::::::::::::::::::::::Shot 3 :::::::::::::::::::::::::
Reçap : twinkle got to know kunj is Sid only …
Shot 3 ….
Kunj wakes up and smiles looking at his phone and recalling his and twinkle chat last night and went to get freshen up after sometime he got ready to go but Manohar stood him ….
M : u are going college kunj ??
K : yep paa and smiles …
M : ohoo my son is smiling y ???
K : no paa it’s nothing …
M : okay go and blessed him and kunj went from there ….
Twinkle too comes to college and looks for kunj but doesn’t find him …
Jab nahi dekhna chahti thi tab yahi rehta tha aur ab jab dekhna chahti hu to dikkh hi nahi raja huh babaji plzzzz I wanna see him once plzz and she closed her eyes and feels someone presence around her and murmurs kunj ..
She opens her eyes to find kunj coming and a cute curve appears on her face ..
Twinkle pov ….
Just look at him he is too cute nah yeah after dat incident I have never talked to him but I always wanna talk to him what happened between us was left us embrassed and we didn’t talked to each other ever and bites her lip …

Kunj pov …
I just saw twinkle she is looking more beautiful today when she bites her lip she looks more cute I feel like kissing her but what happened dat day I don’t think she will ever talk to me …
Both gets into a flashback …
Kunj was standing with his friends yuvi Raj rohit and all the girls were just looking at kunj making other jealous ..
R : kunj what u have that all the girls here are mad for u …
K : don’t know ???but I think someone is jealous ..
Y : hahaha right …
R : huh nope chalo let’s have a bet whoever comes in our class now u have to kiss her …
Y : if sir comes then ???
All laugh and Raj passes glare to yuvi and kunj nods in yes …
He was standing waiting for someone to come in class when twinkle comes there and smiles at him and kunj pullls her by waist and captures her lips twinkle was shocked by his sudden action all the girls get jealous seeing dat and he left twinkle and felt something on his cheek yes twinkle slapped him all are shocked to see dat from dat day they didn’t talked to each other …
Fb ends …

Kunj pov :::
I still remember d slap but at dat time only I have fallen for her and her innocence her cute eyes her lips I still remember d taste and smiles …

Twinkle pov :::
Huh yeah he kissed me dat day and I slapped him what else I can do there was whole class present if I had not slapped him then he will do this with others and I don’t want him to kiss anyone else and smiles too …
Both Twinj left for their class but this time not only kunj but twinkle was also stealing glances of him each n every second …
Whole day twinkle was seeing him and smiling to her self and kunj was confused about her behaviour …
Kunj pov :::
What happened to her ??? She is smiling so much today seeing me ??? Kahi aur ek thappad Marne k irada to nahi hai no babaji what will happen if twinkle get to know it’s me not kunj be positive everything will be alright be positive I know bro b+ is your blood group …
Ohh gosh this yuvi nah ..Hmm right it’s my blood group then what ?? Nothing bro replied yuvi what happened bro waiting for bhabhi he asked me wow bhabhi looks so cute from his mouth and I hugged him tightly and ask him to say it once again we saw everyone looking at us and laughing then I saw my angel too standing there n laughing god today she is driving me crazy …
After sometime their college ends and Twinj went to their homes and came online …
( Chatting part …)
T : hey how are u Sid ???
K : fine cutipie what u are doing
T : eating ur gifted chocolates ??
K : awwwwww so how was my gift ??
T : yeah nice but Sid I wanna meet u personally …
K (thinks): oh no not again how can I meet her ..
T(thinks) : u have to meet me now kunj sarna by hook or by crook and she smiles brightly …
K : ohh jas I have some work I’ll talk to you later bye …
T : okay bye ???
Twinj ends chats and kunj sighs of relief and twinkle thinks u have to meet me now kunj sarna now it’s limit of hide and seek tomorrow u will get a shock and she smiles and kisses kunj pic which she took today …
10 Feb they had holidays and kunj went with Manohar for some work so could meet twinkle …
Next day(11 Feb ) :::::
Kunj comes to college but he didn’t found twinkle anywhere so he asked her friends …
M : I think she is not coming today ..
K : what ??? N thinks oh no how I’ll I stay here without seeing twinkle …
He goes n sat on his place n sees a note sticked and took it out …
Who kept it here ??? And he reads the note … I now u must be wondering who kept this note here but it’s for u only baby come to xyz place to get answer of your questions …- ur secret admirer ?
K (thinks) : who can be my secret admirer first this twinkle didn’t came today and now this ..
He went to the place it was fully dark is anyone here ???? Hello hello I think someone had played a prank on me huh no Mr sarna it’s not a prank says twinkle coming from behind but her face was half covered …
Who r u ??? And u called me here why ..
Twinkle removes her veil and kunj gets shocked seeing twinkle …
Twinkle ??? Yes me kunj or I can say siddhant kunj gets shocked and twinkle says so u were fooling me from so many days ha why kunj??? Kunj bows down his head and twinkle started laughing ..
Hahaha kunj just look at your face and she holds kunj face and makes him face her …
Aww baby what happened she opens lights and kunj gets shocked seeing the place decorated beautifully ..
I am so sorry twinkle says kunj ohoo now stop this apologizing session so Tell me u liked the suprise ???
K : yeah it’s beautiful but why u did it ??
T : only u have the right to gift me I had to return something to u too …
K : means …

Twinkle takes out a rose and sat on her knees well firstly happy rose day Mr siddhant/kunj kunj was shocked but then he took the rose when twinkle continues Happy propose day too kunj will u be my best buddy for the rest of the life ???? Kunj nods in yes and makes twinkle stand then she took chocolate and unwrapped it and feeds kunj and says Happy chocolate day too kunj feeds her too well I don’t have teddy to give us and makes a puppy face kunj smiles and pulls twinkle towards himself and says I don’t need teddy coz I have u while twinkle blushes and says now today dat is promise dat I will promise u dat I’ll never leave ur side kunj smiles and says and I promise u that I’ll not let this smile fades away ever and then both says together Happy promise day and they smile ….
Screen freezes ..
So here I end this shot …
Do tell me how was it guys…
Okay okay I’ll continue till 5 shots don’t worry…
Thanks to all of u guys for u cute commments …
BA byeee ..
Can’t write more. Still have pain ???
Hope u like the shot …
Sameera ?????????

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  6. SidMin

    Hey Loved it ….
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