we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 13


guys i want to clear that , kavita is a biological daughter of rupa’s father (real father) and priya , rupa is not kavita’s own sis (u cud search in net the definition for biological father guys ) and kavita has a real father and a mother

guys i dont want to confuse u so u searcg for that in net and i think u cud understand well in seeing the net about this and sry if i written and told something wrong in my ff

recap; some moments of ragsan and swalak, recording the goons conversation, some truth reveled , they all get in the car

ok here is my epi 13

at the car

swara; ppl see na there is one mall there and we will go there really as we told to our family like that know

lak; swara we r already late and the time is 4.30 pm and mom and others have called me 50 times in phone to cum to galodia house

swara signed lak that we will test that ragsan really love each other and for that only she says him to drive to the mall

lak; k….ok swara we will go and i will talk to them and we shop something for our engagement and i even ask maa about this

sans; arrey lak now only u told that mom and dad have called u 50 times and now u r saying like this ?? hmm…. i know again u want romance with ur love bird haaa…..

rags; sans shut up and they dont want to romance there ,, they want send us some where far and they will be lone and will start thier love tune know , thats y they r telling like that

and they two laugh

now lak and swara sign each other that thier plan has flopped!!

rags now get sumi’s call

rags; hello maa…

sumi; beta i called u becoz u all told that u all r there in the malll know

rags; yes maa…. and y r u so tensed

now sans and swalak say her to put in speaker and she puts

sumi; beta actuallly everyone has decided that the engagement date is today evening haa!!!!

swalak was happy and equally sad and they all shout what!!!!! , without remembering that sumi is in the line

sumi; rags have u put ur phone in speaker??

rags; yep maa.. and y is it so soon???

sumi; ok u all hear my words carefully the engagement time is sharp at 7.30 pm and now the time is 4.30 pm , so u guys have only 4 hours only so u all buy the engagement dresses and swalak we already bought u the rings so u dont wry about that now the only prob is dressses and swara the fault is mine only becoz dadi told me several times to buy the dress but i thought that engagement date will after two weeks so thats y thought to buy the dress afterwards but now only the priest told that there is no good date and time left for this function other than this date , and rags i will call u later becoz i have lot of works for the preparations

rags; ok maa. bye

swara now signs to lak that our plan is now success!!

lak; guys we have to rush to the malll i think and we have to select our dresses soon

sans; yes lak and i think the fate wants us to go to this malll!!!

rags; ok cum lets go

then the all go t the mall soon

at the mall

rupa was also there in the mall for she was purchasing for her wedding as her father told her that her engagement and marriage will take place on the same date with sanskar

rags; guys first we will take dresses for the wedding pair and then we will take dress for me and sans

sans; oh wildcat i think i will select dresses 4 u becoz ur selection is the worst selection!!

rags; sans pls keep quit and u know what . ur selection is the worst thing ever

swara; hey guys pls dont waste ur time in fighting and we have less time so me and lak will take dresses for us & u two go and take dresses for u

sans and rags stare at each other and when they r about to say” no ” to them swalak r not even seen there

sans; hey rags i think they have left us and now we two only shud select our dress

rags; sans i think they planned this becoz they two want to be lone so they did like this , and sans ok leave this now we have to concentrate on taking dresses

sans; yeah ur absolutely right and see there is one dress center for marriage functions and we will go there

then they both go there and swalak who were seeing them frm far give a hifi and they go to take dresses

at the dress center in the malll

rupa was also there and she even was selecting sans dress and she dont know his size and she was searching some person who’s size will be similar to sans

then sans was backside of rupa

rupa; i think this man will be perfect for selecting sans size(she doesnt know that he is sans)

then rags was whispering to sans ears something

rags; hey mr some girl is coming near u and i think she is going to call u bhai and ur going to get a big bulb!!

sans; hey rags u shut up and i know that the girl has fallen in love with me thats y she is coming closer to say that “iam handsome’ and ur going to get a bulb

rupa keeps a sherwani in the back of sans (but she still dont know that it is sans) and she cums to rags and ask her ;

rupa; excuse me mam can i keep this sherwani in the back of ur boyfriend, if u dont mind becoz ur boyfriend size is very similar to my wood bee and pls can i ???

and sans was unable to turn and rags was about to say that he is not my bf but rupa quickly kept the sherwani in the back of sans and said to herself this will suit him(thinking of sans) and she bought that dress also but still she dint see that it is sans

and she went

rags; sans who is that lady and hw dare she says that iam your gf!!!

sans; yeah rags and so u appear to be my gf!!! it is not fair and i dont keep some dumboos as my gf!!!

rags; sans y r u making me angry and we will select some dress asap and we have to select the dress even for wedding!!!

sans(in a funny way); for our wedding !!!!

rags; sans it is for swalak wedding !!!!

sans; ok com we will select dresses

now screen shifts to swalak who were taking dresses in another center in the mall

swara; lak this green sherwani will suit u and u pls wear it for me and come in the trail room

lak;hey swara it will be like very shinning and glittery and it wud be like in our engagement that there wud be no need of light and i will be standing in the middle and i will be the light of the hall like a green sun and it is night so we will wear something little dark colour

swara; ok lak now i will select u one dress and u select me one dress

now they both select dress

lak; how is this gold brown lenganha swara

swara; hey lak!!!! even i have selected u the same colour sherwani” gold brown” !!!!

lak’; i like this sherwani so much!!!

swara; even i too like this lucky!!

lak; ok my darling shona !!!, u and me will put this and come!! (now they go to trial room and change thier dress)

and they put this and come and they both were looking beautifull and they come out and see in the mirror all were seeing them only in that dress center and they two were lost in thier own thought and started to take the ring frm thier hand (guys that ring is just a ring which they wore when they were in a party and it is not thier engagement ring)

and now they only notice them and they have an deep eyelock and they didnt even know that the whole shop is seeing them and aadha ishq frm band baaja baaraat plays in bgm and they started to wear the rings to each other(that ring was removed by them and they made each other to wear that) and they didnt break thier eyelock and even the whole shop in that mall were lost in seeing thier love and without thier knowledge they all clap as if there was an engagement took place

and then only our liela and majnu (swalak) came into sense

and even the ppl in the shop came into sense and they told swalak that they r made for each other and now swalak took the dress for engagement and marriage (guys for marriage the dress they took is the dress which swalak will be wearing in thier wedding know that dress only that dark ocean blue sherwani for lak and the red bridal dress for swara)

now they finish shopping (and guys for other functions sumi told them that she took, only she didnt took dress for marr & engag)

now the screen goes at dress center where r salem and anarkali (ragsan) (guys simply only i am telling these names if like this then pls coment)

rags; sans i have got this dress hw this is (she shows her a purple anarkali lehangha)

sans; rags ur a super selecter only now i will accept that!!!

rags; ok shw ur dress

sans; i still dont have any idea

rags; sans wat r u doing and see the time it is already 5.30pm and i will itself select dress for u

then she selects him a dress (it was a orange colour sherwani )

sans; rags hw do u know that i like orange colour!!!

rags; oh then u like orange colour ha and in fluke only i select this but my lucky time this is ur fav!!

sans; what u mean then do u like me so thats y u say that its ur lucky time

rags; sans wat nonsense r u speaking and iam going to try my dress in the trail room and u too try ur dress

(sry if i hurt someone with any of my line and i want to knw that “am i writting it in my own way or do u guys fell that iam coping someone!” and “guys if u feel like that u pls let it into my notice “and” iam sure that i dont want to copy anyone so if u think like that pls say becoz i dont want my story to be like that”)

sans(in mind ); what is happening around me ??? nowadays when see ragini y iam getting goose bumps? and y iam asking her like this ??”
am i in love with her??

then rags go to the trial room and even sans go to another trial room and they wear the dress and when they come out, that dress was very beautifull to them and in that shop there was hardly one or two customers and they r far away (guys that shop is very big)

now rags see sans and she says him that he looks very good !!

now sans cant control himself seeing her beauty in that dresss

now he holds rags hand and he takes her to one trial room and he closes the door

at the trial room

rags ; sans wat r u doing!!!

he is silent and they have an eyelock and rags also was lost in his eyes (now tum hi ho plays)(guys i didnt get any song which is Aapt for this situation)

and he comes closer to her and he holds her waist and he tries to say something in her ears

sans; rags u havent tightened ur blouse button(the song still is playing)

then he tightens it and he hugs rags tight (he does all this without his knowledge)

rags also hugs him without her knowledge and they both say to each other that they love each other in thier eye language itself and no words came out frm thier mouth only thier eyes was talking

and suddenly someone knocks the trial room and then they came into thier senses

rags; sans what r we two doing here ???’

sans; rags thats what i too dont know!!

now the person who knocked went to another trial room

rags; oh know if u go out everyone will think that we r romancing here

sans(in a funny and tensed way); but we were doing that only na ragini!!!

rags; shut up sanskar , iam getting mad !! and now i will see in the hole that if there no one out or not

then she see in the hole of the door and she breathes out releaved

sans ; what happened rags???!!

rags; thank god no one is there now in the shop , now come we will go

then they both come out but the ( that design will be in lehangha know) chumki in ragini’s lehangha got stucked in sans sherwani (becoz it was little bit woolen material)

and they both were close each other and they try to get it out slowly and when sans was trying to take it he stamps( he removed his slipper before he was going to the trial room)
rags dress and that dress was slippery in the floor so sans slipped but ragini catched him by catching his shoulder tight

now also it is shown that the same guy is taking thier photos of thier closeness!!! (ragsan)

this was seen by swalak ( they didnt see the guy who is taking the photos , they only saw the closeness of ragsan)

and the guy saw that swalak have come ,, so now he goes out …

swara; oh hello ragsan !!(she told thier name jointed) it looks as though the wedding is for u two guys

lak; yes swara i think this salem and anarkali pair are going to join us in our wedding to start thier wedding

rag; ohh helooo. can u two cud shut up and come and help us two!!!

sans; and we r not composing a love tune here i have sliped so rags catched me thts all !!

swara;k then y were u two taking so long to take dresses for u two and the funny thing is ; we r the marriage couple and we it self have taken our dresses soon but u two r taking so much of time for this !!

lak; k swara if tease them beyond this ; they will murder us now itself and will buriey us here itself and come guys we will go

now swalak help them and ragsan change thier dresses and they bought thier dresses and now ragsan go to the basement before them

swalak; lak i think that our planned had worked out welll!!

lak; yep swara ! now shall we think about us also sometime!

now lak come near swara and tries to hold her but his phone rings and he takes it rags and sans call them in the phone to come to the basement parking , whr they have parked thier car

and ragsan was already in the basement but swalak was still there in the mall and swalak were rushing to the basement as it is already time!!

rags; hey guys u were saying that we were wasting our time in taking the dress but see now u two our wasting the time by romancing!!

lak; ok guys sry

sans; devarani ji (he meant swara); if this lak do any harm to u , u tell me i will give him nice treatment

lak; bhai ! do u think iam a bad guy!!

sans; hey lak for fun only i told

now they hug (sanlak)

rags; swara ur going to go to lak house na and u will leave me know!!

and rags and swara cry and console each other and they two hugged each other (ek hazaaron mien meri behna title song plays)

rags:(in mind); swara hw will i tell u that i still love laksh and iam trying to divert me somehow to stop loving laksh !!

and she sees laksh and thinks the moments when rags and lak were close (frnds in the serial itself they will show some scenes abut raglak know before lak meet swara na that scenes only)

now they all head towards home (golodia house)(to drop swaragini)

swara; hey guys its already 5.50pm and we have only some more hours to get ready

rags;swara the beautician has arrived it seems maa.. only told me

sans ; ok rags and my devarani jii (swara) u all shud cum to the engagement at correct time to our house(guys the engagement is in sanlak house )

now swara goes shyingly to the beautician and lak also go there and sans told lak that he will com after 2 minutes

sans comes closer to rags and he comes near her ears (as if he is going to kiss her)

sans; goodbye ragini and iam waiting for u and iam going to tease u like helll and he laughs and goes

rags was sweating a lot this sans is very bad and hw dare he did like that in the trial room!!(she said this in a tensed and funny tone , i hope u can get it)

now rags was praying god ; oh god pls this sans shud not see me and pls make me at a distance frm him !!

rags(in mind); ok i have one idea , now this sans will know my power!!! (she laughs somewat evilly and funnyly)

now all get ready

at mm

in lak room

lak; swara today is our day and swara i was waiting for this day only!!! and this is going to be my best day!!

at sans room

sans; oh know y iam thinking about her !!! and y did i do like that in the trial room !! and i have to apologize to ragini about this

but when i see her iam forgetting everything around !!! and he started to say to himself that;

sans; look mr sanskar maheshwari , u hav to control yourself and u shud behave yourself!!

now everyone at golodia come to mm house and evryone welcomes eachother and the hall was beautifully decorated in gold and white colour combination everywhere

sumi; the hall is very beautifull !!!! and iam very happy today!!

ap; thanks for ur complement !! and where is swaragini

shekkar; vo.. they r coming in another car

dadi; u itself know na this girls will take thier own time to get ready!!

and they all laugh( u itself know na guys that ,, this elders will laugh for simple things)

now sans comes down and search for rags everywhere then he calls some kids and asks them to find that ragini have come or not

and the kids hear the conversation of ap and then confronts to sans that rags and swara r coming in other car

lak calls sans frm his room

sans; (in a comedy way) ; y is this laskh is calling me as if iam his wife and he calls me like i shud shyly come to his room like his wife!!

now sans go to lak room

lak was very shy and he was very nervous

lak(shyly asked)(his shyness was very funny); sanskar bhai…. is swara have arrived?????

sans; lak i really have one doubt , r u my brother or my sister??? r u looking very shy and lak even uttara will not be so shy in her wedding!! like u !!

lak; sans bhai what to do iam really nervous!!! see my hands and legs r shaking

sans; lak u have to be bold enough and see hw iam standing without any fear and i will train u hw to behave in the stage !!

lak; k bhai i will listen to u carefully!!

now sans give lak practice and sans says lak to walk erect when he comes down and sans show him a trial also and while he did a walk erect then suddenly ragini came into thier room and sans was mesmireszed by her beauty and his hands and legs also started to shake and he was unable to stand becoz he saw rags suddenly

lak; bhai whta happened ???

rags; lak y is sans is like this and he looks as if he saw a ghost!! and ok leave him and lak i came here becoz everyone called u and sans down so u two come fast

then she goes

lak; bhai get up and u told me to stand erect but u itself canot stand like that

sans; lak see know a butterfly came here and went(he laughs like a crazy love freak)

lak; now close ur mouth becoz a house fly is flying near ur mouth!! and r u reacting like this as if now only ur seeing ragini!!

lak(in mind); bhai i know u love her and u r hiding it to me

lak; ok bhai iam going down and thanks for ur ramp walk and u two come fast!!

now sans too get up and they all r present in the hall

precap; dance program , rags plan sucess, , rupa meets sans and swalakrag, and the mystery guy who takes pics will be reveled in epi 15

guys i started to write my ff at 10.30am and now only iam completing at 2.00pm and iam next update will updated tom or today

Credit to: namratha

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