we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 17


hi guys iam here with a new epi

recap; goons caught everyone , rag and sans r forced to marry chirag and rupa, fortunately sid stops the marr and brings the police and ragsan hug and family membs think to make them marr

here we go epi 17

everyone claps as ragsan hugs and swalak also become happy and now they all thnk god for everything has came to normal

sujatha; ragini do u to lave each other???(she asks in a happy manner)

ragini was shocked by her question

sumi; lado say na.. we all r waiting only for your answer and sankar answer

ragini; maa… what r u talking and we r just frnds and we dont love each other….iam right sans she turns towards him and she ask him

sans was little confused in her answer and he was thinking that rags was right ….. she dont love me and i think even i too dont love her (he was keep on thinking and staring at rags)

swara; but ragini your all actions showed as that u love sans but now y r u saying like this???

lak; ok ragini we will keep that u dont love sankar itself but y did u hug him now

ragini; vo…he is my friend thats y i hugged him

sankar; yep rags is right and we r just frnds and we hugged becoz we was not married to them

lak and swara looked to themseleves and signed that they have to do something

dadi; ok now we have to do swalak marr and there is only 10min for the good time to end and pls stop your quarrels and come soon we have to start the marr

now hearing this everyone starts to do all the ritualls fast and ragini was asking to sid abut the mangalsutra

sujatha; hey sid beta u have thrown that mangalsutra know whr did u throw it??
this scene is a serious funny scene so pls imagine it like that

sid(he opened his mouth wide and told); ooo,,,oh nooo… i have kept it in the cops car itself

lak(like a funny crying boy); oh..swara today our wedding will not be held ha…. and hey sid mahan do something yaar …..this is my marriage !!yaar!!…..oh god my first night is gone ha…!!!

swara; hey lak shut up and we have no time and i think the cops will not have gone so soon we will go after them …guys come sooon we will catch themm!!!

priest; arey bhawan !! this is the first marriage which i have to run and tell the mantras

ragini; haa.. i got an idea

sankar; hey wildcat dont say some stupid idea and this is my bro’s marriage so pls bother it and say

ragini; guys now we have only one way (then she opened her mouth wide as if she is going to say a big idea) that one way is ” run”!!!!!!!! towards the cops vehicle!!!

lak; come everyone we have to run only

now the whole family membs and swalak ragsan started to run towards the cops car and the cops didnt see them

priest; iam very tired (he is also running) and in my 30yrs of priesthood this is the first marr which is very abnormal !!

shekkar; priest sab we dont have time …while running itself u say the mantras and let them exchange the wedding garlands(malai in tamil, phoolon ki mala in hindi ) while they r running itself

lak; in my life i have never expected that my marr will happen like this!!!

swara; even me laksh!!

ragini; oh… even we have not had the idea of this

now even the road is also seen free and rags asks sans to on the wedding music and they exchage the garlands

sankar keeps on says the timing for the end of good time

sanskar; hey guys u have only 5 minutes

lak; oh my gosh!!! and guys wher we will round

sankar(in a funny way)l ; we not even have time for ur marr now u have to round the city ha…!!!

lak; bhai not that round our marr round ….we will round the fire na…

ragini; ok see we two will take that mangalsutra and come and u two pls do other rituals there (she points a temple)

now everyone goes there and they start to round

swara; arrey arrey!! lak u r going to the backside of the temple then she pulls him to the temple

shekkar; oh god now how we will get that fire mandap

dadi; sumi see there na.. there is one in the corner

they all take the fire mandap and place it now the priest was keeping his hand on the head and he started to say the mantras

swalak started to round tensedly

ap; hey lak u r rounding in the opposite side

lak; oh …sry maaa… i was very tensed

swara; lak come i will hold ur hand

now they have an eyelock

sid; hey romantic squirrels u dont have time for ur eyelock!!!

then they hurridely round

scene goes to ragsan

sankar; hey ragini do something to stop them

now rags remove her red shawl but she has her other part of shawl and she waves the shawl to make them stop but sans didnt understood it

sanskar(funny manner); hey rags y r u removing it!!! r u going to rape me!!! and that to in the road ….. pls rags dont do that (he cried like a funny person)

ragini; hey iditot stop ur nonsense …iam going to make them stop thier car

sans; oh sry and he bites his tongue

now finally the cops have stoped the car and ragsan take that mangalsutra and they started to run fast

lak; (he was tensed and he did everything upside down); priest sab give that sindoor

then the priest gives him and tells him that there is only 3min more and swara shouts to him to keep the sindoor fast but lak got jerked and he kept that sindoor in the priest head

dp; arrey lak u shud not keep it in the forehead of him!!

shekkar(in mind); nice wedding this is!! ….(guys u change and see his modelation) (nalaa kalyanam!!! in tamil)

swara holds lak hand and made him to keep it in her forehead becoz lak was tensed

now dadi says that there is only 2min and ragsan finally come to the temple

they give the mangalsutra to lak and he was confused and everyone was tensed

swara; lak tie this !

he ties it to sankar

sankar; arrey lak iam not ur wife ….tie to her

swara; tie lak!!! we have only 1 min

now lak tie that mangalsutra to her hand

rags; lak y r u tensed and see the time(he was tensed and was doing like a funny boy becoz of the time runout)

swara; arrey laksh!!! tie it to my neck yaar!!!

then finally he ties it to her then evryone is relieved

sumi; finally u two have got married….

rags hugs swara and says u r going na.. swara

then swalak get blessings frm everyone

dp; ragini beta dont wry ..actually there is a ritual that the sis of the bahu shud stay in her didi’s house for 1 week but u can stay mare than that also beta (guys i know there is no stupid ritual like this but for some scenes only i created this)

dadi;haa..dp jii even i have forgot that

sumi; then ok beta u go… and u go now itself with swara and i will send u your luggage

shekkar; k beta u shud not disturb ur didi in her in law house

swara; papa dont wry she will not do like that and all

sanskar was seen very happy when he heared that rags is going to stay in his house but he didnt showed it

ragini; ok maa..and papa thank u for this

swara; ragini u shud be in this house for 1 month

ap; swara is right and sumi ji u dont wry we will care her like our daughter and even swara is our daughter

sumi; but ap ji

dadi; sumi she is ri8 becoz there is one ritual that says the longer the sis stays in her didi’s house the soonest the goodness will happen sumi( i know guys this ritual is riticulous but this is just my fiction only)

then evryone accepts then in one car all the membs go and lak is seen carrying swara till the car they have n deep look and they smile to each other(raabta frm agent vinod movie plays in bgm)

ragsan see this

ragini’; their pair is very cute na….

sankar(in mind); even our pair is cute but this miss blah blah … wildcat is not accepting that she loves me now what will i do !! hey bhagawan save me !!!

ragini(she shakes him); sankar r u ok and y r u silent always …everytime u will be talking like a radio jacking but now your voice itself is not heared to me

sankar; oh hello miss stubborn it is already time and we have to do other works in house and come get in the car >>

rags;;(she dint sense what she was saying) ; what work is there …..we have only one work ….we have to decorate thier bedroom

now only she senses what she told then she closes her mouth giving sankar a shocked a death glare

sans start to laugh

sans; hey rags ..they already did that work and who taught u all this !!

rags ; hey sans stop laughing…i said simply only and i too know that the workers will do the work and come we will get into the car

now all go to the house

…..to be continued

precap; thinking to stop this ff …..shall i ?????….

Credit to: namratha

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