Will Swaragini go off air (appeal to the readers to watch show)

Shocked??I can tell u this is not going to happen in a few months but I wonder whether we will get to see swaragini for more than 2 months.With the show obtaining less trps,I just can’t believe that the show will continue for long.Some blamed IPL and some blamed exams for the low trps.But even after completion of IPL and exams,we are still around 2-2.2 trp.Why so?Friends please do watch Swaragini.We may have thousands of complaints against the story,but we should have atleast one reason to watch the show.Swaragini managed to win awards in CGPA but not in ZeeGold.I don’t have any idea about these partiality concepts etc….But the thing is it will be very difficult for us to make our stars win in the next season of CGPA.The rising fame for Kasam is really bothering me.Are we fit enough to compete with Rishi-Tanu fans?I mean to say that we are not united.Kasam viewers support only Rishi and Tanu.But Swaragini viewers always fight over Swasan and Raglak whish is going to cost us ultimately.Did u all see yesteday’s poll in Telly updates page?Friends,we have to be careful atleast from now.We surely have to increase the trps.Remember,Swaragini was once the No 1 show on Indian Tv.I literally beg you to save Swaragini.Stop fighting.Join hands and bring our Swaragini’s power back.Will you?

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  1. God…u shocked me,swaragini should not end.we will watch it

    1. Janani

      Very good ,ask them to end the idiotic ongoing track then the serial will get viewers.

  2. Eva

    U gave me a shock..i read the words OFF AIR….and noooo..nehi..naa…yeh nehi hosakta…i don’t watch Swaragini on tv nowadays…par abse roz dekhungi…for sure….

  3. both swasan and raglak fan should come forward to save swaragini …….I just love swaragini ….

  4. pls swasan n raglak fans…pls watch the show…begging u…i only love dis show

  5. My wish is contrary. I wish that the show go off air as soon as possible as l haven’t watched any show which have so much of negativity. Writers are worse in prseen ting story with two couples. Causing fans to within themselves and innocent actors to be bashed. So l really wish they go off air.

    1. Shonali

      Exactly. CV’s couldn’t create a balance between the couples plus when there are two main couples instead of one the fan base tends to get divided.
      The poll about the track going on is an example and talking about the negativity, well problems never seem to end and the character shaping…uh-oh..They destroyed Ragini’s character, making her evil all of a sudden, then back to normal without a proper track.
      Then there’s Pari, the sweet innocent Bhabhi turned out to be evil and jealous type.
      And the show isn’t living upto its title. Its “Swaragini” not “SwaSan”
      No offence meant but guys seriously, SwaSan always got more limelight than RagLak, their story is more logical than RagLak’s.

  6. they are not giving importance to title!! if it’s swasan than its OK but it’s swaragini no importance for ragini!!

    they never showed raglak track properly, sudden love track,marriage still they create magic with their chemistry

    I don’t have any problem with swasan infact I like them but whenever I watched the show it depicts clear partiality

    1. Shonali

      Totally in agreement with you. ?

  7. Shocking news
    I don’t want kasam to beat swaragini

  8. Priya

    Ur right.. we should unit hands and make swaragini no. One again…actually fighting for raglak and swasan is waste of time instead we should increase trp for watching both the pairs…

  9. no never..its very nice show…my swasan and raglak 😉 😀

  10. Yes definitely Zee Gold awards has done a lot of partiality…like how can akshara and naitik get best jodi award while Swasan couldn’t…come on at least Ishra could have own as they r very popular after Swasan…

    The CVs haven’t been able to do justice to the show’s title like ‘Swaragini- Jodein rishton ke sur’ but all we saw was 2 sisters fighting always…and if swara vs ragini fights were not enough, now there is world war 3 going on between couple fights…

    I ll just say calm down people, they r fictional characters and don’t bash someone real for some reel characters…
    Yes we should bash CVS for their illogical way of showing the drama but if they could have handled the 4 leads in a same way like EHMMBH then m damn sure coupled with the amazing talent of the ‘Fab 4’ Swaragini would be ruling the trp charts…

    But sorry dear l was once a big time fan of the show…l m not a couple freak but yes m a big time mad fan of HelTej…loved them to the core till date… I think because of these 2 dearies l was ready to bear all sorts of nonsense crap too that the CVs threw on our face…but now my patience level had completely gone overboard with the show and the continuous fights…hence l have stopped watching it since January 2016 and l won’t watch it anymore again as it has simply lost its essence for me…

    I m really sorry for hurting any fans with my views…really sorry but it’s just my pov…so just ignore my comment if u disagree!!!
    Have a great day?

  11. Sriranjani

    Over react karnekki zaroorat nahi………………. all of them watching Swaragini in all languages and Everyone loves this show……………..Sooo plzzzzzz Let it be……………..Swaragini will take time to go off-air……………………..So just Be cool.

  12. Jwala

    no yaar.. swaragini will not end in coming future.. it is still in top 10.. and it is an RS show and colors channel love this show.. it will not go off air.. and awards is never matter.. trp of swaragini is still good. . but I wish the show go off air because people are fighting for swara and ragini.. helly and tej getting bashings . Helly is bashed very brutally. . fans are being negative. . they couldn’t differentiate reel and real. though I love this show I want it go off air for this reason and hell, teju, namish and varun should get some other show as single leads.. I never want them work together. .

  13. yes i will watch swaragini

  14. Anaita

    If they ll show this crap than i ll pray that it should end asap…
    And dear people just dont fight over raglak or swasan.. They fight over Tejaswi, Helly, Raglak, Swalak, Ragsan & Swasan! To maintain the TRP we 6 groups need to join the hands… The most imp is that cvs arent giving any importance Raglak… Namish is the most neglected one and than comes Tejaswi… Hope you understand my pov…

    1. Shonali

      Hell yeah! ?
      When the fan base is divided it surely creates a lot of problems.

  15. Kalpana

    Swaragini would run well if they revamp… Leap with kids… Ragini’s adopted kid and own kid… Swara’s kid… Then it’s TRPs will boost 🙂

  16. I think before begging to fans you should beg to CV to make the track worth watching because the woman who is in the age of becoming NANI is becoming mother
    And most importantly what type of memory loss is this that she even realized that sanky shot but couldn’t realize whom he shot
    And stop being jealous from TANSHI fans because there is no comparison between swaragini and kasam both are different shows their storyline is also different
    No doubt I was the biggest fan of season and raglak but it is really a misfortune that CV has lost their viewers
    Sorry if I have hurt someone but it’s just my POV

    1. Shonali

      I don’t think that Sumi getting pregnant in wrong. Ladies of Sumi’s age get pregnant, they can get pregnant and its normal unless and until they are ppl like Dadi and the Maheshwari ladies who are against such idea.
      And about Swara’s memory loss, I think that its the trauma that she faced due to what happened, the thing is that such a misunderstanding could be avoided if her family would have at-least told her that Sanskar shot someone in order to protect her not to kill someone. No need to tell her about her marriage but they could at least clear Swara’s misunderstanding about Sanskar being a murderer.

  17. Kaynatk01

    noo i will not this happen plzwatch it giyz

  18. Neera

    For a second my heart beat skipped… u shocked me… !! Swaragini is one of d best serials….

  19. shocked by seeing it off air… but time god its nt .. the show will not go off air because its gaining more popularity and even in tamil also its started nw.. its superb serial.. dont say like that its go off air….

  20. What is the use of uniting now???? I request all not to show because there is no importance to ragini if trip raise now ,then CVS won’t concentrate on ragini any more.
    I think and wish to have an end for this show instead of giving bl**dy importance to season instead of raglak.

  21. Show has the name swaragini and al about swasan…raglak is just get neglected always..always partiality between ragini and swara. If cvs give equal importance to both leads swaragini can again come back…first give justice to all

  22. It wont get air off

  23. Meher

    Yeah currently the fans are walking on this path which will lead to its closer..
    Swasan fans don’t watch cz there is no swasan scene…. N Raglak fans don’t watch this cz it has swasan scene….

    Wait then what are they showing dp ap… N shemish… Lol…

    I am a loyal viewer N will continue to watch it… Cz show rahega tabhi raglak or swasan scene milenge…. Varna koi new serial milega!!!

    1. Ha agree with you but I don’t think it will get air off

      1. Meher

        Anything will happen… We all know about battamiz dil how good that was bt cz of trp it got converted into Web series… N now dehliz.. I know it is a finite show but its wrapping up in a few months… Only cz of trp…

      2. Hope for the best

    2. Exactly meher ….. I’m too a loyal fan of swaragini just like you 🙂

  24. Anu can you tell me about swaragini in Tamil means which channel time i am a malayalee I would like to watch it from starting and mission episodes too plssssss

    1. Rajtv at 7pm

  25. Oh please don’t worry swaragini is not going to end as it was the best and will always be…. But I literally beg… Not only myself but many ppl….. Why aren’t they telecasting the repeat of swaragini at 6.00 pm like before ?? Many ppl like us who have to go to clg nd couldn’t watch it in the night could be able to watch it only in the evening right ! So plzzz CVS retelecast the show at 6.00 pm (evening)

  26. i really think it should go off air bcus their are alots of psycho jabra fans who are verbally abusing teja namish helly varun and dhania too it’s not good u know these are also the people like us which deserve to be appreciation not comparison:(

  27. Please don’t stop this show.because I love this show very much

  28. It is one of tha most quiet serial so pls continue this serial

  29. Gold petal award its really shame best serial nd jodi worst.. So dat award I really mind it. am a real fan of șwasan bt am regularly watch swaragini nd enjoyed both swasan nd raglak.. Bt some idiot fans or page mem liga hei if their is no swasan or raglak don’t watch these bakwas lok ke vachak se ye sab huva they insult real person.. Hw cruel.. Mainly Helly nd teju.. My favorite serial in colors is swaragini nd am always watch it..

  30. No no. I am really shocking to hear the word of off air. Pls pls don’t stop this serial. Its a request. May be they try to stop this serial bcos of divided fans. They always bash all the actors especially Helly. But pls fans don’t bash the actors real life. They are total difference in b/w reel or real. You can bash the fictional characters but not once real life. And may be I thought there is no one track that is swasan track is only going. But always Raglak track is also going. Its clearly shown in episodes. I mean there is a difference b/w swasan bcos of memory loss. Raglak they are trying to help mother&father which may make the differences b/w them.(as per some sites future updates). So pls track is going good b/w the two couples. So pls fans watch Swaragini and save the trp pls.

  31. Show going off air?? I dont think so thats going to happen!! Its a rashmi sharma show and we can trust er in d fact that shez known to run her shows for long and long, as long as even a decade jus lyk saath nibhaana satiya and sasurak simar ka!! Lol!! When she can run a show with worlds stupidity lyk sasural simar ka then y nt swaragini?? And yea i adore varun from since humse hain life and na aana iss des laado days, so am nt at all against swasan, But yea d mst neglected character of d show is namish followed by tejaswi!! When show is titled to be swaragini, Swara and ragini both shudb given imp which i think d Writers forgot!! Anyways oly they knw y such a partiality!! Raglak makes a cute pair too,they deserve a chance too yar!!

    And whats wd dat stupid memory loss track?? Am a medicine student, whenever im watchng episodes these days, i wonder frm wer did they get such foolish thout??? I mean we all laugh over whats happening over there on d screen, there is ntng lyk forgetting a single person, if she had amnesia for a particular period dat means she shudnt remember even ragini and shekar being her dad, y oly sanskar???

    Please end this irritatng track and show us a better one!!

  32. off air no chance!!RS ll not do that atleast not before 3years.
    but seriously its tough competition.not only kasam nw shakti also is there.vivian-rubina great fan following..
    &its rule every chanel promote there best couple.this year thy hv swasan,nxt year colors thmselvs gv it eithr to tanu rishi or harman soumya..

  33. OMG!!!! it should not happen

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