Will we be together forever (Intro)


Dear readers
isha is here won’t any one welcome me back some might know me some might not so intro
14 years old
Love sidhant
Now hmm won’t you guys tell me about your selfs if you want to ask any questions feel free and this is only intro
Let’s start

Leela taneja
A really rich successful business woman can buy any thing has 6 daughters shocked ok so let me explain mahi nandini meher ishani Anika are leela friends daughters so let me tell you what had happened leela had a friend Anita (guys she won’t be in my ff and)and obviously she was leelas friends friend to so her son was getting married she called all there but leela was busy with a project and the girls had school while all where coming back the plane got hijacked and all died there (thank god our queens did not go or I would be telling you there ghost love story ?)(now you would be wondering wt* is isha so dumb she gave us such a important info in the intro what is she going to write in the ff don’t worry)and twinkle is her actual daughter but since that day she gave her name to all of them and never did difference in them plus twinkle and all were friends they had no problem

Twinkle taneja
A loud girl lives here life like she wants is a queen with Queen sisters loves challenges a flirt type of girl no no not like those dumb girls just flirty and beauty with brains

Nandini taneja
Smart one out of all the queens more mature but live life controls twinkle and rest not at all boring guess what she is a flirty girl

Mahi taneja
Problem solver type idea box
Shy but knows her rights and will defeat you if she is right and you are wrong flirt

Anika taneja
If you mess up with her will be a hitler and will teach you a lesson

Ishani taneja
As simple as she seems is double out of control girl ready to party

Meher taneja
Will kill you with her looks
See will flirt but if you flirt with then …..

(Must be thinking is this a intro or what longer than a ff ok fine I won’t Annoy you any more)

Manohar sarna
Rich famous business man can buy anything has six sons kunj is his actual son but never did difference between any loves all of them

Kunj sarna
Hot adorable any girl will fall for him flirt

Shivy sarna
Attitude boy party hard has two shades attitude and a loving young flirty heart

What to say look at his muscles

Abheer sarna
Loves singing flirt

Ranveer sarna
Hot but his anger issues make him more hotter

Manik sarna
Manik Manik Manik missing his anger flirt has got a good body hot anger beautiful voice what to say yaar

So let me give a plot
Kunj is seen pregnant with uv child and kunj is fighting that he wants to go shopping twinkle is cleaning the room and get jealous seeing them close

Shivy ranveer abheer Manik are chilling in the son washing clothes and Anika ishani meher nandini telling them to clean them properly

So how was the plot
I am joking I am going to post next one
so I was writing a ff before and didn’t write any other because of school now it summer time and I am free so I will start a ff and maybe a little busy and won’t be able to write.

Feel free to tell me I am going to try my best to make you guys happy and sorry if I can’t
And if any of you are on Instagram make sure to write your account name I will for sure DM you
And tell me about your self because I am here to entertain you and make new friends please comment

Love you all

Sorry if I wasted your time ❤️

Yours sincerely

Credit to: Isha

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    Nice intro….bt last part (plot) samajh ni aaya thoda….

    1. Hey year the plot part was a joke only ok I am going to post next one soon

  2. Hey! Glad to know you!!! Ur ff seems incredible!!! Waiting 4 more….?

    1. Thanks shreya

  3. Kruti

    Nice intro ……..understood abt d characters but the last part I dint understand…… might b there’s some suspense for us
    Looking forward for ur first epi post it asap

    1. Kruti thanks I couldn’t post because was busy with shopping and all because my uncle and his family is coming over from America

  4. Astra

    Hey isha.. Welcome back…???
    You are writer of love dose ff also know…

    Continue that ff also dear.. Waiting eagerly for it…?
    Good intro yar..?

    1. Astra thanks for the welcome and will surely continue

  5. Angita

    Nice one

    1. Thanks angita

  6. Kritika14

    The character introduction was great ! Continue soon 🙂

    1. For sure Monica and happy you liked it

  7. Hey i didnt knew u b4 but now i met u and u r fab writer yaar all shows in one awsm now let me tell about me

    Bhavika Choudhary
    Live in= rajasthan
    Sidhant lover
    Sidmin lover
    Loves reading ffs and also write one

    Bas bas i think kuch jyada ho gaya but u write ASAP ok

    1. Hey bavika I know all the shows in one yeah will write soon

  8. Hy isha it wz gud Cudnt undrsrd the last part of plot…except den dat itz vry intrstin…ctd soon

    1. Maggi don’t stress out it was just a joke

  9. SidMin

    Isha loved it waiting for the first episode pls post asap

    1. Hey sidmin just posted first episode

  10. Baby

    amazing isha nyc 2 meet u
    so my name sry abhi i wont lyk 2 reaveal all n me as baby here
    age 16
    noida delhi
    sidahnt or jasmin se itna pyaar krti hun shayad ki koi soch bhi nhi skta
    n yahan pr sbki ff os pdti hun nl luvs all of dem n ridhima di is d bs no shame 2 say dt n yah she is my luvly di frnd wali haha luvd it pls cntinue asap

    1. Thanks and it’s ok if you don’t want to tell your name

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