we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 14 (time for some twist and masti)


frnds iam going out , so i want to give my ff for tom now itself now iam writting this ff at 8.00pm may 6 and i dont know when they will publish

recap; mall scenes , rupa is near sans but she cant see him , swalak engagement going to start ,

here we go…. episode 14

now the screen shows that sans is searching rags and rags who has an plan for sans is trying to hide frm sans

rags was calling someone and it is rags cousin sid who is 2yrs younger than rags

sid; di is it correct to do this

rags; sid u pls do what i say and we r going to do this in sans room only na and this is just a lesson for him

sid; but di ??

rags; if u do that only , i will help u to confess ur love to prithi !!!

sid; everytime ur blackmailing me with this !! and ok i will do what u say

rags(in mind); mr sanskar stupid cat now i will show u my power !!!

just then swara also come to the hall and she was looking gorgeous and everyone made her sit in the couple sofa for engagement and swara callled for ragini

rags; swara wait iam coming

swara; ragini iam very nervous and u pls dont leave me

rags; swara u pls chill and i have one impor work to do so i will call uttara she will make u forget alll ur tension

swara; ragini wat is that work that is very impor than ur sis engagement

rags; swara u dont wry this work will get over in 5min so u pls cool and i promise u that after i finish that work i will fully be with u only
now atleast u smile

then swara accepts that and she let rags go..

sans; oooo… where i will search this ragini and i have to ask her sorry for my actions which i did in the trial room

now ragini runs upstairs to make sanskar notice

sans; arrey y this rags is going upstairs that to towards my room!!

he was confused and he followed her

now sans goes to his room and he sees that rags is sitting there and she was covered her face with her dupata and she was looking very nice in that

and sans had no words and he came closer to rags and rags was going backwards and he pinned her and he started to cum close and close to her but rags pushed him but he hold her tight and again he pinned her and he was lost in her beauty and he kissed her in her cheek and then when he tried to kiss her in her lips

a girl was seen hiding behind the screen of the wall and she was not able to control her laughter and she started to get teary eyes as she laughed that much and that girls face was not shown becoz her backside was only shown now she laughed so much and she falled in the bed and was laughing uncontrolably

now sans was shocked sans; ragini!! u r here then who am i holding

ragini(in a laughing way); sanskar i cant control my laghter and ur such a dumboo and can’t u find the difference between a girl and boy !!!

sanskar ; wat r u saying ragini and who is this then !!!(in a confused tone)

just then sid removed his costume and he showed his real identity (guys the person who sans was thinking as rags is sid only and he dont know that he is sid becoz sid was covered his face)

sans; rags wat is this!! y u played this game to me!!

rags; to teach u that ur a cheap guy and u dont know to behave properly to a girl

sans; rags actually i was searching u to say sorry and i didnt meant to do this!! and iam sorry and iam not a cheap guy ragini pls believe me

rags(understanding her mistake); sans iam sry , i shud not have done this and i didnt know that u r going to ask me sry

saskar; ; no ragini i shud only ask u sry becoz i made this prob

sid; hey u two r not even noticing me and ragini di iam going frm here becoz i have to wash my face becoz sans bhai have kissed me twice n my cheeks and u two r loving each other unconditionally

then sid left and ragsan stare each other

sans (in mind); i still love kavita!!

ragini (in mind); i still love lak !!! but i will forget him soon but for that i will not love sanskar!!

then they two show faces and both go to hall in different direction

at the hall

lak and swara were sitting on the couple’s sofa and it was decorated very beautifully

swara; lak iam very happy today but i even think that y our life is going very slow becoz now only we r getting engaged !!

lak; hey swara… usually evey girl will say in her engagment that ; y this life is going very soon …but u r totally opposite to that!!

swara; k lak now we have forgot about that rupa’s matter and we have to find out or else there can be any problem

lak; oh shona y r u afraid and see bhai now only he has forgot about kavita and he has moved on and he looks very happy also and i dont think that goons r not saying the truth

maybe they have misunderstood and tom we will anyway r going to follow the goons so chill shona

now rags anounce in mike one dance competetion

rags; now i welcome everyone to my sis engag and i am here to announce an dance competetion and the winner will get a autograph of actor sharukkhan which my sis swara got in her clg days and this competion is different becoz in this compe u have to split into two teams A and B and its little bit like dumbsharats but here we have to dance them and show that what type of hero heroine have performed in that song in an movie but we need u to find only the he &hr (hero , heroine) and this game is called as dancesharats (guys u know that dumbsharats hw they will play na like that only)

(and in this comp different song will be played and the song which the he and hr have performed will not be played and with thier steps and with different song which is non-sink to that hr and he will be played (if u dont get it pls ask me in the cmnts, i will clarify it)

now sans and rags goes to same team and everyone plays that very well and team A is in leading point , now it is ragsan chance ( ragsan is in team b) now they call b team to find the names of the he & hr in ragsan dance

guys now itself i will explain the game clearly frnds; for example we will take that ; teamA will call two frm teamB and team A will whisper in that two ppl frm team B ears and they will say one song and the hero and heroine and now a non sink song will play and the team ppl of b shud dance in the signature step of the hr and he to make thier team members understand who r the heroine and he

and the light spark is on ragsan

and now yeh fitoor mera plays and they start to dance non – sink , making thier team understand that it is a party song and not a romantic song

and rags dance like alia in her signature step and sans dance like siddharth malhorta in kapoor and sons movie

and thier team members found that the song is kar gayi chull and the he is sidharth and hr is alia

and team b wins now

swara; rags and sans u two have danced well!!

rags and sans see each other face and smile

now swalak exchange thier rings in thier hands everyone claps !!

now rags is shown going somewhere and she enters the store room and she crys bitterly and she thinks to herself

rags (to herself); ragini y r u crying u shud be happ becoz your sis has been engaged , and i cant control my self !!, y i love laksh still now and iam unable to forget him and lak y did u done this to me .. if u have already said that u love swara ..i wud not have grown my desire …to love u!!

and just then sanskar who heared ragini speaking to herself and he also heared that

sanskar; i know your pain ragini and pls dont cry and i cant see u crying (meri aasiqui bgm plays that tune )

ragini; hw can i stop crying ?? and sanskar y am like this pls save me frm this problem and your my best friend na u pls say me one solution ( still the tune is playing fully in their conversation)

sanskar; ragini but promise me that u will not cry becoz when i see u crying iam also getting tears in my eyes(the tune is till going)

then rags hug him tight and he two hugs her back and sans console rags and he brings her to the hall

and the screen was shift to rupa

and rupa is seen rushing to sanlak house were the engagement is taking place

and rupa reach there and she enters there and now the screen freezes on the evil face of rupa when she enters sanlak house

frnds my next update will be on 8th may i think but i try my level best to update it at 7th may itself

and ppl pls pardon me if there is any mistakes in the sentence

Credit to: namratha

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  6. thank u venni and kriya for ur cmnts

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