:::::::::::::::::::::::::::SHOT 1 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Hmm what should I wear umm ??yeah my favourite pink top yeah today was so hectic day for me at college whenever I am at home I feel like heaven yeah it’s true and to add a cherry on cake when he messages me my happens never knew it’s bonds wish let me introduce myself I am twinkle taneja a mba student …. I know u all must be thinking how much bak bak queen I am sorry sorry let’s check out my fb umm log in click yeah my username is princess Jasmin yeah I have not added my real name coz I don’t want anyone to know about it and about princess I am my papa princess and I want to be queen of my man ??? boring news feed let me message siddhnat my buddy I used to talk him daily since it started using fb n he is just sooo cute we are fb friends but he knows me it seems I didn’t know who he is and I have not seen his single image till now ??let me message him
T : Hiiiii Sid ??
(Now the chat is going on between them)
Person : hey Hii Jasmin …
T : when ever I message u …U always replies me within seconds ….
P : coz I used to wait for the world cutest girl message ???
T (thinks) : ohhh he n his flirting this guy is totally mad but he is cute …
P : I know cutipie I am cute sends siddhant…
T (thinks) : hawwww does he know dat what I am thinking ??? how u know ?????
P : I know like I used to wait for u like dat way u also waits for chatting with me ..
T(thinks) : damm true … So what u were doing ???
P : nothing just waiting for u …
I was smiling like idiot I told u all nah he is too cute and I like him sooo much I just wish to meet him once … I came out of my thoughts when I saw another message from him …
P : Jasmin ???? Derr ???
T : yeah yeah here just lost in your thoughts babes ??
P : hawww I have never saw this side of yours u also do flirting …
T : why only u have the right to flirt ….
P : hmm no well like it this side u know what from tomorrow valentine week is starting …
T : yeah I know …
P : any plans ????
T : nah why ???
P : wo just asking …
T : hmm wait mom is calling me …
POV ends ….
KUNJ ????
Omg twinkle come online soon I have been waiting for her since 5 mins wait let me introduce myself to u all I am Kunj sarna twinkle classmate I am talking to her since few months like a stranger she didn’t knew dat siddhant is me only I haven’t told her till now but I love her alott but I was scared to confess coz we are just classmates and we haven’t talked in college ever all the girls drool for me but my heart beats for her for my twinkle my Jasmin she is too cute and I love to chat with her daily wait she messaged me …
T : hey Sid there ???
K (thinks) : I am also here for u my love …….Yeah I am here …
T : so any plans ???
K : for what ???
T : obvious for valentine week Sid …
K : hmm nah .. “WILL U BE MY VALENTINE”??..
T : again flirting hah no I don’t ..
K : so sad of me ????
T : hahahha okay I will be ur valentine if I promise to meet me …
K (thinks) : huh crap how can I meet u if I meet me nah u will kill me knowing who is ur siddhant what to answer now …
T : Sid Sid ???
K : yeah yeah u really wanna meet me ..
T : yeah …
K : okay tell me those 3 magical words and I’ll be in front of u …
T : huh u and ur flirting ..
K : okay I promise I’ll meet u when the right time comes …
T : okay bye …
K : bye …Hey jas wait
T : what ???
K : their will be a gift for u so collect it
T : what ????
K : okay …
They end their chats n smiles looking at their phones …
POV ends …
Next day ….
Twinkle wakes up and got dressed up in blue jeans and a white pink combination top and went to college she was walking through the corridor when she bumped with kunj and was going to fall but he holds her by waist and she got completely lost in his brown eyes and soon after sometime Kunj makes twinkle stand but he was still holding her waist ..Twinkle sees him and signs Kunj dat he was holding her and he quickly left …
K : ohh I am so sorry …
T : k it’s fine thank u …
What ???? Twinkle u are saying thank u to him a voice came from behind …
Twinj turns and looks at alisha twinkle best friend ….
K (thinks) : huh this chipkali she is like kawab me haddi whenever twinkle used to talk to me she comes in between I am seriously telling one day I’ll kidnap her and drop her to the farthest forest kabab me haddi kahi ki huh …
Ali : twinkle u are thanking him …
T : yeah he saved me from falling …
Kunj smiles looking at twinkle …
Ali : I told u nah twinkle never believe these boys let’s go from here n she takes twinkle with her …
K : seriously I am gonna kill her huh …
Twinj attain their classes but Kunj was bzy admiring his lady love soon their class ends and twinkle receives a big bouquet of roses with combination of lillies and she smiles and took a note
Happy rose day to the cutest girl I have ever met in my life I know u must be thinking why I send u roses with lillies coz today is rose day and lillies are ur favourite cutipie hope u like my short gift ???????? lots of love siddhant ….
Twinkle smiles reading the note and she misses the note and left from there while Kunj was seen standing behind the pillar seeing twinkle and he smiled …
Soon I’ll meet u twinkle ?????
Screen freezes…
Yeah yeah Sameera is back again with a FS …
Missed u ALLL soooooooooooo much …
So here I am done ????
So how was the shot ….
Hope u all liked it ??? …
Missed me ??? (In fact liya hoga ??)
Next shot k lite comments chahiye (dekho blavk n white maiil again )
I am missing u all too guys hope I get free soon
So here is my valentine treat for u all this FS I hope it will be 5 shots ???
Let’s see do comment if u like …
This is a apologize FS for the gf writers sorry guys I am not able to comment ??
Chalo now no more bak bak …
Ab jaldi jaldi comment dedo okay …
Next update speed is directly proportional to the number of comments ???
Ab pakka wala byeee …
Love u all soooooooooooo much …
Sameera ????????

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  1. Sohi

    Yaar I’m sooo happy to see you back
    The shot was very lovely
    Loved their cute jodi
    Do continue

  2. SidMin

    Hey Loved it 🙂 Was missing you like hell 🙂
    Interesting start …. so Twinj are online friends … Great .. Loved it 🙂 Love you post soon 🙂

  3. Presha

    Yipee maine rs ka naam pafa aur mujhr pata lag gaya its u .. See I m so addicted to u….
    I missed u my cupcake… I love u…. Nd about the epi its just awesome I loved it…. It was a cute one my cutepis…

  4. Simiyy

    Hey Sammera
    It was amazing start
    post soon
    loads of love

  5. SidMin23

    Hey Sam finally u make come back and yes we do miss u in tu. Twinj were cute and their are also online friend and kunj love her a lots

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous epi

  7. Aamu

    Yay …..shammmu meli jaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn…
    Dekho me ne read karne diya…
    U rocked yaaaarrr….
    Bohot lovely tha..
    N d storyline is….uuuummmmmmmaaahhhh???? ..
    Online frnds??..
    Chalo koi ni…
    Me abhi kal take free hu…
    I think ye valentines day koend hoga right…?
    To chupke se roz padh hi lungi…wat say??????
    Ok bahbye…
    Love yaaaa????
    I know u r happy wid my cmnt….
    Miss u????

  8. Kruti

    Hey sam
    That was an amazing start….loved it
    Continue asap

    Loads of love?

  9. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey sammu
    I miss you and adya like hell… So happy to see you back… Hope adya too comes back soon… It’s so cute and sweet… Love it to the heart core… Happy Rose Day…

    With love ?

  10. RUTU.....

    How to tell you how much I love you and your story you always make my day by your beautiful, different & fabulous stories love you so much
    And about this fs I just loved it do continue soon plz…….

  11. samu di i always miss u and ur writings and this was fantastic…. happy rose day di….
    post soon…
    luv u…

  12. Hey sameera I’m on cloud nine after seeing ur fs yaar fabulous superb ? continue soon

  13. Chiku

    Woaaah!!! Lovely????loved it. Sooo cute.
    Post next soon

  14. Aashiya

    Yeah yeah ….I’m soooooooo happy. ……Sammy di is back with a fs……omg sm1 pinch me is this true……u no was waiting for this bang bang snce a long time…..di i missed u shhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooo much………….
    Or Yeh kittttnnnnnnnaaaaaaa Cuteeee wala fs hai…….omg cuteness overloaded ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Mujhe ye padhne me kitna mazaa aaya
    Or mai boht excited hu nXT shot ke liye…..
    Pls post soon coz m dying to read d next part……di sorry for short nd late cmmnt …I’m srsly very busy with my projects…..
    Love u loads,
    Jaldi jaldi post karna,
    Buh bye ,
    – Aashiya ? ? ? ?

    1. Sameera

      Thanks ashiya for ur cute comment I have already submitted article ???dont know when it will get post ..

  15. Baby

    sameera di☺
    awwwwww…….too cute n adorable♥
    srsly luvd it sooo mch sooo lovely☺
    m in luv wid dis cute sid n twinkle♥
    luv u lods di♥♥

  16. Aanya_pandey

    ???? u know this was my reaction throughout this update… Such an amazing story line…

  17. Asna

    Hello sameera happy to see u back… n i really missed ur ff but this shot was fsbulous n Twinj’s scenes were so cute n lovely… do post next one soon… lots of love

  18. Shalini15

    Hi Sammu you are back with another story thank you so much ?????? well it was awesome fabulous superb episode. Twinj are online friends wow nice start nd interesting plot. loved it so much ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Love you my romance queen ????????❤❤❤❤❤❤

  19. Ramya

    Sam awesome dear
    I loved d way u started amazing dear
    I know late per kya karu exams na
    Love u keep smiling

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