he will not taunts her on her clr because…. (TS by rabia) 7th shot

Happy birthdayyyy shaannn this epi is specially for u :* :*.. many many happy returns of the day and may u have many many moreeeeee <3

Shot 7:-

rukmani is dp’s wife this not known by ap and her children… ap only knows that dp loves rukmani before marriage and also meets her after marriage… dp is very harsh with ap from starting till now… he never talked with her with love or in calm tone…lucky and uttara being elder children knows about dp behavior but sanky was younger soo he don’t know anything….ap is a kind hearted women and so as her children… but nobody dares to question dp on his this behavior…village ppl knows about dp and rukmani marriage and their daughters but nobody dares to tell this reality to ap…

Past continues:-

Sanky after sometime stand up with determination and said to shekhar

Sanky : uncle I want to go to village nowww…

Shekhar : but beta??

Sanky : no uncle I want to know the reality of these 3 yrss… I want to know that what happened and how happened…

Arnav : shekhar I think sanky is right….

All elders nodes and they all goes to the village…

When the reached it is the night time…

Sanky with arnav,karan and shekhar goes towards sanky’s home…swara and shona are at home with sumi and janvi…

All four when few meters far from the haveli… they heard someone’s scream but that scream is of male and female… later what they saw made them horrified and they four feels that they will die after seeing the scene…

This scene is also horrified because both sanky and karan may be boys but they both r just 15….

They saw one couple is running…. It seems like they are running for saving their lives… 8 to 10 ppl were chasing them….

They couple is brutally killed by the ppl who r chasing them…. They grabbed the couple and tied them with tree….

Couple were screaming and pleading them to leave them but nobody showed any mercy…. They burnt alive the couple…ppl was laughing on their helplessness…. After 2 hrs.. the couple becomes ashes.. but their screams also can be heard in the air…

The ppl who burnt them goes from their laughing like they did nothing but they don’t know that their this cruel activity in seen by one person…

But only these four knows that what happened between these 2 hrs and what happened next….. this is a complete secret between these four…sanky broke down after seeing this
scene because the couple is non-other than his bro lucky and ragini…

Sanky shoutsss : durgaaa prasadddddd meheswariiiiiiii

Karan hugs him tightly arnav and shekhar also consoled him… but sanky but a little boy is not being able to bear this reality of his father he faints on the spot…

Arnav and shekhar picks sanky and all left to the home…

Arnav with family and swara left for the city because sanky was severly ill… he needs to be hospitalized….

Shemish stayed back in the village because arnav said him to dig out the truth behind uttara’s death…

Sanky remained in hospital for 1 week… but this one week completely changed him…

Now he was not a little boy who knows only to do fun… now his aim is to destroy durgra Prasad meheswari and his soo called wife rukmani…

Yes sanky came to know about the complete reality of dp and his mistress….

Uttara is not sacrificed… rukmanii created a drama like that dp thought that uttara is having affair with the servant’s son… ( I don’t want to drag guys in giving u just a little jist of
how uttara died) and in real kavya and kamiya pushed uttara from the cliff but dp only knows that uttara did suicide with her bf… but in actual uttara is not having affair with anyone… kavya and kamiya befriends with uttara due to some dance classes and from there they planned against her….

Raglak was being killed because dp came to know about their relation soo he ordered his men to kill them may be dp didn’t want to kill them with rukmani brain washed dp by saying that ragini will snatch his son and the whole property…

Now dp is only having sanky because he is the sole heir of the whole property soo that’s the reason rukmani can’t be able to manipulate dp against sanky…

Nobody knows that sanky came to village after 3 yrs at the age of 15 all knows that he came back to village after 15 yrs at the age of 27……

In these 15 yrs many things happened sanky’s sole reason becomes to destroy dp and rukmani… swara and karan sole reason is to help sanky and also to take revenge of their
small sister shona’s tear which came in her eyes due to village ppl…

Past ended…


Dp is with rukmani in her house…

Dp : I can’t believe that my son will doo this to me..

Rukmani : I told u earlier that your both sons will no loyal to u but u didn’t listened to me and spares sanskar..

Dp : I wish I killed him also like I killed lucky… (yes rukmani said dp that sanky will also doo something soo he have to finish him but dp was just thinking about his property)

Dp : that time I was thinking about my property sanskar is the only heir….

Before rukmani says anything one man came running breathing heavily…

Man : sir sir..

Dp : what happened??

Man : sir come with mee please..

Dp and rukmani become confused but the followed the man..

The man lead them to the man area of the village where one man is standing by facing is back… in actual he was standing on the spot which is dp’s place.. and behind him sanskar
is standing with a smirk.. and beside him karan and swara standing…

Dp : who r u?? and how dare u to stand on my place??

Person : u didn’t saw my dare until now mr durga Prasad meheswariii..

Dp become confused after listening his voice..

Dp : I’ve heard your voice before…

Person : obviously which father didn’t heard his son’s voice?? By saying this the person turned and dp and rukmani become shocked…..

Dp : lakshhh????.

Not only lakshh hereeeee we r also standinggg two voices came from behind dp and both dp and rukmani turned… and they both becomes more shockeddd because behind dp…..

Uttara and ragini were standinggg…

Rukmani : uttaraaa???

Dp : ragini????

To be continued…

Precap : worst day for dp and rukmani….. flashback of raglak and uttara being alive…


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    Oh thankgod only u can do something lyk dat n m glad dey all r alive… m happy happy 😇😄..
    U knw i want rukmani to suffer d most torture… dey both needs to die aftr suffrng.. n dere daughters shud suffer huh

  4. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

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  7. myna

    raglak uttara alive
    my god i am again shocked
    after reading so many of ur stories still i am shocked on ur twists
    they were burnt to ashes and pushed off cliff still they all are alive
    really di u always amaze and shock me with ur twists
    and i love to get this shocks
    waiting desperately for dp and rukmani’s reaction
    plsssssss if u can post soon

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    Coming to the chappy…..mujhe laga tha aap raglak or uttara ko jinda karoge
    ……or sachi haa……

    Ab bus yeh baatao kaise the biggest mystery……..

    Huuuu….cheap rukmani ki cheap beatiyan

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