we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 19


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here we go epi 19

reacp; read my epi 18

now we saw that sans leg pain was cured by rags misunderstanding and everyone go to their respective rooms and ap takes rags to the guest room

rags go to her guest room

ragini; y iam still thinking abut sanskar ??…..ok ok now i shud stop thinking him and i shud sleep now

sans room

sankar; this rags is really a funny girl only ..ok i have to sleep now

then he to starts to sleep

rags room

ragini was not able to sleep becoz she is phobic to sleep in alone in a room and she was very afraid also and that time rain was also coming and she was very afraid of that thunder sound and she thought to go to uttata’s room and sleep there

then rags walked out of her room and the whole house was very dark becoz everyone was sleeping…then she entered uttara’s room and she slept there and she didnt ask uttara becoz she was sleeping deeply

screen shifts to swalak room

lak blindfolded swara’s eye with a cloth

swara; arrey lak .y r u blindfolded me like this

lak; swara wait ….haaa now i will open ur eyes

swara; lak wow …this …gift is the best gift in the world for me

and she hugged him ..that gift was a photo collage frame of them

lak; ok come i will lift u up..u fix this frame in the wall

then lak lift her and she fixed it and they both were admiring each other

then swara went and lyed down in the couch

lak; arrey swara ..what is this ..y r u sleeping in the couch

swara;(in a funny way); laksh ..see…(she holds his shoulder)… then she went and said in his ears..” u have to grow up for this man”

lak (was confused); helloo …mrs laksh ..see ..iam 24yrs old and iam not a teenage boy ..do u get it and ..mrs laksh ..today iam not going to leave u so easily. ..if u r not coming ..iam going to drag u to the bed

swara(in mind); oh this laksh will not leave me haa,… hw will i tell him ..iam very shy and i need some time ..i know ..i love him a lot ..but iam still shy ..but if i tell this to him ..he will tease me..like hell!! ..(then she sees a soda bottle there..and she gets an idea seeing that )

swara; lak !! see there is a someone in the bathroom(she lies to him)

lak; swara u be here ..and i will see what it that

then lak goes to the bathroom and by that time.. swara takes that soda bottle and she had some sleeping powder in her bag now she added that into that soda bottle and she shaked it well

lak; hey swara .. i think u have to check ur eyes ..there is no one there!..and what r u doing with that soda bottle

swara(she kept her face smiling to handle th situation); nothing…nothing…i was trying to give this soda to u …ok lak u will be thirsty and u drink this na…(then she also shows to him that all the water is empty(actually she only poured everything when lak went thats side)

lak; (he was started to doubt her and he asked in a doubting and funny tone); swara..y r u very eager to give this soda to me ..ok now u drink this and i will drink that afterwards

swara(in mind); i have to do something!!

swara; lak u drink na

then without his permission she opened his mouth wide catching his hands and she poured that soda water into lak mouth forcefully ..lak tried to split but she made him to swallow

lak started to cough then he felled dizzy and he was coming near swara

swara; oh what is this !! everything is happening ulta (upside down)(her eyes opened wide and she was keep on going backside)

swara; lak what happened to u y r u coming near me yaar

lak was like a drunken man and he pinned her to the wall

lak came close to swara

lak; i love u darling

then he fainted in swara’s arms and swara was confused and she took that sleeping powder and she was shocked to see that it was not sleeping powder it was drugs ..then only she remembered an fb that fb was when one of the goons was catching her in the marr ..that goon have mistakenly have kept that drugs in her bag ..

swara; oh now i have to carry laksh and leave him ha…

then swara catches his shoulder then she leaves him in the bed and she covers him with the bedsheet and then she was sitting near him

swara; he is looking so cute ..when he is sleeping .. he looks like a kid

she keeps on admiring him then without her knowledge she too sleeps ..lying her head in the bed and she was seated in the ground and was sleeping in that position (head in the bed and her body was in the ground ..hope u can get it)

then they sleep like that itself

now sun rises

swara get up

swara; oh the time is 6.30 am and i have to cook and this is my first day in my in laws house

then she baths and she tries hard to wake u laksh but he is still not waked up

swara; now i will show him …what i will do when someone doesnt wake up

swara comes near laksh ears and she shouts like dp into his ears

swara(like dp); hey lak wake up …or else i will beat u hard (in a loud voice and that too into his ears)

laksh was jerked and he gets out of his bed and he stands erect and he salutes to his swara (thinking that she is dp)

lak; good morning papa!!(he said this like an army officer becoz dp has a dream for lak as he shud be an army officer but lak dont like that so dp gave that dream and he was sad so everytime when dp comes to him ..for his father happiness he will act like that)

swara burst into laughter

lak then only came to know that it was swara and lak started to chase her but before he cud do that he was feeling dizzy and his head pained a lot becoz of that drugs effect and lak didnt remember anything that happened yesterday night.

then he loses his balance and swara catches him and she starts to cry (this is also a funny scene)

swara; lak this is my mistake only ,,i shud not have given u that soda and becoz of me only na u r like

then she shaked lak but there was no movement was there in lak even he didnt breathe ..swara was tensed

the she made him lie in her lap and she cried lak to wake up

swara; lak here after i will not do any mistake ,,pls lak dont leave me …

then lak waked up and he wiped her tears and he was seen perfectly alright

lak; swara..u know what…u r the dumbest girl ..and now i will say u what happened yesterday …u think that ur very clever but u r wrong iam very clever than u madam

swara keeps on looking at him with a confused look

fb starts

when the time lak went to the bathroom to see ..he saw swara frm the mirror which reflected swara to him ..and he was shocked to see her adding something..so when the time he was telling swara that no one was there ..he also changed the soda bottle frm there and he acted that effect was for him and he did a drama and he also heared ..swara’;s
complement (that he looks cute while sleeping) and he planned this drama now to make swara understand him

fb ends

swara; sorry laksh and wait…one second now ..u have made a drama …lak u know hw i was sacred when no movement was seen in u

lak; i know miss sunny ..that u will be like that !!

swara hit him in his arms and she hugged him smilingly he also hugged her back (zehnasseb plays)

swara; lak i have forgot to cook!!! and see the time is 7.30am

then she goes but before she cud go lak holds her frm her back and says; mrs laksh iam not going to leave …if u want to leave ..then …

he touches his chin and he says her to give the tax for his chin (he means kis)

swara; u knotty boy !!!! and she gives him that tax and she leaves down hurriedly

lak ; (he laughs); so iam the knotty boy of swara…hmmmnn…swara.!!.(he gets ready to go to the office)

now scene goes to ragini who was sleeping in uttara’s room

ragini now slowly opens her eyes and the room was still little dark as everything was closed

then now rags opens her eyes and she tries to get up but she cannot even move her hand and she was seen hugging uttara in the bed

ragini; arrey .. i think i was very afraid yesterday night (becoz of the thunder) thats y maybe i have hugged her

then she tried to wake uttara and uttara was seen covered her face and body with bedsheet and rags took the bedsheet and she waked uttara

ragini;aaaa.a……..(she shouted but no one heared it becoz the room was that much fully closed)

ragini; sankar….. aaa… y iam hugging him !! and he also have been holding me and we two have……oh no ..no.no ragini …that cud not be happened !!

just then sanskar also waked up and he was also abut to shout like rags but rags closed his mouth

ragini; shhhhh….sanskar !!!….and hw dare did u sleept in uttara’s room and whr is uttara and sans u have hugged me and slept the whole night !! and iam not going to leave

sanskar; heloo… miss ragini ..see this is not uttara’s room…this is my room and uttara”s room is thats side and u r the person ..who have misunderstood and i didnt hug u i was hugging my teddy and wait…. where is my teddy !!!

then rags feels uncomfortable then she sees that she was sitting so long on the teddy bear and sans sees that and he takes his teddy by making her to stand up

sanskar(like a crying funnyly and he was hugging that teddy like a small boy); oh teddy ..u have been smashed by this killer girl and she is not only a killer maybe she is like that type of girl who will sleep near her didi’s(akka’s) devar (brother in law)….and teddy this stupid girl have killed u and trust me teddy ..we will punish her for this very badly

ragini; oh mr cat ..shud up..iam not that type of girl ..and a teddy bear cannot be killed becz it doesnt have a life …and u r doing like a kid ….and this was an small misunderstanding and iam sorry for that ….k

sankar; hw dare u rags and hw can u say my teddy as a lifeless toy(he crys like an small kid)….and ragini … this is not an small misunderstanding …hey ragini u have slept near me for 8 hrs and that too iam an unmarried boy …hw can u take my life like this!! ..u have took my shame ….(he cried like funny person ..hugging his teddy ) and ragini …hw will teddy will forgive me for this …and teddy ..loves me a lot …but what ..if teddy comes to know abut this …..(he punched his chest )…

guys now sans will be acting like a girl and rags will be acting like a man ..its just a comedy scene)

ragini(she was very irritated for this and she acts like an man in anger); sankar enough ..and see u r acting ..as if iam a man and i have raped u and ur a girl and u r cursing me like a this..and mr cat pls stop this…and first stop this nonsense and now tell me what happened yesterday and i will tell u wat i remember abut yesterday

sanskar; ragini ..i remember ..that i was hugging teddy and i was sleeping with my face covered with the bedsheet and i slept that time itself

rags; thank god ..sans we r innocent …nothing ,,happened yaar… !!

sanakr; yes rags ….yeppee….we ..r innocent!! innocent!! hoooo…wooo….

he was jumping like a mad and rags was flat in his action ..and without her knowledge ..she hugged him tight and sans heatbeat was going very fast (tum hi ho plays)(guys tis song only is thier pair song)

sans also hugged her back and they were lost in thier thoughts …suddenly ..dappp…a sound comes ..someone was knocking the door ..it was sujatha ,..who brought bedcoffee to sanaskar ..and she said him to open the door..then ragsan break thier hug

rags(after sensing what had happened); sans sorry

sans;(in a tensed tone); oh no rags ..now we have to do ..something ..or else ..mom will ,..understand differently when we r in the same room ..ok rags u go and hide beside the bed ..soon!! ragini … or else .mom ..will doubt

then rags hide there and sans now open the door

sujatha; sans thank god u r wake ..what is there in ur bed ..then she takes it …it is an earing of rags

but before sujatha cud take that ..sans took that soon and he handled somehow and sujatha left giving him coffee

sans; rags now u can come out

then she comes out and she suddenly gets hiccups and then sans make her drink some water and they share an eyelock then swalak was seeing this frm the door secrectly and they click some photos and they plan to unite ragsan

precap; can i continue ..this.. and is this nice??

now screen shifts to swalak room

swara;(in a funny way); lak iam going to sleep and my shoulders r paining a lot so i want to sleep in the bed …and u sleep in the couch

lak(in a funny tensed way); what….what hey swara i know u r playing and what yaar …have u forgot that this is our…

before he cud say anything swara suddenly closed his mouth ..she came close to him

swara(as if she is going to hug him); lak dear …now dont speak.. anything and sleepp….(she said …in a slow soft voice…but actually she had a plan)

lak(he was looking as an robot); ok swara ….(he said this like a robot)

lak(in mind); i know swara …u will do like this …and i will not fall in ur trap madam and see now u r going to suffer a lot for doing this dear swara(now he laughed like a mad)

swara(in mind); ops i think he found my plan …oh now what will i do now (she was little bit conf

Credit to: namratha

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