we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 12


recap; sanlak enter swarag house (guys iam tired write the recap thats y i didnt write more)

swaraglaksan all lie to thier family that they r going to mall but they go to goudoun near star plaza

epi 12

now they all enter the goduoun and rags faints

sans catch her and lak sprinkle some water on her face but too rags didnt got up

sans noticed that rags is acting like fainted but swalak didnt notice that

sans (in a funny way ); hey guys i hve one idea now i will blow air in her mouth then she will get up

swara; r u kidding hw can u do this it will be awkward !!

lak; swara he is not doing any wrong thing to rags he is just going to save her

swara; ok

but rags get tensed and sans was closly coming to her till her lips but rags got up soon

rags; sans wat r u trying to do!!

sans; i know madam that u r acting like ur unconsious so thats y i did this to make u consious

swara;rags y did u do like that(in a confused way)

rags; vo ..vo guys iam i thought this is dangerous so thats y …..

sans; ok i can understand

lak; in one minute u made all of us sacred

now they all started to search and lak got kavita’s photo there

and sans started to cry looking at that and rags console him

rags; pls sans dont cry we will soon find out the truth

then sans stop crying and then swalak start to romance when ragsan were talking

sans(he stoped crying and said in a funny way); hey see there rags when we r talking here these two love birds who havent even got engaged r romancing there!!

rags ; hmmm. ok now we will show them a drama

then swalak were shocked to see ragsan close to each other and they started to hear thier conversation hiding there

rags signed sans that they r seeing us now, so we can start our drama

sans; ragini u know na that i love u more thatn anything

rags; yeah sans even i to love u

then they both hug each other and they sign that swalak r still seeing

sans; rag will u be as my wife forever??

rags; sure sans , and now i am ur wife only na we two r married now remember that day we got married in that temple

sans; yes my sweet wildcat wife but we r not together becoz r parents dont know this

swalak were astonished and was very confused and they cudnot control their temper now they came out

lak; bhai u two r married!!!

sans; lak hw do u know

swara; rags wat is this u havent said abut this

rags; swara we also have a little girl but we kept her in another house with one babysitter with her

swaralak ; what !!!!

lak; omg wat is going on here

now ragsan laugh out loud and they laugh without any contorl and they hifi to each other

rags;sans did u see thier face

sasn;yes rags i cant even control my laughter

swara; r u guys have gone mad and y r u laughing like this

lak; bhai wat r u two r trying to do?

sans; hey u fools we two have fooled u and we just were kidding u but u two believed that and do u think rags will be thin even after giving birth to a child and do u think we will do like this

rags; hey sans y r u kidding me also

swara; u two r very bad

lak; i was very tensed u know y bhai and ragini u two r doing like this

then swalak chase ragsan

and they stoped that and they saw that some goons r coming here so they start hiding and they opened the recorder in their phone and started to record the goons conversation

goon 1; hey y did boss told us to kill his own daughter(they four were shocked and sans started to cry)

goon2; hey our boss is kavita’s biological father and boss wants only kavita’s property which she wrote in the name of that sanskar mahehwari before she die , and her real father

loved her and he even wanted her to marry sans but boss hate that sans and even kavita but our boss pretended to kavita as he loved her (so that she will change her property to our boss name )but when the time she ran with that sans to get married, our boss was upset that now that property will go to them itself so he sent us to kill her

goon3; then he cud have killed sans that time itself know , y he wants him now

goon;4 ; hey dumboo , our boss have his another real daughter know, now our boss wants to get the whole property of sans and the property which kavita wrote in his name so thats y our boss wants us to bring him to his house and force him to marriage his daughter rupa!!

goon5; ok now when will we find him and now the police will also r searching us

goon6; we will find him soon !! but before that we have to ask one plan frm our boss to trap that sanskar

now swaragsanlak finish thier recording and sans was very angry so he was about to go to the goons and fight them but lak hold him tight and signs him not to go

sans(in anger) leave me lak now iam not going to leave them and thier greedy boss and how dare they cud do this!!!

rags;sans pls be calm now we dont have time to fight with them now we have to give this proff to the police

swara; no rags we have to find one more thing !!

sans; wat is that swara??

swara; we have to find who is thier boss and we have to know fully about his plan and u heared na ,that goons were saying that they r going to thier boss house dayafter tom so we also shud follow them that day

lak; yes swara we will follow them

then they all secreatly go frm there but suddenly rags slippers have got torn which was not noticed by her and she end up hitting in a rock (guys that godoun was very sandy and rocky ) then she was controling her pain

sans; rags r u alright ???

rags; yes sans , u all o first , i will come after u all

lak; rags wait i give u some water

swara; rags u r bleeding and see ur legs it has terribly got hurt!!

then rags drink some water and rags cant walk because her leg was badly injured

now sans tie his kerchief in her feet and he carries her till the car

rags; sans i will try to walk

sans;pls ragini u shut up and see ,,, u have badly got hurt

swalak r at some distance away frm them

swara; lak i think vinay was ri8 ,see na ,they really make a cute pair like us

lak; yes swara and we all four r made for each other and i can see bhai ‘s concern for ragini in his eyes but he hides it and even rags too

now swalak also get into the car and suddenly swara is going to fall but lak catches her then they share an eyelock and even ragsan share and eyelock as rags sees sans concern for her (now zehnaseeb plays at bgm for all the four)

now at other side a young girl is been seen getting out frm her clg now she is an other than rupa (she is kavita’ biological father’s real daughter)

rupa; iam crazy about that guy , he is my love and everything

she keeps the photo of sans and says this

guys rupa is an adament girl ,who wants whatever she wants and she is madly in love with sanskar becoz her father has promised her to make her marry him

who is rupa’s father ? and what is his plan? and y he does this ? and he is a big business man but too y he wants his property ?, is there any fb for this?

to know all this stuffs stay tuned for next epi and read my ff regularly

and guys u imagine that girl as alia frm kumbhagya she also has played her role in sasural simar ka as meghna singhania and her real name is shikha shetty u may also search her in net

Credit to: namratha

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  1. awesome yaar waiting for next part

  2. awesome loved ragsan part and one doubt kavitha’s biological father’s real daughter???? ( does it mean kavitha’s own sis)ryt???

  3. Awesome

  4. what a childish story is this.. r u a kid? if you don’t know to write ff then don’t do it.. it is not good..

    1. I am sry Niya if i have not written it correctly and sry becoz my ff was not good

  5. Ragsan scenes are too good

  6. Niya can u explain my mistake did I do any mistake in writing my ff ??? And sorry if I did like that but pls say me Wat I did becoz I want to correct it

    1. Your ff is very nice don’t care about haters…just continue your story pls dont end it soon

  7. very nice!!! pls continue writting! love ragsan! people who dont like this ff then dont read it and dont comment rudly! update next episode soon pls!

  8. oh niya just shutup if u dint lyk it dnt comment on it who the hell asked u to read this if can write any ff first u right and then talk mind ur lnguage u stupid shameless girl
    namrata ur writing nicely dnt take negative comments dogs vl bark lyk dat nly dnt take it seriously

  9. Plzz u contuine
    nice ep

  10. My next update will cum soon and guys if u r not clear with the meaning of biological father i will explain u in my next update and priya dear i will even clear ur doubt in my next update

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