we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 21


hi..namratha here! and i hope u all r find guys ..and frnds ..i think..iam dragging it more like the usual serials..so i think iam going to end it but dont wry guys ..i will be back with another ff but i dont know when. .. still but till . then u pls remember my name …and my next ff is going to be very awesome than this ..but i dont know when i will write that ..wait till then and this ff iam going to end before june or before may last ..ok i will start today’s epi

and sorry for the delay ..guys

epi 21

now we saw that swara and lak r taking ragsan to thier room ..

ragini; swara and lak y u two have brought us here!!

sanskar; what guys ..any prob

swara; actually its an important news

sanskar;(in a funny way); u two have got married yesterday only….so soon lak is going to be a dad..oh wow!! swalak congrats

lak and swara hit thier forehead

lak; arrey bhai..she is not preganat and all…we came to say abut another thing….

ragini; ok then say it

then swara starts to cry ..signing lak that she is acting to them

sanskar; ..y r u crying ..swara..but no eye drops is been seen!!??

ragini;shut up sans ..ur always teasing everyone..and lak ur very irresponsible i think ..thats y ur not consoling swara

then lak also started acting like consoling swara

lak in mind; omg …we tried to give them a shock..but they two r teasing us like hell ..and y this swara is acting like crying..this swara know ..she will not at all tell her plans ..now hw will i handle ..this!!

swara(like crying); ragini ..vo.vo our mom’s farrr……..rrr(she extents her hand ..saying very far)…..rr. .far…

sanskar; hw much .far..swara..frm kashmir to kanyakumari..express or frm america to india ha…..

lak ; swara ..for saying that ” far “..word itself..u will waste out years .i think!..ok i will itself say..actually…guys..

ragini;;stop stop!!..u two r irritating..and u two r always pulling ur words like a sticky candy and saying ..and iam fed up..iam going to go to my room to get ready for swara’s muh dihkai function

then swalak ..yell..”o god..muh dihkai function”

sans; oh u two have forgotten that itself ha!! poor couples!!

then ragsan give a hifi

lak; ok guys before going ..i will say ..what it is..actually..sumi.maa’s far relation’s daughter has an marr in goa ha..but maa .dad.and dadi have already booked tickets for kasi it seems ..so substituting them ..we have to go..to goa ..and it is compulsary and sumi.maa only told this…and that too we four shud go ha..and for .me and swara .also it will be like a honey moon..what u say!!..and even we booked the tickets for us .so there is no option

ragini; wait..ma havent told abut this to me and y shud swara cry ..for saying this

swara .is seen stamping lak’s feet for saying this story which is non.sink to her acting .and lak says ouch ..but he says it softly and ragsan didnt notice it

sanky(in a funny way); so for ur raita..we r the chapathi ha??and y r u two ..joining us also for this trip..and u two r only the new married couple..so y shud we come ..with u like a disturbance??

ragini; ur right sanky!! now only ur brain is stimulating .good!!

swara(she stammers and tries to handle); ragini..i cried becoz ..i suddenly rememberd abut baadi(home)..and …we booked the ticket for u also becoz(now she sees throughout the room and she is keep on thinking what to say) and she was numb to complete her sentence ..now suddenly she saw the calender with the picture of goddess parvati devi..then she started to sing gayathri mantra very loud but she sang it intolerably

ragini,sanskar,and lak closed thier ears..

lak; swara ..pls stop this..

swara immediatly got one idea ..singing the song

swara ;guys.vo..me and lak was taking tickets in the net for us only but by mistake we took ..four tickets and it cannot be unbooked becoz.if we unbook it .we shud also unbook ..our tickets and it is a holiday time ..so the booking will full..so we didnt have any option ..ragsan..thats all

sany; for that ..u will sing this mantra like this ha..even..laksh is better than u in singing ..swara..(he leaves a deep breathe..signing that he is relief after swara had stoped her mantra)

and rags was abut to ask a doubt to swara..and swara senses it and she hugs ragini…..by not making her to ask her doubt

swara; rags ..pls come to my room ..we will get ready!! ( swara was handling her by hugging her and making her to forget her doubt)

ragini; swara..we all r in ur room only!! and beautician is out only!

swara; ok rags ..u go and get ready .

sanky and rags go to thier rooms respectively and swara is getting ready and lak was also getting ready in another room

rags room

ragini was wearing her earing .while that time someone ..without her knowledge ..he comes till rags ears and shouts

voice; boooo!!

ragini was jerked ..and she puts her earing on the floor

ragini;(without seeing that person ..and she was telling in a cute complaining expression) ;hey ..kicky..see u have ..broken my earing!!..and hw many times ..i told u not to scare me
like this !!

then the screen shows that it is sanky .and he was totally confused

sanky; ragini..this is me..sanskar !! and who is that kicky!! (he asked in a super puzzled expression )

now ragini ..gets sad and she gets tensed

ragini; sanky .. actually ..kicky is my old friend..she will only do like this .thats y thought her..now she is in europe..

ragini (in mind); sry sanky ..i have to lie to u ..!

sanky; oh k.and ragini..ur looking beautiful..and i want to rectify my mistake..now u close ur eyes

then sanky opens a box and taking a pair of earings and he place it in rags hand

ragini; wow!! sanky ..its beautifull,and it will surely match my dress..thank u!!

sanky(in mind); ragini ..if u smile..thats enough for me !.and i will live my whole life seeing ur smile itself !! i love u !! ..ur my life..ur my love and ur my wife(meri aashisqui tune plays)

ragini; sanky ..we will go down ..yaar ,..everyone will be waiting ,,

then they two see frm upstairs that swara is seated in the hall and her muh dihkai function has begun

now the screen shows that laskh is shouting and coming fast towards ragsan

lak;ragini and sankar ..leave me way..omg . what will i do now..

then he end up colliding ragsan ..and they all fall down in the floor

now the screen shows that lak is lying in the ground and on the top him sanky and on the top of sanky.. rags is there(they r seen like a sandwich..hope u guys ..imagine it

lak; i cant breathe!!! ..pls can u two ..get up frm me!!!

then they all fell down that side ..becoz there was no balance

then they slowly get up

sanky; arrey laksh.!!.y did u collide like this and y were u shouting ..as if swara is going to divorce u!!

ragini(like a funny crying girl);(she holds ..lak’s collar); laksh ..my sis is a very good girl and what harm did u do to her…yesterday only u two got married..so soon divorce ha!!?? ..
iam going kill u

sanky; laskh ..pls escape frm here..or else .u will be getting nice beating frm her…oh i cant forget ..today ..this rags has beaten me like hell!..and still my shoulders r paining!!ouch!!

laksh; stop it guys!!…me and swara r not going to divorce!!.actually there is one change in our trip ..thats y ..i came running frm my room

now ragsan were happy

they two said in same timing

ragsan; what yaar ..ticket has been canceled ha!! yeppeee!!! hoo!!!

they started to dance like mads and just then all the guests were shown as they were seeing them frm they three had collided itself

now ragsan stoped dancing and they two hold lak hand and they took him to his room

sanky; lak ..if ur going to drag like this..me and rags will surely give a tight slap in ur face!!(he said funnnly)

lak; bhai ..see..our flight is today !!.and that tooo..sharp at 12pm at midnight !!..it has been changed ..due to some passengers r having an emergency work there ha..so for them ..they have changed ours !!..so we have to go to the airport before 4hrs na..to do all the other stuffs.so now itself the time is 7.45pm and we have to be there at 8.00pm or atleast 8.30pm ! and we have to say to everyone abut this


sanky; now we dont have time to change our dresses and to reach the airport it will take more than 15min and i havent packed ..guys come we have to rush ..and rags u call swara soon and oh know i have to search my passport!!

lak; bhai ..dont wry,i already have ur passport and everyone’s passport

then they breathed out relieved but thier relief was not permanent ,,now ragini rushes downstairs to call swara and tell everyone else and sanlak were rushing to thier rooms to pack

down stairs at the hall

ragini was calling swara and she whispered in her ears ..everything

swara; ragini ..now we cant go yaar..becoz these ladies r saying that there will lots of program ha..and we dont have any way and u dont wry rags ..i have already packed my things and yours and i know this lak and sanky will never be ushaar ..but i have packed it before itself..but rags now we have to think ..hw to escape frm here

then rags msgs to ap, abut this and she also says ..what swara says ..

now rags and swara keeps on thinking …then rags immediatly gets an idea

now ragini go to the dance floor and she dances to deewani mastani song frm bajiroa mastani and she faints

everyone is shocked and rags gives a open eye signal to ap and now everyone leaves and ap acts to them that she is going to call the doc

now after everyone goes.. rags tells maheshwari family ..everything

dp; ok beta..now it is already time!! and u all go there safely and come

sumi; ragini be careful and this is a very emotional thing,..that my far relation has died but i cant go there !!(then sumi cries fakely)

ragini; what!!

then swara gives her a signal ..and sumi bite her tongue

sumi; opps..sry rags ..i was thinking ..something else ..thats y i told like this
then swara managed it somehow and now swara take sumi,shekkarand dadi one side

swara; we have to complete this mission..and actually ma..i told u like your far relation has died only but this lak know …he dont know the plan so he told some other story to them

dadi; ok anyways..and swara..while u all r returning i shud see my lado with sanskar only..ok

the they all hifi

lak ,swara,ragini and sans get everyone’s blessing and they all rush to the car and they go fastly

in the car

sanky ; lak y r u driving ,,so slowly..we r not going for our grand ma’s house!! we r going to the airport

then saying this sanky pulled lak in his seat and he started to drive the car and becoz they were changing places in the car(when it was still moving) and they were also crossing a bridge that time and now they dint sense that becoz of changing places in their car the car is flying now!!(guys the car has gone in a high speed ..so that thier car has jumped beyond the bridge….can u guys can understand!!)

ragini; hey u stupid squirrels !! we r flying in the air!!aaaaaa..!! do something!!!(she yelled) and iam going to break eggs in ur useless brains!! aaaaaa!!! o god!!

sanky; for ur knid information.squirrels..have good brains…ragini!!

swara(crying like a crack); o god pls do any miracle and now r bones r going to break and today no goa ..straight to heaven!!

sanky; will u two witches will shut ur mouthes !! and now only god can help us ..hey lak !! r u alive!!

lucky(he was looking as if he is in a spell and he was like a statue)

then sanky shaked him

lak; bhai !! we r going to fall down!! see there!!

sanky; lucky !! we r not going to go down !! we r going up to heaven !!

now ragini hit sanky in his head and she hold his head and she made his face stick to the car window (now sanky face will be funny ..i think u can imagine it like that)to make him see that they r going to falldown

sanky shouted ; aaaa…….aa

then they all hold thier hands together and they prayed and now the car fall down on the top of a lorry and there was a slight damage to thier car ..but anyways they reached the airport ,,becoz the lorry was going on thats side only

and after they jumped ..sanky has fainted and after some min only he wakes up

sanky; rags ..now we have reached the heaven ..i think ..he said calmly

ragini hit in his head and said ; mr problem!! we r in earth only!! and by god;s grace ..we r going towards that airport only ..but when the airport comes ..we all have to jump frm the lorry becoz the lorry is going by thats side only..not inside the airport ..did u get it!!

lak; hey guys see there ..i think we have to jump now ..now they hold thier hands and swara starts the count down

swara; i will count till three ..then we all shud jump

sanky(in a funny way);hey what we all r going to sucide ??? and we will ask the lorry driver and tell him to stop his lorry and now we have to call our car driver here to take the car

ragini; sanky u r really a dumboo?? or ur acting like that ?? our car has already fallen in the river of the bridge !!

then they tell that when he has fainted itself ..the car has lost its balance in the top of the lorry and it has fallen in the river of the bridge and they r in the shutter stock of the lorry(the materials they will take and go in the lorry know ..that..area of the lorry)

sanky; sry guys and ..hw the time is still going very slow ..now the time will be 8.15 pm na lak but my watch shows me that it is 7,30

swara; becoz ur watch is slow ..and guys we have 15min only and sanky u have wasted the time now we shud jump

lak; ok where is the luggage!!!??

swara; laksh ..i have told driver bhai to bring all r luggage to the airport itself and i think he wud have reached there ..ok now we shud jump ..one…two..three..jump!!!

they all jump and swara gets a hurt in her hand and lak dresses her wound by his kerchief and they all start to go towards to airport and they get thier luggage frm the driver

they all r in thier function dress only still

they do all the formalities and the passengers door is going to close and they rush there fast and while running …sanky slips and ragini puts his arm in her shoulders and all enter the airport

ragini(she was crying); sanskar..show ur leg i think u have got sprain ..

sankar; (he cups her face); ragini.my leg is perfectly alright and i just sliped ..and y r u crying..and if my wildcat cries means will i be able to bear it!!?? and come swalak have already entered the flight ..we r still seating here..

ragini hugs sanskaar (tum hi ho plays)

rags; promise me..that u will not go any where..leaving me alone

sanky(funny way); ok promise..but do hugged me now ragini?? and what it means !!(he gives her a smiling look)

ragini breaked her hug and hit him

ragini; idiot ..iam ur frnd ..and i can hug u whenever i want!!

sanskar(in mind); hey ragini..i know u ….(the he laughed to himself)

then they entered the flight and swalak was sitting …opp to ragsan

swara was praying

lak; hey swara ..wat happened

swara; lak ..this is my first time in flight ..and iam very scared ..husband !!

lak; ok wife…dont wry..when iam here..y r u scared??

swara;’ becoz of u only iam sacred..lak..and if u flop our plan ..what will i do??

lak; dont be like this swara..iam sry becoz i changed the story and now we shud happy..see there..bhai and ragini..has fallen for each other

now the air hostess gives them the menu card

ragini; for me votka and for him u bring orange juice

sanky; hey ragini..votka..is not a fruit juice ..its a drink ..i cant see u drunk again ..o that day..u did one drama and u made all of us mads..u pls bring her someother juice.

ragini; sanky ,,i dont know that yaar ..thats y i ordered that…now the passengers everyone has slept and sanky is still awake and he was admiring ragini and her innocent face when she was sleeping ..he slowly kept his hand in her cheeks and .her head fell in sankar arms in sleep and he too slept ..catching her hands tight

swara; hey lak wake up ..or u will miss this scene

lak; what..swara ..u r not at all allowing me to sleep

swara; lak ..open ur eyes and see ..what ur romantic bhai is doing!!

lak rubbed his eyes and saw and he was very happy .that thier planned had work ..so soon

then with this they too slept

now all wake up and at 5am the flight reaches goa

they all take a taxi to the hotel and they reach the hotel

lak; we all want two rooms

sanky; lak ..so u will be with swara..and where will me and ragini be ..in same room ha??

swara; sry guys abut this..but we got only two rooms

sanky(in mind); god is really great..ragini .with me in same room!!! hooohh.woooh…yehhh..!!

ragini; what to do now!! there is no option! and today my day is not good i think!!

sanky ; even for me!!

ragsan enter thier room

ragini;aaaa!!! iam not going to leave this swara!!

sanky; what happened..loud speaker !!

ragini shows sanky that there is no good dress for her to put ..everything is short and mini dress and others are sleeve less sarees ..that too very hot sarees which is very transparent(i know this will happen in many serials)

sanky;hey rags ..i already had an doubt on swara and laskh ..that they r planning something.. but now it is conformed

ragini; what do u mean??

now screen shifts to swalak

swara; laksh ..we have to go frm here!!!

lak; what r u telling swara??

swara; see this

then screen freezes with the shocking faces of swalak

pls cmnt …pls pls pls!!!becoz i started to write this at 10am and now only iam completing it at 3.13pm..so pls cmnt

Credit to: namratha

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