We will tie until we die by lover (episode 3)

Hllo gussaye ho? hona bhi chahiye….kuch jyada hi time ho gaya sab bhool hi gaye hoge i know..

Humse pucho kya hota hai pal pal bitana,
Bahut mushkil hota hai dil ko samjana,
Yaar zindagi toh beet jayegi,
Bus mushkil hota hai kuch logo ko bhul pana…



Twinkle is seen climbing down the stairs having in deep thought. She missed a stair and is about to fall from stairs when someone hold her hand and save her from falling.

This make her landed on boy. The boy is shown he is not other than handsome,dashing KUNJ. They share a cute and small eyelock which get broken by mahi.

She exclaimed,’WOW! what a romantic fim?’

This made twinkle to come out of dream and without even saying a word she just run off.

Kunj p.o.v.
What a girl? I helped her and she just run off without even giving a credit. And this silly idiot girl also has to come this time only. Kunj you are getting mad.

next scene,
Twinkle is seen weeping silently in her room when RT entered.

RT: Twinkle beta…
Twinkle: (wipping her tears so that rt cannot see) yes papa?
RT: why are alone here at your room?
Twinkle: nothing. Just i was feeling headache.
RT: wait. I will give you medicine and head massage.
Twinkle: no papa. Its not needed. I am fine.
RT: no princess you are not. let me do your massage.

Aa Ri Aaja, Nidiya Tu Le Chal Kahin
Udankhatole Mein, Door Door Door Yaha Se Door

RT is shown doing twinkle massage.

Mera To Ye Jivan Tamam
Mere Yaar Bhara Dukh Se
Par Mujhako Jaha Mein Mila
Sukh Kaun Bada Tujhse

RT: Twinkle why you were crying?
Twinkle doesnot replied and was just numb.
RT: what you thought princess? If you won’t tell then i can’t get to know? I am your papa i can sense everything whether its your sadness and happiness. So, please i request you to tell me are you upset because of Mahi?

Tere Liye Meri Jan, Zahar Hazar, Main Pi Lunga
Taj Dungaa Duniya, Ek Tere, Sang Ji Lunga
O Nazar Ke Noor
Aa Ri Aaja, Nidiya Tu Le Chal Kahin
Udankhatole Mein, Door Door Door Yaha Se Door

TWINKLE does not answered to which RT continued.

RT: I know you are upset because of Mahi. She said you something I know. I just wish twinkle you will get everything in your life Princess. I wish god will provide you all the happiness. If it can happen by taking my life then I will give it smilingly…..

Ye Sach Hai Ki Main Agar
Sukh Chain Tera Chahu
Teri Duniya Se Main Phir Kahin
Ab Door Chala Jaon

Twinkle started crying.
Twinkle: How can you even think of that papa. I can’t even imagine my life without you. Don’t even say that again. If anything happens to you then i will die. I can do anything for you. I love you Papa.

Nahiin Mere Daddy, Aisi Baat, Phir Se Naa Kahna
Rahega Na Jab Tu
Phir Mujhko Bhi Nahi Rahna
Na Ja Tu Hamse Door

RT: I love you too princess and i promise i will find the best groom for you.

And they share a cutee hug.

So guys don’t forget to tell your views about the episode. SORRY FOR BEING LATE. I MEAN HELL LATE. Love you all…

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  1. Presha

    5fabulous h but short bhi

    1. Thank you dear and i will try for longer ones.

  2. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Rt and Twinkle’s bond is so adorable 🙂 Loved it
    Mahi I just want to kill her she spoilt my Twinj’s moment 🙂
    Love you 🙂
    Post soon 🙂

    1. Thank you dear. I will post soon.

  3. Chiku

    Woaaaaaahhhh loved it????????????? nice
    Ur ff theme is like sanam teri kasam movie???
    Do post soon

    1. No dear its completely not like that. I will post soon. Thank you.

  4. SidMin23

    Good episode and love rt and twinkle bond

    1. Thank you dear…..

  5. Hey lover….wlcm back…and finally u post ur ff…..I missed u sooooo much……
    Its too good epi…. Mujhe lagta hay ki tumhara ff hi tu pe first ff hay jisme rt or twinkle ki bond itne adorable hay….love it very much… Plsss or ab tum dubara vanishe maat hona ok…post next epi soon… Luv u….

    1. No dear ab nhi hungi vanish hungi. Pakka. Love you. I will try to post soon.

  6. Kruti

    So finally post kiya…..Amazing epi loved d bond of rt nd twinkle
    Continue asap

    Loads of Love

    1. Thank you dear.

  7. gusha ansoo kai saath methgayain !!!hahaha love u !

    1. Thank god ki gussa beh gaya ?? love you too ?.

  8. Adya

    Wooooooow…aa Gyi..?
    Well that was outstanding… Rt and twinkle’s bond was superb…
    Post the next one soon.
    Loads of love

    1. Haan dear tumne miss nhi kiya phir bhi aa gayi. Love you.

      1. Adya

        Who told u .. miss ni Kiya..
        Buddhu girl !!!
        Love u too ..

  9. Ramya

    Hey lover
    It was superb I loved rt N twinkle Bonding

    1. Thank you dear. Love you.

  10. Short but aewsome….plzzzz make it bit long…

    1. Thank you and i will try….

  11. Aanya_pandey

    Aaww.. feelimg sad fr twinkle.. btw nice episode


    N your this episode was superb mindblowing… loved twinkle n rt bond… post next asap… waise bahot miss kiya tumhein aur tumhari pyari shayari ko
    I know you don’t know me actually I’m new here… was silent reader of all twinj ff n my name is Shalini.. you can call me Neha too… I’m 22 year college going girl n writing a ff too…
    Ba bye Love you….
    Once again Happy Birthday


  13. Baby

    ohhhooooo dekho toh kon aaya hai meri behna
    kahan se yaad aagyi hummari itne dino baad
    srsly it was soooooooo cute episode loved it
    twinj were cute n rt n twinkle bond was amazing best 😀
    love u lods♥♥♥

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