he will not taunts her on her clr because…. (TS by rabia) 3rd shot

Guys this is 2nd last shot because im not going to say u all to comment or say anything else… if I can write so u all can comment but not now… this is last one im not going to write any further story or anything else… u want to comment so comment if not then it’s also okay… im not going to reply even…I thought to make this as ff but I think I did a mistake that I came back…


Shot 3(a):-

4 days have been passed and on 5th day sanky again decided to roam around the village….

Sanky goes out… he was roaming when he heard some women’s voice…

Women as usual cursing swara on her clr…. The reason behind cursing is that swara by mistake dashed with one lady and her water vessel broke down…

One woman : haye hayyyee….. u blackyy why u always roam here and there don’t u known u r menhoos… and a curse for your parents…

Poor swara is weeping silently…

Sanky fumes in anger and goes towards them..

Sanky : ooo just shut up.. who the hell r u all to comment on someone’s clr?? Who gave u this right??

Women become shocked while swara iss seeing sanky with teary eyes…

Sanky to swara : and u… r u dumb?? Can’t u answer them back???

Swara turns to go silently….. sanky signsss… but before he will think further swara turned towards the women..

Swara : y im blackkk… but im saveee not like your daughters who became or will become the pray of that stupid activity….

Swara: my parents proud on mee they never curse me on my clr… then who gave u the right??? To talk rubbish about me and my parents???

Swara : u ppl only know how to create fire and how to burn someone’s heart… u ppl r black im not your heart is black not mine… u ppl r having black tongue… u ppl r having
everything black huhhhh… by saying this she runs from there crying…

While sanky and women is seeing all this with open mouths…

Sanky : wowww what a speech and too women with full anger… if ever I saw u ppl again harassing anybody on his or her clrr then that day will be your last day in this village….

Women nodes in fear and vanish from there…

Swara who was running while crying stopped and start laughing while from back 2 more ppl came while clapping and start laughing…

Swara : hahahaha guysss today im very happyyy….

1 among 2 people: after all u took a small revenge of whatever they had done with her…

Swara become serious: this is just the beginning these all ppl will have to payback of whatever they done with my swara….

2nd person: how is shee now??

Swara : I will talk to her tonight…

Both nodes and one among the two hugged her..

Swara hugged back on which the remaining one makes a pout…

Swara and person saw this and opened their arms…

Swara : I luv u bothhhhh…. Karan bhai and sanky…

Karan : I luv too my small black beauty sis and winks 😉

On which swara give him a punch…. While sankyy laughsss…

Swara : karan broo if again u calls me black beauty naa I will kill u for suree…

Sanky : wowww then I will be able to eat biryani.. plzz swara kill this dumbooo…

Karan : ooo hellloo u bothhh bf,gfff just shut your mouth haan I will tell myy sweet sis swara she will definitely take revenge from this devil swara and her would be jijuu 😛

Swara : bro… swara is my photo copy in every expect from face to habits she only the 2nd swara….

Karan while making faces : ya… ya….

Sanky : but seriously guys we all become shocked when we saw swara(little swara is now named as shona to remove any confusion)

Swara :yessss….

Flashback 25 yrs back….

Shekhar is having sister janki…janki was married to his frnd arnav… arnav is running a small business in village… but he got a chance soo he shifted with janki and his son karan….

Shekhar weds sumi…. Arnav and janki forced them to come London but they denied….

In their village there is a stupid superstitious act in which village ppl sacrifice beautiful girl who r above 15 because one stupid priest said to them that if they want to stat any new work then they have to sacrifice one girl for saving them from any hurdle in their work….

Sumi gave birth to daughter…the little girl was very beautiful…

Shemish knew that there daughter will not survive if she will lives here.. soo they gave their daughter to janki and arnav…and in village they announced that they birth to dead child…

After 3 yrs sumi again gave birth to a girl child she was also very beautiful like her elder sister… but this time they don’t want to give their child too the take a drastic step they just hides their child’s beauty from all… by putting black clr on her… they named her swara….

Swara knows about her parents this step… she also loves her parents and respect them a lot… but village will never leave a chance to taunts her but she was also can’t do anything because there is no one in the village who will stop this stupid activity of sacrificing the girls….

When swara was 8 yrs old…. She goes with shemish to city because janki and arnav calls them their because arnav and janki now lives in mumbai…

And their trio gets a big surprise plus shock in fact everyone become shocked… because shemish first daughter is same look alike of their 2nd daughter… and even janki and arnav put her name is swara only…

Soo they all decided that they will call 2nd swara as shona….

Now shona is 8,swara is 12 and sanky and karan is 15…. Sanky lives with karan’s family in London…. Their swasan becomes frnd….and now only karan and sanky lives in london for studies…

Shona tells all the things to her sis,bro and her neww broo sanky…

Swasan and karan becomes said after listening this…

The elders decided that shona will get education but this thing will be hidden from village ppl…

shona took education till 10th in village but she also take the English class from karan,swara and sanky on video calls..

shemish can’t leave village because shekhar loves his village a lot because their he spent his whole life.. he is having faith that his village will become like city one day…

when shona completed her 10th then she goes to city and from their swara took the place on shona… and now she became shona… swara is 4 yrs elder to shona but both almost look like a twins… soo no problem took place…

flashback ends…

and now from 4 yrs swara is living in village… she was just waiting for sanky to return and because after returning of sanky from London their main plan is going to start…and now shona who was in London returned to india… because now she will also help them…
trio swasan and karan reached airport…

and after 1 hr… one couple is seen coming from inside.. the couple was revealed as shona and her fiancé prem…

prem is 22 yrs old… he is the son of arnav’s frnd and both shona and prem loves each other a lot….

To be continued…

Precap:- sanky is remembering the past….


  1. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    wow so much intresting and twisting
    at first i become confuseed now my confusion is clear
    and i gussed right that two persons are sanky and karan yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Vyshu10


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    Hayee……..fainting now!
    I m lil better now. Kya twists hai yaar! My rocking queen never fails to surprise me. Ab jaldi jaldi likho next ep

  3. Afra

    As usual it’s awesome di..
    And so sry i wasn’t able to comment on ur previous parts..
    I will not be active in TU for another 2 weeks so all the best and keep writing.

  4. Divyanshri


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    wow…. what a twist….. never thought that….. but I thought about this blck clr…. idea… lil bit.. haha…..anyways amazing…. but why u said like this at first… this will be ur last story.. u will not return again… what happen….di

  5. Deeksha


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    Awesome rabiaaaaaa…..!!!!!!!! Love ur twists…..!!!!!! Now don’t bring any twist saying sanky and Sanskaar r different….!!!!!!!!

  6. Kakali

    Rabia Diii… i heard something about IMAMA.. is it true? plzz di tell me what n how that happened? it’s becoming unbearable for me.. plzzz !! 😭😭😭😭

    • Rabia



      Kakali i just read comment on her frnds story simin asked her about imama there her frnd told that due to accident her kidneys got failed that leads to her death… i was also shocked before reading the comment i was also thinking that she must be in hospital or taking rest butt i was really very shocked on reading this 😢😢😢 her accident leads to kidney failure and due to this she died 😢😢

    • Rabia



      Nein nein ich lebe pakistan nur eigentlich im hayday spiel meistens leute sind die u sprechen in deutsch so meine schwester kennt wenig von dort habe ich mich kennen gelernt 😆😆😆😆
      Von mehr als einem Jahr spielen wir so thats der Grund 🙈🙈🙈, den wir kennen 😂😂😂

  7. Romaisa

    Ohhh very sad for Imama and did she also write ff’s ?? Allah tallish unhe Janna the ata farmain ameen i don’t think that I know her but I’m feeling very sad and how old was she?? Aber trotzdem du kannst gut deutsch sprechen 👍🏻 Ich spiele leider kein hayday 😂 Also hab ich es richtig verstanden du und deine Schwestern alle leben in Pakistan aber du kannst deutsch sprechen weil du es von hayday gelernt hast ?❤️ Plz post soon ❤️❤️

  8. Rabia



    Yes dear she wrote ff but now im not getting the namr i about her ffs properly soo next time i will tell u Hayday ist die wichtigste Quelle, aber es gibt viele Menschen u r in Deutschland und meine Cousins ​​und hier in Schulen vor allem in lahore Grammatik lehren sie deutsche soo von dort aus dieses Interesse zu bauen und u wissen im verrückt, um verschiedene Sprachen zu lernen 😆😆😆🙈🙈🙈

  9. Romaisa

    Ohh thx I’m really feeling very sad😭😭 omg I read a few epi of miracle or love and omg I can’t believe it 😭😭😭❤️

  10. myna

    amazing twists
    are u angry di
    i felt after reading the introduction
    don’t stop writing

    all the best

    sad really sad and shocked to hear about imama di’s death
    may her soul rest in peace

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