we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 15 (mystery man reveled)


recap; swalak engagement over ,some masti scenes, rags cry badly and sans console her , rupa enters sanlak house and gives a evil smile

here we go… episode 15

sanlak house

rupa enters the sanlak house frm backside of thier house and no one saw her becoz she came frm the backside and she is with some goons and after sometime it is shown that sans have been kidnapped by them and rupa has come out already before the goons cud carry sans and come to the car

rupa; have u made him unconscious ??? and did anyone see that u all were kidnapping sanskar?? and wat abut her ?? did u all brought her??

goon 1; mam that girl tried to stop us but we hit her head hard and we tied her hands and legs with a rope in the store room of this house

rupa’ hey fool !!! r u mad , if she wakes up and tells that sans is kidnapped .. my plan will flop !!

goon2; mam u dont wry we will catch her also…

at hall

after everyone claps thier hands evryone coms and take pics with swalak as they r the couple of this night,

sujatha; ap ji id u see sanskar !!!(in a tensed tone)

ap; sujatha dont wry ragini told me that she and sans r going again to the mall which they went today becoz they left something important there it seems

sujatha ; oh for that now only they will go ha becoz swalak engagement is going on naa.

ap; ok leave sujatha and u go and inform sumi ji also abut this or they will be tensed abut ragini

and suja goes and informs

swara; lak chachi ji is telling that sans and rags have gone to the mall to take some importa thing which they left ha

lak; ok for that y r u tensed

swara; iam not tensed lak iam angry , see this ragini naa she told me that she will be with me throughout this day but she went with sans

lak; swara u only told that we have to unite ragsan now if god itself gives a root for that but now ur telling that ragini shud be with u ???

now swara hits her head and bite her tongue and says ; yeah your right laksh i have totally forgot that!!

now screen shifts to store room

ragini ‘s hands and legs were tied with a rope in a chair and frm her head there was lot of blood was bleeding and she was seen unconscious and now slowly ragini wakes up and she remembers a fb

fb starts

in the hall

rags; oh ooo,, …. sanskar i have forgot my keychain in that mall itself and it is very important to me becoz janaki maa gave me that before she passed away (now ragini was little emotional)

sanskar; hey ragini y r u irresponsible like this !!! ok wait we will go in the backside of the house becoz if we go thts side we will go soon

now ragini and sanskar go to the backside and no one was there,… when they r abut to go .. rupa comes and she gives her intro to them

rupa; hey my sweet heart hw r u???

sanskar; what ??? excuse me .. i think u have come to wrong adress and (he thinks for some time and says) ; wait…. i think ur the girl whom we saw in the dress center right .. u was also selecting dress for ur wood bee and u also told that my size is similar to him

ragini; yep sans, she is that women only

rupa; ohh what a suprise !! then the guy whom i thought that his size was similar to my sans is u only haa.. sanskar !!!!

and she hugs sanskar

rags was totally confused for her action even sanskar was also confused

and sans pushed her and was asking her “who r u ???”

rupa; sanskar i am rupa and iam going to be your wife

sans and rags was shocked that she is rupa and she was the goon’s boss daughter

rupa; i know sans u will not come when i call u lovely now i shud show u some action then only u will come and rupa went there….calling her goons to take him

ragini; leave him , !!!

now they catch sans and sans tries to escape but they close his mouth and made him unconscious and ragini started to run to call someone for help but before she cud call ….that goons caught her and closed her mouth and took her frm there but rags bites thier hands and she again starts to call everyone but now when she tries to call everyone one goon takes a hammer and hits hard in her head and rags cry and she falls down

and it is shown that frm one side they r dragging ragini to store room and other side it is shown that they r carrying sanskar to car (abhi mujh mein kahin frm angneepath, sad tune plays) and go and ragini is bleeding very badly and when she is abut to close her eyelids she see sanskar and tells to herself that ” sanskar i will come and surely save u ” and now she closes her eyes after that she doestnt remember anything

fb ends

at present

ragini; now i have to go frm here fast , i have to go to sans

now she bites the rope which is tied in her hand and somehow she removes it and she frees herself

and ragini keeps her hand in her head and she suddenly sees the kerchief which sans gave her when she was crying today, then she tied it in her head and then also her head was bleeding very badly and without considering it she catched her head and she started to go towards the door entrance in the front door and she walked for her level best and she reached and now the hall was full with only thier family members and swalak and she thought not to say them and she left but swalak saw her but they said to thier family memes that they r going to go to the mall to bring ragsan home and they rush there with thier engagement attire and everyone says them to change thier dress but they go frm there

now rags sees that the car is still there

at store room

now the goons start to search rags if she is there but they didnt find her

rupa was also with them

rupa’; i told u know that she will escape and u cud have killed her na..!!! now see the prob is double for me now!!!

goon2; mam i think she will be gone to see sans sir !!

rupa; yep your right , now i will kill her and hw dare she be with my sans!!!

and then the guy who took ragsan closeness images come infront of rupa and tells her that her father said him to take pics of ragsan to show her the closeness of ragsan

and rupa sees all that photo and was very angry and she phoned her dad

rupa; papa y did u didnt tell me abut sans closeness with this stupid girl and iam really very irritated !! and now only i came to know that karthick took thier closeness images

guys that mytery man is karchick only he have also came in the serial as kavya’s bro but now iam giving him a role as kavya’s bro only but here kavya has died becoz of something and karchick thinks to that she died becoz of sans and so he wants to revenge sans and there will be a fb for that in my next epi or upcoming epi

and guys imagine rupa ‘s dad as sanjai gandhi actually it is his real name and he has also did a role in meri aasiqui as rithika’s father hope u remeber and he also did a role in balika vadhu as anadhi’s father but it is when avika gor aka roli acted in that serial in her small age hardly 14 or 15 yrs i think

rupa’s dad; rupa i told karchick to take these photos becoz then only u will believe that sans has fallen in love with her !!

rupa; dad i dont mind it and i will still love sans more than that girl and i will make him fall in love with me !! and thats final and iam coming to her home only but before that i have to keep sans in our farmhouse , ok dad bye i dont have any time

then she cuts the call and she told karchik and goons to go to the car soon

now swalak who sees ragini in this attire (that her head was bleeding)

swara cries seeing ragini like this and she asks her wat had happened and she says we have to go to the hospital

ragini; swara we dont have much time to concentrate in this and pls help me to take sans frm the car dicky and we have to take him to some other place becoz that rupa is coming near us to take sans and lak take ur car soon and we have to do something

and ragini shouts in pain and lak took the car soon and swara and rags was sitting in the back seat and they made sans to sit in the front seat and made him wear his seat belt and he was still unconscious

rupa; hey catch them !!! take our car soon !! we hav to follow them !!

now they follow the four(swalakragsan)

lak; now iam driving the car to the hospital

rags(in pain); lak no need !! pls they r following us lak so they will surely come to the hospital also and they will take my sanskar frm me !! she cried

now sans got up hearing her voice and her crying voice and they explain to him the situation and sans says rags to calm down and they both hug frm thier eyes itself that much love they had towards them and swalak started to smile to each other seeing their love

sans; rags now we will divert them and we go to the hospital now it is ok and i cant see u in pain !! so my wildcat shud not cry!!

now rags wipe her tears and she says that ” i will not cry sans ok… now u too stop crying ”

swara; what a lovely scene

lak; u both r such a wonderful couple

now ragsan didnt hear thier words becoz they were busy in holding thier hands

then rupa says that we have to divert them as we r not catching them then only they will go to that side then we will uturn and catch them

now rupa cant catch them as they two try to divert eachother and they end up in going to differrent direction

rupa; oh shit!!!… we have missed them …..wait …. karchik i have one doubt if sans is the eldest son then hw can they finish the engagement of lak now i hav one plan and with this plan iam going to destroy the life of ragini , swara and lak who r destructing stones in my plan!! then karchick and rupa laughs evily

karchik;(in mind); this idiot rupa is a mad if she marriage sanskar itself sanskar life will be destroyed and thats y i accepted this plan and this rupa is also not going to happy and even sans is not going to be happy if they two r married and this will be a great revenge for sans frm me

now they reach the hospital and they all inform everyone abut this but dint tell abut rupa and all that stuffs

now sanskar was holding ragini’s hand tightly and ragini was lying in the gurney bed (that rolling bed for patients) and they were rushing to ICU and when she was taken to the ICU suddenly their both hands were separated (now tum hi ho bgm that flute version plays in very sad version)

and after so much struggle rags woke up

after one week

now rags is alright completely and she was taken home and now there is only one more day for swalak marriage (guys i will short marriage as “marr”)

now all marr preparations have been completed

at swarag room

swara; ragini tom is the day of my marr and iam sad that i will leave this baadi na now she cries and even rags cries

ragini; swara now u pls dont cry and see u r making me also cry and she starts to say funnly ‘ hey swara stop crying or else ur face pack will get ruined!!

swara; yeahh… ur right …oh i have to apply it again!!!

now they both laughs
then they both wipe each other tears and goes to sleep

in sanlak room

sans; lak iam really afraid of tom becoz if that rupa comes means wat we will do !!

lak; bhai u dont wry and maybe she cud come also but if she comes i will make u two united…. happy!!(he says this funnly)

sans beat lak with pillow and they both fight and they both crawl fighting in the floor(it looks as if they r hugging and crawling)

and the maid who comes there seeing them says chee ….. hw a boy and boy r hugging and crawling like this and she runs(guys i know i have copied frm one movie in tamil and sry for that, becoz i like that comedy very much thtas y )

lak; ok sans sry ,.. and hw this rupa as been quiet throughout this one week !!

sans; yes lak , i think she has a big plan and we will find it and ok now sleep

and now everyone sleep

now it is shown that karchick takes rupa to a bar to show her a man who is thier weapon for destroying the lifes of swalak and ragini and even sans

rupa; y karchick this man will be fully in the bar only ha??

karchick; yep rupa and he is our only way !!!

and the man comes drinking a full bottle of wine and his back side is only shown and his arms was very strong and he has a strong muscles also and now he turns and rupa is shocked to see him and screen freezes on her shocked face

precap; to be continued

frnds if u dont like this u pls ,telll me i will surely stop … and if u want it pls cmnt more i beg u!! pls darlings

Credit to: namratha

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