we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 2


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ok lets get started

swara was crying bitterly and lak was consoling her and swara suddenly remembered that tis morning ragini told her that she was going to the temple so swara told lucky to drove towards matha rani’s temple because ragini was a devotee of matha rani so lak drove the car fastly

now scene changes to the temple

rags and sans were running towards the road where the accident have taken place there was full of croud surrounded the person who has got accident and rags was stunned to see that person who’s head was severly hurt and was bleeding a lot and rags screamed maaa….. (i think ur guess is wrong guys) it was janaki who was shekkar’s first wife ( i think u know guys ) actually she was believed to be dead when rags was 8 or 11 yrs old

sans : ragini do u know her is she ur mom then what abut sumi aunty he asked her in a confused tone

rags: sanskar there is no time to talk abut this first we have to take her to the hospital(she was crying bitterly)

sans called a taxi because he came to the temple with his bike

then sans was sitting near the driver seat and rags sat back and was tieing her hand kerchief in janaki’s head

while they r towards the hospital swalak came to the temple and was asking everybody about the accident ,swara was in a hurry to know how is ragini and she was asking to a person and that person didnt know the full story of the accident so he told what he knew ,but swara and lucky misunderstood that it was rags and called the whole galodia family to cum to the hospital which that person told

at the hosp

rags was totally confused and was shocked to know the news that her real mom is still alive and she doest’t know that

sans : ragini shall i call ur papa ?

rags: no sans i dont know what to do iam still shocked and what is going on here i really dont know

then shekar comes and asks ragini what happened to u beta we all were sacred when swara informed that u met with an accident

rags : no papa ( she cried hard ) ( she was speechless)

and then sans hides because everyone know that sans is mentally disordered person except rags and sujatha (his mom)( guys i told u na this ff is from the previous epi of swaragini iam starting and changing it)

dadi: if u didnt got accident then who got accident ?

sumi: rags tell beta dadi is correct tell ragini

swara and lak also asks her and swara hugs her and says thank god anything had happened to my sis

rags was abut to tell but suddenly the doc comes and was abut to say something

screen freezes with the crying faces of swara ad rags ( swara is crying bcoz she sees ragini well so she gets happy tears and rags cry for her mom)

precap ; guys i know its boring but i promise i will make it interesting in the coming epis and hereafter i will give u twisty precaps so dont go anywhere read my ff regularly

Credit to: namratha

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  1. So now what will Shekar do…..will Janki and Ragini stay away from the family? I guess Janki the way she is wont want to come between Shekar sumi…..and sanskar will help?

  2. whether it s ragsan r swasan ff

  3. guys today i try to give u 3 , 4 ,5 episodes of my ff

  4. Its awesome nd i m waiting for nxt chptr

  5. V nice plz make it Ragsan

  6. V.nice di. Keep it up.

  7. nice di post Asap i am waiting. Di do you remember me ???????? 🙂 „”-)


  9. Ragsan plzz

  10. Namratha…i loved it ..pls continue..dr

  11. Thank u guys ,and I am a new writer so musu I think u have thought someone else and guys the pairs will be suspense for some time and check out for my episode 3 and 4 I now only wrote it and I think it will be published soon

  12. Thank u everyone and check out for my next two episodes which i have finished writing i hope u will like that

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