he will not taunts her on her clr because…. (TS by rabia) 1st shot

Soo guys here is the next TS… actually u know naa im having work mostly on net soo whenever I got any new idea I wrote it down…

A car is going through from the roads of one village… suddenly the car stop with a jerk…..

What the helllll… a voice came from the car… it was a man’s voice…

The man came down and we can hee a handsome hunk fair clr and tall man in his late 20s…

But he was having an irritating expression….

Man : what the hell man.. I came here to give surprise to my family and here in struck with this damn car….he take out the cell….

Man : hello karan where the hell r u??

Karan : dude im sitting in your home but where r u?? why u didn’t reached yet??

Man : yar my car broke down at the entrance of village.. please come naa with other car.. I forgot the exact way of my home in these 15 yrs…

Karan: okay okay relax I’m coming…

Man : okayyyy…and he start roaming around….

Suddenly he heard some giggling sound… he look around and saw some children is playing and there is one big girl among them… she is facing her back… but he can hear her voice… her voice is having something that he wants to see her…

Suddenly the girl turn but the man become shocked after seeing her because she is very dark in clr… but she is having pure innocence on her face that the man lost in her… the girl is wearing simple ghagra choli and having two braids one on each side of her shoulders… she is jumping and laughing with the kids… her eyes are sparkling butt there is also something in her eyes…

Man thinks the way she is playing and enjoying what will be the reason then behind the thing which I saw in her eyes??

He was engrossed in his thoughts when karan calls him from behind..

Karan : sanskar…

(yes the man is sanskar age 27 businessman lives in London.. but also knows about indian culture very well… came back to his home after 15 yrs… because he went to abroad for education and later engrossed in business… arrogant and rude in business world.. can’t tolerate any wrong deed or happening around him may be in business or in outer world.. for truth he can also go against his family.. in simple words he is having honesty insect inside his body ;)… but also a fun loving guy

Karan mehra : sanskar best frnd age 27 lives with him in London but came to india time to time that’s why he knows all the ways very well… knows sanskar in and out very well… a very good hearted person…)

Sanky : oo karan u came thank God…

Karan : yes my dear okay now let’s go…

Both starts walking but sanky before going to sit in car turned back and saw the girl…

Sanky in mind : why im feeling something different while seeing her??.. he jerks all his thoughts and goes with karan..

While the girl is jumping and laughing when suddenly one child said..

Child : swara didi

(yes the girl is swara… age 20.. a chirpy and fun loving girl.. but dark in clr that’s nobody wants to make her their frnds… but little children loves her a lot.. because she is a very good by heart and always helps and play with them…only studied till 10th because in her village children of lower class are not allowed to study further)

Swara : yess chintu?? What happened??

Chintu : swara didi why nobody talks with u calmly??

Swara with sad face : chintu because in very dark naa that’s why.. she became teary eyes

All children become sad after seeing their favorite did sad..

Chintu came near her and wipes her tear : didi please don’t cry we r here na for u..

All children node their head vigorously..

Swara smiles and hugged them tightly..

Swara : I love u all sooo much..

Children : wee luv u toooo didi…

Later swara bids bye to them and goes… in her way to home many ppl taunts her..

One lady : look this blackyy… it must her parents sin in previous birth that they got such a ugly child..

Other lady : and they only have this girl no any other child poor ppl..

Swara become use to from all these taunts but all the time these taunts pierced her heart badly…

She reached home and there she found her baba resting and her mother is making lunch..

Her mother sumi saw her and said..(sumi is a housewife)

Sumi : swara beta u came wash your hand I will serve and your baba lunch…

Swara with sad face : no maaa…

Her father shekhar who is seeing her said.. (shekhar is a farmer)

Shekhar : swara does anybody again said u something??

Swara with teary eyes goo to her father and sat down near his legs..

Swara with teary eyes: baba why these ppl don’t understand that having dark clr is not in anybody’s hand then why they always taunts me..

Shemish becomes said.. sumi came near her and put hand on her head and said..

Sumi : beta don’t pay heed to these useless ppl.. we both know how much u good,pure and innocent by your heart…

Shekhar : yes beta ur mom is right…and u know na we both loves u a lot and can’t see tears in your heart…

Swara : I know baba and look who said im crying see im not crying by saying this she wipes her tears… and smile brightly…

Shemish becomes happy after seeing their daughter smiling…

Later trio eat their lunch…happily talking

At night time we can she 2 shadows.. near the well of village… both r talking and discussing something and one shadow among the two is smirking while the other is also having confident smile on face… later they bids bye to each other and screen faded…

Precap : sanskar gave surprise to his family…swasan meeting

Soo guys give me your review and whenever I will free I will post next part 😛


  1. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    Wow Rabi unique concept and mix wittj reality I wonder how you got all these ideas it was duperbbbbb
    And I’m really sorry for not commenting on ur previous TS as I had not read them yet because I was busy and unwell so taking rest
    What about you?? How are you a nd How is your studies going on I hope everything is fine and best of luck for your projects and assignments😇😇😇

    • Rabia



      Roseyyyy yarrr much must puchooo behnnn bsss 😩😩😩😩 u know sometimes I want to cry like this 😭😭😭😭 because nobody is there na to turn my boredom into entertainment that’s why I wrote because in this way I can get rid of studies stress and boredom and u just take care of yourselfff 🤓🤓😘😘😘😘 and thankuuuuu soooo muchhh 🙃🙃🙃🙃

  2. Mica


    |Registered Member

    wwaaaawwww excellent..uugghh people can u just shut up! *punch Swara’s neighbor
    huh! people busy spent money to do tanning nowadays just to get s*xy dark skin color, and you just taunt her ? silly moron….
    no doubt that Sanskar fall in love with her as in London he mostly see white pale color,,,ahem ahem….

    • Rabia



      Hahahha yaa Mica right and don’t worry they definitely learns a lesson and I will give one punch from your side alsooo and yaaaa now a days English ppl wants to become like Asians that’s why they like to spend their time on beaches 😂😂😂😂 and here ppl are applying whitening creams 😹😹

  3. myna

    hi diiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    for the 1st time ever i’m commenting on ur 1st shot
    the concept is so good
    clr doesn’t matter
    all the best for ur exams

    • Rabia



      Thankuuuu sooo much dear and ya u r right clr doesn’t matter only person’s nature make him or her beautiful in front of everyone 😊😊😊 and thankuuuuuu 😘😘😘

  4. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Alia😱😱….meri doll ko vo logh itni harass karrhe,urghhhh😡😡😡*beating them with bamboo stick bcz village mein yehi milti hein na😯😯…storyline is awesome di… Plz continue..Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

  5. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Wow rabia vry different from ur other works bt i knw u will again gve us big shock 😜..
    I wud love to read it… post nxt part ASAP

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