Will the stone seek revenge????? Prologue

Hello everyone. Guys i am trying something very new… i m gonna write a mystery story… hope u all will support me… it will have about 10-12 chapters….
So today i m just going to give u an intro….

The story is devil stone…
The devi stone is a beautiful yellow diamond that was stolen from the statue of a devil god in india. When a man gifts it to his friend…on her b’day it brings bad luck with it….
How many people will the devilstone hurt? How many people will die before the diamond’s revenge is completed….???

Character sketch…
Swara: a sweet , bubbly girl…. she is soon going to be 18 … lives with her mother…. is amongst the richest person…
Sumi: a single parent of swara…. has worked very hard…. and is very successful…. has a best friend sujata.
Sujata: sumi’s best friend… loves her a lot..m has a son laksh… and is married to mr. Abelwhite.
Mr. Abelwhite: sujata’s husband. Is a rich man.
Laksh: sujata ‘s son…. has a secret crush on swara… is a flirt and a spoilt brat.
Col. Herncastle: sumi’ s cousin….sumi hate her……. is a corrupt army officer..
Gabriell: sumi’s head servant.
Penelop- gabriell s daughter is a servant too.
Sanskar: swara’s best friend… is an adventurer… he too likes swara a lot..is very close to her….. is a relative of herncastle…
These r some of the characters…..
The story is in england…. sumi with swara is living there….

I am writing to u ,the family,from india to explain why i m no longer friendly with my cousin hercastle.
He and i were here with british army. We were staying near the palace near seringapatnam. There were many mysterious stories about the place. One of the wildest stories was about the yellow diamond. It was once part of statue of devil god and it was guarded day and night by 3 indian priests. But a 100 yrs ago it was stolen and brought to palace. Herncastle was amongst the few men who thought the story to be true. On 4th may the army attacked palace. On the night of attack i found herncastle in one of the rooms… he was having a blo*dy knife in his hand. Lying across the entrance were 2 dead bodies. As one of them was dying . He hooked at him and said :
” the devil stone will have its revenge on u and urs”
At that moment the room filled with more men,the fighting went on amd i didnt see my cousin until next morning.
“Tell me” i said “how did the man died”.. he replied..”i am as strange as u r to this”…
I knew he was lying and from that day… i broke all my ties with my brother…. and we r strangers ……..
Will the devil stone return?????????

There will be many romantic scenes too… a sorry to ragini fans……I will be starting from tomorrow….. if u people like it..and dont forget to give views.. both postive and negative r welcomed…

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  1. Zuha Fatima

    Nice concept and a different one…very nice…continue with it…

  2. Nice hope it’s swasan

  3. Deeksha

    gud one …..and interesting……

  4. Hey, this is the same story as that of the novel moonstone. Are u copying it???

  5. Interesting

  6. awesowe yaar

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