Hey guys Sree here. Sorry very Chorry for being late . I got very busy with school works.BTW guys I have one important news to share. This ff is a combined work of me and my friend ,Greeshma. We both discuss about this in our class?? . But in credits Its only my name cuz i am not able to create an account. We hope u will like This.

Swaragini have reached the college (I am not showing their farewell with their parents now. Will show it later) They both were standing outside their hostel but far from each other. They both entered the hostel. They both were allotted the same room (?? Nice na? ) First Swara entered the room. She neatly arranged her things in the room and went to washroom to freshen up. Ragini came to the room after having a good chat with the warden. She became very close to her(?] She happily went to the room. She found some bags in a bed and understood that her roommate had already arrived. She unpacked her things and arranged them.
The room looked like 2 different worlds. The whole room had 2 beds with study tables for each. There were 2 closets and 2 shelves. One side was neat and clean. The shelf was filled with books. The study table also had books . And on the other side the shelf was full of make Up things, hair dryer and straightener and some novels. The wall had many posters of Ranveer, SRK, Lee Min Ho etc (I love them all???. U all would have understood That The first side belongs to Swara and second side belongs to ragini)
Swara came out of the room and was shocked to see the room. Ragini came infront of her and introduced herself.
Ragini: Hello I am Ragini…. Ragini Khanna. I am from Delhi. U know this is my dream. She was going on talking while Swara was very busy in staring The ground. Ragini stopped and saw her.
Ragini: hellooo
Raginj waved her hand infront of Swara and Swara suddenly jerked.
Ragini: R u deaf (she said it Slowly With actions as she thought swara was deaf??)
Swara nodded her head in no.
Ragini: r u dumb???.???
Swara spoke: no.
Ragini: then why didn’t u reply me when I was speaking to u??.??And whats ur name??.??
Swara gulped and got tense: wo I was thinking something. I am Swara.
Ragini: oh. I am Ragini.
Swara just smiled in return and went out. Ragini felt her behaviour weird but didn’t care . She went to washroom and freshened up. She too went out to see the campus.

AT 8 P.M
Ragini came to her room tired. Afterall roaming the whole campus and speaking with each and every person who passes by is very tiring. But the sight infront of her took away all her tiredness. There was a good sight and a shocking sight. The good sight was that the warden had arranged food for her that too in her room ( Awesome warden na????) and the shocking sight was that Swara was already deep asleep. Ragini sighed.
What is this girl. There’s something fishy. How could someone sleep at 8. God what did I do to get such a roommate (she thought in a dramatically way and she again sighed) how am I gonna handle her god. But no problem I am Ragini RAGINI KHANNA who can do anything. Wait and watch Swara u will change completely.
She laughed in a proud manner and then ate then started at Swara ( not lovingly but weirdly???) then dozed off.

Swara got up early and got ready for college where else Ragini was in Kumbakaran avatar.
Swara wore a simple white with pink salwar kammeez. This is it https://fashiontrendsinpk.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/white-and-pink-patiala-suit-with-simple-gala-neck-designs.jpg
and went to college wearing her nerd glasses ( guys I am not saying that those who wear glasses look like nerd so don’t take me wrong its just that she wears that type of glasses) but still she looked beautiful. After sometime Ragini woke up and got ready. She totally forgot that she had a roommate. She wore a black top and blue jeans with black jacket . This is it http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2014/10/07/1412717658909_Image_galleryImage_Kendall_Jenner_and_friend.JPG
She looked stunning. Then she went to college. The moment she reached she found only one thing happening and that was ragging. Most of the seniors were happily ragging freshers. Ragini sighed and walked inside. As she was beautiful and her dressing style turned everyones heads. All were looking at her. All of a sudden a group of seniors came infront of her. They told her to join all other freshers. She nodded her head and went near the freshers. There she found Swara so she stood beside her not for her support but to support Swara. The seniors were asking everyone to do hilarious things. Now it was Ragini’s turn .
A senior boy: Now what will u do??
Senior girl: Arre Laksh see her style man. Give her something difficult. I could easily guess that she is very confident. (She said with a smirk)
So the boy is LaksH and the girl is Kavya . Their group has many other students.
Laksh: hmm so u (pointing at Ragini) should propose the most ugliest boy over here and u should do it now. He should be the ugliest.
Ragini nodes her head and takes a good look at everyone present there. She then says I am ready so Kavya gives a rose to her. Ragini takes the rose and stands infront of Laksh .
Ragini: I think what qualities u needed r inside u. (Laksh widens his eyes) I mean to say is a person is ugly when he behaves in an ugly manner. I have seen ur behaviour with me and others. So according to me u r The ugliest person here. So I love u.
Laksh after hearing everything was fuming in anger. All his friends were laughing at him. He gave a death glare to all and when he turned to look at Ragini she had already left. He leaves from there cursing Ragini.
After that the seniors continued their work. It was Swara’s turn now.
Senior boy: so U should dance infront of us.
Swara was shocked to hear it.
Senior girl: That too a se*y bollywood dance.

Tears found their way from Swara’s eyes and she started to sob silently staring at The ground.
A boy Came to her and removed her glasses. Now she was not able to see properly which only added her misery . She was crying when she suddenly heard a sound of slap. She raised her head to see what had happened and to her surprise Ragini was slapping the boy who took her specks. She thanked god for sending Ragini. All the seniors were about to yell at her but they kept quite and left when they saw their Professor and Sanskar Passing by The corridor. Swara hugged Ragini tightly. Ragini consoled her and made her to calm down. Swara thanked her and left to class. Both were in same class but were unaware of it. When swara reached the class she found the first desk empty so she sat there. After sometime Ragini came there and saw Swara. She walked up to her and was about to sit next to her but suddenly Swara kept Her bag in the empty place. Ragini got angry seeing her actions.
“ I helped her and she is not even allowing me to sit next to her. Huh Aisan faramosh ( with a pout) “ Ragini thought. She looked all around the class. Many were calling her and asking her to sit next to them. She went near a girl and sat next to her. She grinned at her. Ragini took did the same thing.
Girl: I am Radhika . U can call me Radhu.
Ragini: I am Ragini .. Radhu . U can call me Ragu or Rags.
Radhika: Then I will call u as Rags. They started to chat and soon became good friends.
(Guys all were calling Ragini as all noticed her braveness in morning)
“U r very good Ragini so I don’t want u to get in troble because of me. Its better if u stay away from me” Thought Swara..

PRECAP: Sanskar shocked and some Flashback.

Radhika will be played by Monica segal from Manmarziyan.
So guys done with episode 1. Did u like it????????. Plz share ur views on this through comments. I know I am very late . So first of all a bigggggg sorry for that. I will try my best to post nxt soon. Probably I will post nxt on Saturday or Sunday. I was overwhelmed to see ur comments . I have replied to everyone. Hank U all for ur support. But plz keep supporting me as I need it. I have to study for tomorrow’s test but here I am writing this. So plz guys motivate me.
Love u allll??????
Keep smiling ???

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