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Swaragini were in class. Ragini was very busy in talking to everyone. Radhika had became her best friend with an hour. They both were kind of same. Ragini soon became everyone’s friend. While on the other side Swara Was sitting all alone and was involved only in her books. She was not even looking at anyone Around her. Their first class was done and all were waiting for professor . But to their unexpectation there came three handsome boys. All were looking dashing (did u get who r they?) All girls were having only one expression on their face that was OMG. Kukkad from SOTY plays In background.
But our Swaragini had different expressions. Ragini was looking tensed while Swara was not even looking at them. She was just lying in her desk. Where else Radhika was completely bowled over by one of the boy’s handsomeness.

Boy 1 : So guys we r ur seniors as well as ur friends.
Boy 2: I am assistant SCC ( with a bored face)
Boy 3: And am ur SCC (with a smile)
So they r
Boy 1- Arjun ( From Manmarziyan played by Aham Sharma).?
Boy 2- Laksh?
Boy 3- Sanskar ??

Arjun: we r here to annouce about the feshers party. So be ready for it ☺
Sanskar: it will be held in weekend. If u r interested u can give performances.
Laksh: if any one is willing then give me ur names after college hours. I will be near canteen.
Saying this they leave from there.
RagRad (Ragini+Radhika) became very excited.
Ragini: wow freshers party. I am so excited
Radhika: Me toooooooooo. BTW r u going to give any performance (her eyes shined)
Ragini: No yaar. I am not interested. What about u????
Radhika: Same here. But I thought u will do something *with a pout*
Ragini: Not now. I will join some other time.
While they were discussing about it here Swara was planning to avoid the party. She was still lying down. She didn’t even getup when the boys came. But now she got up and was looking around. She was feeling as if something left her. As if something close to her heart just moved away. While she was in her thoughts Sanskar came back to their class as he had left his pen over there. He just took his pen and turned to leave but what he saw shocked him. He saw Swara . Even she saw him. Both had an eyelock . Their eyes showed pain , longing, betrayal and most importantly love. Their eyelock was noticed by none but by one . It was Ragini. She saw then staring at each other. She saw that they both had tears in their eyes. But soon Sanskar’s expression changed into an angry expression. His eyes were bloodshot red. He stormed out of the class. Here Swara was completely broken.
‘ God why r u doing this to me. I only wished that I should never meet him. Why Cant u accept atleast my only wish . Why do u do this to me ? ‘ She thought actually blamed the God and started crying lying on her desk.

There is something that is bothering u and I could see it Swara. Don’t u worry I will soon get u out of this. Afterall I help every one then why wont I help my roommate. U will soon become like me Miss Swara.

She again had the same proud smile.
While here this was going on and on the other side Sanskar was crying very badly. Arjun was trying his best to console him but he was out of control.
Arjun: Stop crying San . She’s ur past forget her.
( sanskar is called as San by his friends )
Sanskar: I cant yaar I cant. She may be my past but my heart is not ready to accept it.
Arjun: San it was just infatuation. U were in school at that time . Everyone feels to have love shove at that time so all do. But no one is serious like u. I think even she did the same thing.
Sanskar holding Arjun’s collar: Don’t u dare to say my love as infatuation. I loved her from the bottom of my heart and I still love her. I know even she loves me.
(He left Arjun’s collar)
Arjun: U r speaking about u but what about her. If she loved u the way u did then she would have not broken up with u all of a sudden. So stop crying over her. Move on San
Sanskar: I cant aru. Its very difficult for me. But I will try to move on ,before that I will ask her the reason as to why she broke up with me.
Arjun sighed : ok then. But now stop crying like a baby.
Sanskar just smiled at him and both left to their class.

The day somehow got over and everyone dispersed. Swara went to her hostel as fast as she could . She closed the door of her room and began to sob.
Ragini entered the room and was startled by seeing Swara In a miserable state. She went near her and hugged Her and consoled her. Swara somehow stopped crying.
Ragini: What’s the matter????
Swara: Wo….wo…………… not..nothing
Ragini: Look first of all feel free to talk to me. After all am ur roommate yaar. Next I know that U r upset with our SCC. So don’t try to hide things and say what’s the matter.
Swara got tensed when she heard about SCC. Though she wasn’t sure that Sanskar was SCC but she felt that he was cuz when she had heard him introducing himself she had felt that It was him. But Now she was tensed as to what she could say to her interrogating roommate. She gasped .
Swara: Ragini I will say everything to u when the time comes. I know I can believe I but still I need time to open up. So can u plz wait till then.
Ragini was again startled actually shocked when Swara spoke to her cuz she didn’t even expect that from swara. She just nodded her head in acceptance . Swara smiled at her and hugged her. Ragini hugged her back with a smile.

‘I can never open up to u Ragini but I know if I would have said that then u wouldn’t leave me. U r a very nice girl and I don’t want anything to happen to u because of me. I am inauspicious . No one can be happy with me. I don’t want u to suffer because of me. I don’t want u to suffer Because of this bad omen’ Swara thought while she was trying to get sleep when she was lying in her bed.

When she was in deep slumber after subsiding her thought she had a dream. In her dream she was screaming for help but no one came near her. All were just watching her shout. She was screaming her lungs out still no one helped. She woke up suddenly and started to sob badly. Her dream again played in her mind like a video and she started to sweat badly. She was shivering. She controlled herself and again got back to sleep . But not in to a real slumber but by just closing her eyes.

PRECAP : Some Flash back and Raglak nok jhok.

So how was the ep guys. Sorry for not adding Flash back in this part but it will be in next part for sure. I am semi conscious right now so I don’t know what I wrote above. I am very sleepy. Its midnight right now. BTW u would have come to know about the pairs. They r Swasan and Raglak. Guys I just want to say that plz don’t stop reading any story just because of pairs. U just imagine ur favourite as pairs. I Do the same thing. I don’t like Ragsan and swalak ( Plz don’t bash me for that . I love Swasan and Raglak and that’s my wish . So no bashing plz) So if u like my work then continue to read this. If not than I am sorry to waste ur time. Sorry if I hurt anyone.
Keep smiling???
Love u all???

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    I think Swara feels herself as misfortune like if she will go close to anyone his or her life will be destroyed…may be that’s why she broke up with Sanky…

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