we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 11


guys iam sry for my epi 10 i know it was really very bad but pls forgive me

recap; mirchi powder, sanragswalak jump frm the car , they all reach the raod , and they all go to thier respective homes

here is my epi 11

at galodia (its 11.00 pm)

now rags and swara cum to thier house

sumi(in a tensed state); rags and swara y dint u two call us ?? we were very worried after seeing the news in the tv and y did that goons came there?? and u two r alright na??

dadi; sumi see thier hands and legs they have got hurt (now dadi and sumi starts to cry)

rags; pls maa and dadi dont cry , and we got only minor injuriry so pls dont wry

swara; rags is right !! and maa and dadi pls stop crying

shekkar; how will they stop crying and beta u two say wat happened

swara says the whole story but she dint say that rags was drunk becoz shekkar will get tensed

at mm

sujatha(tensed tone); arrey sans and lak y r u so late!! and in that tv news they said that some goons came there and started to shoot and hearing that we all were tensed abut u and we all tried 4 ur phone call but there ur phone was out of network and u know beta we all were sacred

ap; arrey bhagavan!! u two has got hurt and what happened there beta

dp; sans and lak pls say that wat happened there ??? and y were u all gone to the highway of howrah !!

then lak narrates them the whole story he to didnt tell abut rags have drunk

rp; sans beta y did they were trying to catch u and do u know them

sans; no papa i dont have any idea and now the cops have catched them know then we dont have to wry abut that

just then the tv news says that the goons have escaped and the cops cannot find them and the cops say that it was night so they cud not catch them(the tv was on)

everyone was shocked and even at goladia house eveyone has shocked

lak; papa i think that goons can cum at anytime to take sans and we have to be carefull

ap; dp ji lak is right we will ask police security for sans

sans; bade maa. there is no need for that and i will take care of this matter

suajatha; u keep quit sans u dont know anything and sans u pls listen to ur bade maa.

snas; i know that u all have so much love for me but believe me , anything will happen to me

at goladia

swarag room

swara; rags y r u upset !!

rags(in mind) ; swara everytime when me and sans r abut to say the truth but always there is one trouble

swara; hey rags tell me wat happened .

rags; swara iam fed up in hiding this truth

then when she is abut to tell the current gets off

swar; offo y this current has gone now ?

then the screen shows that everyone has slept except swarag and no one noticed that the current has gone

then sanlak climb up to swarag room and they cum inn by the window door(guys i know this will happen in every serial and even in movies for example ; three idiots but pls forgive me)

rags and swara think that the goons who chased them in highway has cum and they take a flsk in thier hands

and sanlak r abut to cum near them but rag and swa hit them with that flask

and sanlak try to control thier pain becoz if they shout everyone will wake up

now rag and swara get sacred as (they think they r goons but its is sanlak) they r not going out of the house even when they hit them with a flask

now rags was going to shout but sans closed her mouth and they both say them that they r sanlak

swara; tum duno yehan!! (u two r here)

now they both on the current frm the main switch

lak; we both came here to tell u that , will u two help us to find who is that goons and bhai told me that there is some link between that goons and kavita’s death and rags , bhai also told u to help him in finding the truth behind kavita’s death

swar; soo rags u have hidden that to me ur so mean rags and even u two have hidden that

sans; ok swara leave that now we all have to complete this mission before swalak marriage and tom we r going to start

and they all say k and they say tom we will start that mission

and in the mean time rags call sans to talk with her in a lone place

sans ; rags i know for wat u called me

rags; them cum on sans we will say the truth to them

and they both was coming to say the truth to them and they heared that they two was taking abut the drugs stuff and who was behind that thing ..

rags say all the truth to them and even sans told them

swalak was shattered to hear that

lak; bhai and rags r u saying the truth !!(in anger)

rags; yes lak(in a crying tone ) and she said becoz i loved u madly thts y i did this lak and swara u pls forgive me and i know it is a big crime u two punish hard

swar(she was shattered and was in tears); rags do….u still… love rags !!

sans; swara i can understand ur situation but it was all my fault i only chaned rags mind when she was in the hospital(guys that rags hospital scene and sans changing her mind against swara is already have come in the serail and i hope u know that)

swara; sans u pls keep quit now i only asked rags to answer!! and now tell me rags do.. u luv lak or not

lak; swara y r u asking this to this criminal!!(he said in anger)

rags(she was in full of tears); swara pls dont cry this was all my mistake i shud only cry

swara; rags u only tell me that do u luv lak

rags; no swara iam not in luv with him !!(she thinks in her mind that she is lying)

swara; oh then u dont luv lak but ur eyes r telling me that it is not true !!

rags; pls swara beileve me iam not in luv with lak

swara; ok then u prove it to me

sans; swara u have all rights to punish ur sis but y r u asking her like this

lak; bhai hw cud u do this to me

sans; iam sry i did this becoz of kavita and he starts to cry

now lak forgives sans and he still didnt want to forgive rags

and even swara forgive sans

rags; swara i know u cannot forgive me and even lak will not forgive me but now i will prove that i dont love lak

then she says swara , swara u know na i will always say that the ppl who doesnt love anybody will try to kill herself now i will prove that to u

swasanlak were shocked

now rags cums near swara to take the knife

lak; have u lost all ur senses!!

sans; rags y r u doing like that

swara; rags pls stop this!!

and rags took that knife and throwed that

rags; swara i told that the ppl who dont love anyone will only try to kill themselves but i love u , maa, dadi, papa,and my frnds and hw will i try to kill myself!!

swara was stunned by her words and she hugs her and says u didnt do that wantedly and sry i thought that u luv lak so thats y u did that but iam happy that u have moved on in your life

rags(in mind); swara iam sry to lie to u and i still luv lak but i promise u that i will not be a destruction to ur marriage

lak; swara u can forgive her but i will never forgive her !!

sans; lak when u can forgive me y r u not willing to forgive rags

swara also convince lak and finally he forgives her and rags was very happy to see that lak have forgive her

and then sanlak go frm there and sans and rags was happy and relieved after saying the truth now they all sleep

at morning

mm family goes to galodia family to discuss abut swalak engagement

and they have already decided that tom itself they r going to keep it and they all do the nessecesary arrangements

swalakragsan all go to that godoun near star plaza which sans was telling to rags that day (and they all lie to thier family that they r going to mall)

now they investigate the place and suddenly rags faints

now the epi end

Credit to: namratha

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  1. Hey don’t say sorry
    I loved all ur parts especially drunken ragini how she toruted sanskar was so funny. Pls continue. Can’t wait for the next part 🙂

  2. Awsm dear..waiting for nxt prt

  3. Superb epi…..especially rags drunk scene was awsm….update one more part today itself plzzz….

  4. awesome yaar waiting for next part loved it …………..

  5. thnk u , and the next part will be soon updated

  6. guys i also want to correct few words in that mm manision scene before starting goladia house scene there is one dialouge for sans and i wrote “anything ” in the place of “nothing” and iam sry abut it

  7. and guys swarag will take a flask in thier hands and i cleared it now becoz my spelling is wrong in the ff

  8. guys actually i dont know hindi , i just tried to write one sentence but i dot know that it is correct or not

  9. Plz mke it ragsan
    Luvd d epi

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