Will we be together forever (Episode 2)

Sorry sorry sorry I know I am late but what to do my sisters had come over and you know naa sister talks and and wake up full night and talk and do masty ok so now I won’t waste time lets go towards episode
Next day
Angel stars and devil stars get up and get ready
All the girls are wearing this (in the college everyone wears a uniform or something related to white,red and black

They all are ready except twinkle cause she is sleeping
(Guys find some names)
Meher-twinkle get up
Twinkle-yaar 2 minutes
Ishani-your 2 minutes are 2 hours get up
Anika-she won’t move her a** let me pour this jug on her
Twinkle wakes up and runs to the bathroom

Mahi- guys we will get late
Nandini-twinkle we all are going when you are done come
Twinkle-only 2 minutes
Ishani-it’s ok come two minutes later plus there is not room for all of us so let’s go they all go to the car and start driving twinkle comes out and runs to her car the girls reach there and go to class

Ishani-may I come in sir
Sir-omg yes yes come in no one told me that class starts at This time
Nandini-sorry sir
Everyone in class was looking at them even devil stars they were all in same class
Just then from back came a voice of girl
Girl-well now you know so let us in angel stars move aside and now everyone can see her and there jaws hit the ground even sir’s the girl was none other than our twinkle taneja and let’s see why everyone is like? because ?

This is what our saiyapa Queen is wearing and kunj he just couldn’t believe his eyes ?

She winked at the professor and signalled the girls to follow her and twinkle waked with attitude confidence and what not and sat down next to two boys uv and kunj twinkle was beside kunj and mahi beside uv and the girls didn’t notice them because kunj was trying to not look at twinkle so hide his face in the book and uv because he was actually embarrassed by yesterday incident
Twinkle -excuse me to kunj
Twinkle-can you stop making out with the book
Twinkle-yeah that’s what it looks like if you love books so much then go home and do this it is a college

Kunj- in anger oh really taking of the book from face if you really care the s is a college you would not have came her like this what do you think this is a place for sl*ts like you who come to college to show there body yo before he completes chapk yes twinkle slapped him and he fell down his lower lip was bleeding
T-you bast*** who the hell gave you the right to give me a character certificate she went out if they class room and went running to they bathroom
Mahi-seriously do you know her like you don’t even know her and you consumed her as a sl*t you are just impossible and goes after twinkle so dose angel stars
Uv-punches him that was too much I did not expect this from you I thought you respect girls and you you blo*** bi***and goes with Devils gang angels gang is finding twinkle but can’t
Kunj-shit what did I do and goes
Twinkle is seen sit and the floor crying at the play ground just then someone puts a hand on her shoulder
She turns its uv

Uv-what happened why are you crying you are my strong princess naa twinkle turns around
Twinkle-bhai am I a sl slu sl*t
Uv-shh don’t think about what kunj said he was angry and not in his senses and caressing her hair
Twinkle-bhai I love you
Uv-twinkle how many times do I tell you don’t call me bhai call me uv
Twinkle-lightly hits him you are my bhai so I will
Call you bhai
Uv-you are modern still this old fashioned bhai
Twinkle-it feels like I have someone for me who loves me
Uv-thinks is

I know you are deeply hurt by kunjs words but I will make him say sorry to you don’t worry I won’t let you cry or get hurt
He hugs her and cleans her tears
Uv-now don’t cry and be a tigress again
Twinkle-ok done but I am going home because all my makeup is ruined and tell mahi and all I went home and to meet me there

Uv-ok bye take care
She goes uv also goes back in he sees mahi in the hallway
Uv-hey mahi I saw twinkle she was going somewhere I asked her she told me she is fine and will meet you guys at home
Mahi-ok thanks
Uv-bye wait what did I hear
Uv-once again
Mahi-don’t fly to much or you will fall down and break your own face and see goes

Scene shift to twinkle it’s shown she is at home doing makeup she hasn’t changed she gets a message from Rohan (did you forget her boyfriend)
Rohan-come meet me right now I am outside waiting for you
Twinkle-but I haven’t even changed yet
Rohan-it’s ok just come
Twinkle-ok she sends a message to meher that she will be late and goes out she sees his car and him standing leaning on the car she walks to him he looks her head to toe and smiles he wraps his hands around her waist and moves his hands around her back twinkle puts her hands around his neck he leans in for a kiss and twinkle also is going for it and twinkle gets a call Rohan gets angry and throws her phone away
Twinkle-what dis you do
Rohan-sorry baby

Twinkle-ok fine let’s go
She goes and sits in the car he also sits He drives and looks at her she feel uncomfortable but doesn’t say anything
Twinkle-were are we going
Rohan-you will get to no soon
Twinkle-Rohan I am hungry
Rohan-ok there is a restaurant but it is far it will take 1hour
Twinkle-ok and after a while falls asleep

Rohan smirks and look at her with bad eye and continues driving twinkle is in deep sleep and dose not wake up it is Late night night now and it is raining Rohan stops car twinkle wakes up
Twinkle-Rohan where are we there s place doesn’t look safe there is no one here
Rohan-actually I accidentally went on wrong root and ended up here and this car and s not starting I will go see engine he acts as if checking engine and takes time and acts as fixing it so she comes out and she does forgetting what she is wearing
Twinkle -Rohan why is it taking so long
Rohan-the car broke down

Twinkle-oh no what will we do now
Rohan-don’t worry baby I am here naa and starts walking towards her he reaches here he looks her up and down and twinkle notices that her white shirt got visible she wrapped her arm around her
Rohan-what happened
Twinkle-ro roh Rohan
Rohan-you are feeling cold he goes and gets his jacket and puts it around her shoulders and then puts his hands on her waist

Twinkle-what are you doing
Rohan-don’t worry I am going to make you warm and goes towards her lips
Twinkle-Rohan we are on road
Rohan-no one is here but if you want we can go there pointing towards the trees before twinkle says anything he dragged her there and pined her to a tree and kissed her all over her face and shoulders twinkle was uncomfortable but could not doing anything because he was the only one who can get her out of there and now he looked down and twinkle knows what’s going to happen next Rohan was looking like those hungry beasts and twinkle quickly pushed him away
Twinkle-Rohan how dare you
Rohan-what happened I haven’t even started and walked towards her twinkle tried running but he caught her wrist

No precap

How was it I know i focused on twinkle and kunj only in this episode sorry but what to do love them but next episode will have all of them in it and please comment love you all and take care

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