Will we be together forever (Episode 3)


Hi guys I know I know I am late as usual sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
Please maaf kar do I couldn’t upload because of some reason and today I was like what ever happens I have to upload cause August 15 is my birthday so treat tu bante hai so enjoy
Hey guys how are you all I am back to annoy you ok now tell me who all Is crazily waiting for comedy nights bacho because of bunny for the first time I was so eager to see it because of bunny I am telling bunny came for promoting jdlj but he promoted comedy nights bacho because all the sidhantian are going to watch jldlj ok I will stop my bak bak
So let’s continue

Rohan held her wrist where are going jaan
Twinkle-don’t come close to me or I will yell
Rohan-go ahead this is a isolated area no one comes here and gives a wicked laugh
Twinkle-scared help help please someone help
Rohan goes close to her and takes the jacket off her

Twinkle-help please help me Rohan please stop but Rohan ignores her and opens the knot to her top just then dishom yes Rohan was on the floor someone had kicked him but who yes it was our handsome hunk kunj twinkle was covering herself with her arms and crying badly kunj takes of his jacket and puts it around her and zips it up while they both have a eye lock kunj gets angry and starts beating Rohan black and blue he takes twinkles hand and goes from there he sits on his bike
Kunj-do I have to give invitation to you to sit twinkle goes and sits behind him kunj starts riding the bike gets a bump and twinkles arm goes around kunj, and she takes her hand back and kunj stops bike and puts her hands around him and starts riding after some time twinkle rests her head on his back and holds him tighter
Twinkle-th thank you for saving me

Kunj-what did I hear
Kunj-thanks for what you know if I did not come there what would have happened don’t you have a brain after I told you so much in college you decided to still wear this
and go out twinkle started sobbing remembering what just happened they reached a farm house he turned around and now he was facing her he cleared her tears and twinkle put her head on his chest both felt this peace kunj wrapped his arms around her (yaar so jealous of twinkle right now just imagine Sid on bike and being in his arms omg ????? what a scene)
Kunj-this is my farm house we will go to your house tomorrow because even if we go there what will you tell your dad and mom
Twinkle-I don’t have a dad and mom went to London for Business deal I live with my sisters and mom
Kunj-ok I am not interested in that but we are staying here tonight they go in
Kunj-are you hungry

Kunj-umm will pizza do
Twinkle-yeah ?
Kunj-don’t worry it’s from today actually I had brought this one hour before and I remembered that I left my phone so I went to get that and I heard you yelling
He brings the pizza warm from the oven and both eat it and fall asleep there
Next morning

Kunj drops twinkle back to her house she uses the pipe and climbs up her balcony and enters her room she goes in her bathroom and takes a shower she look at the marks she has on her arm due to Rohan she recalls all what happened last night and crys she composes herself and finishes her shower

Next scene
Angel star wakes up and get ready
Meher-Anika where is twinkle haven’t seen her since yesterday
Anika-yeah don’t know let’s go see in her room she must be sleeping they all go to her room and find it empty they check the bathroom
Ishani-where is this girl just then they hear some sound from downstairs they all go down and get the biggest shock
Nandini-am I dreaming
Mahi-we all can’t have the same dream
Ishani-twinkle is that really you
Twinkle-no it’s my ghost
Anika- someone pinch me Anika- ahh not so hard
Twinkle-what happened why are you guys looking at me like this
Ishani-what are you wearing

Twinkle-it’s called a burqa no more questions we have to go to college here I made jam rolls for everyone
Meher-how many surprises are we going to get how did you wake up so early
Twinkle-I said no question and makes all eat jam roll
Mahi-this really tastes good
Anika-why are you not eating
Twinkle-I am not hungry
Ishani-yes you are
Twinkle-no am not nandini winks and all of them start walking towards twinkle
Twinkle-guys no no hahhaa please stop hahhaa
Anika-will you eat jam roll

Next scene
At college
Devils are at college just then angels come
Everyone was shocked to see twinkle
Nandini-you didn’t tell us why you are wearing this
Twinkle-just wait and watch
All of them attend class the professor was shocked to see twinkle in a burqa at break time in cafeteria twinkle comes with a mike
Twinkle-hello hello hello all most be wondering why on the earth is twinkle taneja wearing a burqa but you know this is all because of mr.kunj sarna who taught me that a girl should cover her skin not even this much of it should be showing and those girls who show skin are sl*ts now all the girls were furious and red angry all the girls went and got eggs tomatoes ketchup and throw it on Kunj and his buddies to Angels were laughing out loud all the girls then rip there clothes the principle comes there and is shocked to see the place the girls had backed out
Principle-who did this
Angel stars point towards Devils

Principal-you boys clean this up right now and I don’t want to listen to anything everyone goes from there except Angels and Devils
Angels-next time think twice before messing up with taneja sisters and they go
Devils-argh this all because of those girls won’t leave them so easily
Twinkle goes to the bathroom and comes out in a white one piece and on the way bumps in to Kunj she winks at him and then goes near his ear
Twinkle-how was my acting and goes towards her gang Anika-twinkle you taught all of them a good lesson
Twinkle-if they will mess with me this while happen
Nandini-ok but we have to be careful
Ishani-take a chill pill we all are together so we can face anything right all put there hands together right

Next scene
Shivy-guys we have to take revenge like this is the limit
Manik-yeah no one has dared to trouble us and they insulted us in front of the whole college

Next scene
Nandini and Meher are at there lockers
(Guys we have lockers over here when we go to intermediate school since I live in Canada I don’t know if in India there are lockers so I am just going to put it in this ff)
They are putting in there notes when they hear a beautiful music tone they both follow it and see Manik and abheer playing there playing there guitars
They are shocked to see how good they play just then both notice them there and stop play
Manik-what are you guys doing here
Nandini-why is this your property that we have to ask and come
Meher-exactly this is the music room we came here to aa umm
Abheer-what aa umm
Manik-do you even know the abc of music
Meher-yes we do
Abheer-then lets have a competition
Nandini-sure why not

They get
They all start playing

All come there listening to the music all of them make teams but they are even just then Angels and Devils come but it is still even Kunj decides to join them and plays the violin while twinkle gets the electric guitar mahi get a ukulele (those who don’t know what a ukulele Is its what raj played in ddlj lol just wanted to say this) uv gets a trumpet shivy and Anika cheer for there respective teams

Principle tells students that there is a trip to …..

Hey all I know all most be angry that I post after long period of time ok so I have a deal choice

1-I will post long episode but two three times in a week
2-I will post short episode and almost every day

Ok but I be fare right because all agree I post long episodes

Now tell me how are you all do you like it or not do you think it’s boring, dragging please tell me if you like it or not if you don’t tell me so I can improve
love you all take care

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  1. It was such a fab epi that ur lateness has been forgiven!

    1. Isha_

      Shreya thanks for forgiving me

  2. Happy birthday! Enjoy urself!!!
    I dont know why but i think my phone is going crazy these days…thats why the comment is in two parts…hope u dont mind…

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      No problem shreya and thanks for wishing

  3. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Amazing isha
    Eagerly waiting for the next one
    Precap is interesting

    1. Isha_

      Yup daamini its intresting

  4. Kruti

    Amazing epi isha loved it

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      So happy you liked it kruti

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    Isha good one

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      You liked it i am so happy arundhati

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  7. Kritika14

    It was amazing! In my opinion you should be uploading it thrice in week with long episodes. The rest of the decision is yours. Continue soon x

    1. Isha_

      Monica i will try my best to upload 3 times and so happy you liked it

  8. SidMin

    Cute episode waiting for the next Loved it 🙂

  9. Baby

    amazing isha how mean twinkle was bt yr amazing lud it 2 d core n i choose u 3 tyms a week long episode bt as er ur convinience dear

    1. Isha_

      I know she was mean but what to do have to make it like this and yeah i will try to post 3 times a weeks and thanks baby

      1. Baby

        isha sry dear frgot a very happy birthday dear may god bless u luv u yr

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      Thankd baby

  10. Sayeeda

    Sorry for the late comment…
    Amazing episode.. Awesome…
    Loved it to the core… Too good Isha…
    Plz post next one soon..

    1. Isha_

      Its ok sayeeda hsppy you liked

  11. Isha_

    I know she was mean but what to do have to make it like this and yeah i will try to post 3 times a week

  12. It was amazing.. I would prefer 3 long epis in a week.. do continue soon ☺

    1. And happy birthday to you ?

      1. Isha_

        Ok will post three times a week and thanks

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

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