I will punch you hard – OS

” Thank you so much for the love , care and affection that you had given me . I am grateful for the things you have done for Sahil and me . I apologize if I had accidentally hurted anyone of you and i can guarantee that I didn’t do anything intentionally . Remember Mrs. Oberoi ( looking to Pinky ) , if she was my mother the one whom you asked to be then I wouldn’t be leaving from here. I have some self respect with me and I won’t let anyone of you ruin me again so much . Bye to everyone and don’t expect me to return to this house again ever ”
Anika held Sahil’s hand tightly and started walking towards the exit door of mansion but she stops hearing Pinky.
” What is my fault in it ? If nainthara is not her mother then someone like her only would have given birth to this girl . I am happy at last I got rid of this one ” Pinky realise it that she has said it audible for everyone to hear it and then try to act like nothing happened but turn to find a Anika whose eyes are blood shot.
” Not a word more about my mother from your mouth . Shut up and don’t think I will hear and stand still ” Anika roared and went to pinky and gave her a tight slap , everyone was shocked to the core but the slap was justified because Pinky deserved it for her deeds and then Anika angrily said stressing her each word ” You yourself asked for this so don’t blame me and I have never ever seen a person like you in my life I wonder whether you are human being at all. I don’t pity you I pity Shivaye because what he have is not a mother. If that Nainthara was my mother too I would have bear her but not a person like you. I had never kept hatred for anyone and it is you whom I hate the most in this world. Atleast that Nainthara’s helpness made her do that but what about you ?”


Nainthara receives Pinky’s call asking her to act as Anika’s Mother and she will give her money. Nainthara agreed and called Shivaye asking him why he asked her to call him . He said it is for something important and ask her to meet him in a place . Nainthara meets him there and mentions Anika’s name. While Nainthara act to shed her tears and get surprised when Shivaye says she is alive .
Nainthara eagerly says she wants to meet her but Shivaye stops her saying he have to confirm it. Nainthara gets frightened a little and Shivaye ask her why did she left Anika in the orphanage . She makes up a story that Her life was in dangerous she didn’t want Anika’s life to be so thinking of her future she dropped her there and after some years when she came back she learnt Anika has left and after failed attempts of trying to find her she believed she lost Anika forever. She starts crying and Shivaye thinks not to delay and takes her to Oberoi Mansion while Pinky calls out everyone saying that there is happy news and everyone assembles and Pinky says that Shivaye is coming with Anika’s mother . Anika was shocked to the core and were angry before she could say anything she finds Shivaye and Nainthara making their way. Anika shouts ” Stop there both of you , this is not my mother and my mother will never return ever and Shivaye I didn’t expect this from you ” her words start to choke and Shivaye try to explain but Pinky interprets them and says ” Wow Anika , now you are telling this to your own mother just because you know her truth that she is a pr*stitute “.
Everyone was shocked and were looking at Nainthara now but question raised from​ Om for his chote ma ” how do you know that she is …” Pinky while stammering said ” Everyone knows it nah , she was all over newspaper ” .
Anika started to break down and Shivaye couldn’t bear it he slowly tried to go there but she give him a disgusting look and moves from there. Shakti asked Nainthara what he heard was true .
Nainthara gave a glance to Anika and then folding her hands she said ” I m sorry Anika and sorry to you Shivaye . I lied to you all because your mother asked me to ” Everyone again get shocked and it was Pinky who started shivering thinking that Nainthara will tell everything and she says ” what are you saying ? Now you both mother and daughter are playing games , now you are blaming me . When did I call you ? “. Nainthara gave a death glare to her and says I don’t need your cheap money and I came to give you this saying so she goes to Pinky and give her a slap and tells ” this is for taking Advantage of me being a pr*stitute . It is my helplessness that I am doing this. My father was a alcoholic and he died with so much debt . My mother is held capitivated by their men until I pay it back I have to do whatever they say else they will kill my mom . No women wishes to do something like this ever. I am sorry and Anika , I don’t wish to punish you and this man ( pointing to Shivaye ) he loves you a lot he just want to give you the love that you lost in your childhood . Bye for now ” Nainthara silently leaves from there crying and everyone get back to Pinky . Shivaye is hell shocked and is finding hard to say ‘Mom’ . Just then Anika storms from there to Room and comes with her suitcase .

*Flashback ends*

Pinky looks down and is about to say something when Shivaye shouts ” not anything against Anika mom , I feel so ashamed to call you that. How can you stoop this low for like this . What harm did Anika caused you ? I can’t stay in the same roof as you do , bye ” Shivaye holds Anika’s Hand and with guilt in his eyes looks at her and says ” I am very sorry Anika , I shouldn’t have done it ever . I can’t live without you , I will come with you Anika wherever you are going I would be there with you too. ” Pinky started crying and but Shivaye pays no heed to them and leave with Anika and Sahil from Oberoi Mansion .
I know this is not my kind of story but after that episode where Pinky hires Nainthara I wanted to punch her hard but it’s not possible . I was thinking how can a mother be like . I was so hell angry and to calm myself I wrote it. Tell me your views about the story as well as Pinky . I hate you Pinky ! Thank you for reading ?


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  1. AMkideewani

    Superb my dear sista?????, beautifully written OS and I would love to kick Pinky’s ass???

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you so much Sam , love you sissy and happy that you liked it. Yes , Pinky is a human devil .

      1. AMkideewani

        Love you too❀

  2. Shaani

    Superb… I wish this happen in the serial also..but I know it won’t happen.. But ur story is soo nice… ? well done.. Keep writing ?

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you Shaani so much , yes even I wish something like this happens . Glad that you liked it , it means a lot to me dear πŸ™‚

  3. Anu16

    Nice one…loved the title…

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you Anu , happy to know that you liked the title πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  4. awesome amazing mindblowing wonderful fanboulous no words to say i wish it really happens in ishqbaaz and pinky deserved her slap very nice really well written i am die hard fan of ib and this is osmething i was looking to read

    1. Thedreamsoul

      I don’t have words to thank you dear , thank you so much and as I said I badly wanted something like this to happen.
      Happy to know you liked the story as well as my writing dear , it means a lot to me .

  5. Ahaana

    It was amazing dear…

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you Ahaana di , happy that you liked it πŸ™‚

  6. Awesome.

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thanks Debdutta πŸ™‚

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you Aisha πŸ™‚

  7. That was quite a PUNCH ?! Pinky auntyji ki toh Oh My Mata hogai ?????
    Awesome os dear? .

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you so much Sofiya dear , yes but she needs more . I don’t even want to call her aunty ! Glad that you liked it πŸ™‚

  8. wow sana dr its good even i want to punch her hard

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you so much Shabnam , it means a lot and glad that you liked πŸ™‚ . Everyone wants to , you know she is so cruel !

    2. im not shabnam but im shabana

      1. Thedreamsoul

        Tons of Sorry Shabana , I just saw this now ! But I don’t know from where did this Shabnam come from ! Sorry again ?

  9. Nice one…

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thanks Zaveesha dear , glad that you liked it πŸ™‚

  10. Amazing

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you πŸ™‚

  11. AditiB

    Wooowwwww yr…did justice to Annika….Thank you so much for imagining this and writing it out….I really wanted an OS like this….amazing…I’m loving it and wonder if this happens in the real track…there would be sky soaring TRPs hehe….

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Hey Aditi dear ,thank you so much . Love you and yeah happy to know you liked it . Yes if they show something which have sense then they wouldn’t have to suffer the loss of Trp rate . I don’t know whether It will happen or not but I don’t want Shivaye and Anika to be separated or maybe Pinky to be successful in her cheap plan . Thanks again ???

  12. Pinky deserve s it.. But other family member s dont .. But really nice..

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you dear , yes Pinky deserved this and I want to give her more such is the thing that she had done . Glad that you liked it πŸ™‚

  13. feeling is mutual…i really hate pinky right know…can she be more cruel??…i for one wanna see annika giving back answer to pinky this time…loved this os….i guess sabke maan ke baat keh di aapne…?!

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Hey rockstar , haha yeah everyone is wishing for the same . I have never ever seen someone do like this , after all isn’t she a mother. Yes like you I want Anika to reply back and thank you so much for reading and commenting as well .

  14. Fenil

    Impressed wid ur work.
    Nice story
    i also loved your OS tellyupdate lovestory. I had read when that post but due exams timing i didn’t comment sorry Sana Dii for that act alsoo.

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Hello my new friend Fenil bhaiya , my name is Sana and I am 15 only . I guess you are more elder to me because I have seen everyone mentioning you as bhaiya . Happy to know my story impressed you and no need to say sorry , how was your exam ? And thank you for reading that and this too . It means a lot to me πŸ™‚

  15. Chaitrali jalvi

    You have a point dear. I think these will happen because shivaay has promise that he will never anika. If these will then it is good please write the next part.I waiting for the next part

    1. Thedreamsoul

      I wish it happens but the Cvs will do more drama for this because they always have done . I don’t want the separation of Shivaye and Anika and if it happens they really will make me go mad at them. Sorry dear this is one shot and there is no next part . Thank you for commenting πŸ™‚

  16. Pooja26

    i hate u too pinky !!!!!!
    inki ponky pinky !!!!!!!
    πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
    loved d plot dear !!!!!

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Hey Pooja , hi-fi even I hate her to the core . She is such a ponky that I can’t tolerate her more . Thank you so much and glad that you liked it my friend πŸ™‚ . Love you ???

  17. Dhar

    Same feelings here , i jus wanna kick her ,chudail kahinke? awesome episode ??

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you so much Dhar , It means a lot to me. I feel like eating her up but no I won’t do that ! Happy that you liked it πŸ™‚

  18. Niriha


    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thanks Niriha dear πŸ™‚

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you Alekhika πŸ™‚

  19. First of all congratulations dear, kazhinja OSile centuryku vendi…???
    Nd ee OSum ella os enne polle AMAZING aanu… Sathyathil njan orikalum prathishichilla annika pinkyku chevithaara nooki kodukum ennu..??(swapnathil mathram?)
    Pinne, first day in class engane undayirinnu?
    Nd ‘story of us’ eppo update cheyum?? enichu aathum vaykanum *pout*

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you so much Bhavana dear . Haha Amazing as much as you , then it should be Wow. Anika sherikm onnu kodukanm enn ente vallath oru agraham Ann . Namude school start cheydittla choodalle . Story of us naale update cheyam and love you , kisses and hugs to you meri Dosti???

  20. Sana dear, lagta he pinky ponky ka saara gussa tum iss os oe nikala.but it is really amszing and this gave a justice to didi.thanx for this OS.

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Haha , yeah I did that and thank you so much for reading and commenting as well Arpita πŸ™‚ . Glad that you liked it ??

  21. Gayathri.visu

    Only 2 slaps!!! This is not fair Sana. That stupid pinky ponky deserves more slaps…..! I hate her….I hate that stupid very much.
    Excellent OS Sana! Title is also great…

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Yes Gayathri , I feel like killing her .
      Thank you so much for reading and as well as commenting and happy that you liked it πŸ™‚

  22. Amayaa

    Very good Sana
    She deserves that……..stupid Pinky ponky donkey. ……….

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Hi Amaaya , she deserves more than that and thank you so much dear and my glad that you liked it πŸ™‚

  23. Archiya

    Hi Sana
    Its very nice.. Liked it especially the part where in Shivay shows his hatred for pinky, she deserves it

    Just one suggestion.. Try to give some spacing between lines. ..
    It’s easy to read an looks neat also

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you so much Archiya , Glad that you liked it and yeah Pinky donkey deserves much more than that .
      Thanks again for the suggestion or the advice , I will consider it dear but this one I typed it quick and first I didn’t have plan of posting it too. Hope you had a good day ! πŸ™‚

  24. Jerry_36

    Hey Sana so sorry for the late comment. But its truly magical. Loved every inch of it. Yaar you are really a good writer?

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you so much jerry dear and very very happy that you liked it . How many times I have to tell that the matter is whether you read , commented or not. Now , you did and I am super happy.

  25. Neha_Pheonix

    I had read this already but could not comment as exam was there. I have the same feeling for Pinky as you do but earlier she was fine. I never thought they will make her character so disgusting.

    Coming to the update- I loved the plot and the ending specially how anika stood for her self esteem and Shivu supported her. Love you Sana darling!

    1. Thedreamsoul

      hey Neha di , i thought of sending you the link when you are free after exams but now you have read it in between THANK YOU SO MUCH ! yes first she was a funny and good character with a dialogue ooh my maata . now the CVS have done her oh my maata , lol !
      happy that you liked it di , love you too my lovely di . hugs and kisses for you <3 πŸ™‚

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