::::::::::::::::::::Shot 4 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Reçap : twinkle suprise for kunj …
Shot 4 ….
Twinkle n kunj smiles at each other ñ kunj looks here n there and twinkle ask him what happen ???…
K : u have decorated very cutely twinkle thank u sooo much for making me feel special n smiles …
T : no need kunj n they both sat on the table kept there …
K : so ??????
T : soooooooooooo ????
K : anything left ???
T : hmm yeah chocolates n smiles …
Kunj smiles at twinkle n they both eat chocolates twinkle applies some chocolate to kunj on his cheek naughtily and he gets shocked …
T : u are looking more cute Mr chocolate sarna and captures his pic …
K : acha g he tries to get hold of twinkle but she runs and they both fall on the floor with kunj on the top of twinkle kunj kunj removes hair stand from twinkle face and tucks it behind and moves closer to twinkle …
T : kunjjjjjj …
Kunj rub his cheek against twinkle due to which chocolate which was on kunj face applies to twinkle face too n he get up and laughs …
K : hahaha and u are also luking so cute twinkle …
Twinkle opens her eyes and touches her cheek and smiles they both stand n took a selfiee of the moment soon twinkle got a call from leela n she turns to look at kunj …
K : what happen ???
T : need to go now …And pouts ..
K : okay go ..
T : bye …
K : byeee …
T : u didn’t want to say something ..
K : nah and smirks ..
T : r u sure ???
K : yep …
Twinkle turns and stared to leave when kunj called her …
T :yeah what happen …
Kunj pecks twinkle cheeks and says now u can go …Twinkle smiles and left from there …
As soon as I came back home I went to maa room and she said twinkle a parcel came for u beta and I kept it in your room I smiled and went to my room and saw a big box and opened it to find a big teddy bear with some small teddies with I love u written on it I smiled n I know who had done it as soon as I was in my thoughts I heard my phone beep and I took it to see a text from kunj “I know u had known till now who send u d gift but If I am not wrong then I had not wished u teddy day so Jaan Happy teddy day and thanks for ur suprise ab kisi ne itni mehnat ki thi to mujhe kuch gift Karna hi tha naa urs and only urs Jaan ~KUNJ omg this guy is really mad but I am in love with him and I am waiting for the day when he will confess ?????
KUNJ ???
Woah was that twinkle only she had given me such a cute suprise yaar I love her even more now I wanna confess today itself but no I had to make it special like she did after all I am kunj sarna I know twinkle wants me to confess today and I was teasing she looks more cute when I tease her woh kunj u are deeply and madly in love with her my girl my queen ruler of my heart don’t worry baby I will confess u soon chalo let me call my Jaan ??after all she had given me the green signal today that she too has some feelings for me ..
Kunj calls twinkle and she picks up the call and it was from unknown number as they had talked on fb only ..
T : hello who’s this ???
K : ahem it’s me Jaan …
Twinkle blushes listening to Jaan and smiles …
T : kunj ..
K : yeah Jaan …So how was the teddy ..
T : it’s very cute kunj …
K : but not more than my teddy ..
T : kunjjjjjj stop flirting …
K : oye I am not flirting Jaan
T : ohoo really ???
K : yeah u know Jaan I am missing u soo much ..
T : me too not in senses ..
K : what ???
T : I mean woh hmm nothing …
K : come to ur balcony I wanna see u once …
T : okay and she went to her balcony and saw kunj both smiles again and their conversation continues soon they ended call and drifted to sleep …
Next day……
Kunj comes to college and waits for his angel and soon twinkle came and saw him and turned dark red she didn’t know why soon they went to their class but kunj sings twinkle not to sat on first bench and she did that and they sat on last bench together whole class was shocked to see the scenario soon their lecturer came and twinkle was concentrating on the topic but kunj sensously moves his finger on twinkle hands and holds her hand distracting twinkle she looks at him while he makes a puppy face and then whispers in twinkle ear …
K : u know twinkle what’s today …
T : no I don’t know let me concentrate
K : okay… I’ll will let u concentrate but u
have to fulfill my demand too …
Twinkle looks at him completely blank n ask what ???
K : u have to kiss me …
T : what ??? Have u gone mad …
K : yes in your love…
T : no I am not going to do anything
K : okay then I’ll not let u concentrate
T : kunj ..
K : Jaan ..
T : okay close ur eyes …
K : okay as u say Jaan ..
Twinkle slowly pecks his left cheek and said I have done Mr sarna Happy kiss day and she sat on other bench ..And smiles at him …
K : run run miss taneja I promise I’ll return u this back with interest and he smirks …
Screen freezes…

So how was the shot guys …
Well thanks to all for their lovely comments and ramya and shalini thanks for commenting being in ur bzy schedule and other too …
Love u all soooooooooooo much can’t even describe …
BA byerree …
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned
Sameera ???????

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