We will tie until we die (twinj os)by lover cum Aarohi

Hii friends…. Lover here for…..

Important message for you all at last. Don’t scroll just read this then. read that message..

Bade ajeeb hain yeh zindagi ke raaste,
Anjane mod pr kuch log dost bn jate h
Milne ki khushi de ya na de
Bichhadne ka gam zarur de jaate hain….

Lets go…
To my os We will tie until we die…

So guys it is ff cum os. I started it as ff but hadn’t written it. So here writing it as os…

Will tie die lover Episode 1

Will tie die lover Episode 2

Will tie die lover Episode 3

In those episodes it is seen that twinkle is a nerd girl. She wants someone in her life to love her truely. Her relation with her parents is so good but Mahi,her sister doesn’t like her. And there is a boy name Kunj who is always seen with other girl. And there is some secret. For more details please read previous episode. It’s not so long…

Someone is seen passing the road and she is none other than twinkle. While passing the road a car is about to hit her when someone holds her and saves her but in the process they both fall due to imbalance. Twinkle is upon kunj on the road and they both get lost in each other eyes.

After sometime they came to their senses and wake up when Kunj asked her.

Kunj: are you fine?
Twinkle: Yes. Thank you.
Saying this she is about to move when kunj holds her hand and told…
Kunj: Twinkle I am noticing you from many days.
Twinkle is surprised because she never thought him to say that.

When Kunj continued…
Twinkle I don’t know how but I fall for you. I know you won’t believe me because I am always seen with some other girl and I am a culprit too. But believe me I love you.

He was saying all this when he saw twinkle is no where to be found.

He felt very bad but leaving his thoughts away he get lost in past incidents.

Someone is seen fighting with a man. He is a child and he is blabbering “don’t worry. Tum jao main aapko kuch nahi hone dunga.” His face is shown who is none other than Kunj. He is just 10 years..

Kunj made the person unconscious but again he wakes up. And on the way of saving himself from his clutch he hit that person with rod.

Police arrested him. He has been imprisoned for 12 years when he is seen in senseless.

Next scene,

Kunj is seen releasing from jail. And after that he is seen with different girls on each different day. Then twinkle meeting with Kunj is shown.

And he came out of flashes.

Kunj p.o.v.
Twinkle I didn’t killed my Dad. It just happened while saving myself and maa from him. I told it to everyone But that time too nobody believes me. After that I become like a heartless person till the time you come to my life. You know that day after seeing you on the stairs for the first time only i falls for you. You know after that I never went with any girl because my heart was not allowing my mind to do so. I changed myself. Then I get to know that you love UV. And I decided every possible ways to make you both one. But woh tumhare layak nahi hai. Tum dil se khoobsurat thi aur Maine tumhari khoobsurti dekhi hai lekin UV. He is cheap person when you got new look. He started his acting of loving you but he never did. Usse tumse nahi tumhari….
Saying this he fell crying.

Next scene twinkle is also seen crying.

I know kunj tum galat nahi. Tumne toh hamesha meri madad ki hai. Main hi kabhi tumhe nahi samajh payi. Tum mujhse pyar karte the aur maine usko andekha kar uss UV ke peeche bhagti rahi jisse mujhe nahi balki apne chahat se pyar tha. Usne mujhe kahi ka nahi choda hota agar tum nahi aate toh. Mujhe maaf kar do. Tum toh hamesha mujhe pyar karte rahe aur meri madad karte rahe. Aur maine tumhe kya diya Kunj. Sayad Issiliye aaj mujhe bhagwan ne yeh saza di ki main tumhe kabhi nahi paa sakti. Kunj main yeh tumhe bolna chahti thi lekin tumhari nafrat ke saath nahi marna chahti. Kunj mujhe cancer hai.

And she burst out crying when Kunj came inside. It is shown that he listened everything said by twinkle.
He ran and hugged her so tightly in order to pacify he is with her. He kissed her forehead.

Kunj: Twinkle main tumhe kuch nahi hone dunga. Tum sirf aur sirf meri ho. Main tumhe bhagwan ke saath bhi share nahi karunga. Samjhi tum… And he is also seen crying.

Next scene,

A girl is seen wearing saree having  mangalsutra and vermillion. When someone holds her from behind. They are none other than twinj. They are looking so cute together.

Twinkle p.o.v
Thank you babaji. Sab kuch theek karne ke liye. Mujhe aur Kunj ko ek karne ke liye. Lekin inn sab mein Kunj ko mere life mein bhejne ke liye. Kyunki agar wo nahi hota toh kuch nahi hota…

Twinkle thought get broke when Kunj started flirting while twinkle stopped him and said,
” Kunj what are you doing? We aren’t a newly married couple now. It had been 5 years already. Leave me I have to make her wake up. Otherwise she will be late.”

Kunj: So what twinkle? Pyar kabhi purana nahi hota. Yeh toh hamesha badhta jata hai.

Saying this he hugged her and twinkle hugs him back.
Twinj together: I love you…


Kon Kisi Se Chah kar Dur Hota H. Har Koi Apne Halato Se Majbur Hota H.. Hum To BaS Itna Jante He. Har RiShta Moti, Aur…. Har DoSt KohiNoor Hota H..!!!

So guys here I am ending my beautiful journey of writing.

Kaash Hamari zindagi bhi filmo ki tarah hoti, hamari zindagi mein bhi end tak sab kuch thik hi ho jaata … Aur happy’s ending ho jati…. Aur jab tak nahi hoti tab tak hum keh sakte picture abhi baki hai mere dost…..☺

bahut pyar mila mujhe yaha par. infact bahut cute names bhi mile shayari queen, anger ki dukaan ,siyappaqueen, lover…etc..
isse bhi jyada mujhe aap sab mile. the gems.

please pray for my future guys..

guys don’t know phir mil paungi ya nahi but i love you all..this is best memories of my life. thank you all of you for entering my life. you all are the best thing that happened in my life. the love you showered on me was endless. i just hope i will able to stay forever with you all. i am sorry for leaving you like that. thank you to all from my whole heart.

i know aap sabke pass mujhse aache aur bhi friends hai. jo aapke bahut kareeb hai aur jinhe aap khud se bhi jyada chahte ho. and i don’t know whether i am one of them or not…ok leave all this. it doesn’t matter now because i know its not so hard for you to forgot a looser person like me. because i use to bore you all but still you supported me. i am solly. it won’t effect you but i love you all…so much..?? i know i will never ever get anyone like you all. i don’t want to loose you all but i can’t help.

guys i know i am not the favorite chapter you have written but i hope you sometimes smile when you flip back to the pages i was part of….

i don’t know what will be your reaction after reading this…. i will surely miss you all… i will surely miss all my friends….

I am sorry to break your trust and promise that I will never leave you, that I will stay always. I know all you’re so miffed with me. But as you all know… Ending of a person is not end of life but it’s beginning of a journey with some other person.

Yesterday was history. Tomorrow is mystery n today is the reality. So live ur life today because tomorrow never comes…

Thank you guys for being a wonderful friend of mine. Thank you so much. Infact thank you is less to tell what kind of things you all provided me…

Guys want to tell you a good bye. Iss baar yeh bhi nahi bol sakti ki phir milenge. Kyunki pata nahi kabhi milenge ya nahi.

Aaj….. Aaj ek hasi aur baant loon…. Aaj ek dua aur maang loon…. Aaj ek aansoo aur pee loon… Aaj ek zindagi aur jee loon…Aaj ek sapna aur dekh loon…..Aaj….. Kya pata kal ho naa ho!!!

Bidding a last bye to all my friends…
Best of luck to you all for future.

Love you a lots..
SiyappaQUEEN, Lover, Aarohi..

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  1. Sohi

    Really iam crying now
    You were the best part of my life
    Plz come back soon plz
    I will miss you my shayari queen
    At last but not the least do continue

    1. Kruti

      Awwww…..sohi pls dont cry yar….There’s an end to every happy journey….Thank u for always supporting her throughout her journey…..nd thank u for understanding her as well

    2. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear for supporting…?

  2. Mia12

    Pagal rulayegi kya,???…but tune sach mai muje rula dia…really now m having tears in my eye’s,???… And don’t u dare agar dubara khud ko loser bola samjhi,??? Ur the WINNER samjhi,,,???… Or tune hum sab ko boring nai kia kitni bar bolu sacchi,??? Teri writing or shyeri se ham sabko tune teri lover bana dia,,,?????????dekh sabko ab teri asar ho rai hai,,??? … But ese achanak kya hua ki tu TU chod rai hai,?? maybe ur brightening future,☺☺ So don’t worry I will pray to god that god will always keep u happy,,,?? and what u want god surly give you,,,?? I really missed you a lotss till my last breath,,,?? Or sochna bhi mat ki kavi bhulungi samjhi,,,?? but tubhi ham sabko kavi mat bhulna or hosake to wapas ana ok,,??? U knw now I can’t stop my tears…thinking of ur now leaving us,,,??? or esa mat bolna ki kabhi mulakat nai hogi…Manjure khuda cahegi to sab hoga samjhi,,,?? Ur the importent part of our big family,,,?? N alwyes will remained in my small heart,,,????? Mere liye tu Siyappa queen, Shyeri queen, sab kuch hai but tere liye mai teri writing or shyeri ki Lover hu samjhi,,,????? Hamko miss mat karna but yad rakhna apni bhtttt bari beautiful si heart mai samjhi,,,??? And….
    Forget the past,, Hopefull 4 future,, and in Present enjoy ur life fullest,,, And earned success in ur upcoming future,,,???…. All the best…???…..
    My Shyeri queen,,,,????
    Kabhi bhulna mat,,,,????
    Will miss you a lodssss,,,,??

    Writing and shyeri LOVER,,??…..

    1. Kruti

      Priya I hope ki vo tumhari baat sunke khud ko winner bulana start karde……Thank u so much for understanding her nd not forcing her to stay back….It was a very tough decision for her also….but it was necessary…..Thank u for always supporting her throughout dis journey….Nd one thing i can guarentee u She will never forget any of u……Thank u once again

    2. SiyappaQUEEN

      Priya sweetie meri cuteness ki dukaan I love you more meri shona. I love you to the core. Never ever i won’t be able to forget you… And tu sirf meri writing ki lover nahi hai balki meri friend forever hai. I hope we can be in contact. And tujhe bhool jaungi woh dinn meri life ka aakhri dinn hoga plomish. I am solly yaar for leaving you like this. Tujhe bhi best of luck meli jaan….

  3. Sameera

    Firstly yaar lover you so many slaps for again n again calling yourself a bad writer añd second without any notice you are going I know it’s hard coz it’s about our future now and I won’t get angry with u and don’t u dare forget me and my love u for I love u sooooo much yaar I had found a cute sissy in you and the way u calls me di brings a smile on my face yeah it’s had a been a great journey with your all ffs and os just loved them all to the core love lover aarohi and siyappa queen my shayari queen pata hai Sab KO laga diya addiction ka ??????????????
    Well coming to the shot it was the cutest twinj confessing their feelings n all thoroughly enjoyed each n every writings of yours will miss u sooooo much …
    Pata nahi aage mulakat hogi ya nahi par ye vaada hai mere dost ye dosti kabhi nahi chootegi ?????see addiction …
    Yeah it’s true I’ll never ever forget u and don’t u dare too forget me okay ???
    Chalo chalo am leaving but remember one thing whenever u feel soo lonely remember the cute days we had by writing on the cutest couple añd whiçh gave us a Freund like u ?????…
    BA byee best of luck for it future we will meet again ???? I know that ??
    Acha àb pakka wala bye love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooiooooooooooooooooooooo much ?????????????????????????????????

    1. Kruti

      Thank u so much sam for understanding her…It was a tough call for her as well….but kabhi kabhi lena padta hai….Survi will/can never forget any individual of TU…..Thank u for supporting her throughout this journey

    2. SiyappaQUEEN

      Shukriya sameera dii kya pata aage kabhi bol paungi ya nahi. I love you so much. Aapka pyar kabhi nahi bhool paungi. I hope I will be able to stay forever with you meli sweetie dii….
      Will miss you a lot. I hope ki I will never ever leave from there. You are one of the cutest friend of mine… Will miss you.

  4. SidMin

    Yaar the episode was awesome …. just loved it ….
    Loved all your Os and ff’s … can never forget such a wonderful person … a wonderful chapter of my life. .. just love you …. yaar kash you could always stay here … but I won’t stop you … life aage badne ka naam hai … Love you ❤
    Zindagi ke kise raha par hum tumse mile the
    Har safar tumhare saath chalne ka Vada kiya tha…
    Kash hum tum ko rok pate
    Par khya kare tumhe aage badte dekh ka khavab samne aajata hai…?????
    Wishing you success for your future … … all the best … Love you …❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Kruti

      Thank u soooooo much mili for understanding her……Thank u for always supporting her throughout the journey…..Survi ki shayaris ne tumko bhi shayar bana diya….that shayari was indeed a cute heart touching one….Thank you once again

    2. SiyappaQUEEN

      Dear love you but I will not miss you because we will always be together. Right? But I will miss your comments…
      Love you so much..

  5. SidMin23

    Your outstanding writer and don’t leave the and your all of os or if we’re cute

    1. Kruti

      I so wish she could stay back but this time it isn’t happening……Thank u for always supporting her and understanding her

    2. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear but you know sometimes things aren’t in our hands.. Will miss you

  6. Hi I am a silent reader but today I want to say all writers that they write awesome…. and ur epi wasn’t boring but it was really awesome….Sad to hear that u r leaving……Hope u come back soon…..Have a good future ahead…… GOOD BYE….
    Loads of love ???????????????????

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear. Bye..

  7. survi again u called urself a bad writer nd looser yrrr kitni baar bolun tu aise nhi h..tu bht special h mere liye hamare fights uske baad hamare pakki wali frndship aur main tujhe kabhi bhi nhi bhul sakti han u pagal jhalli h jo hamesha apne apko boring writer kehti h..lekin tu bht special h jaan.,.aur apne iss shyari se tune mere dil ko rula diya yrr main kitna roo rhi thi aur tera yeh wala ff main episode 1 se padh rhi hun par main registered nhi thi toh nhi comment kr payi but this is fantastic fabulous…love u…

    Doosti vo nhi jo jaan deti hai
    Doosti vo nhi jo muskan deti hai
    asli doosti vo hoti hai..
    jo pani mein gira aanso bhi pehchan…
    leti h..
    dekh teri habits agayi mujhme hahaha….anyways BEST OF LUCK for ur future hope tujhe jo bhi chahiye life mein tujhe mil jaye except sidhanth bcoz vo mera hai…hahahah…ajj tune mujhe bht emotional kar diya yrrr apne app tears aa rhe hai…plzz never forget me…jaan…I LUV U TO THE MOON ND BACK..ND I WILL ALWAYS MISS U MY SIYAPPA QUEEN CUM LOVER CUM AROHI CUM SURVI…….

    1. Kruti

      Thank you so much adeeba for understanding her…..nd haan bcoz of her many of them including u and me have got this habbit of shayaris…..Thank u for supporting her throughout the journey…..she’ll miss u too

    2. SiyappaQUEEN

      Sweetie your are so cute… ? I will also never be able to forget you bcaz we will be in contact na.? love you to thw core… Thank you

  8. Presha

    Hey survi u r an outstanding erittrr nd who said u r boating u r the best nd I m litrelly crying this time plz u really write very well plz donymt leave we Will miss u

    1. Kruti

      Hey Presha…..I so wish she couldn’t have left TU….but circumstances….can’t help….Nd pls dont cry….Hope u understand that this was d last option she had…..Thank u for always supporting her and encouraging her throughout her journey….And surely she will miss all of u

      1. Presha

        Yes dear I can understand nd my support is always with her.. Nd she is not a l9oser she is a winner

      2. SiyappaQUEEN

        Meli jaan tujhe kya bolun. You know most importantly I want to thank you and who else can be someone special other than you.

        Kruti thank you hamesha apne support ke liye. Thank you for providing me such a cute friend. Thank you for not leaving my side. Thank you for being with me. Thank you for listening to my boring talks. Thank you for reading all ff and os before posting. Thank you for appreciating me when I am right. Thank you for showing me right path when I did wrong. Thank you for standing with me till now. Thank you for everything. Thank you for entering my life. Thank you all the help which you did. I know I will never be able to thank you for the things that you did for me. Even thank you to the square of infinity would be less for thanking you meli jaan. But phir thank you thank you thank you so much. I am really so lucky and blessed to have a friend like you. You are my jaan. Bhagwan ko bhi jitna thank you bolun kaam hai. I know you told ki I can’t decide now what is best Bcaz it is start of my life but you know what you are the best. The bestest ever friend of mine. You know tum jiski bhi friend ho wo lucky hai. And I am glad I am one of them. Tumhari tareef toh likhte likhte ek pura episodes likh dungi yaar. I love you so much. Tum meli cutest bestest wali friend ho. Itni fight ke baad bhi hamara relation itna strong hai Infact after fights usse bhi jyada strong hota gaya. You know hamesha bolti hun na ki I am a looser but aaj bolti hun I am not… You know why? Bcaz I have you as my friend you are that gem. Jo jisko bhi mile lucky ho. You know most precious gem and most beautiful soul. I love you to the core. Thank you meli jaan. I know its less but phir bhi.

        Ga sakun apka nagma wo saaaz kahan se laun,
        Suna sakun kuch apko wo andaaz kahan se laun,
        Yun to chandani ki tarif karna asaan hai,
        Kar sakun aapki tarif wo alfaaz kahan se laun….

        You know what tum sa koi pyara koi masoom nahi hai kya cheez ho tum khud tumhe maaloom nahi hai….

        Meli jaan yaar I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then.

        Thank you so much don’t know phir yeh mauka mile na mile I mean in tellyupdates. You know tellyupdates ne mujhe sab kuch diya and most importantly you. Yaar never leave me warna I won’t be able to live. Bye….. ???

        Kadmo Ki Doori Se Dilon Ke Fansle Nahi Badhte,
        Door Hone Se Dil Ke Ehsaas Nahi Marte,
        Kuch Kadmon Ka Fansla Hi Sahi Hamare Beech,
        Lekin Aisa Koi Pal Nahi Jab Hum Aapko Yaad Nahi Karte!!!

        Thank you meli jaan…

    2. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear. I will miss you too. Thank you so much for supporting me. I also don’t want to leave you but you know Mann ka ho toh acha … na ho toh aur bhi acha … kyun ki woh bhagwan ki marzi hoti hai..
      Will miss you

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing awesome fabulous heart touching

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear

  10. Paavu

    Naji yeh nahi ho sakta nahi hk sakta yeh kyun rula rahi ho plss mat rulao na plssss bt u jave to I knw its tough decision bt ek baar try karna zaroor dun call itself loser again I m also leavinh tu and I knw wat u must be feelinh rt nw bt really I are u was and u ll always be my fav writer cos I fell in love wid ur bunny walla gf at frst sight so I cant frget u and ya I m also biding a bye to tu so bye to u too

    1. Ishu y r u quitting Tu…yrrr San ajj kal Tu Q chod the I m really feeling to cry…guys my exams r there so I can’t be a regular commentator

    2. SiyappaQUEEN

      Paavu please don’t pay any heeds to sia. Just ignore her. Thank you for your support. Love you to moon and back..

  11. Baby

    Yaar hadd hi ho gayi lover priya ki bachii….kitni baar mana karna padega kun looser kheti rheti hai yaar…..
    Kun…….matlab I wont talk to u agar aisaa kaha doobara. ….
    N srsly too lovely n cute n adorable emotional painful lovely ff it was….aarohi….I will miss u n ur shayris…..m soooo sorry I cant cmnt long pc kharab hai mumma ke phine se chupke se m cmnting…..
    Well love u….♥☆★♥☆★♥☆★♥☆♥☆★♥☆★♥☆★♥☆★♥☆★♥☆★♥☆♥☆★♥☆★♥☆☆★♥♥★☆★☆♥★☆★:) 🙂 🙂

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you Babydoll but I won’t miss you…?? bcaz you will be my friend always and forever. Right? If yes then never leave me.. Bye. Love you more meli jaan…
      Ek jaise dost sare nahi hote,
      Kuch hamare hokar bhi hamare nahi hote,
      Aapse dosti karne ke baad mehsus hua,
      Kaun kehta hai ‘taare zamin par’ nahi hote…..

      Love you so much…

      1. Baby

        awwwwww……..haan priyu never ever gonna leave u bt u still havent told me d rsn of u quitting tu n all………do tell me ohk darling…….love u……..n i also wont miss u coz ppl miss dose whom dey forget n m nt gonna forget u………♥♥

  12. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Yrr lover I m angry with you…. how can u say urself looser , u are a winner samjhi tu….
    Khabardar Jo ye kha ki tu hmme bore krti h apni writing we, u are The BEST THE BEST do u get it…..U are an excellent mind blowing awesome fabulous fantastic superb writer, and more than that u are the best person I ever came across…
    Tu toh hmari sayari Queen h yrr or hm apni sayari Queen ko kaise bhul sakte h…..Tu ne na sacchi kha m tujhe bilkul v miss ni karoongi kyuki miss to hum unhe krte h jinhe hm bhool PAYE….I can never forget u my lover my siyappa queen …..u know I have a dairy with all your beautiful sayari…..i loveeeeeeeee uuuuuu ssooooooooooo ssooooooooooo much….Though I m feeling like brusting out crying, but I won’t……
    I respect your decision…..Tere liye v ye dicision Lena bhut muskil rha hoga…. So for u I won’t cry and would bid you bye with a smiling face….
    Though it’s very difficult for me to smile BN right now…I wish to God that we meet some day…
    May God bless you with all happiness in this world And may your beautiful smile never fade away …..May u have a bright future ahead darling…… Good luck for your future…
    Keep smiling
    Loveeeeeeeee uuuuuu to infinity
    Can’t control my tears more If possible please be back yrrr…??????????????????????

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Amaya don’t know if You’ll see my reply or not. I hope yaar It will be possible that I won’t have to go but you know na what? Kuch logon se hum bewajah muskurakar milte hai … aur kuch logon se milkar hum bewajah hi muskura dete hai… And you’re one of them. Thank you for supporting me in my decision. Love you and will miss you. You will remain in my heart. Hamesha kyunki..

      Bhool Jaye Apko Koi Irada Nhi He
      Apke Siwa Kisi Aur Se Vaada Nhi He,
      Nikaal Dete Dil Se Shayad Apko,
      Magar Is Nadaan Dil Mai Darwaza Nai he…!

      Love you meri sweetie.??

    2. SiyappaQUEEN

      Am solly yaar I just saw your reply. I don’t have fb meri sweetie and about no. I can’t provide you here. Give me you email adress I will sent you a messaga.

      1. Amaya Bhardwaj

        Thanks for ur sayari jaan . ……….u know i am girl who rarely cry . ……Nd I cry for those only who have place in my heart nd jisse Mai dilse pyaar krti hoon …. Right now I am crying for u. ….Kuch log hote h jinsse hm thore waqt k liye milte h BT they stay in our heart and memory lifelong u are one of them my jaan ……I will misss u and u will alway be in my heart…..
        Nd tune mera email puchaa tha na it’s [email protected]
        I will be waiting for your message. … Loveeeeeeeee uuuuuu tooooo jaaaannnn….????????????????????? good luck for your future darling………

  13. Hey meri aaru/survi,
    May na tujhe chake bhi bhoolana paungi kyu ki teri jesi dost koi nai.Mere dil may teri jagah koi bhi nai le sakta kyu ki tu thi meri jhali si craziness queen aur hamesha rahegi.Yeh title kisi aur ko kabhi de nai paungi.Ruladiya seriously kaun kehta hae phir milenge bhi nai keh sakti.Ek baat kaan kol kar sun le the earth is round n the place which may seem like the end is a new begining.So we will meet again.Tujhe promise karti hu tujhe may kabhi nai bhulungi..yaado may zinda rakhungi..u know memories last forever never will it die,true frens stay together n never say gudbye.Tu meri true fren hae…so never say gudbye coz I will always be there with u like as a shawdow…Goodbye is just a formality but it simply means I will miss u until we meet again…Phir se mil lenge ek din…Aur yeh baat ache se dimaag may fit karlo U ARE A WINNER. LOSER TOH WOH HOTE HAE JO ZINDAGI SE HAR MANCHUKE HAE.Tum kabhi loser ho he nai sakti..mistakenly na tune ‘v’ ke jaghe par ‘s’ type kardiya…hah yehi hae.

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Aaku…yaar your words made me cry. I love you so much. Will surely meet once again but till then we will be in contact with email. Nhi? And I know you’ll always stay with me. I will not miss you because I won’t let you go. You’re so sweet. I hope you’ll read my reply. Thank you dear. And its true earth is round…. I love you so much..
      You know Kuch log aise hote hai joh dil ke band darwaze par dastak dete rehte hai … aur kuch log aise joh band darwaza dekhkar khidki se andar aa jaate hai… Jaise tu aayi. Will love you always be with me. Don’t go… I am not going to say goodbye but just a bye. Bcaz we will always be in contact I think so…

      1. Meri aru,
        Tera reply aur may na padhu kabhi hohe nai sakta…sry yaar tujhe rulane ke liye…Par may na tujhe bahat miss karne wali hu tu TU may hogi nai par msg karti rahungi kabhi toh tu TU on hogi na tab padna jarur…Love u too…may na unmay se hu jo kidki se andar ah jati hu woh toh hae…aur tu bhi kaam nai itni jaldi may tujhse ghulmil gayi pata he nai chala.Really I will miss u in TU.Aur gmail may toh of course baat hogi.May tumhe itni jaldi kese jane de sakti hu.

        Itni cute shayari.Hayee meri shayari queen.Aur I hope kyu we will surely be together infinite % guarentee.Dil may dimag may yaado may sab may tu he tu toh kese bhul jaun tujhe.Love u.

  14. Aur sunle u r an awesom writer…Talking about the epi it was marvelous…Twinkle ko cancer mujhe toh laga sad wala ending but u once again suprised me a happy ending…teri shayari ki toh baat he maat kar…muahh loved it aur kunj he was damn cute just love him…

    Hamara chat teri pagalpanti teri shayari teri ff os kabhi nai bhulungi aur yeh baat dimag may set karlo ki u r the most special fren I got in TU.Sach may u r the best…hum tumhe yaad na kare yesa kabhi nai hoga…

    In one point u would wanna give up but don’t do so coz u have miles more to go before u sleep.Just look n see how much u have travelled…I will always be there mixed in the crowd as ur well wisher…When u miss us just close eyes feel the cold breeze u would find the presence of us…it really does works…Try it…Love u miss u…BEST OF LUCK for the future…strive hard n I know u will do it…
    Bye aaru, we will meet again…

    Loads of love n support,

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Not in crowd you’ll be in my heart and mind always. I hope we will be together always to prove that our friendship is true one… Love you.?

      Kuch Raaz Ase Hote Hay Jinhe Hum Bol Nahi Sakte,

      Kuch Dil Ase Hote Hay Jinhe Hum Tod Nahi Sakte,

      Kuch Log Aap Jase Bhi Hote Hai Jinhe Hum Chod Nahi Sakte….

  15. This comment is deleted.

  16. Shalini15

    Survi meri jaan meri janeman firstly I’m really very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very sorry for late comment ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? nd now you have to say sorry for saying my favourite writer a looser… hoti kaun ho meri janeman ko looser kehne wali????????????dobara bola toh main bahot gussa ho jaungi ????????????????

    Yaar kitni baar bolun you are one of the best writer so please don’t say it again ????? nd about ff so it was awesome mind blowing fabulous superb episode. Full of suspense pain nd all. Loved it nd whole episode of this ff . I’ll miss your sayari??????????
    Love you my jaan ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  17. Ramya

    Hey queen
    Dis is not fair
    Tum aise rula tho naji sakti ho na
    U r very close to my heart
    N ur shayari dey r so spcl n awesome
    I love dem to core
    Today’s one also awesome
    Plsss try to no to end tu
    Plssxss dear dis journey is awesome
    Please try to not to quit tu
    Love u keep smiling

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