he will not taunts her on her clr because…. (TS by rabia) last part

Guys im not hurrying while writing this TS because in original it was just a three shot story which I expanded…to more shots and if I will extend this story then my ideas for my ff will be finished naaa 😉

Shot 9:-

Lucky is seeing dp and rukmani with a smirk…

Dp composed himself and said: look beta im your father…. But cut in between by sanky

Sanky: oo hellooo u r not our father mr.. durga Prasad meheswarii orr we can say fakeeeee durga Prasad meheswariii…

Dp and rukmani were nowwww completely deaddd..

Dp:w.hh..aa..t.t.t… d..oo…. u mean?? Im durga Prasad what rubbish is thiss..

Sanky while smirking saw towards lucky who was equally smirking…

Lucky: if u r dp.. then who is that person?? Lucky points towards the direction….. all turns and saw shekhar is standing with a wheel chair on which the real dp is sitting lifeless…


When dp got married to ap he start changing and specially when lucky born dp changed completely… he even almost stop going to rukmani.. on which rukmani was hell angry she
is fuming in anger… one day rukmani was going there she found a street hawker who look alike of dp… soo she made a plan and kidnapped the original dp… but till than sanky born
and rukmani drugged dp that’s why kamiya and kavya born… but before rukmani’s daughter born fake dp took the place of original dp whose original name was Shankar.. rukmani
put dp in mental asylum and there they gave him shocks soo that he will completely loose his mental stability.. and on the other side Shankar in a disguise of dp start showing rude
behavior to ap and family…they killed lucky and uttara according to them but didn’t killed sanky because according to dp’s will one son must be there or else property will goes to

One more thing when fake dp took the place of original dp he never slept in room with ap.. because he start behaving rudely with family members and also separated his room…

Lucky will be able to find original dp when once his frnd takes him to mental asylum for meeting his some doctor frnd.. Their lucky saw dp lifeless and from there they came to know about rukmani’s complete plan…

Sanky and lucky becomes teary eyes on seeing their father like this.. and feels guilty for hating him because he didn’t did anything…

Flashback ended……

Sanky: soo mis rukmani and mr Shankar what will u say now??

Rukman started her drama and said: please forgive mee I’ve done a big mistakss I become blindd for money I will aslo ask forgiveness to dp ji by saying this she goes towards dp and going to touch is hand but one hand came and stopped her…everyone looks the hand is of ap…

Ap jerks rukmani’s hand and gives her a tight slap…

Ap while slapping rukmani: due to u I start hating my husband due to uu my children were away from u… all the while ap is slapping her…due to u my lucky and uttara gone to this
much… due to u my sanky have to bear all this at age of 15.. rukmani cheeks were now all red and her lips r bleeding… but nobody stopped ap…

In the meantime kamiya and kavya came and going to save their mother but uttara and ragini hold them…and they also got the same treatment like their mother…

Shankar fake dp tries to run but sanky and lucky hold them…he got even worst treatment sanky tied with the rope at the back of horse and ordered the horse to run… Shankar got worst injuries…

All the while shona and swara standing…

Swara goes to shona and while pointing towards the villagers said: shona don’t u want to punish your culprit?? Who bruised your little heart from childhood??

Shona with teary nodes and hugs swara tightly…

Swara break the hug and wipes her tears and said : lets go..

Swara and shona goes towards villagers who r now standing in fear…

Swara is in more rage because she have seen her sister’s suffering….

Swara to villagers: all human beings r created by God.. he have given clr to everyone… but the ppl like u abuse other on having black clr… do anybody wants a black clr??? Noo
na?? then who the hell r u to abuse other?? It not in anybody hand whether the will choose white clr or black clrr…r black clr ppl not having heart?? R they not having emotion??
Answer meeeee swara shouts with full rage… on seeing this sanky came and calm her down..

Swara: u all ppl bruised my little sister heart just she is having a black clr?? Didn’t u saw her innocent eyes which turned teary everytime on listening your cursing?? What was her fault only this that her parents loves her a lot and wants to protect herr but they didn’t know that their this protection will grave painful wounds on this innocent soul..
Villager: please forgive uss

Swars shouts: shutttttt upppppp.. did your this forgiveness heal my sister’s wound?? Nooo naa then u all have also bear the pain…in the end swara choke but sanky in support rubbed her arms…

Swara to shona : u decide their punishment..

Shona looked towards villagers: u all ppl never think at least one time before saying that curses to me… my di did a lot for mee.. she sacrificed her 4 yrss for mee soo that I can
study maybe I will forgive u but my di got all the curses and scolding for mee… soo for that I will never forgive u and u all have to bear the punishment..

All the villagers for sacrificing their daughter for just the stupid activity and bruising shona heart got severe punishment shona put black clr on them… she ordered them to cut the
fields without using any machinery… she ordered them to clean the whole village with their hands… she ordered them to fill the empty well by walking almost 10 miles like this she gave them those punishments due to which they will never be able to even thing about doing any wrong thing…

Rukmani,Shankar,kamiya and kavyaa got severe punishment by court also…

3 yrs later….

In these 3 yrs many thing happened… swasan got married and having a 1.5 yrs old daughter and son sneha and swayyam…

Raglak living in London and handling business their… sanky is handling India’s business

Shona and prem also got married 4 months before.. shemish lived with swasan in their village mansion… dp is now 85% mentally stable… shekhar is handling farms and while ap and sumi running an ngo…

Swara is handling mansion and her small business because she said to sanky that she wants to stand on her own feet.. on which sanky supported her..

Karan with his parents also lives in India and handling his business he got married 1.5 yrs back with his class fellow Anjali..

Uttara live with her husband in Scotland…

Everything is now on the track…

Swara is handling everything very effectively.. but somewhere she is missing her free days when she is with sanky only and nobody else were their…

Same as sanky… he was seeing swara working like a machine from morning to night… she never complained and handling all the things but in heart he knows that swara always
loves to be with him where nobody was there… soo he decided something…

One day swara who was going to her office but on way got kidnapped… she opened her eyes and found herself in plane she becomes panicked and before she shouts or say something found sanky sitting beside her and doing something on his cellphone he didn’t saw swara opening her eyes..

Swara with confusion said: sankyy??

Sanky who listened swara’s voice turnd towards her and said: what happened jaan??

Swara: what r we doing in our private jet?? and u kidnapped me???

Sanky while side hugging her: I want to give u free time where nobody will be their only u and mee..

Swara becomes happy but also worried: sanky but children?? And we also didn’t said to anybody..

Sanky: relax jaan mom knows everything in fact she also wants u to take a leave and children r with them only infact lucky brpo also came to India soo no worry ragini bhabi will
handle children,,, now in these 2 week nobody will disturb us only me and u…

Swara smiles and hugs him tightly…

Swasan landed in London where they spent their childhood and where their frndship started.. because arnav named that mansion on swara’s name…

In these 2 weeks swara enjoyed whole heartedly… the days she missing from 3 yrsss sanky gave her in these 2 weeks.. no phone calls no work nothing only these 2….

Swara: sanky u know a girl first becomes a daughter, sister then wife, daughter in law and then mother or mother in law but every relation changed for her with the passing years
she have to leave every relation even when she becomes mother she have to leave their children for their respective partners.. to give them their spaces but only one relation will
be there for her that is her husband who holds her hand and never leave.. her parents her siblings every relation has its own time butt the relation of husband wife is the strongest
one who built on trust honesty and love… look naa this relation is not a blood relation but its means a lot for everyone..

Sanky smiles and hugs her and kissed her on her forehead

Sanky: swara u know a girl goes through many exams throughout her life… she have to handle every situation she left her house for an unknown…she trust that man for her safety
for her protection… but a man always got every relation without any hurdle… he don’t had to leave anybody… swara u know for mee husband is not the one who loves and trust his
wife.. for me he is the one who walk with her step to step.. who will correct her mistakes.. who will make her strong to face the world alone.. who will support her when she feels
low.. who will embrace her when she cry..

Sanky: swara u know I loves u a lot but when u took shona’s place and sacrificed your clr for her… your respect increases in my eyes…may be I also that type of person for whom clr matters but after seeing your heart naa that time I realized that I love only your heart.. I loves u more on seeing ur black clr..that day I came to know only outer clr is black or white.. inside the heart is always pure…and u know I love that black beauty more than this ice clr beauty.. and winks..

Swara hits him on his back because she is hugging him and looks upward towards him..

Swara: it means u would never taunts me on my black clr if im having a black clr??

Sanky : never becauseee I loves your heart and soul not your outer beauty.. by saying this both shared a kiss and hugs each other again…

The end….

guys this is the end and epilogue also included in it soo no other part…. thankuu for reading 🙂


    • Rabia



      noooooooooooooooooo itni mushkil say i snatched the word faint from u and u again stick to this word :/ goo i will not talk to uu

  1. Aliya123

    huuuu.- maine socha tha no more twists now only punishment bcoz all the secrets were disclosed bt u na u created a new twist ……..cruel fake dp nd rukmani…….hwww this much of punishment poor villagers bt they deserve it…….i loved the last part swasans heart talk

  2. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Buhaha…Buhaha… Buhaha*laughing on my kismat.. Patah nehi konsi shubh gari main Allah ne meri kismat mein itni shock dena likka tha.. Pichai nehi chod tha,huhhh😏😏..

    But di,I got to know one thing from your ff that sometimes villain also got changed in the last… Loved it.. You nailed it*pulling your cheeks…Loved swasan conversation..It’s 100% right..Yapiee, you gave them the right punishment,they deserve it*evil smile…Keep writing like this dear di..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

    • Rabia



      hhahahahahaa uaa u r too muchhh…. woh subh ghari tb thi when u joined the tu 😉 hehehehehe when u start reading my stories u automatically gave the permission to shocks 😉 hehehehehe

      thankuuu soooo muchhhh :* take care to u too :*

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