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WILL WE BE TOGETHER??? 【Episode- 5】
Recap: Swara pulled by someone and shocked.
The person pulled her into an empty classroom. He smirked at her . It sent shivers down Swara’s spine. She was scared very scared cuz that person was unknown to her and he was eying her with lustful eyes.
Person: U have a great body *smirking*
Swara felt disgusted at his words.
Person: Btw my name is Sam (u can think him as the person u hate the Most ?)
Swara: wha….what…..do….u…want *she stammered*
Sam: U . Saying this he started to come closer to her
Swara was hell scared now and was completely blank. She dint knew what to do. She was moving back with his each step forward. She started to cry out loud.
Sam: Cry how much ever u want baby no one is gonna come. And I know u r a good girl so keep ur mouth shut.
Swara: ple…..please leave me….ple..please *sobbing*
Sam: When I first saw yesterday I made up my mind to have u *again smirking* So there is mo cjance that am gonna leave u. Saying this he started to laugh evily. He pinned Swara to the wall. Swara shouted for one last time with her whole strength so that atleast a single person could hear and come there. But to her dismay no one came. Sam was forcefully trying to kiss her while she was trying her best to push him down. But he conquered her and was about to kiss when a strong hand gave him a very strong punch that he fell down and blood started to ooze from the corner of his lips.
(So who could the person be??????? hmmmmmm think………….
Obviously Sanskar)

Sanskar started beating him black and blue. All of a sudden Sam held his hand and asked
Sam: Why the hell r u beating me??
Sanskar: Don’t u have shame. U were forcing urself upon a girl and u r asking me what u did??
Sam: Hey she is my girlfriend
Sanskar: If she was ur gf then she wouldn’t have been crying like this (pointing Swara)
Sam: She is crying cuz u r beating her bf
Sanskar: Oh really. Then let me hear this from her too
Sanskar turned towards Swara who was still sobbing. He asked her whether Sam said truth. From back Sam glared at her and said to say yes (by lipsing)
Swara got more scared and was sweating badly. Sanskar saw her state.
Sanskar: Don’t worry am with u. Just say the truth. No one can do anything to u when I am here.
Swara got a little courage by his words and Nodded her head in no. Sam was shocked cuz he thought that she was too timid to open her mouth. That was the reason he thought to misbehave with her.
Sanskar’s anger rose to peak now. He couldn’t control any more. He went to sam and bet him still he was unconscious But he still continued beating him. He pulled away when Swara begged to him to leave Sam as she thought he would die If he gets more beatings (and that’s true?)
He started to walk but stopped in the middle. He again went back to sam.
Sanskar: Don’t u ever dare to eye her again. I will kill u if u repeat such a disgusting act again. Not only her I should not see u seeing any girl here after.
Sam who was a little conscious now asked him “ But why do u care for this bit*h “
That’s it for Sanskar. He gave Sam a heavy punch on his face. He zoned out.
Sanskar shouting : I care for her cuz she is mine. Do u get that
Sam dint reply as he was already unconscious. Swara who heard this was shocked. Sanskar realised what he said and quietly came out of the class. Swara too followed him like his shadow.
Sanskar: I will leave u to ur hostel
Swara just nodded.
Sabskar: btw we have to walk cuz my bike is with Arjun.
Swara again nodded

Sanskar who was already irritated by her behaviour was now more irked.
Sanskar shouting: Who r u ?? Han who the hell r u?? U r not the Swara whom I loved . If she would have been here she would have beaten the shit out of him. But u ,u r sobbing . My Swara never cried. She was brave but u r the most timid girl I have ever met. What has happened to u ??
Swara after hearing his words was crying silently.
Sanskar: So again u r crying. Don’t u have any other work rather than crying??
Swara was still just sobbing.
Sanskar: answer me dammit?
Next Swara did something which Sanskar never expected to. She ran to him and gave him a bone crushing hug and cried in his chest. Sanskar was shocked for a second. He couldn’t believe that she was really hugging him. He was waiting for this moment since 3 years. He had always felt to hug her ,kiss her and stare at her(lovingly). Only he knew how terribly he missed her. How he restrained himself from taking her in his arms when he first saw her in college. And now when she was finally hugging him he couldn’t hug her back as now she wasn’t in her senses (As per him). He thought she had hugged him just cuz she needed someone to support her and as only he was there she would have hugged him. He sighed at his own thoughts and gently stroked her back and tried to sooth her while continuously murmuring that all is fine now.
While her thoughts were completely opposite to what he thought to be. She was feeling on top of the world . She had always wanted to do this. When all taunted her when all said that she was inauspicious when all said that the people close to her would never be happy, she just wanted to hug him tight and sob in his chest. She felt protected in his arms. When she needed him the most she herself kicked him out of her life . Though it was her decision but she dreaded it. She hated herself for hurting him too. But all she wanted was to see him happy rather than seeing him hurt in future. She had promised herself that she would never go back to him but now she had broke her promise . Suddenly she understood the reality. SHE WAS IN HIS ARMS and that was the thing she never wanted to happen. She immediately pulled herself back while Sanskar looked at her completely amused. One could easily say it with the look on his face.
Sanskar: What happen??
Swara: i…..wo….i
Sanskar: Swara cant u just speak without stammering. I hate it when u stammer. Though his words were harsh he spoke it in a gentle calm voice yet slightly annoyed.
Swara composed herself and took a deep breathe.
Swara: I want to go to my hostel.
Sanskar: Okay..I will drop u.
Swara: No I will go . Saying so she turned to leave but he caught hold of her wrist.
Sanskar: I dint ask I said and I will do it.
He pulled her and she crashed on his back. He was gonna back hug her but suddenly remembered how she broke his heart. He pulled back and went straight towards the parking . He brought his bike while she was standing in the same position when he left her.
She sat in his bike by keeping a good distance between them. Sanskar felt very bad when she sat with a distance between them. It was like the distance that was in their life. He remembered how she use to hold his hands when they would go for a stroll in the garden. A lone tear escaped from his burled eyes..
They drove off . Soon they reached the hostel.
Both looked at each other with hundreds of emotions in their eyes.
Sanskar: Take care. Don’t think about whatever that happened . Okay
Swara just nodded her head and walked into the hostel.
He muttered “Love u” which was not heard by Swara while Sanskar also said it in low voice so that she shouldn’t hear anything.

Precap: Ragini compels Swara…..

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