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It was a yet another beautiful morning in MSSG college. All were busy in their own world. Some were studying, some were chatting and some were romancing(??????) But two people came to the campus with a look like zombies. They were a boy and a girl. Though they came separately but had the same look. They were none other than Sanskar and Swara. Both had red puffy eyes (u know why?) ,pale face and their walking style gave a competition to zombies(?)
Sanskar went to his class and Arjun saw him. Arjun immediately came up to him.
Arjun: San u already said that u would try to move on and u wont do such things. Then why did u cry???
Sanskar: Aru…..yaaar…. Actually …..wo……
Arjun: Say it properly?
Sanskar: I didn’t cry yaar I was just thinking something. So that’s why I didn’t sleep properly
Arjun: And what were u thinking so deeply???
Sanskar: Look Swara was in 10th when I was I was in 11th . She was in 11th when I was in 12th.soooo…………..
Arjun: Wow u know I never knew it. (He said sarcastically)
Sanskar: Arre I mean she is just one year smaller than me . So how could she be in First year when am in third. She should have been in second by now na.
Arjun: Maybe she dint pass in entrance exams
Sanskar: No yaar it cant be. I know MY SWARA . She cant fail.
Arjun: Rather than driving conclusions we should ask her directly.
Sanskar: Yes We should .
Arjun: we will. Now come smile and be like a human.
Sanskar smiled and went to his place.

All saw Swara coming but no one paid heed to her. All saw her laughed and continued their work. But Radhika came up to her .
Radhika: Swara what happen ? R u fine?? (She knows Swara as Ragini had said to her)
Swara In a low cracking voice: y..ye..yes.
Radhika : But I don’t think so? btw where is Ragini?
Swara: She may be coming and I am fine.
Radhika: hmm ok. Saying so she left and Swara again went to her zombie look that is pale look(?)
Ragini came to college with a friend from her hostel. While she was coming in she saw laksh woth his friends standing in her path. She understood that they were Waiting for her. She thought for sometime and went in the same path with confidence.
On the other side Laksh was hell angry. His friend had informed him about his spoiled image in college. Laksh was determined that he would take revenge from her for the insults. When he saw Ragini coming he was shooting draggers at Ragini which easily made her understand that he was waiting for her.
Ragini came near Laksh . He stopped her by showing his palm infront of her.
Laksh: Say Sorry now??
Ragini: Excuse me..who r U??
Laksh was shocked and confused . He was numb . He was brought in to reality when all his friends at his back started to laugh out loudly. He came back to his senses and saw that Ragini had already left them. Now his anger was on top. He was like a volcano ready to burst. His friends stopped laughing when they saw Laksh’s anger. They calmed him down and took him to class.
It was afternoon now and all were walking to the canteen so were our heroes and heroines. Swara had refused to lunch when Ragini asked her But Ragini being Ragini pulled Swara from her desk and made her to come with her.

Swaragrads were sitting in the same desk. Swara was thanking Ragini As she had forgotten to bring money for lunch and Ragini paid the money for her.
Radhika: Why r u thanking her as if she saved ur life. ?
Ragini showed fake anger to Radhika: Not so funny. (Turning towards Swara) and U stop thanking me. Afterall we r friends yaar. Isnt it??
Swara with lot of hesitation: hm……wo……hmm……..
Ragrads together with a fake anger.:Aren’t we?????
Swara got scared and gulped: Ye…..ye…yes
Ragini: That’s better.
Radhika just smiled at her and continued looking at a different direction at which she was looking for a while now.
While Swaragrad were busy in their discussion about friendship 2 pairs of eyes were continuously starring them and 1 pair of eyes was taking glances sometimes.
One pair of eyes were of Sanskar’s who was starring or we could say shooting draggers at Swara. She too noticed him and was looking once in a while. She was sweating because of his gaze as she was scared . She didn’t have the guts to talk to him if he asked something . Si she was just thinking what she would do if he talked to her. While on the other hand Sanskar was just seeing her with fake anger. He was trying to tease her and was proud of his acting as he saw Swara sweating. He just wanted to know why she left him.
The other pair of eyes were of Laksh’s. He was also shooting draggers at her but with full of anger. Ragini was unaware of it. She was eating her lunch happily talking with Swarads. But both Swarads were busy in noticing the boys. Swara was seeing Sanskar but who was Radhika looking at(??)
She was Very very busy staring Arjun. She was looking at him with full of love. He was also taking glances at her( his eyes r the third pair of eyes?)
Radhika liked him from the very first day. She was following him everywhere. She liked his behaviour very much and now she had already fallen for him. But she knew that he didn’t even know her. So she was thinking of a way to make him notice Her.
Arjun was feeling uneasy with Radhika’s continuous starring. He looked at her through the corner of his eyes and gulped As she was seeing him with Eyes full of love. He turned towards Sanskar.
Arjun: San why r u shooting draggers at Swara??
Sanskar: Just making her nervous.
Arjun: why so?
Sanskar: So that she would tell me the truth fearing my anger. She already knows my anger.
He said with a determined face.
Arjun: I hope she will. Btw the girl near her is starring me from a long time. I am feeling uncomfortable
Sanskar: Arre its good that a girl is seeing. Go talk with her*teasingly*
Arjun: Stop it San. I am not joking. She is starring me from long time.
Sanskar: Don’t u like it?????
Arjun: its not like that. I like her but if she sees me like that……..
Sanskar: thennnn…….
Arjun: then I will fall for her.
Sanskar: U r impossible Aru.
Arjun: hmmm(dreamingly)
Sanskar: Pagal (mad)

While they were busy in their talks Swaragrads completed their lunch. Ragini finished first so she stood with her plate to throw it. But when she turned “ Thud” . The plate hitted laksh and all the remaining food fell on him. But to Ragini’s luck or could say Laksh’s luck there wasn’t much leftover. So laksh was safe(?) Now the volcano had bursted . His anger was on peak. He held her hand tightly .
Laksh: Apologise NOW??
Ragini got scared of his anger: so……so..sorr…..sorry
Laksh: Now Do u remember who I am?
Ragini thought for sometime: No
Now Laksh thought that Ragini was an amnesia patient
Laksh: Don’t u remember what u did that day??
Ragini thought ‘plan worked. He is a buddhu’
Ragini: no *with innocent face and puppy dog eyes*
Laksh confirmed in his mind that she had amnesia(??)
Laksh said the whole story her. How is proposed her and all.
Ragini just smiled at him : oh . Nice to meet u then.
Laksh was confused as to why she said that.
Ragini winked at him and went away from there with Swarads.
Laksh was still confused by her behaviour but soon understood that she was fooling him when he heard his friends laugh.
Laksh’s friend: Yaar she is too good. She is correct competitor for u.
Laksh: Let me see till when she will save herself from me.
‘ But she is really very nice and beautiful’ he thought and smiled in his heart.

Now it was evening. All were leaving from their respective classrooms. Swara was walking alone as Ragrads went to Radhika’s house and Swara refused to go saying that she needed to study. Ragrads accepted and left her.
When she was walking by a silent empty corridor someone pulled her into an empty classroom. She was shocked.
PRECAP: Ragini compels Swara.

So I end it here guys. So How was this?? Sorry if Its boring. Nxt wont Be I guess cuz something Is gonna happen in nxt ep. Its big or small u will come to know it in nxt ep. But plz give ur valuable comments for this ep so that I could write nxt soon rather than being lazy and sitting simple.
Again a sorryyyyyy For being late. If u have any doubts do ask me. Plz comment guys so that I could post nxt soon.
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