Hey guys . Sree here. I am back. I missed u all so much . I know its been only a week still I missed u all. So here I am with my new ff for u all. This a story of 4 college students who r very different from each other. This story will show their journey of friendship, love etc…. Guys I hope u will like it. If u like plz comment Cuz this time if u don’t comment I wont be writing this. As u all know I will be very busy with my studies its not possible for me to write and upload regularly. So plz comment and let me know how this was.

So lets start with CHARACTER SKETCH
SANSKAR KAPOOR: A very handsome and hot guy. All girls drool over him but he is least interested. Third year student. Very Good in studies and sports. Also a singer. With all these amazing qualities he is the Chairman of students council (SCC- Student council chairman) 【 Thanks chaitali aka bro for this SCC?】A rich boy.
LAKSH TANEJA :A happy go lucky guy. Loves to party and have fun. Flirts with everyone but doesn’t cross limits. Assistant SCC. A good friend of everyone. Third year student. Another handsome hunk of college. A rich boy.
RAGINI KHANNA: A very beautiful and bold girl. Modern girl but respects traditions. Makes friends easily. Her nature is like this because of her parents. Her parents r very free type. She is very rich but does not show it. She loves to sing. First year student.
SWARA GADODIA: A very mysterious girl. Does not talk much. Is very silent. A book worm. Mostly involved in books. Wears only chudidhars. First year student.
They characters will be further revealed as the story proceeds.

All students have a dream to join the prestigious MSSG College (in my ff ?) but only the dreams of some students are fulfilled . Our heroines r also selected and r very happy about it. RAGINI KHANNA is celebrating her selection with a party. The party is not only for her friends but also for her parents. It is because of her parents she studied hard so that she could fulfil their dream. Her parents on the other hand r very close to her. They r Her best friends. Ragini is a girl who has beauty with brains. She is loved by all. She is very excited to join MSSG. Her excitement is visible in her smile.
SWARA GADODIA is happy with her selection but her eyes r missing that spark. She Packs her things and sits on her bed and weeps silently. Her parents r not interested in her selection nor in her. Swara is a nerd with big glasses . Always into books. Does not have friends because she doesn’t want any. Always remains silent .

SANSKAR KAPOOR is a very busy boy . Being SCC of MSSG he is always surrounded by works. A very popular guy with many friends. Till now he has been proposed by more than hundred girls. But he is least interested. He is busy in his life . Loves his parents a lot. His parents have worked hard and r now In the top. So his idol r his parents. Wants to succeed like them.
LAKSH TANEJA is Assistant SCC. Doesn’t like Sanskar as he wanted to become SCC. He is a sweet guy whom every girl likes. He thinks that girls r only for show. Changes gfs each month. Hates his parents as they r always busy with their work and never gave time for him.
So will they be together?? Will they be friends?? Will any love story develop here??
To know all that read this story??

So guys how Is the intro. Its kind of character sketch but I what to do . I am not good at intros. Plz tell me how this was. If u want I will write. So its all up to u. Plzz comment and support me. I will be irregular but I will try my best to give atleast three ep In a week. So plz tell me whether I should continue this story.
Love U all????
Keep reading and commenting???

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  1. Abirsha

    can u tell d pairs

    1. Sree

      I will reaveal it as the story proceeds. So keep reading dear??

  2. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Interesting concept dear aka bro.Plz continue.

    1. Sree

      Thank u sis. Keep reading dear??

  3. Aami

    wow sree sooo nyz start…. its very ibtrstng contnu soon

    1. Sree

      Thanks aami. I will dear. Keep reading ??

  4. continue soon

    1. Sree

      Sure dear. Keep reading ??

  5. Soujanya


    1. Sree

      Thanks soujanya. Keep reading ??

  6. Cutiie

    Nice start …plz make swasan as pair

  7. Cutiie

    Make swasan plz

    1. Sree

      Thabks cutiie. Dear i will reveal it later. Keep reading ??

  8. Megha123

    Very interesting plot plz continue

    1. Sree

      Thank u Megha. I will continue dear. Keep reading??

  9. Nice dear….
    Please continue
    Please tell the pairs…

    1. Sree

      Thanks prakriti. I will reaveal it later dear. Keep reading ??

  10. interesting..

    1. Sree

      Thanks s.keep reading ??

  11. Interesting

    1. Sree

      Thanks crazygirl. Keep reading??

  12. Meher

    I just missed this.. Phew!!

    Thank god dikh gya?!!???

    Where will you start this..?

    1. Sree

      Accha hua dik gaya???
      I will try to post soon ?
      Keep reading bhabhji???

  13. Interesting dear…continue

    1. Sree

      Thanks seebu. I will dear. Keep reading ??

  14. Shanayasharma

    Hey sree the intro was superb…. Waiting for the first episode…..post it soon…. Lots of love

    1. Sree

      Thank u dear. I will try to post nxt soon??. Love u too???. Keep reading?

  15. Chaitali


    First of all tell me when will u start??Mysterious girl swara??Well i am eagerly waiting to know the mystery..

    It was a good start bro!

    1. Sree

      Thank u so much bro. I will try to start soon. Well mystry will be solved slowly??.
      Keep rrading dear???

  16. awesome please make it ragsan please

    1. Sree

      Thanks ana. I will reveal the pairs as the story proceeds. Keep reading ??

  17. Anjaly

    interesting and can u pls make pair ragsan

    1. Sree

      Dear already pairs r decided. I will reveal it soon. Keep reading dear??

  18. I hope itz swalak

    1. Sree

      I will reveal the pairs soon. Keep reading ??

  19. sree I am angry to you…you hurted me too…I thought you will inform me about your ff…but you….I thought no need to comment…but I was excited to next epic…but I’m your sis na my responsibility to support my sis…start was amazing…I know you going to rock it…All the best…but I am not going to talk to you…

    1. Sree

      Chorryyy . I dont know how i forgot. Really chorryy . U r my sis and i know u will talk to me plzzz u will na?? . Will never repeat this dear i will surely inform u ?. Now plz smile and forgive u short time memory loss sis. I always forget things. I hope u will forgive me??. Keep reading di ???

  20. Serena

    Haww ???? how couldn’t I saw this earlier… I would hv missed it….thank god I saw ur comments below..n saw the story….well nice concept Di….manna padega…sangat ka asar ho raha h?? just joking??? well really nice idea

    1. Sree

      Thank u serena. Well sangat ka asar toh hai ???. Dekenge aage kaisa hoga??
      Keep reading dear??

  21. Sitaram

    really excited to see how these four become friends sree you will show them as friends before their lovestory sree anyways awesome loved it

    1. Sree

      Aww thank u sitaram. I will surely show them as friends first ??.
      Keep reading dear??

  22. nice start

    1. Sree

      Thanks vyshu. Keep reading ??

  23. Nice..

    1. Sree

      Thanks radhika. Keep reading??

  24. only bcoz your my sis….love you dramabazz

    1. Sree

      Thank u di??. Love u too???

  25. Nice intro

    1. Sree

      Thanks piya. Keep reading ??

  26. Tvisha

    its just fabulous!!! plzz post asap!!!

    1. Tvisha

      and yes I hope its SwaSan!!

      1. Sree

        Thanks tvisha. I will try to post soon and about pairs u will come to know about them ??.

  27. DassPriya

    Thank God Sree you’re back with your next ff! I’m sooooo glad! The intro seems intriguing. Love you! ???????❤❤❤
    *Awaiting the next part eagerly*

    1. Sree

      Thank u dass priya. I will try to post soon dear. Love u tooo???



    1. Sree

      Thanks kushagra. Keep reading ??

  29. Heyy sree how r u ?? Intro was awesome , being a studyholic , i will surely read it …. hey i am soon gonna write an os …. lets see when and how it will be …. i havent read ur previous ff but will read this one for sure …. and sorry for late comment ….

    1. Sree

      I am fine dear. I will wait for ur os. Dont say sorry . I am happy that u will read this??.

  30. ragini character is superb

    1. Sree

      Thanks lovely. Keep reading?

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