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Episode 2

While Swaragini were sleeping peacefully in their room in Girls hostel there was a hustle bustle in boys hostel. All were busy in talking about Raglak. As to how Laksh was insulted. They were speaking about it so freely cuz Laksh lived in his home. So they need dint fear for anyone. But everything was heard by laksh’s friend who had planned to say everything to Laksh.
(Now lets see sanky ?)
Sanskar was sitting near in bed on the bare floor which could send chills down as it was freezing cold . Not because of climate but cuz of the freezing cold air from AC. Sanskar had kept the AC in minimum temperature and was just sitting beside the bed. He was not crying nor had a worn out face he was just staring at the ground (Sameee as Swara?) blankly.
All the memories of his school days came flooding back to him. The memories from which he tried to run away came back again to haunt him. ‘I never wanted to see u again but still I wanted deep inside but now after seeing u I cant understand what to do. When I returned to school after 1 week u were already gone then why the hell have u returned ‘ thinking this and about her he dozed off.
(No one is thinking this . Its just fb )
It was a fresh beautiful morning when all students of COMFY school (how’s the name?) had to attend the school after a long summer vacation. But for some there was no vacation. And our Swara was one of them. She was in 10th std and had no vacation as she had vacation classes. Being In tenth std is a very tiring work (I am saying cuz I experienced it just some months back?) But no one could say so looking at Swara. She was a chirping bird who was always active and happy all the time. But today she had something more to be happy for and that was Reopening day. She was excited to see new students mainly 11th students. This had always been her work since 8th std. She and her big gang of friends would just check out the new comers and would rate them. As all were busy in rating they all saw a boy with dark brown chocolaty eyes and pitch black hair coming towards them. All of their breathe got held up in their throat. He came very close to them and by now all were grinning like fools including Swara. But to their utter disappointment he passed by them and joined the other 11th std students who were standing behind the girls and ogling at them. The girls turned to see them and seeing their stares they ran away from that place.
The girls settled themselves in their class and started gossiping. But Swara was still into a dreamland. She felt butterflies in her stomach by just seeing him. Just them she was brought into reality by her friends.(I will just name her friends randomly)
Alisha: Man he Is Hot ?
Ananya: He is very handsome?
(All were praising the boy but suddenly stopped cuz of Swara’s statement)
Swara: And he is mine
(Everyone shocked Swara rocked?)
Roopa: what r u saying???????
Swara: I said what I meant. I like him and he will be mine so stop dreaming about him. (Saying this she smirked)
Raj: So atlast the Great Swara found someone (he said with a clap?)
Swara: Yessssss .
Rani: Love at first sight huh?
Swara: Nothing like that. Its just that I like him ?
Alisha: It’s the same
Swara blushed : ok now leave that and also him. Ok?
Allll: Yes mam.
All burst out laughing.
The boy had made everyone his friend by his Charm and brain. All became his friends in no time including the old students.
Old student: Hey Sanskar
(Yes the boy is none other than the Sanskar)
Sanskar: Yes
Old student: Be careful of girls ok and most importantly 10th std girls that is Swara’s gang.
Sanskar confused : Why??
Old student: Cuz they r the pranksters of our school. Ever since they came all r scared of them. They always do something when new students join here. I joined ere in 9th std and Only God know how they played with me.
Sanskar Interestingly: what did they do????
Old student: First they asked me to follow their orders and when I refused they made me suffer by complaining about me to teachers, by making me fall in corridor filled with student, made me eat a very spicy and salty dish by bribing our canteen cook and lot more. If u don’t wanna experience that then its better to stay away from them mainly Swara. She is the leader of their gang. So don’t mess with her .
Sanskar: But what did they order u to do?????
Student: They asked me to bring 5 diary milk silks. How can I buy them u know na they r very costly and that too 5 was impossible but after suffering I felt that chocolates could have been better.?
Sanskar: hmmm leave that now. So shall we be friends???
Student: we r already.
Sanskar: Nice to meet U Arjun
(So guys the old student is Arjun)
Arjun: u Can call me aru
Sanskar: and u can call me san
Both talked to eachother and became friends.
Days passed and Sanskar got attracted to Swara cuz of her cute antics and sweet pranks. Swara’s liked (or loved) Sanskar more and more as days passed. As Swara had a big exam coming ahead of her she was made to join tuitions. Sanskar came to know about it and he too joined the same tuitions to meet her.
Sanskar walked up to Swara and started to talk.
Sanskar: Hey r u Swara ??? (As if he doesn’t know her? he followed her everywhere and is asking such a silly question??)
Swara: No I am Swara Gadodia ?
Sanskar: That’s what I asked
Swara: I know that u already know my name then whats the need to be sooooo formal. I even know that ur name is Sanskar so I don’t need ur intro. Btw can we be friends????
Sanskar was shocked by her bold nature. He just nodded his head positively. Swara smiled at him and forwarded her hand. Both hand Shaked and started to talk. Now both became friends. Days passed and both thought to propose to each other ( Just in 10 days?) Sanskar called her to a park near the tuition centre after tuitions. She too went there . She saw Sanskar and smiled at him but he rather then looking at her was starting the ground and blushing. Swara found his behaviour weird and went near him.
Sanskar: Swara I have never did this before so I am very nervous . Plz wish me luck.??
Swara was more confused now but though she wished him luck.. He took a Silk from his pocket and forwarded it to her. Her eyes shined at the sight of chocolate. But the next moment she was shocked .
Sanskar: Swara I Love U. Will u always be with me??????
Swara eyes widened. She started breathing heavily but not in excitement but in anger.
Swara: U idiot donkey buffalo why did u do this.??
Her eyes were red with tears and anger. Sanskar took her words as a no and started apologising. Swara quicky hugged him as tight as she could. Now it was Sanskar’s time to be shocked and confused. But Swara’s words made him feel on top of the world.
Swara still hugging: I planned to propose u tomorrow but u idiot did it today. What was the need Huh . I was so eager to propose u. But u spoiled it.??
Sanskar: Am sorry but anyways we r together na that’s all what matters. Correct??
Swara: Hmmm saying this she slightly kissed him on cheeks.
Both blushed crimson red. The both walked hand in hand. Everything was fine and was going smoothly. Both were madly in love with eachother. Sanskar would also help her in studies.
The exams were over and now it was time for results. All were very scared and worried about the results. Even Sanskar was hell worried. He always tried to make Swara learn as he never wanted their relationship to affect her studies. The results were announced and Sanskar immediately took his laptop and checked Swara’s result. The moment he saw it he grinned widely .
The next moment he called Swara who was still trying to check as all sites were busy. She saw him calling and picked it up.
Sanskar: Congrats my cutiepie . U r 3rd state rank holder now.( saying this he again grinned)
Swara could not believe her ears. She was numb.
Meanwhile her parents and brother had also checked her results and were on cloud nine. They stormed in her room and gave Swara a bone crushing hug. Sanskar heard them and disconnected the call.
(Swara’s brother’s name is Ranveer played by Shakti Arora from MATSH)
Ranveer: Shona love u my jaan. U have made us very proud.
Sumi: Princess u r the best ?
Shekher: I knew u would do it. Afterall beti kiski hai (Afterall who’s child u r ?)
Ranveer: She is ur child but more than u I love her more. She is my sweetie.
Swara smiled at her cute family.
Swara: Bhai maska kyun mar rahe ho ( bro why r u buttering me)
Ranveer smiled sheepishly : wo Actually my friends said that u will not score well but I said that u will. So we had a bet that if u score well they will throw a party for u. So will u come to the party??? *with cute puppy face*
Swara: wow party I will surely bhai. Ma pa can I go plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Sumshek nodded their heads and smiled at her. She grinned .
Swara: Thank u mom dad. Ok now can I go to school I have to meet my friends. They would Be Waiting for me as we promised to meet today. All said ok so Swara wore her best chudi and went to school.
Swara’s batch along with new 10th and 12th batch were waiting for Swara as she was school topper. As soon as she reached she was welcomed by everyone. (New 10th and 12th batch r there for vacation classes which also included Sanskar’s batch) Sanskar was seeing her lovingly. He wanted to talk to her but she was surrounded by her schoolmates . When she was talking to her friends after having a tiring session with media and her teacher Sanskar walked up to her. She smiled at him.
Sanskar: Congrats Swara.
Swara: Thanks Sanskar.
Sanskar: Will u come to park today.
Swara nodded and bid a bye to him and went to her home. (They talked formally cuz they were surrounded by her bigggg gang of friends. Then she went immediately cuz she knew that they would tease her very badly as they all knew about her relationship)
Swara came to park and saw Sanskar waiting for her. She ran to him and hugged him tightly. For a moment Sanskar missed his balance and was about to fall but to his luck the tree behind him made him to stand straight. Sanskar hugged her more tightly . Both parted and looked at each other lovingly.
Swara: Its just because of u. U know whatever questions u said would come really came. Thanks for everything Sansku.
Sanskar: Mera baccha (I love this word??) I just reminded u that they were important actually that was said by our tuition teacher. But u didn’t listen to him.
Swara smiled sheepishly: What can I do I was very busy in starring u.
Sanskar gave her a ‘u r unbelievable ‘ look then both of them burst of laughing. While Sanskar was laughing whole heartedly Swara was looking at him lovingly. She shocked him with her next step. She kissed him that too on lips. Sanskar widened his eyes. His heart was beating as if it was ready to come out. But soon he relaxed himself and reciprocated the kiss. Both were enjoying their first kiss. They soon departed due to lack of oxygen. Both kept their foreheads together while panting heavily.
Swara: Thank u for coming in my life Sanskar. I love u very much.
Sanskar: I love u too my cutiepie.
Both hugged each other and went to their respective homes.
Months passed. Both had completely fallen for each other. They never expected themselves to be so much in love. Swasan would always talk for hours in phone. Though Sanskar was in 12th he managed everything properly. Sanskar would always cheer up Swara when she would feel sad and also vice versa.
Once Swara was very sad cuz of her dadi. Her Dadi Parvati had returned to their house from her mama’s house . Her dadi would always taunt her and Sanskar would always make her feel better.
But soon everything changed. Swara didn’t attend the school for 2 weeks. She didn’t call sanskar nor replied to his calls which made Sanskar very worried. His tension grew by each passing day. He had his exams that time but he didn’t even concentrate on it. His mind was filled with Swara.
After 2 weeks when Swara returned Sanskar felt that his life came back but who knew that she didn’t return to make things good but she returned only to make things more bad. Swara walked up to sanskar after school. Sanskar upon seeing her ran to her and hugged her tightly.
Sanskar: Where have u been huh??? Do u know how much I missed u???? Just see ur phone u would see thousands of missed calls?? Where did u go and why didn’t u inform me????
He asked everything in one breathe while hugging her more tightly. She felt suffocated but safe in his arms but she knew that she was not meant to be in his arms. When reality stuck her she immediately parted from him .
Swara: Lets break up. She said it with an expressionless face and in a grave voice.
But that three words broke Sanskar heart into millions of pieces??. He was numb for a moment but controlled himself to ask her the reason
Sanskar: I know u r trying to fool me. Plz Swara u know I hate such pranks. Don’t play with me. U lied na???
Swara: I mean it Sanskar. Lets break up.
Sanskar: but why?? *tears continuously flowed from his eyes*
Swara: I don’t like u anymore. I like someone else. So its better that we part our ways. She said it in a harsh and grave voice
Sanskar was shattered by her words. But he stopped crying and gave a tight slap to Swara. She flinched at that but didn’t dare to look at him.
Sanskar: I know this cant be the reason. I know how much u love me. I know u cant betray me. I know u r hiding something from me. I know that u wont say that to me cuz of ur stubborn nature. That slap was only for not trusting on me to say the matter. I know u r not the type of girl who could leave one and go along with other. I know u very well Miss Swara Gadodia. If u say the reason now then I will stand by u but if u still want to continue ur drama then I will forget that u were even in my life.
He looked at her for an answer. His eyes showed his pain.
Swara: what I said is truth. Its better to move on Sanskar.
‘Thud’ she fall down cuz sanskar slapped her again with more force.
He sat beside her. Both were crying.
Sanskar: am sorry to slap u. I was not able to control myself. But if u need this then I will leave u. I can u anything for u. I just need u to be happy and don’t forget I will always love u. Just forget what I said before cuz its impossible for me to forget u.
He let out a sigh. Their foreheads were joined and both were crying.
Sanskar: Forgive me for this too. Saying so he crashed his lips with her’s. He kissed her passionately showing his love and anger. She too reciprocated it with same passion. Both parted and looked at each other. Swara’s lips were swollen cuz Sabskar had bit her lips very hardly. Both were panting. Suddenly Sanskar got up and also made Swara to stand. He hugged her and then started to leave. After two steps he stopped and turned back.
Sanskar: Always remember that I can never stop loving u . U asked me to move on na but I can never do that. Saying this he turned and ran to his home.
Here Swara sat on her knees and started crying badly.
Sanskar got high fever because of the stress and was admitted in hospital. He always expected to see Swara but she never came. He understood that it was really the end for their relationship. He was discharged after 2 weeks. When he went to school the next day he was given a big shocking news that Swara had taken t.c from the school and had also shifted from there to Kolkata. (Now they r in Delhi )
Sanskar was shocked by everything but was consoled by Arjun throughout everything. He soon became normal as his public exams were nearing and he never wanted to make his parents feel bad for him. So he studied hard and passed out with very good marks.
Then he got a seat in MSSG College.
So how was this ep guys. A very long ep as compensation for being late. I know u have many questions.
Why Swara broke up with Sanskar all of a sudden??
Why Swara changed from a brave girl to a timid girl??
How the prankster Swara became a Shy girl???
If anymore questions u can ask me but I wont answer u cuz u will come to know about it in upcoming eps??
Sorry for not adding Raglak today . Actually the flashback got very long than I expected it to be. So sorry for that and also if I made any mistakes. I have not read this once so there would me many mistakes forgive me for that. If u have any doubts plz ask it to me. I will try to clear them.
Plz don’t forget to give ur valuable comments here. Plz motivate me with ur comments. If u feel something is not good feel free to criticise me.
Love u all???
Keep smiling????

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