we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 22 (first part)


we saw that swara tells to lak to see something

swara; laksh see this form and we have to go to this farmhouse only ..we have came to someother place and come lak we have to go there soon and dad now only called me and said this and he was also saying that the owner of the fh(farmhouse) and the tour guide is waiting for us there

lak; but swara it is 10pm now and see the form ..it says that the fh is very far frm this hotel

now swara gives a cute look to lak ..signing him that we will go there and lak was flat seeing her cute look ..so he accepted

then they both pack thier thing and they were on the way to say ragini and sankar abut this and suddenly lak pulled swara

swara; lucky ..this is not the time to romance!!

lak; arrey swara..see darling u itself tell to ragini and bhai ..abut this farmhouse..if i say to them bhai will surely twist my wrist becoz already they r doubting us

swara; pls lak u itself tell na !! and i have already ..packed short dresses and trans sarees in rags lugguge she will be in anger on me ..so lak u itself tell

then they both ..with great difficulty come to ragsan room to tell this

ragsan room

ragini was chasing sanky ..as he was teasing ragini and rags was abut to catch him but sanky a took a jar frm the table and he poured the water towards rags

ragini; oh my dress!!!

sanky; sry rags ..and pls dont hit me again and i dont have any strength to get beating frm u

ragini; sanky ..now i have to change my dress and this dress is the only existing decent dress for me and now my lugguage only has short dresses and transparent sarees

just then swalak enter the room and sanky signs them to go away as rags is very angry with them as swara has kept these dress in rags lugguage but swalak didnt understand this and they come in now sanky hit his forehead becoz they have come

swara; rags and sankaar we r shifting to the farmhouse

ragini was seen in fire(she was fuming in anger) and even her wet dress become dry becoz she was burning in fire (this is a funny scene guys)

sankar; guys pls save ur lives..who knows ..even she can kill us

swara; oh rags ..actually uttara only gave me this idea and sry na

lak; rags u pls leave me yaar .iam not involved in this (he keeps his hand front ..saying no..)

ragini; ok now i forgive u ..but swara pls dont do this again and y r we going to farmhouse now

swara explains everything and they go towards the farmhouse

and rags have no option so she was wearing a transparent red saree

they all r on the way to the farmhouse after checking out the hotel

ragini(in fear); guys y this way to this farmhouse sounds creepy?? and see na it is surrounded by forests and guys r u sure this is that farmhouse??

swara; ragini ..y r u feared and iam sure this is the farmhouse..

ragini; ok whr is sanky

sanky was seen curled up in the car’s backseat and he was very sacred

sanky; iam here!! guys we will go back to kolkata itself !! and i have read one news .this farmhouse is very dangerous

lak; swara even i too think like that see the way to that farmhouse itself is very scary and imagine hw will that farmhouse be!!

swara; guys chill !! y u all r sacred like kids..we r adults ..!! so behave yourself !!

lak(in mind); she itself is very feared but madam is acting like she is very brave and she is telling us to chill….i am surely going to see that swara is going to fear ..and swara the person who tells like this only will first get feared

they reach the farmhouse

then they hear the thunder and lightining

rags catch sanky and sanky keeps his hands in the back of his head and he gives a pride look as rags was holding his hand

then seeing this rags take her hand frm him and she gives a killer look to sanky

and they see the farmhouse

swara(in a little feared tone) ; lucky ..it looks like a haunted house in movies na

lak; swara..someone was saying that ..we r not kids so we shud not get sacred ha..is it!!?

swara’ ; ok i loss..now iam also sacred only !! enough!!

lak smiles and they start to open the gate and the gate opens by itself and after they enter it closes by itself

ragini(crying like a feared girl); guys we will leave !! i dont thing this place is safe

sanky; (catching ragini ‘s sarees end); hey swara u call the tour guide or the owner of this FH soon

swara; ok devar ji

then swara calls but there was no network worked there

swara; guys i think there is only one way ” we have to go out of this house”

ragini; that only iam saying frm the beginning

then suddenly they hear a laughing sound of someone and they all get sacred and they start to run
sanky; hey lucky already we r sacred and y r u laughing like this..

lak ;bhai .i didnt laugh!!’

swara; then who laughed??

ragini; that ghost i think..aaaaaa!!!(she shouts)

sanky; run run then!!!!!!

and when they all were running towards the gate ..the gate was not there

lak; hey where is the gate .we came by this way only na but ..hw can it suddenly vanish !!??

swara; sry guys this is my mistake only ..

ragini; swara ..leave yaar ..

then it rains there

sanky; we have no option we have to go inside only

ragini; but iam very sacred and it is very dark inside and i dont know if there is electricity inside that exist !!

swara; lucky ..u was having an torch with u na ..where did u kept it ??

lak; yeah swara i have it in my bag but thank god i brought my bag

ragini; yep lak u r right!! and we have atleast brought all our lugguge here by god’s grace!!

sanky ; ok madam ..we all r wet now ..so come guys we have to enter here and we will search for the tour guide and the owner ..they maybe inside !!

then they enter the farmhouse and they enter it like a going to an scary house ..by holding each other;s hand

now screen frezzes in thier scary faces

guys i know this is short but there will be a continuation of this 22nd episode..and i will write that today itself and pls comment if u liked it or not and i know today’s episode was boring like hell but my next will be nice than this

Credit to: namratha

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