We will be together forever (Episode 1)


d girl sleeping on it who is it cant even see her face because she is lying upside down her phone ring she picks the phone

G for the girl and o for the other person

G- gm jaan
O-twinkle yaar where are you I am waiting for you

So girl is twinkle taneja

O-looks at time
T-oh shit I am sorry I am coming nandini
N- ok

She turns around and omg she is so hot and beautiful and …

Twinkle gets up and is about to go to the bathroom when she hears a lady’s voice she is she is leela- twinkle you are still not ready she turns around
L-hurry up or you will get late for first day of college
T-ok mom
L-and I am going to London for an project it will take me a few months
T-for a project a few months
L-actually after the project your aunts sons marriage is going on and you have college so going alone
L-now go and tell my daughters to

She run to bathroom and after half an hour comes in a pink bathrobe she goes to her walk in closet where there are plenty of clothes hanged after twenty minutes she is ready in a red crop top and black jeans and in a pencil heel she was looking flawless she takes her phone and purse and goes down stair she yell mom I will be back she sits in her Mercedes and goes

At college
A Merced comes and a angel step out every ones mouth wide open
a boy who’s that hot chick another shut up do you know her she is twinkle taneja the daughter of leela taneja all the boys where on top of each other to see her just then a boy from behind comes running and bumps into her she was about to fall but he caught her she comes to sense and scolds him
T-hey you can’t you see
B-look I am sorry
T-what do you think of yourself you will say sorry and everything will be fine
B-what the I said I am sorry never mind why waste my time and he leaves with Tashan twinkle turns around and goes to nandini

N-what happened
T-explains her
N-oh it’s ok if next time he messes wit you then we will tell him who we are
3 girls from back yeah
T-so you guys are here and mahi where were you
M-sorry twinkle actually I had left early and went with Anika’s to teach her ex boyfriend a lesson you know he was bothering her to marry like seriously he thinks our princess is going to marry him so to put him on right track
T-why did you not tell us we would have helped
M-for him we are enough
T-meher where were you I was calling you
M-sorry but it was all ishani’s fault
I-excuse me what is my fault
M-wow don’t act innocent who broke my phone
I-it was buy mistake pouting
M-fine anyways I went to buy a new phone and since you are the great sleeping beauty we had left
T-oh come on I was tired last nigh I was on a date with Rahul
All-who is Rahul
T-my new boyfriend
N-but wasn’t yesterday morning sahil your boyfriend
N-you are faster then all of us
I-when was your last brake up
N-? this morning
N-and now I am single
I-me to
Mahi-why what happened to your ex
I-he ruined my dress ?
T-oh I forgot mom is going to London for a few months
T- today night
A-means we can call are boyfriends to our house
All get happy
N-guys come on we have to go to class

Scene 2
(They all are in same class )
They go to class on the door today’s classes are cancelled
Everyone is so happy to hear this the girls go toward the canteen and order food
They sit at a table
Nandini -guys have to go to washroom I will be back
Anika-me to I have to do touch up
They go
Anika-I will be back I forgot my bag
Nandini ok
Anika is on her ways back and bump into shivy and since he had ketchup in his hand it fell on Anika’s clothes
S-I am so sorry
A-sorry my foot you ruined my favourite white shirt
S-it was not only my fault
Anika gets angry she picks up a ketchup bottles and puts it all over his face
S-what the
A-next time don’t show me your face
S-I am also not interested in seeing a chikens face
A-how dare you got to hell with you people around were laughing
(Twinkle and rest were far away and didn’t notice)
While nandini was coming out of bathroom and slipped just then Manik caught her they had a deep eye lock and nandini came to senses
N-leave me
N-I said leave me a bit louder this time
Just then thump yes Manik left nandini
N-ouch are you dumb who dose this to a girl
Manik-you just said leave me so I left you
And offers his hand she ignores him and gets up she is really angry and he leaves
N-don’t know what type of guys he is
She is coming back and sees Anika and shivy fighting like cats and dogs and Manik trying to stop shivy she quickly runs to Anika
N-Anika stop
A-look what he did and your telling me to stop like seriously
N-hey you can’t you take him away to Manik
M-first of all what’s hey you my name is Manik an nandini cuts of
N-Manik or panik I don’t care just take him
M-oh hello I am not your body guard that you are bossing around me like this
N-oh hello I am trying to solve a fight and you you you are just impossible while they were fighting they did not notice that shivy and Anika stopped fighting and were staring at them
A-see your friend he is useless here my friend was stopping us and he created a fight
S-oh miss whatever your friend is also fighting
A-so wh wait wait did you just call me miss whatever
A-you I have such a nice name Anika and you are calling me miss whatever
Now finally twinkle comes and drags them both from there
Coming to the table
T-are you guys seriously so out of mind like you guys were fighting like cats and dogs and nandini you are smart even you
N-twinkle that monster Manik is so irritating and he made me angry
A-and that mr.shivy he is so dumb he ruined my shirt
T-and that mr. Attitude is so mean
Nandini,Anika -who
T-that guy who bumped into me just then someone from behind taps her shoulder she turns around mr.kunj sarna not mr.attitude
Meher-who ever you are just get lost
K-even I am not interested to be here just was passing by and goes
Kunj thinks this time your friends were here so you got saved next time you won’t

Scene 3
Meher is walking in the hall way and sees abheer who is flirting with girls he comes towards her
A-hi baby
M-hey hotty
M-thinks what dose he think he is going to flirt with me lets play along and teach him a lesson
A-think wow I did not think she would reply
A-what’s your beautiful name
M-meher what about your name
A-abheer he gets a call excuse me
M-sure see quickly opens her bag and rights something on a note pad that are sticky from back and takes it abheer comes back
M-oh hotty I gotta go but I can have a hug right and she puts it on his back he goes in the hall way everyone who sees him laugh he felt odd but let it until Manik comes and starts laughing out loud
A-what happened why is everyone laughing
Manik-trying to control his laughter goes to his back and takes the note off and gives it to abheer
A-reads it I am the biggest idiot I got no life that’s why I flirt with girls
A-what the and remembers meher hugging him
A-I will not leave her
M-dude is this a new way to flirt
A-even you

Scene 4
Uv and ranveer are seen
Uv-bro where is everyone
Ranveer-don’t know
Uv-lets play game until they come
Ranveer-ok but what
Uv-I know its going to be boring alone but let’s play truth or dare
Uv-truth or dare
Uv-who ever comes from there first you have to kiss her
Ranveer-hmm fine but if there are two girls you have to kiss the other girl left girl yours rights one mine
Just then ishani and mahi come both of them go up to them and kiss them ranveer ishani and mahi uv just then both of the girls push them
Ishi for the girls and uver for boys
Ishi-what the f*** what the hell was this
Uver-a dare
Ishi-to hell with your dare like seriously you both are so cheap
Uver-oh hello we were not dying to kiss you ,girls die for us
Ishi-we are not blind like them and go away
Uv-bro wasn’t that a insult
Ranveer-do not worry we will take revenge

Devil stars all gather up
(Guys since it’s such a big group so let’s name the groups the boys group will be devil stars and of the girls angel stars
And please feel free if you think of any group name tell me)
So do angel stars they all talk and tell about there meets with girls/boys and have friend moment they all go to there home

At night
Taneja mansion
Leela has left and the girls let’s see what they are doing and they are having a pillow fight

Ishani-guys stop
A-ishani dude come on where having so much fun
Nandini-yes see even I am enjoying come on
Twinkle-ishani even nandini isn’t saying anything mahi you say something naa
Mahi-I am tired
Meher-guys leave them let’s enjoy she put music all the way up and all of them start dance at they end both ishani and mahi give up and join
And fall asleep like this

Sarna mansion
Kunj-yaar I can’t sleep
Uv-yes kunj is right dad went to London and we are here sleeping like those little sweet kids
Abheer-they are right we have to do something
Manik-let’s party
Ranveer-shut up guys tomorrow we have college
Shivy-shut down guys Ranveer don’t you have shame we are going to go to college like that
Everyone laughs ranveer chases him and beats him and they fall asleep like that laughing playing

How was it guys I hope you like it I might be a little busy because my uncle and cousins are coming from America so but I will try my best to entertain you all

Credit to: Isha_

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