we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 20


hi guys ..iam namratha here !! guys pls cmnt more..iam craving for ur cmnts and this epi is somewhat fishy but u brilliant readers will find my twist!!! oh no!! ok any way we will start

recap; pls read my 19th epi

epi 20

now we saw that swalak have captured ragsan photo and they r planning to do some plan to unite them and now they tell ap that they r going to the temple and ap tells them to come soon to home as there will be a muh dihkai ceremony for swara this evening (i think many of u know abut this function)

then it is shown that they two r not going to the temple but somewhere else and the place is not shown

now screen goes to ragsan

ragini’s pov

sanskar y iam very happy to see ur concern for me and y iam getting tears when ur in pain??.this is what they will say as love??? ..no no..iam not in love with sanskar and i cant love him becoz iam forced not to love him. but my heart pumps very fast when he cums close to me and my heart is very adament to be with him…but ..my past is not leaving me to love him …becoz on that day..when my whole body was under pain ..hw can i forget that day…but my bitter past has come infront of my eyes but hw will i face it and my mind will surely go to my past side and my heart is opposite to it ..o my god ..now i have victimized by my heart and mind …!!

sanskar pov

oh y this ragini is thinking abut something very deep?? and iam damn sure that she is thinking something ..which gives her pain and her eyes display me that she is hurt by some pain and i cant see her heart burning like this and i know ragini ..we two love each other but our mind is not leaving us to say it and mrs sanskar maheshawari …one day or the other we will be united by our hearts at that time our mind will be defeated……i know that we r not married but still ..in my heart u r my wife and we two r knotted close by our hearts

ragini; hey sans what r u dreaming??

sans; helo miss wildcat ..it is my dialouge .. ..i shud only ask u !!

then immediatly rags phone rings and they saw the caller and it was none other than sid

sanskar(in a funny way); ragini today we have got a nice prey to eat …and today the day is very boring ..shall we use him as our entertainment

ragini;sans ..no yaar ..he is an innocent guy !!

but before rags cud take the phone sans took the phone and he again started to mimiciri like prithi (sid’s love)
and it was shown as sans is closing rags mouth and he was holding her tight so that she can’t take the phone frm him and ragini was hitting his shoulder .signing him not to talk to sid like that

sanskar(miciring like prithi); sid darling..ragini didi is bathing and thats y i took the phone

sid(in a shy way); oh dear …thank god my monster didi is not there

rags was very angry and she told sans to put some more bit (guys sans has put in speaker)

sanky(mimicring) ; oh sid babe ..i want to tell u some important thing ..so can u come to rosy cafe and i will tell u there

sid; oh darling ..i will be at 3.30pm ok and pls dont tell this to anyone and come there secreatly and ..do my stupid di and that gay sanky …thats what my di’s bf ..is there?? and pls dear ..u dont get caught in thier eyes or else they will ruin our date ..ok bye ..see u there

now sanky was very upset and rags was laughing on the cmnt on sanky and now sanky got angry then he throwed rags phone in anger

ragini(like a funny crying girl); oh …u!! u have broken my 10000 worth rupees phone and my phon has been shattered into pieces and sanky iam not going to leave u today

sanskar(like a mad); opps sry rags ..and pls leave me yaar

sanskar; rags chill yaar ..we will sort out this probe ..ok

ragini(in a valgur way); ok mr catty but before that ..i will sort off u !!..

then now it is shown as rags is laughing evily and then the screen focuses on the clock and sanky shouts was only heared and the clock was shown running very fast and now it is shown as sanky head was full of pillow cottons and his hair was like a broken broom stick and the whole room was clumsy and rags was seen counting money and that was sanky’s money ..which she got frm him(i hope u can guess ..what had happened)

sanskar(keeping his hand in his head); ragini..i have got beaten frm my dad ,mom,even lak in my small age but the beating u gave me was an unforgetable journey more than one hour u have been beating me..ooffoo..and if u have asked the money itself i wud have given u but for that this much massage ha!! and ragini..wait ..we have forgot abut that sid now we will show him our drama

ragini; yes mr cat u r right ..but before that u get ready ..and see ur dress is torn

sanky(he said softly); u have only torn this !!..u stupid wildcat!!

ragini; did u say anything??(she was like a villian)

sanky(he was like a feared man); no..nothing nothing

then they r seen doing something and they reach to rosy cafe

screen goes to swalak

swara; see lak ..now our plan will surely work and with this change we can also go to our honey moon (hm)

lak; arrey wah swara!! now itself u have planned our hm also ha swara

swara; yes lucky ..now i pray only one thing that everything shud happen good

lak; but swara ..without thier permission .hw can we??

swara; hey lak ..dont wry ..this is our plan ..even if they dont like ..they have to lak!!! and i have already asked permission frm maa ji (ap) and chachi (sujatha)

now swalak give a hifi to each other ..then they return home and they arrange the necessary materials for thier plan

at rosy cafe

sanky; i cant even breathe wearing this saree..and i dont know ..hw my maa and bade maa. r wearing this for the whole day,, and rags will it work??

ragini gives him a killer glance

ragini; hey mr catty ..u only started this ..wait …. u only told to show him a drama and i too accept it . to revenge sid . but u r saying to me like this

sanky; ok rags ..pls dont see me like that..and iam not ready to get ,,second beatings frm u

ragini; (antha bayam erukatum in tamil) that fear shud be there in u !!(ki bhay nahin hona chaahie in hindi)

then sid was seen waiting for prithi with a rose
seeing that ragsan burst out to laugh and they told to themseleves that thier plan is going to work good

then ragini told sanky to close his face with the saree and now the cafe was fully free and sid told to himself ..that this is the perfect day

sid was seeing sanky and he said that prithi u look so cute in saree(that cafe was like a garden and open spaced)

sanky cant control his laughter and he started to mimicri like prithi and ragini was seeing them frm far hiding behind a tree

when rags was interestingly seeing ..someone pated her shoulder

ragini(she didnt turn back ..she was continously seeing sid and sans only); hey go away!! iam seeing an interesting scene know ..

she then took out the person’s hand frm patting her shoulders

then that person closed her mouth and took her somewhere(guys its not a kidnap)

sid ; prithi tell me .what is that important news

sanky(mimicri like prithi); actually sid..in my house ..my marr is fixed for me yaar ,,so i came here to give my invitation card..u shud surely come

sid(in a love failure way); oh prithi ..u will be happy with ur married life and iam sry dear ..i thought ..it was something else(he punched his chest like a joker)

sanky was laughing but he controled it somewhat and just then prithi comes there becoz after sanky cut the call ..sid have given a msg to prithi so she cums there

sid; wait.. prithi is here ..then who is this

prithi; sid ..so u r in love with this girl ha ..iam not going to talk to u!!

then sanky understood the seriousness and he took off his costume and he explains everything

sid;so bhai ..so u have fooled me again..and prithi ..y did u get so angry when u saw this?? r u i love with me

prithi(in a shy tone); yes sid .but i was unable to tell this

then they two hugged eachother saying they love eachother

sanskar; oo heloo stop ur romance !! this is a public place!! and sid u have to thank me for uniting u and prithi

sid; sry bhai..and thank u for this and whr is rags di ..i have to thank her also

sans ; even i dont know whr she is .ok u and prithi wait here ..now i will search her and come

prithi; ok bhai

then sankar search her and now the screen shows that the person who closed rags mouth has took her to a corner and has pinned her towards the wall and he holded her hands very tight and she was getting hurt

ragini;(she was very tensed..she started to sweat); pls ..y r u doing this ..to me and hw many times will i tell u to stop being close to me

person; ragini do u think ..that i will be quiet throughout this 2yrs and i have already come and.. ..(person cupped her face) ragini ..y r u like this! see ragini .. the past is past but the fate is not leaving our past to vanish that much easily ..

that person was coming close to ragini and before he cud close her in his embrace..sanskar voice heared and ragini pushed him

ragini; pls i want to go and u talk to me afterwards

person; but i will come soon

then he leaves soon and rags come out wiping her tears

sankar; ragini ..y did u cry??

ragini’; i didnt cry sans!!

sanskar; pls ragini. say me..u cant hide anything frm me ..and wait ragini ..hw did u get hurt like this in ur hands!!

ragini; nothing sanky ..actually i got scratched by the wall ..when i was going to the washroom

sanky; ragini ..i know u r lying me and leave ..this i dont want to force u to say the truth

then he explains what happened in the cafe and now sid and prithi told them thanks and they went and ragini and sans also went to home

at mm mansion

they two enter the house (ragsan) then swara and lak said in same timing “supprise”!!

ragini and sanskar were confused

ragsan; what!!!

now swara dragged ragini to the room and lak too dragged sanskar to his room

screen frezzes with the happy faces of swalak and confused faces of ragsan

i know u guys have guessed ..what it is !! and pls comnt !! for god’s sake

precap; wait till tom

guys show me some mercy if i had spelling mistakes in this ff

and cmnt even if u r a silent reader

Credit to: namratha

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