“Will u be mine forever” ss by dolly chapter 1

Hey guys …it’s dolly back again with my favorite story …..

Sorry for stopping this also ..because due to some problems….which can’t shared publicly but I think u all must have known the fact …

Anyways past is past ….now to the present

So this episode is dedicated to sriya. ……sriya sorry for being late ….

Here u go ….hope u all like it …

This story is inspired from a movie also ….and ya this will be a short story …..

So chapter 1

The place was ooty…..a cold breeze place which is greenery and is mainly known for the chocolate factory and tea plantation too

It was a signal ….everyone were standing waiting for the signal to turn green …

Suddenly a girl wearing white short frock with shopping bags passes the road ..

All the boys wide open’s seeing her ……everyone were just seeing / admiring her without their senses ….

The boys girlfriends were equally angry on them with jealousy too

The girl passes the road and goes to a park

There was abother who was waiting for her

It was kavitha

Kavitha : hey swara,

(So the white frock beauty was swara)

Swara : hi kavitha ..

Saying this both hugs …

Kavitha : it’s been quite a long and u look stunning

Swara smiles ….

Swara : even u didn’t leave a chance to get attention .

Kavitha smiles

Kavitha : anyways u said u will show ur fiancee photo

Swara takes a photo from her handbag ..and gives it to kavitha ..

Kavitha (smiling) : wow swara …..he is too handsome ….bit isn’t he like a baby …

Swara gives a fake angry look

Kavitha (covering) : but he is too good what’s his name ?

Swara : his name is laksh…..I like him ….moreover my mom likes him …so ya

Saying this she goes near the water

Kavitha (bit innocent tone) : ya ya good….marriage only happens one time but for someone it’s tow or three times …

Swara gives a angry look

Kavitha (covers) : I am sorry

Swara (smiles) : chill ..it’s OK …..no problem

Kavitha (smiling) : anyways say me about ur first husband sanskar …plz …I wanna know

Swara : hmm about him ….

Kavitha (smiling) : yours was a love marriage na

Swara smiles …

Kavitha (smiling) : say me about him ….

Swara (smiling) : he….he is such a big flirt ..always a flirter ….u know what he started all this from the age of 10 itself ..


When swasan were 10 years old ….

They and other students were in the swimming pool listening to the instruction given by a female teacher

Teacher : when I say 3 u all should jump in the water OK …

All say yes …but our sanskar was just looking into her ….with full saliva falling from his mouth

Teacher : 1……2…….3…..

All jumps ….except sanskar

Teacher (bit angry) : y u didn’t jump ….

Sanskar : ma’am …I am scared

Saying this he hugs her legs and not moves …

Teacher tries to push him ….but after a long push …she got tired

Teacher (angry) : see even girls are swimming but u …u r a loser ..

Saying this she leaves ….all the students then starts calling him loser

Sanskar gets angry …..he pulls his pant down and pisses off the swimming …

Everyone shouts “ahhhh…..sanskar ”

The teacher and pulls his ears ….sanskar runs …but teacher pushes him and he falls in water …he drown’s

The teaCher also jumps in and takes him out ..

She lays her on the corridor all the students surrounds her ….

Teacher (tensed) : sanskar …..sanskar ….wake up da…..

She pats ….then she gives him air through her mouth

Sanskar smiles ….swara notices this and keeps her hand in mouth .

Sanskar suddenly kisses the teacher (lol)

****************flashback ends****************

Kavitha laughs …

Kavitha : omg…..he is such flirter ……but too cute ….

Swara smiles .

At that time swara phone rings …

Kavitha : who is it ?

Swara (blushing) : it’s laksh ….

Kavitha smiles ….

Swara : haan laksh ..say

Laksh ; listen swara …I am reaching India in 10th

Swara : oh good ….

Laksh : I will see u directly in ur home OK …bye

Saying this he cuts without hearing swara …swara gets sad but doesn’t show

Kavitha smiles ….but understand’s

Precap : our hero flirter entry .

Hope u all like it ….guys this is gonna be a very good story guys plz comment and join me in the journey …..

When my friend said me this movie”s story …I couldn’t control my laughter ..and it was good romantic movie …

Which we don’t usually find in bollywood….it’s a tamil movie …

Anyways hope u all like it and plz comment

Thanks for reading



  1. SRSL


    |Registered Member

    Hey is it swasan ya swalak…please make it swasan yaar…Awsm such a flirty sanky.*kissed his teacher… Aiyee shameless creature…

  2. Anu


    |Registered Member

    Aaaa dodu…its awesome…movie ka name btana😜😜..btw why dont uh come in fb?? Our telly updates people grp…its new name is “PAgalo ki toli” jldi aaja yaar ..btw i need the updates of ff jisme swasan were married but swara lost the child nd sanskar think she killed his child…nd decide to marry ragini…i think it is with name meri ashiqui…plzz use post krna..finish in 1 part..but plz post it

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