we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 10


recap; shoot out , chasing, rag driving

here is epi 10

the goons start to shoot and they end up shooting the side mirror and the back side of the car

lak;(lak was again crying like funnyly); papa is going to kill me !!and before that these goons r going to murder me !!!! ,this car my papa told me to handle safely but my car has been damaged in a worst condition!!

san; lak i have one idea !!, lak that day i saw a mirchi powder in the car, now we will throw that in thier faces when that goons cum closer to us ,

lak; ok sans and i got that powder

swara; hey throw that in thier faces they have cum closer

then that mirchi powder was thrown in the faces of the goons and that powder also went in the eyes of the cops who were chasing the goons

cop 1; sir i cant see anything i think it is the plan of that goons sir ,we will inform the commissioner !!

at the car

swara; lak and sans u two r going to go to jail !!, see wat u have done!!

lak; swara we didnt do it wantedly!! and i think the cops will think that the goon only have thrown the mirchi powder on them becoz they r only behind us so dont wry

sans; i think now we have reached the highway and now we will go and ask someone phone

rags; guys wat is happening here y r we here !!??

lak;(in a funny way); rags do u have short term memory loss like that sanjay in ghajini !!

sans; yeah lak i too have that doubt and madam u have torched us and the goons so much but too u dont remember anything haa!!

rag(in a normal way); hey wat r u guys r speaking about , aaaaaa…..(she shouts) y am i driving the car ??? and hw cum iam driving the car ??

swara; rags wat r u saying u only started to drive na !! ,kkk now i understood!! hey guys rags is alright now thats y she dint remember anything

sans; but i cant forget her stupid things which she done when she was drunk !!

lak; hey rags now u stop the car and now i will drive

rags; hey lak now the problem is i cannot stop the car!!!

lakswasan shout ; what!!

rags(she gets tensed ); hey guys now the brake is not working so only i cannot stop it !!

sans; what the hell r u saying !!

swara; ok rags now we have only one way

rags; say that soon !!and she again shouts “aaaa…:”

san; now wat rags now uy r u shouting !!

rags; hey guys see there !!!

then they all r shocked to see that there is a bridge and the bridge end has not been build and they were sacred that they r going to fall frm that

swara; oh no !! we all r going to die!!

rags; swara u said that ” we have one way”, wat is that?? say it soon !!

swara; now we all have to open our doors and we all have to jump that side and i know it is very risky to jump frm a moving car but we dont have any option !!

lak ; ok if that is our lat option then i wil count till 1 to 3 we all have to jump

san; ok lak !

rags; guys iam really sacred !!

sans(in a funny tone); then u again drink scotch ur fear will fly away!!

swar; guys pls stop it ok lak u start counting !!

lak; 1….. 2……3… jump!!!

they all jump and they fall in a cliff like thing and they roll there (its not cliff actually)

they all got little hurt while falling down and they found a roadside there

now they ask phone frm someone and they ask them wat place is this and after getting all the info they call thier respective houses and dp and shekkar cums there and take them to their respective homes

guys i know today epi was very boring tom i will continue this , until then pls wait guys

and pls forgive me and iam really really sorry !!

Credit to: namratha

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  1. superb update soon…………

  2. Really funny! !!! It’s nt at all boring di plz continue & post nxt part ASAP

  3. its ok di epi was good

  4. Outstanding.

  5. Awsm…..cant wait for next…

  6. they are really cartoons…funny

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