondering ..y he brought him here..then sanky ..was having an mangalsutra and sindoor in his hand

ragini hugged him ragini; mr romantic romeo !! now we shud not get married ..and that too ..without the permission of our family membs..this is not fair!!

he didnt say anything ..and he kept sindoor in her hairline and ragini was left shocked and he even made her wear the mangalsutra

ragini; sankaar!! ..

sanky; ur mrs sankaar now..!!

ragini was numb..but this was her wish which she wished when the falling star came

the room was fully lightened only with candles and rags was in a saree and sanskaar was in his normal shirt

he slowly came towards her and rags was going away but he pulled her hand towards him and he hugged her back and he placed his head on her neck

sanskaar; rags i love u

ragini(in blush); even me sanky ..u shud ..always be with me !!.

sanky ;iam here with u only na my sweet heart

then he holds her waist and he nailed her to the wall ..and he gave a intense kiss in her lips and said; i will always be with u mrs sanskaar maheshwari !! and they both dance (humdard plays) and thier body was only a inch far

ragini; sankaar ..iam only yours!!

ragini in mind ; iam made for u and not for that kicky !!..then a little tear drop fall frm her eyes till her neck and sanky wipes it.lovingly…. thinking it is for happiness

and she too kissed him ..and now they fall in bed and consummate thier weddding ..

ragini shouts(she was sweating) ;aaaaahhh!!

sanky was confused

sanky(in a funny way) ; helo …madam iam waking u for the past half an hour but u r dreaming something..and u were smiling as well as crying ..have u gone mad!! u say me now itself ..i will call the mental hospital to admit u

ragini was holding her head and was seeing around her

and she saw that ..they were still in the dinning table at the beach shore

ragini(in mind ); oh my god this was my dream!!! (she breathes heavily)

sanky ; hey miss dramabeez r u alright ..drink some water and swara has send u one msg saying ..ur aunty has come ha her name is also ..haa yellow aunty

rags; hey it is pinky aunty !! and wait…oh know …what is happening here..pinky aunty has arrived and sanky give my phone ..

then she sees her phone and swara has explained everything to rags

rags; omg..sanky we r married!!

sanky(in a funny tone) ; hey queen of acting ..what r u saying .wait…..so we r married ..ok come we will enjoy our first night!!

rags; hey stupid ..we r not married and swara says that pinky aunty thinks like that ha..so we have to act like that ..or else pinky aunty will think wrong .ok .now atleast can u understand!!

sanky ;(in pride); so u need my help ??

ragini(in an angry tone); r u mad ..that only iam saying to u !!

sanky ; so u have to spent a lot for my approval..is it ok!!

ragini ; ok say ..if my fate is like that means..what will i do!!

sanky ; u have to massage my shoulders everyday…and u have to hug me ..whenever u see pinky aunty ,then last but not the least ..u have to act close with me ..when u see ur aunty ..then only she will believe that we r married!!

rags; this is too much!! oh y i have to do like that

sanky(in pride); then ok!!! pinky aunty! he calls

then rags closed his mouth saying “shhh”

sanky licked her hand and rags takes her hand immediatly rubbing her hand in sanky’s shirt

rags; cheee…sanky ..ok ok ..i will accept your conditions..happy!!

sanky; yes iam happy .so this is time for massage!!

rags eyes were rolling up and down . and her eyes feel very tired ..this was seen by sanky

sanky ;(in a concern way); ragini ..not today.. u do it tom itself..now we will go to sleep

and they go to thier rooms separately ,,and sleep

then sun rises

it is seen as swara has not slept the whole night and pinky aunty,lak,swara were in the sofa ..and lak and pinky aunty have awake up already and swara has only not waken ..

now pinky aunty takes a loud speaker and she shouts swara!

swara gets jerked and she wakes up ..closing her ears

pinky aunty ; swara wake up darling ..u know na ..i hate sleeping in the early morning and see lak ..he has even waked up soon

lak in mind; (in a funny way) did i get up !!! this stupid women made me wake!!!

swara ; ok aunty ..i will not do this again !! then she gave a fake smile

swara in mind(giving a fake smile ) ; u didnt leave me to sleep at all ..and u expect me not to sleep in early morning ..wait u idiotic lady i will mix diarrhea tablet in ur coffee!!

rags stretch her hands after waking up and she quickly takes a bath and she goes to the kitchen and finds pinky aunty there and her eyes enlarge and she keeps her hand near her heart and she tries to hide somewhere..just then sanky peeps inn there and he puts his hands in ragini’s shoulders and drag her to pinky aunty ..to make her second condition in play

pinky aunty opened her big pinky lips huge and it was intolerable seeing her

now rags face changed and she was trying to laugh but she controls her and sanky was touching pinky aunty’s feet to get ashirvaad and swara ,lak and ragini signs him not to touch her feet ..

pinky aunty(in angry tone) ; no no ..sanky ..u shud not do like this..iam not a old lady .and iam a young unmarried girl..so u dont dare to do this again..then her face changes happy after some time;;;;,,….sanky ..u r really lucky to get my lado as ur partner ..and u r also as charming as ur bro

everyone there gives a fake smile before her …and sanky signs ragini to hug him. as it was his condition

then ragini hug him before her

pinky aunty ; u two r really love birds !! ok guys iam going for shopping ..so see u later

then she sets out..now they all leave a relief breath

swara; now i can sleep ..rags when this stupid will go

lak; yes swara ur right ..she is really a weirdo..

sanky ; in this age..this granny is putting over scene!!

ragini; she is always like that only..wait now we have to plan something to chase her out

swara; u r right

then they all give a hifi

sanky in mind; no i shud not leave that aunty to go ..then ragini ….oh no ..but for digesting the aunty ,,its really better to be stop acting before that pinky aunty ..and make her run out of this farmhouse

…….to be continued

precap; comedy scenes

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Credit to: namratha

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