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The slap was from non other than Mr. shekhar

Swara was seeing him with bloodshot eyes.

She see him and say , how dare you to slap me.

Shekhar :- you blo*dy .. he say with ragefull voice how dare

You to hurt my daughter. How could you do this.

Swara :- waah now she is your daughter and me. You were

Ranting mantra swara you are our sona .. now seeing your lovely

Daughter in tears you forget your sona. Wahh

Sumi :- shut up. You are not my daughter my never Can do such

Things. You unluckly girl that’s why your parents have thrown you

You out. I hate myself for calling you my daughter. Just get lost.

In this some was smirking .

Who is that ?

Sanskar I am marrying just because of my little sis. Otherwise

I have killed with my hands.

Saying this he take ragini with him.

Everyone left her.

She sat there crying on the floor. Shekhar and sumi words were

Ringing in her mind.

After sometime engagement was done none was happy .

Like this days were passing swara was very upset with everyones behavior . but thinking some thing she make herself strong.

She was thinking then her phone ring.

Seeing caller id.

She smile soo brightly seeing the id

Swara take the call heloo love . how are you. You forget


Other side:-

Swara :- awww me too. After this work is done . I will

Come to met my love.

Other side :-

Swara :- love you too.

Saying this she cut the call.

This all was listen by someone.

Who is love any guesses?

Who has listen her talking ?

After talking to that person she felt relief.

That person who listening come to her and jerk her hands

Up and say what the hell . you love some then why you are

Destroying my daughter life.

Yes that person is non other than sarmistha.

Swara was not understanding. What happening.

What she is saying .

Listening her shouting everyone come to her room.

They ask what happen.

Sumi say this characterless girl love someone else. And

Marrying my daughters love.

What you want money, then take it and leave please let my family leave in peace.

Swara was shocked. Seeing her hatred she was feeling like

Killing herself.

But she ran from there to near park it was afternoon time.

No one bother to see her. They left for their own work.

But someone call a person and say _”muted convo”

Saying that person left.

Now it was dinner everyone was having non was having

Little concern for her. They completed their dinner.

They were going to room when they saw swara coming in

Very bad condition. Her clothes were torn their was mud all

Over her body . seeing her condition it very bad she was not able to walk. Her foot was injured. Her body was having a blazer.

She left to her room .

Open the door. And goes in washroom . sit under the shower.

She rub her body with full force. She crying like hell.

He was thinking


She goes to park sit on the bench and was crying listening her

Own mother.

After crying she felt relief she stand up to go home.

And see it was night . she stand start moving

When she was going she see some mens were following

Her. She is not scared kitten to get scared. She see her hand

And remember she has not taken her phone.

She hit her head for her carelessness.

She start to run but they catch her. She start to fight with them

That time one of the man phone was ringing he recive the call

And say ma’am your work will be done. We will kill her before we

Will satisfy ourself. don’t worry.

Otherside :- do whatever you want but just kill her .

She was shocked someone has hier them to kill her.

She was numb.

After sometime she see them approaching to her she run from there .in this process her dress is torn and due to falling her foot get sprain and they catch her .

She pleaded them to leave her. She will give more money. But leave her.

They say you can give money you cant give girl like you .

Swara ok you want to kill me right before that tell me the person name who have given you contract to kill me.

They were seeing her life sometime before she was pleading now

She is ordering them.

One man :- this is you last wish I will definitely full fill it.

Her name is Ragini Garodia.

Swara was like how can a girl can do this another girl.

She know don’t like her . on engagement only she came

To know. But she never expected that someone can like


Men were coming near her they were going to touch her.

But someone came and rescue her. But she was standing

Blank .

The men ran from there to save their life.

Man turn to her seeing her condition he remove his coat and

Make her wear.

He shake her.

Teddy teddy but no respone she start moving he was following her . she go to maheswari house.

Flashback end.

She is just crying after sometime she fresh up and come out

And take her cell and see 90 missed call from 2 numbers.

Ohh shit I forgot about him. What he is doing here.

She call him and shoot her question.

And tell him something he was not agreeing but she make him agree.

She go to sleep after talking to another person.

Next day

Bright morning let see what this morining has stored for them.

Everyone was in hall garodia ‘s also. They don’t what happen in night .

Swara came down in full sleeves suit. Looking very preety.

She came and sit with everyone and say

She said I know no one likes me nor I like you guys.

You don’t want this marriage to happen . so this marriage

Will not happen.

Everyone was shocked. Like yesterday she was like she will marry sanskar at anycost and now she backing .

Sanskar :- is this any sort of joke of your it is ridicules.

Swara :- Mr. Maheswari it not a joke. Now I don’t want to marry you.

Sanskar was happy. But some thing click in his mind and speak

And uttu are our property.

Swara was laughing . she control her laugh and said I don’t want your property Mr. Maheswari I have 5 times more property than yours. And its only mine, mine hardwork. I never take a penny which is not mine. And never leave things which is mine.

Saying she was going there was a call seeing the id .

She recive the call.

Swara :- hello love. Hows my baby.

Op :-

Swara :- I will be coming in some days. Tell your parents.

Saying the phone is cut.

Everyone has listen her talk. Everyone was seeing her with

Question like who was the person . but our swara in not bound to

Give answer to anyone.

Sanskar was seeing her keenly he was some spar in her eyes. And so much of happiness. While talking. After talking her eyes again become like ice. Where no emotion exist.

Sumi :- shona with whome you were talking.

Swara was not seeing her.

Shekher :- swara she is asking you something.

Swara :- and I am not answerable to you people . what relation you have with me. No relation remember you only said.I am repeating your words Only. I will take leave .

She left .

Now everyone was there ap spoke ” ji I was thinking why not we go to our kuldevi madir . such a big mess is been over “.

Dp :- yes . you are right. Tomorrow we all will go. Shekhar ji would you like to come.

Shekhar :- why not definitely. My whole family will come.

Ladies let do the preparation for tomorrow .

Sanskar :- dad I will be not able to come there is some important


Dp ok.

Ragini :- ma I will also not come tomorrow there is seminar in our college .

Sumi :- ok. You be here . and if sanskar need anything. You can help him.

Ragini blushes and go from there.

Swara was seeing all this from up.

She spoke to herself.

” this family is not for me. I was never made to live with them.Sometime some hidden secrets are made to be hidden. If that truth came out then this family will break . I don’t want that . but you will get punishment for making me away from my family .

But I am happy I have my own family whom I can call mine.

She open her phone and see a pic and say I miss you.

I will be back in some days. And miss me.

She leave from there.

This was heard by sanskar and Ragini .

Sanskar say to ragini is she hiding some thing from us.

I fell like she good but something make her do like this with us.

God knows. But I will find out.

He goes from there.

Ragini POV

Swaraa swaraa you are becoming big threat in my life.

I was thinking you will go and I will live with sanskar happily but see what you have done. I have so many things to make you bad.

In your engagement I take risk of my life and put fire in my own room. And said dadi ma to blame you. It was going to perfect everyone was hating you. I thought you will live after this much happen with you. But no you were not going so I thought to finish you. Send those goons to kill you. Again you were safe.

But god listen to me he is sending away from my family . but but again you are coming in my way. Sanskar was attracted towards you yes I have seen in hospital he was so restless seeing you in that state. He was falling in love with you. But how I let my sanskar go. So I made all this plan with dadi ma. Then she told me you the girl in childhood whome sanskar liked. You were yes

You have hold his hand not me. That raise my anger more to make you away ffrom my family . this is my family not yours.

Dadi doesn’t love you that why I childhood she has thrown you.

But you were alive . she thought you died. She don’t like you because you ressemble to maa . yes hates maa but because of dad she tolerate her. When we were born she like me because I was jist like dad but you were like maa she thaught to kill you.

And did that. But you got saved. And now I think you came to know the truth but you don’t want to say but I know sanskar he will find out. To safe myself I have to make you more bad. And I have an idea.

Tomorrow will be worst day of your life Ms. Swara Bose.

Get ready .

She left from there saying all this.

But some has listen her .

Who is that ?

next day everyone left for temple .

in evening sanskar came ragini gave some water and left.

Ragini now swara you can’t snatch my sanskar in some times

I will be his in all means.

She goes to her rooms.

Swara came and go to her room fresh up. And get a call of lawyer

He say her to come tomorrow with Mr Maheswari. She said ok.

After changing in shots and shirt. She tought to tell sanskar about

Tomorrow meeting. She goes towards his room. And knock

But no response she go inside and she what she see she is shocked .

And scream aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Listening her shout sanskar see towards her . and lost I her.

And swara close her . eyes.

She say before doing this you have close the door.

Sanskar:- ohh now its my mistake .you could have leave sseing me like this. But see you standing here.

Swara :- ohh Mr don’t fly high . first wear your clothes I want to talk something important.

Sanskar take his clothes and go to washroom. Guys sanskar was in towel when swara enter. That’s it nothing else .

When sanskar go he felt like something is happening to him

His muscles were doing hip hop dance.

Other side ragini was coming to his room wearing a s*xy dress which is till her thigh

But but her friend tell her that today is birthday party of their some is she coming she thought for sometime and said ok. And left.

For party . she said not today then tomorrow you will be mine sanskar .

In Mansion there is only swara and sanskar no one else.

Swasan side

Sanskar came out of washroom and see swara facing her back to him. She is seeing some thing . its ragini and his picture.

He goes to her and back hug her. She stumble due to sudden force and see towards sanskar and she smile seeing him.

And lean back to his chest.

Sanskar :- jaani am sorry . for everything now talk to me.Yaar

Its killing me. You can forgive your love not me. That not fair.

Swara :- smile seeing his antic.but she spoke non.

Sanskar :- enough of your silent treatment . now speak. I will give you chocolate.

swara eyes shine listening the word chocolate .

she said ok first give me the chocolate.

he go near drawer and bring a chocolate and give it to her. and say take.

she take the chocolate and see the name  its “KISS ME” as this words came out from her mouth .

sankar take her lips in his for beautiful kiss. which was of fear, lonliness, love. trust many more emotions.

swara was shocked with sudden kiss when sanskar bit her lips she came in sense. she smile and participate in the liss.

both were kissing like there was no tomorrow.


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