we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 16

guys i dont want to write the recap and bore u

epi 16

now rupa says karchick that he is very brilliant and they start to plan everything

now the sun rises and evryone is seen ready and all r heading towards the mandap for swalak wedding

and it is shown as swarag r going in a separate and even sanlak is going there in a separate car and the other family membs r going in another car

swarag car

swara ; ragini . i want to see laksh and pls do something na!!

ragini; swara … y r u in a hurry to see him anyways u r going to be with him only know throughtout your life then what is ur prob now

swara; rags iam very afraid becoz of today my heart says me that something is wrong

sanlak car

sans ; lak we have to be very carefull abut that rupa

lak; sans today iam not going to leave that rupa if she comes today

and then suddenly it is shown as someone makes thier car foggy and smoky and no one cud see anything and after sometime that smoke goes

sans; lak r u alright??

lak; yes bhai and r u alright and what is that smoke ??

sans; yes iam fine but even i dont know where have that smoke came

driver; sir i think some where they r buring fire but i not sure and sir it is alreday late we will go soon

now the screen shows that thier family memebs have gone front

now all reach the mandap

sumi ; shekkar today iam very happy today is our daughter’s wedding na

shekkar; sumi even me and today everything shud go welll

dadi; ok come soon and we have to do all the rituals soon !!

dp; ap have u brought the mangalsutra frm that jewel owner

ap; yes ji and i gave it to sujatha

sujatha; oh no….no i have kept in home itself oh no…… sorry sorry !!!(she was very tensed)

rp; sujatha what have u done??? and now we have only 1 hour more!!!

dp; offo now we have to go again!!!

just then ragsan who heared thier conversation came infront of them and they tell them that they will bring that

sujaths; ok u two go soon !!

then they both rush to home

in the car

ragini; sankar go soon ……hey sankar wait…..see there in the window !!!(she exclaimed tensedly)

sankar; ragini what is that !! and i cant believe my eyes wait i will call bhai now!!

he calls lak

sans; bhai whr r u !!

lak; sans r u joking iam in the mandap only !!

sans; ok bhai , i asked u simply only (he said in a cool manner)

lak; ok bye sans

ragini; sankar come we have to save our laksh

sanskar; rags i cant believe my eyes when laksh is in mandap , hw can these goons can kidnap laksh and even i called lak and he is telling me that he is in the mandap !!!

now it is shown that they have seen a person and he is a xerox copy of laksh and he is been seen kidnapped by rupa’s goons to the side of a forest

ragini; sankar , now iam conformed that surely there is two lakshs and the one in the mandap is rupa’s set uped person and the one who they r taking to the side of the forest which we saw now is our real laksh !!

sans; now what we will do ragini!!! and there is no time is even left and we have to save lak and we have to bring him to the mandap to the right time and now we have another job also we have to bring the mangalsutra too..

and then it is seen that sid is coming there in bike (rags cousin bro) crosses there now ragini and sankar see thier faces and gives a smiled look and they two say in same timing (funnily) ” a slave has got caught in the right time”(” addima sikkitan” in tamil) ( arrey wah !! ek gulaam gaya gaya pakada in hindi )

sid is seen crying funnily and ragsan is seen going in his bike smilingly and they make him go in thier car to take and come the mangalsutra and they go saying him byeeee…

sid; oh …for thier curd rice iam the curd haa….!!!.(he says like a crying funny boy)

now it is seen as ragsan r going to the place whr they saw lak is being kidnaped

at the forest

ragini; hey sanky !! if sid goes and gives that mangalsutra then swara and that duplicate lak will marr know!!

sans; oh yeah rags now wait i will call sid and say him to handle the situation till we come!!

now he calls and sid says ok

sid; oh no… this rags and sans will not leave it seems and i thought that i can eat nicely in swalak marr but now i have an doubt that will this marr will be held??? ok whatever now i shud think ..hw to handle the situation!!

at the forest ragsan sees that they r taking lak to on dark place there and they also follow them and now they make lak unconscious and they tie him in that place and they go frm there

sankar; rags this is the right time for us and come soon we will take lak and come

now they go there and try to make lak wake up but he dont get up and then they decide to hold him and take him till the bike

sankar(in a funny tone); hey rags i dont know that what this lak have eat today and i think he has gained weight and he is really too heavy to carry and pls u too help me na…to carry him

ragini; sans now it is not the time to make jokes and we will carry him soon ….hey sans they saw us….come we will runn.

sans; ok come rags !!!

then sans carry lak and he runs as if a lion is going to catch him and ragini stands there and she laughs

ragini; hey sankar your such a brain less man and u cant identify between a girl and boy and now u even cant identify between the truth and lie

sanskar; oh rags come frm there soon(he shouted)

but rags was not able to hear him becoz he was far frm her becoz he runned that much when she said like that

ragini shouted ; i cant able to hear any think sanky

then sans told her that her lie came true and the goons have really saw them and this time rags heared him and she ran fast than sans and she got even a big bulb frm him (bcoz her lie came true)

then they both hold thier hands tight and sans was carrying lak in his shoulder and they started to run and now rags fall down and sans make her to get up and then somehw they reach before the goons to the bike and lak wakes up now and they all rush to the mandap in the bike (isqhaade title song plays as it is a chasing scene)

now at the mandap

swara;offo when this will rags come and only 30 min more for the marr and they have still not brought the mangalsutra

now sid gives an entry to the mandap and he shouts ” i have brought the mangalsutra ” !! ( like a mad)

then dp hits his own forehead and everyone laugh when he was doing this like a mad( it looked as a funny scene)

sid(in mind); o… what have i done!! and if i give this mangalsutra , swara di wil marr that duplicate lak na then everythink will go wrong and sans bhai too told me in phone abut this!! … ok now i have to do something

sujatha; sid ok u give this

sid (like a joker) ; no aunty this mangalsutra is not gold !!

sujatha; sid what r u talking ?? and give this

sid; ok aunty

then sid tells to himself that ; i have to do something and he throws the mangalsutra and he gives it to sujatha but he holds sujatha’s hand with that mangalsutra and he keeps on shaking it here and there with sujatha’s hand like a game

sujatha; sid wat r u doing??

sumi ; sid beta leave her hand!!

then he suddenly while shaking he throws it away and he shows everyone that he did this by mistake.. then everyone starts to search the mangalsutra but no one cud find it but sid saw that and he goes like seraching it and now he hides it

then everyone is tensed and ragsan and lak all come inside the mandap with the bike it self and they explain everything

now rupa also comes there

swara; guys is it all true!!!

ragini; yes swara

now it is shown as lak is coming out as if he dont know anything frm the groom’s room

then all the goons catch swarag and sanlak family and it is shown as the person who ragsan thought lak and brought him here was only duplicate lak
and even karchick comes there

ragini; so u havent kidnapped lak!! u have made a us fool by setting up a drama that u have kidnnapped the duplicate lak and u have made us to bring him here!!

rupa; yes ragini!! u have realized it very late!! and now only my real drama is going to start!!

karchick; sankar do u remember me ! and u r the criminal who killed my sis!!

sans; karchick hw much time will i tell u that i havent killed her and i dont know hw that have happened

karchick; sans there is no use in taking to u now we all have to show u in action only and everybody today there going to be two couples marr and only thier family membs r here and the other have feared and gone out and now i think that everyone is got caught by our goons and no one cud ever think abut police …. do u alll get my point!!

shekkar; leave everyone !! and swarag beta whta is going on here!!

rags;papa we will tell u in brief afterwards

rupa; hey chirag u have really acted well as lak when they thought u as lak has been kidnapped by our goons(that duplicate lak name was chirag and ragsan thought him only as real lak when they both saw that he is been kidnapped by the goons)

chirag; and rupa .. this poor sans was carrying me and he even took me till thier bike u know(he laughs)

now real lak comes there frm the groom room and he starts to fight but the goons also catch him

swara shouts lak and she also has been caught by the goons

rupa; hey priest start your mantra and my other goons will set up another mandap also ; one for me and sans and other is for ragini and chirag !!(she said this happily)

now everyone was stunned

ragini; have u gone mad rupa and hw can u make someone marry without thier approval !!

rupa; hey shut up your nasty mouth and see here actually i wanted to kill u only but your lucky time … chirag is in love with u frm his clg time it seems and your another luck is he is like the xerox copy of lak and u too wanted to marry lak only know when ur parents engaged u to him then y r u not accepting it and i dont bother that u accept it or not becoz i have already gave a contract to him that if he accepts our plan to act us lak we will make him marr u ” and thats final

sankar; hey rupa !! hw dare r u !! hw can u make my ragini to marr someone else and iam not going to leave u for that!!

chirag; helo sans now she is not your ragini …she is my ragini and u dont dare to call her as your ragini… do u get it !!

swara; leave us !! we all beg u and rupa pls dont do this sin !! she cried

lak; swara u dont cry and some heart less ppl will do this crime only .. he shouted

now then rupa’s father came there and he gave evryone a killer look

and dp and rp have shocked to see him and they shouted ” sanjay leela singh”!!!

sanjay rupa’ dad; yes !! i have come back and iam happy that still u remembered my name !!!

dp; it has been 12yrs but u have still dint have changed

sanjay; what to do dp !!,,when we lost something becoz of some devils we have to revenge them only know!!!

dp; sanjay for that y r u revenging my kids !!

sanjay; shall i say u something dp….our pain will not pierce us badly when we r hurt … it pierces us when it hurts our loved onces!! now i think u can get it !! he laughs

rp; sanjay now there is no time to explain our innocense pls stop this!!

sanjay; pls i want to enjoy your pain for atleast one year and think abut me …. i have experienced this pain for the last 12 yrs then think abut me hw it still affects me!!

now it is seen that the goons r keeping knife in swalak neck

rupa; sans and rags now wear this attire for the marr and come or else this will be the last day for swalak ….she threatened them

ragini; rupa i beg u pls dont do any harm to them and ok i will wear this and come..(she said in a crying and sad way)

sans; ragi…. okk…. rupa i will wear tis and if i see even any small hurt in swalak body i will not accept this wedding !!

rupa; ok darling i will not do anything to them

now chirag ,rupa, karchick all give a hifi

now ragsan come in that attire and swalak shout them not to come but ragsan come

everyone is crying

sumi ; shekkar now all r hands have been tied and we cannt do anything!! y this fate always gives us trouble

shekkar looks on sad

ap; dp ji y tis sanjay is doing like this!!??

dp; now we cant do anything !!

swara; lak we have to do something

now chirag holds rags hands and he drags her to the mandap and sans was tensed and he was even angry and rupa also takes him to the mandap then thier wedding rituals start

(manchala plays )

rags(in mind); oh god pls do one magic and save everyone’s life !!

chirag; rags now iam going to be your husband forever

rags; that will not even will happen in ur dream

chirag; but the truth is it is happening now

rupa; sans iam very happy bcoz i finally marrying u

sans; correction… u r not marrying me u have just buyed (bought )me !!

then they start to round the mandap and rags and sans were crying and when then was abut to finish thier 6th round sid said ” stop”!!! and he came with the cops

everyone was happy

ragsan came breaking thier tie from rupa and chirag respectively

then cops comes and arrest rupa , chiragg, and sanjay leela and ragini says the cops abut the crimes he did and now they also arrest the goons and karchick escapes frm the cops and some cops follow him

now everyone was untied

and ragsan hugged infront of everyone (zehnaseeb plays)

and everyone decides to start the wedding for ragsan and even swalak and they even plan the engagement of ragsan today itself and even thier marr

and seeing this sanjay, rupa, chirag were very angry and they r taken to the police station

then ragini asks sid that hw he called the cops and an fb is shown

fb starts;

when rupa entered that time itself sid went and he dont know that wht was going on in the mandap and swara secreatly calls sid and she puts the phone in speaker and then only sid came to know that whta was going on there then he called the cops and he came there

fb ends

at present

lak; swara thnk god u have done this!!

sans; devaranji … u r really brilliant

rags ; swara u have saved all our lives

then swarag hug and swaragini bgm plays

then everyone start to do the arrangement and the priest tells them that the next good time is 11.00am only and now we can start the marr

precap ; i know this is the worst episode ever and i will make my next epi interesting

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