:::::::::::::::::::::::::::Shot 2 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Recap : Twinj being online friends is revealed n kunj love for twinkle …
uet roses
Wow seriously how does he knows everything about me yaar I love him sooo much ha ha friendly wala yaar but don’t know how he looks okay let me imagine I am closing my eyes what ???? How can I imagine siddhant as kunj …
Kunj I didn’t even talk to him since I joined the campus yeah kunj is too cute all the girls here are mad for him but I didnt notice him ever huh I am going to get mad one day I came back home and went to the lawn and opened my I’d
and I can see a message from Sid …
K : hope u like the gift jas ????
Ohoo he is seriously crazy yar wait let me reply him …
Pov ends ….
(Now the next scene will be their chatting)
T : huh nah didn’t like it …
K : what ????? N thinks what twinkle didn’t liked it …
T : hahahha I am so sorry I didn’t like it in fact loved it sooo much yar Sid …
K : oh u just scared me …
T : hahaha shoo sorry yaar ..
K: okay u just loved the gift not me ???
Twinkle blushes reading the message .
K : stop blushing jas …
T : wait ??? How u know I am blushing ?U are here twinkle looks here n there …Kunj was standing in his balcony as sarna mansion and taneja mansion were opp to each other and kunj hides …
K : ohooo jas I am joking yaar
T : huh I thought u were here ???
K : hawwww u look so cute yaar ..
T : how did u saw me ???
K (thinks) : siyappa ye kya kardiya … I mean to say u are too cute …
T : I am not getting anything …
K : leave it ???
T : okay so u have any gf ???
K : nah why u asked ????
T : no just asked …
K : hmm ??? yeah I have gf ..
T : what n get jealous …
K : yeah she is nah so cute …
T : huh okay ??
K : jealous ????
T : huh not at all I am going bye …
K : arah jas wait …
Twinkle went offline n kunj smiles …
Next day :::::
Kunj comes to college n waits for twinkle and she comes there n looks at kunj n felt strange but ignored it then they went to their class kunj sat with his friends yuvi rohan naman and twinkle with her friends ….
Kunj was just lovingly looking at twinkle when yuvi says Bhai kuch help chahiye ???
K : kis liye ????
Y : aaj propose day hai uske liye ..
K : if I go infront of twinkle to propose she will scratch my face …
Y : hahaha seriously no I am helping let’s see what I will do ….Yuvi get up from his place and kunj hides her faces n says now don’t know what is going to happen
Only few students are in the class and yuvi went forward…
Y : attention everyone guys we are so boring there is no classes today shall we play something ????
All agrees and yuvi says here are few chits u have to pick one and do the thing which was written in dat …
All cheers and started to play twinkle turns comes she has to sign a song and she signs samjhawa and kunj again was lost in her ….
Next comes to kunj and it was written to propose twinkle and he gets happy and twinkle gets shocked but agrees to see how kunj proposes …
Kunj comes forwards n sat on his knees
K : u know twinkle I have seen u for the first time I had fallen for u ur smile ur hairs ur voice I am love with each n every thing of yours if I had to choose between to loving u and my last breathe I’ll choose u I love u twinkle I love u …
Whole class was shocked as Twinj never talked to each other but the most shocked person was twinkle kunj senses the awkwardness and got up …
K : huh I have done it …
All claps for kunj n they continue to play and went home …
Twinkle was just thinking about kunj confession n thinks why I am thinking about kunj why I felt so happy when he was saying dat I know I have never talked to him directly but don’t know why I felt when kunj was saying dat things dat siddhant was saying what’s happening huh I am not getting anything …..
On the other side …
Rose day over propose day also over woah I was sooo scared to see twinkle when I am confessing I have controlled my feelings dat time don’t know what twinkle was thinking about me but i will make everything fine nothing is impossible for kunj sarna n he smiles .. and throws his phone on bed and went for shower ….
Next scene ….
Kunj comes to his home and went to his and messages twinkle …
K : derrr cutipie ????
T : yep ….
K : it’s seems like now u were waiting for me ??
T : hawwww no I was just checking news feed dats it n thinks huh twinkle aaj to tuh pakdi jaati ??
K : okay so how was ur day today ???
T : well nice yae n thinks of kunj confession …
K : let’s do something ???
T : whattt ????
K : let’s chat whole night what say … N thinks plz say yes twinkle …
T : hmm okay n thinks I’ll love to chat with u whole night and smiles ..
Then they chat for whole night kunj flirts with twinkle indirectly confesses his love and twinkle too was enjoying his company like this sun rises and kunj went offline ….
K : byeee cutipie …
T : bye bye ??
Twinkle was going to sleep but before that she went to kitchen to have water when she heard a door bell rang n went to open …
T : who is now these time hmm I think it’s milk man n she opens a door and finds a hamper full of chocolates and picks it up and smiles and reads the chit “Thanks cutipie for fulfilling my wish and chatting with me whole night disturbing it sleep so it’s the gift for u baby waise Happy chocolate day ???????? -siddhant …
Twinkle pov :::::
Awwww yaar why this kunj is soooooooooooo cute yaar yeah yeah u all must be wondering why I said kunj coz I know siddhant is kunj only and I got to know it tomorrow when I came back home from college n video call him coincidencnly someone picked my call n I saw kunj I mean yeah he had shower and he was in his towel omg he has perfect body I know it’s wrong to see someone but he is doing this all why he loves me ??? I think yes but I am enjoying it soooooooooooo much ?????if it’s so then yess I am also falling for him omg am i blushing hawwww kunj u had made me mad seriously n smiles …
Screen freezes….

Hawwww hogaya ….
Well guys I am sooo happy to see it cute comments but as well as sad too coz I haven’t reached 15 comments also …
Special thanks to those who commented on previous one sohi presha adeeba sidmin kruti sidmin23 chiku sidmintwinj sushmita rutu purnima aamu simmy love u alll soon much ..
But guys I told u all dat it will be 5 shots but now it will be not guys coz nah I had fallen from stairs and got sprain in my hand and was not be able to type and as well as I don’t think so u all are enjoying it it’s waste of time for me to continue it I thought to end it in this shot but then decided to write one more shot which will be special one for my readers ???
Ahhhh pain horaha hai bye can’t do more bak bak thank God I had written this shot last night itself …
No proof read …
Well BA byeeee love u all soooooooooooo much
Sameera ??????????

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  1. Affaa

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  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous lovely epi

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    I really enjoyed this part
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  6. Baby

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    plsssssss take care n ur medicines too…..n take care……..get well soon……☺
    lods of love♥

    soooo twinkle knows kunj is sid n sid is kunj hehehheee☺
    luvd it sooooooo mch di srsly soooo cute wala episode hayeee……..
    kunj in towel n twinkle seeing him hawwww…….bad manners hehehe……..☺
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  7. SidMin23

    Hey Sam as always it was nice and cute and don’t worry about comment we know your wonderful writter and twinj were cute and finally twinkle know Sid is kunj and she saw him in Towel. Hope soon twjnj together

  8. Presha

    Hey samu it ws indeed awesome epi
    Just loved it..
    Hw r u now. Nd don’t get disappointed with less comment.. Nd ya I love this fs… Do cont till 5 shots plz yaar

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    Hey Sam amazing awesome
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    N ha kunj proposal was also cute
    N also twinkle to know about to kkunj
    Love u keep smiling

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