we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 18


thnk u everyone 4 ur feedback and my epis i will mostly write funny only but today i dont know that i have wriiten it like that and pls tell ur feedbacks in ur comnts

recap; read my previous epi pls

here we go….episode number 18

they all reach sanlak house and sumi and everyone was very emotional as swara was going and after thier emtions they left giving rags luggage to her

then swalak enter the house then ap takes aarthi to them ,then it was shown that lak is catching swara’s fingers very tightly but only ragsan noticed it

ragini; hey sankar see them na (she smiled and said)

sanskar (like a joker) ; hey ragini …y r u seeing thier romance and telling to me ….what ?? u r asking me to do like that right..!! ok no probs come yaar!!

ragini; (she hits her head in the wall); offo sans iam a mad only becoz iam saying u to see them know but see ur mind is going in other thought

sanakr; ok madam enough ..if u r say like that means everyone can understand like that only ..what to do ..now keep quit !

lak; arrey bhai and ragini now u two have started to fight again ha and pls stop this and pls u two keep quiet for sometime

swara; ok guys now we have to take some rest and see now the time is 800pm so i think we have to take rest and we have already ate there itself know so iam very tired

sujatha; k swara i know u two r very tired and swara now there is two rituals still there so now u hit this rice tumbler with ur right leg

lak(in mind); swara is already tired like this means she will sleep soon and what abut our night!! o i have to do something !!

then swara kicks it fast by mistake then it falls on sid head , who was inside the house and he was doing some help to ap in kitchen for the grahapravasam for swara

now he faints

lak;(in a funny way); swara super shot and in one shot u have murdered ur cousin bro ..wah wah!!! and swara i will make u join in one football team and u play for india …what u say!!

swara( like a funny crying manner); laksh stop it and arrey bhawan ..!! what happened to this sid and prithi u bring some water( prithi is uttara’s frnd who sid loves a lot)(he loves prithi)

prithi’; teek kai di (k di)

ragini; oh god sans.. now what we will do (pls imagine it like a funny series)

sanskar; hey u two sisters r murderers !! first rags tried to kill us in the car as she was driving as a drunkard …now swara has killed her own cousin bro

dp; kya drunkard!!!(what )

then sans bite his tongue then he sensed what he said and now rags swara and lak faces changed tensed as no one knows abut rags drunken

sankar( he tried to handle it and he stammered); voo..vo actually bade papa .. this rags was driving ” it like a drunken person “only that was only i was trying to say

dp; oh achaa..

ap; ok prithi sprinkle the water
now only ragsan and swalak took a relieved breath after sans handled it

sankar (whispered into rags heared and he even pulled his collar and he showed off); see ragini …how i handled it

ragini(seeing his collar action); what sankar !! any ant went into your collar why r u pulling it (then sans head went down with a bulbed face ) then she laughged

sankar; ok madam shut up

swara; prithi sprinkle yaar

then sankar stoped her and said

sankar; prithi u dont sprinkle him water ..now wait and see..how he is going to get up

then sankar came towards his lips and he mimiciried like prithi ..everyone started to laugh

sanskar (mimiciried like prithi); sid darling wake up !!

sid(he was smiling and with is eyes closed he said); oh prithi ..really ha and what yaar today u havent brushed ur teeth ha this much stinking (foul smell) smell is coming

now sid slowly opened his eyes .. everyone cant stop thier laughter

then after sid opened his eyes he saw sankar in zoom because he was on the top of him

sid; aaaaa…….he shouted and he ran frm there to galodia house

sanakar ; how was my treatment !!

ap; what drama is this sans ..he is very pity boy sans

sujatha; ok now we have to do the ring ceremony

ragini; ok now iam going to leave my ring on this milk (it was full of even rose petals) and the person who is going to take it first is the winner

now everyone was searching swalak

sanakr; the function is for them only but they two have disappered

ragini ; hey everyone see there .. they r talking there in the store room

now everyone stands outside of the storeroom and they start hearing what they r speaking

swara; hey lak .. i love u a lot and u shud leave me only to take the ring

lak; no swara this is a competetion and i will not make u take the ring so easily

swara; then what u want

lak; a kiss and hug

swara; chee …chee … go iam very shy

now they all listen this and they start to laugh little bit but ap saw that dp was very interestingly seeing thier conversation so evryone made fun of dp
rp; what bhai u went to your days haa..

dp; (he was not in sense becoz of seeing (swalak) thier conversation very interestingly) ; yeah rp !

rp and everyone started to laugh then only dp came into sense

dp; ok ok stop laughing

now they start to listen thier conve

lak comes close to swara ..

ragini; helloo mrs liela and mr majuno stop your romance and there is lot of time for ur sugaraat and now we have to finish the ring competetion

lak and swara hit thier head for not noticing that thier whole famly was watching them only

now at the hall

they start the game

and the screen shifts to ragsan who were searching for food in the kitchen becoz they r still hungry

ragini; hey sankar see i got kachori here and there are 20 kachories here…so for u ten and for me ten

sanskar; how will u eat 10 kachories??? (and he took an stop watch and he was astonished to see rags eating it very fastly)

ragini ate all the 10 seeing her sankar hunger itself has gone he ate only 5 and rags asked him if he wants the remaining 5 he says no then rags ate that also

sanakr; in a funny way; oh my god!!! rags hw did u ate all this …do u have a stomach inside ur body or it is a pot haa..and rags u have breaked the guinness record of eating so much of kachori in just 25 seconds 100microseconds and well done ragini !1

ragini; (in anger)(and in a funny way); sanakar now u r going to break the guinness record of running fast

sanakar; what do u mean??

rags starts to chase him angrily and he too runs fast and they start to run around the hall ap and sujatha try to stop them but they were running here and there like kids

in the hall lak was abut to take the ring frm the big vessel of milk and rose petals (it was an game and i think u alll know that game which they will do in weddings)

but suddenly sans got sliped while running and even rags also got slipped there(becoz it was slippery) and they end up colideing each other and they both push the milk vessel by mistake and then all the milk and petals fall on ragsan and swalak head and everyone starts to scold ragsan( guys this is fully fully a funny scene only)

swara; opps now no one is the winner of this game lak(giving a death glare to ragsan)

lak; i think some cats have gone mad for this milk and wait…one min …whr is the ring

ragini; sry evryone and lak is right where is my ring??

just then sans is seen mistakenly swallowed the ring while clashing there when he slipped

sankar(he is shown mistankenly gulped the ring ); aaa.. oh no.. i think i have swallowed it

sujatha; what!!!

dp; y u two were running like cats

ap; ok ragini beta he will give it at any cost and sankar this is your mistake so that is ur prob

then ap laughs at dp and signs; this is a good punishment for him for running here and there

ragini(like a mad girl); oh that is my fav ring and she holds his collar and says; sankar do anything and give it to me

swara and lak cant control thier laughter seeing sankar pityfull face (it was a funny scene)

swara; ok guys now we all have to bath becoz rags and sans have made us bath in milk flowerpetals

sankar; hey someone save me frm this ragini and hw can i give that ring …..yep i got an idea(his face brightens) ragini now we have two ways one is up way another is down way

ragini;(she makes her face as if she has saw a awkward animal) r u talking abut vomiting and that down way is aaaa….. my ring …!! sans vomit itself is better but aaa…what will i do

lak; hey stop ur conversa and u two go and bath

sankar; me with this rags in one bathroom ha never!!

swara; sanky he dint mean that !!

sans; oh sry and iam going to bath

rags; even me

now swalak disperse to thier room and rag turn that side and sans turn in the oposite side of her

sans was bathing and he was singing song(that song was superman frm tevar) with his shower

rags was walking here and there in the entrance of sankar room

ragini; shall i go to his room and i have bathed also and i shud make him vomit my ring but how ….it will be drastic !!! and what shall i do

then she enteres his room with a greatly puzzled expression but she dont know that he was bathing

she heared his song and she was angry that; y this sans is singing badly like this and she thought that he will be simply standing in the bathroom (she thought this becoz san bathroom was opened )

she entered his bathroom and sans shouted and he quickly took the towel and he wore it in his hips

sanakar; rags u dont have any manners ha

ragini; thank god u have wore an towel…and hello mr ..u have manners ha .will someone will open thier bathroom and keep when they r bathing

sankar; i am feared for closing my bathroom ,…and for that u will not even call me frm outside ha

rags; ok leave a want my ring

sankar; r u mad now i canot vomit

rags smiles evily and she leaves her finger in his throat to make him vomit and sans shout and then he vomits

rags was feeling drastic and sans told her that her ring was not coming

ragini; sankar i want it

sankar(in a cool manner); hey rags i dint swallow it at all and i just had that ring in my hand only and i just acted like that

rags was hitting his chest; sankar hw dare r u and u made me unnessaryly keep my pretty finger in your throat …. oh my fingers(she runs to the bathroom and she washes her hand)

sanky; and rags i dint vomit at alll that too was my acting ..rags everytime u r getting fooled by me (he laughs)

rags ; iam not going to leave u ….wait sans first put ur shirt (she closes her eyes becoz he is only with his towel still)

then sans change his dress and rags

again chases him and she beats him with the pillow and he too start to beat her with the pillow in the bed (they were jumping in the bed and they were fighting) ..then they two were fighting like an mad

suddenly rags was abut to fall in the nail of the bed but sans catched her head and he got hurt in his hand and that particular place where he got hurt in his hand was an acqupunture mark of the leg so now sans got a chronic pain in his leg as it was a result of that slipping in the floor and was the acqupunture effect (hope u guys get it)

sans started to catch his legs and he was crying out in pain …rags thought that he is going to fool her again so she dint not believe him

sankar; rags its paining call the doctor..

ragini ;i know sans u r acting and wait now i will cure u r sprain

then rags catched sans leg and she turned it nicely to make sans understand that he shud never fool me again (but she dint know that he was crying in pain)
then sans shouted and everyone gathers in his room as they heared his shout so many times

sujatha; ragini what happened to him

then sans was relieved becoz rags treatement had really worked out as his pain was gone and he hugged rags

sans’ ; thnk u ragini ur treatment have cured my pain

then sans explains evrything to them and rags asks sorry to sans as she only had misunderstood him

ragini(she sights sans and she smiles seeing him and she thinks in her mind); sans when u hugged me y i felt something different

swara; hey rags wat r u thinking and now already it is time now its time to sleep becoz it is 9.30 pm

ap; yep swara is right ..rags beta come i will show u the guest room and evryone sleep

then they all go

….to be continued

guys iam sry for dragging this but in my next epi . i promise that i will not drag this

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Credit to: namratha

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