Hi lovely people
Hw r u?
I hope all r happy if nt u will be by reading dis I hope so
N njoy all d day guys
U all know me as dolly BCoz I have already wrote 2os n 1ff n dis is my 3rd os n I hope u all will like it
Plssss imagine sid as kunj plssss
N let’s start d os with a bright smile ???

A small boy of nearly age of 10 years was sitting sadly then a girl comes to him n asks him

Girl:kunj dnt be sad na (s guys d boy is our kunj )
Ku:no tw u r leaving me alone n asking me to not to be sad(guys d girl is tw)
Tw:wt to do ku mama says study is important na
Ku:den u can do ur studies here na wts d need to go out of country
Tw:no ku even I dnt want to go bt mama said it is necessary n we should listen to dem right
Ku:yaa says sadly
Tw: pls dnt be sad I will return after 15 years na
Ku:hw will I leave without u these 15years
Tw:plss ku dnt be sad I will cme back after 15yearz promise
Ku:wt if u will forget me in these 15years
Tw:are buddu hw can I forget u u r my best best best frnd
Ku:so u will remember me
Tw:haa till end of my life
KU smiles lightly after listening to dis
Tw:kk ku nw u should always be happy fr ur tw kk na
Ku:bt u should cme back to me
Ku :promise
Tw:pakka wala promise
Smeone calls her from behind
Tw:haa uv bhai cming
Tw:to ku bye ku I will miss u
By saying dis she left frm der

Girl :ku
Ku:yess mahi di
Ma:let’s go home
N dey both left fr home


a mansion is shown where a boy is shown n he is lost in his own thoughts
The boy thinks finally today 15 years have completed n my tw will cme back to me n I’m so excited n I’ll tell her dat hw much I love her
A voice frm behind comes which disturbs his thoughts
Girl:ku today is my engagement n u r busy in ur thoughts
Ku:offo mahi di hw can I forget abt dis as my di is going to marry uv I mean yuvraj taneja
MAHI blushes
Ku:smeone is blushing ja
Ma:stopit ku

An another mansion is shown where all r busy n all r waiting fr smeone den a car enters into mansion n a beautiful girl is camed out of car n she had a bright smile on her face
Nw her face was shown n she is none other than tw

She enters into house
She quickly ran n hugged her mom n dad n said I missed u alot
Rt&leela :we to missed our princess alot

A voice comes frm behind
Boy:very bad tw u have nt missed ur bro
Tw n turns n hugs him n he twirls her in air
Tw:no uv bhai I missed u alot
Tw:haa dis is wat d reason I came to ur engagement N teases him
N they all have some family moment

mansion outside a car is stopped n in dat ku n ma n his family came out all r looking amazing
Specially our ku n ma r looking awesome
They entered into mansion n was amazed to see it as it was decorated as a new bride
Leela & rt welcomed the sarna family n mahi n ku took their blessings

Later uv camed n was amazed to see ma n he took blessings of manohar usha n bebe

All were busy in their talks except one n he is our ku
He is eyes are looking fr smeone, smeone who is special to him (ofcourse his lady love)

KU thinks cmeon tw where r u I’m dying to see u plss cme yr I’m seriously dying to see u

When suddenly his eyes falls on smeone n he was mesmerized by seeing her
She comes there n stands beside him

Uv:hey tw my Angel u r looking so pretty
Tw:tqq bhai
Ma:tw after a long time n u r looking beautiful
Tw:yaa di sry babhi u r also looking awesome
By listening bhabhi ma blushes
Tw:awww smeone is blushing
Ma playfully hits her
Ma:did u recognized him pointing towards ku

Tw:ofcourse hw can i forget my close frnd
By listening to dis ku was on cloud nine
Before twinj can talk smeone calls her so she goes frm there
After engagement takes place n ku tries hard to talk to tw bt he doesn’t gets any chance
N last they went frm der

at evng MEHENDI function was going on
All girls r applying MEHENDI to ma n teases her
MEHENDI girl:mam wt is d name of ur to be hubby
Ma:blushes n says uv
Tw:plss hide my bhai name in such a way dat he couldn’t find his name easily
Mehendi girl nodds

After MEHENDI got applied on ma n also all other girls to
Tw:bhai cmeon find ur name in mehendi it will be difficult
Uv:see I will find it easily
By saying dis he starts searching n all starts cheering fr him
Suddenly tw feels thirsty n she goes near water
She tries hard to drink water bt it is difficult as mehendi is in her hands
Then ku comes there n makes her drink water n they share a sweet n cute eyelock
After they broke it

N they have sme frndly talks
Atlast ku speaks
Ku:tw will u cme wid me tomorrow out
Tw:kk fine we will go after sangeet
N they both left

All r ready fr sangeet n our hero ku looks amazing n handsme in his dress n on other side tw looks stunning
Sangeet takes place where ku dances on let’s nacho frm kapoor &sons
Twdances on girls like to swing
Ma n uv dances on hum tere bin

After smetime
Ku:tw r u ready
Tw:s ku
Ku:k let’s go n he blindfolds her
Tw:ku yr u closing my eyes

After they reach a place
Ku removes cloth frm her eyes n tw was shocked to see view
It was decorated with red n white balloons n completely a date setup
Ku:hw is it?do u like it
Kuwas upset
Tw:I just loved it
Ku was happy

Ku sits on his knees n says
Ku:tw frm childhood I love u .I love u frm core of my heart n I missed u each n every moment n when I sawn u in di’s engagement I want to hug n I want to say u hwmuch I missed u
Srsly tw I love u alot n I want to be wid u till my last breathe

All the time tw was in a shock n stands der numb

Ku:plss say smethng tw I love u alot will u be mine forever
Tw:sry ku I already have a bf
Kuwas completely shattered bt composes himself
Ku:who is he
Tw;u know him very well
Tw shows him her hands n ku was shocked to see it
On her hands it was written ku alias bunny
Tw:yess ku my bf name is bunny n I love him alot bt nt confessed it n I dnt know whether he loves me or nt

Ku was happy bcoz kunj’s Nick name was bunny

By listening dis he was on cloud infinite

Tw:plss ku say na whether he loves me or nt
Ku:wid a million dollar smile says yess bunny loves u alot.
N dey both burst into laugh n dey both hugs eo passionately which sows their love passion towards eo
After smetime they departed

Ku:so miss tw taneja will u be Mrs tw ku sarna
Tw:on one condition
Tw:u should nt leave me
Ku:I won’t leave u we will be together till last breathe
Twsmiles brightly n accepts his proposal n dey both share a tight hug

Later they told dis to their parents n married eo n lived happily together


I hope I have nt bored u guys n I’m so sry as I’m nt commenting on ur ffs as I should read dem secretly so I’m nt commenting plssss forgive me
Bt srsly I love ur ffs
N gguys plss do comment n so sry if I had bred u or I have hurted u n plss don’t stop writing ur ffs bcoz they r amazing n whenever I feel sad ur ffs made me smile
N plsss never stop writing ur ffs
N plsss do comment guys

Love u all

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