we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 22 (second part)


now they all enter the farmhouse which was very creepy and seen like a haunted house

ragini; hey guys ..iam very hungry !! we shud have brought some food

sanky(in a funny and fearing way); here everyone is tensed abut how we will get out of this house but now u think abut food ha??

just then sanskaar tummy was making one sound

sanky ; yeah she is right ..even iam also hungry

swara; everyone is hungry only and we r in a house only but it looks as if we r lost in a forest and the house is very dark and in this big house …hw there will be no electricity !! and iam damn sure that this house will surely have electricity

sanky; guys this house is seem to be like a haunted house becoz see ..everywhere there is only spider webs and i dont find any furniture here nor any photo frames ..now the only thing i can see is we r surrounded by so much of rooms and it is totally a horrific house

lak; bhai ur a genius

he hugged him like a mad crushing him like a plastic bottle

sanky; lak .. i can..t breathe…

lak; sry bhai !!

ragini; ok lak tell ..what ..have u got some idea??? ..

lak ; bhai becoz of u only my eyes have opened ..guys we have came to the wrong farmhouse becoz hw can a farmhouse be horrific !!(he said this with his face brightened)

now rags ,sanky ,swara hit thier forehead and they were tucking thier hands and started to beat lak

lak(holding his shoulders); i think u all have put on weight ..thats y i think its paining a lot or else it will not be paining !(he smiled in pride)

swara; ragini take that wooden bat know !! now we will test that it is paining or aching for him

lak(crying like a funny man and he was catching swara;s leg); swara pls yaar forgive me matha rani!! i told simply and pls dont take seriously ..and mother promise swara(he pinch’s in the middle of his neck) its really paining yaar!!

swara; ok lak get up !!

and ragsan laughs and thier laughs turn into fear when they hear a voice now everyone get huddled in a corner and they keep on saying gods mantras

rags; sanky pls hold my hand

and now only rags see that sanky is covering his face with her saree he was trembling in fear and

swara; is there anyone here!! y do u scary us ? if u r fearless come infront of us !!

lak; swara pls be quit or else we will be the today’s dinner for that ghost

sanky; guys is that gone

and someone was seen smoky holding a torch light

lak; (crying in a feared tone); who is there??? and pls leave us !! we taste very awful and u pls leave us and we will not even enter ur house hereafter

then that man puts the light

man; sir y r u all huddled like this in the corner?? and actually yesterday they made a set over here for a scary movie and now only the current came and i was searching u all only and the tour guide is also with me only

then they all get up and they r now only relieved

tour guide; y u all r seen wet and we have brought some workers here and they will clean up the mess here

swara; thank god!!

sanky ;now we r very hungry !!

tour guide; yes sir we have arrranged for that also and today u all r going to have ur dinner in the candle light and that too in the garden of the farmhouse and there is a beach also there near it ..u can enjoy ur dinner and u cud change ur dress as u r wet and we kept u an big umbrella in the top of ur dinning so u can also admire the rain

ragini; yepeee!! woooohh!! and thank u for arranging this

swara; guys lets change our dress

lak; swara our room is there and ragini and bhai u have separate rooms and if u want u can stay in same room (he told this in a teasing way)

now it was the difficult moment for ragsan and they were keep on staring each other to take a decision

and rags went to one room

sanky in mind ;ragini ..so still u dont want to be with me but i will wait ragini !! and let me see ..who wins! ..surely u r going to propose me first!

then sanky also goes to another room

swara; hey lak r plan has become ulta !! now how can we unite them

lak; swara i have one idea ..we will tell the worker to make two dinning tables out at the beach shore garden and we will be very far to them and they will spend thier time and surely they will understand thier love

swara; arrey wah lak!! u too get some brainy ideas!!

lak; so u mean that iam a stupid!!

then lak holds her body frm her back and he keeps his head at her shoulder

swara(in a shy way); lak u r not a simply a stupid but ur a crack too

lak; yeah iam crack becoz of u !!

then scene shifts to sankar room..he was walking here and there

and he was talking to himself

sanskaar; y this ragini is like this!! and she didnt even think me as her frnd but she will say only in her mouth that iam her bestie…then hw can i expect her that she will love me !!
sanky ..i dont think that she will propose me ..ok now i have to bath

when he removes his shirt and was going to take the towel

but ragini came running towards his room and she colided with him and they fell in the bed and now ragini was in the top of sanky and sanky was arrested by his thoughts becoz of seeing ragini’s eyes and rags shaked him

ragini; hey catty r u alive !!?? and pls get up frm me!!

sanskaar(he then only came to sense); oh helooo miss wildcat dramabeez!! ! for ur kind info ..scientifically a person who is underneath by a person cannot get up until or then the person in thier top first get up

ragini; oops sorry

then she gets up and rags was seen strange

she closed the door and she came closer to him ..then only sans realized that he was wearing only pant and he quickly puts an dress

sanky(crying like a child); ragini not again!! oh god y this only happens to me !! oh ragini u r drunk again ..which stupid and worse alcohol did u drink madam!!

ragini; me alcohol??never!!(she was dizzy) and sanky see what i have in my hand

sanky; (still crying); ragini ..y did u bring a india map here !! and r u going to be the president of india ..oh no then my first job is to run out frm india!!! aaahh someone save me frm this alcoholic women

then sanky tried to escape frm her by jumping out frm the window but she caught him by pulling his shirt to get him off

ragini; sanky wait ..i will tell my plan ..now iam going to change the areas in india

she forcelly making him sit and she was telling something just then swalak enteres and she makes them also listen and she opens the india map

ragini; now iam going to take delhi and iam going to place it in kolakata

lak(in a sad tone and he was keeping his hand in his cheek); swara ..already kolkata is damn hot now if delhi comes there means …wah ragini !! what a imagination

sanky and swara strike thier forehead and says

swara in mind; i thought if i give ragini alcohol ..she will confess her feelings to sanskaar ..but everything is going the other way round..and god only knows when it will end

lak; swara ;i think our plan floped !!

ragini; no every plan will work good only!! and guys …we will change someother places too!! what u say??!! (in a dizzy state)

sanskaar; so what is going on here ?? (he is coming cooly frm the entrance of door with a milkshake in his hand )

lak; bhai when did u escaped

then they see that sans have kept a pillow like doll and has made it sit and he has gone ..now only they came to know about it

swara; briillant devar ji and what an idea !!

and swara and lucky try to escape but ragini catches thier shoulders

ragini(in a normal voice); i know u guys have tried to give me alcohol in my drink and i found out that before itself and even we found out there is no marr that s going to be held here and u guys have lied us!! iam i right??

now swara was shocked and she turned towards lak but he was see escaping frm there but swara caught him

sanky ; today for u diwalli only frm us!!

and the clock was been shown and after 10min

it was seen as swalak put sit ups holding thier ears in front of sanky and ragini ..for lying them

swara; 95!!!(she was tired)

lak; 96(he was sweating)

ragini; ok enough!! guys and i know u all will be very hungry so now u can go ! and me and sans will be coming after u

swara; oh thank rags.then swara suddenly loses her balance and lak hold her

lak; swara r u alright ??(he asked with immense love in his eyes)

swara was keep on admiring him

lak; swara iam talking to u only..r u in earth???

swara; lak y u always hold me when i fall down?? and u r caring me like ur kid..y lak ??

lak;(in a teasing way) hey swara ..r u in some alien world ..if my wife falls i have to catch na..or else u will torture me to carry u

and swara hit him in his chest swara; lak ur always like this only

and they leave to dining

sankar now holds ragini’s hand and he takes her to the beach shore garden and they sit in thier seat

ragini; this scenary is very good na

sanky sees something and he goes there

ragini’; sankaar where r u going???

then sunddenly he disappears …

ragini(in a fear tone); hey where have u went?? sanky??? mr cat??? r u there…oh where this sanskar has gone swara and lak also as not come yet !!

rags and sanky dont know that swalak r in the next table which is far to them

ragini; this rain has been stoped ha!! ok now i will call him!! ooo where i kept my phone??

then sanky sprays water frm the water pipe frm her backside ..it was a water pipe for gardening the plants ..he was taking that and was sparaying on her

rags was keeping her hand front and was saying him ; what game is this sanky???

sanky; suprise!!

then rags in anger ..comes near him and she takes the water pipe frm him and start to spray on sanky

sanky ;rags pls stop yaar

rags; even i told this !! but did u stop??

then they stop thier fight when they see a falling star in the sky

ragini;.. see there ..soon make a wish

they made a wish

sanky ; what wish did u make rags??

ragini ;secreat !! and if we say our wish to anyone it will not happen

sanky in mind ; i dont know what u wished but i wished only your hapiness ragu !!(he folds his hands and he smiles grimly seeing ragini)

..to be continued

sry it is very boring i know . and i know i didnt make up ur previous cmnt but pls guys give me one chance ..i will give my next update today and i will surely make up all ur previous cmnts in that update

Credit to: namratha

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