What will be Rudra and Soumya love story ?


As we know that all the three leading ladies of Om, Shivaay and Rudra have made an entry in the show.
Love story of Shivaay and Anika is going in full swing and the love story of Ishaana and Omkara has also started, everyone is waiting for Rudra love story to start. But the problem is its not possible to show 3 love stories in half an hour. So I think we have to wait some time to see the love story of Rudra and Soumya.
I personally think that Rudra and Soumya have a better chemistry than of Shivaay-Anika or Om-Ishaana. I am wondering that how the love story of Rudra and Soumya will start? Rudra is a casanova who goes behind hot and s*xy girls, while Soumya is a typical girl next door. Where will they meet and how they will start liking each other?
This is just my guess on how their story will be, u all can take it as a fan fiction:

So Soumya will be a new girl in Rudra’s college and will be a friend of Rudra’s girlfriend who is a typical hot bimbo.
By this Soumya will come close to Rudra and they will become close friends and start liking each other. Rudra and Soumya will start a relationship, while Rudra will not take the relationship seriously and will no think about any commitment, Soumya will truly start loving Rudra. But Rudra will leave Soumya, and Soumya will be heartbroken. After leaving Soumya, Rudra will realise that he is also in love with Soumya and this time she will reject her. Rudra will try to convince Soumya that he truly loves her but Soumya will not listen to him. Rudra will wonder why Soumya is not listening to him and will come to know that Soumya is suffering from some kind of disease and can live for only few more years. Rudra will take care of him in her last few days. soumya will ask Rudra that her last wish is that she wants Rudra to be responsible and independent.After Soumya’s death, Rudra will mature and become indepependent.

so guys, how do u all find this story, do u think something like that happen in the serial ? Do tell me if u have any guesses how Rudra and Soumya love story be.

Credit to: Luna

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  1. HarSHaN

    Gud thinking,Luna..I think as like as ur thinking,it comes..
    I think it seems maybe Rudra was mature n independent before he meets Soumya

  2. Sriranjani

    You was rght Soumya is studying in the same college where rudra was studying

  3. good thinking lets watch what will be the actual story

  4. If u are going to start their relationship like this as u said in the artical then souyma should stay in the serial not go away from rudra life.

  5. Omg thank God it’s not real story, the last twist literally took my breath for a moment….

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