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The episode starts with ash and ragya fighting that they want to go for shopping and Adi and raksh fighting that they want to gimo to see cricket match. They fight for a long time. Then Ragini comes in

Ragini: tum log bacho ke Tara lad rahi hu.itna bada hogaya aur phir bi.

Adi: bada hona kya mera galti hai.
And gives a hi- fi to raksh.

Ragini gives an impossible look

Ragini: match kab hai?
Adi:9 bajhe
Ragini: ab samay kya hai
Ash:4 bajhe
Ragini: tho

all understood what she was trying to say.

Adi: to phir him pehle shopping karenge air uske bad match dekne me like jayenge….

Ash: problem solved..
Ragsh: hurray!!!
And started running.

Flasgback In mm

Uttara’s marriage was fixed now all were deciding on where to shop.that time Swara got an idea of an xyZ mall in Delhi and told everyone to go thete. Everybody resisted as Swara could not travel as she was again 5 months pregnant.
But then everybody had to give up because of her zid…that day itself they set their journey to Delhi.

Flashback ends

They all reach delhi and took rooms to rest. Then they went to the mall.

Even raginiadiashragh had reached the mall.

Raksh started shouting that he wanted to buy toy car. So adi raksh and ragya went to buy toy car.


Samar started making fuss that he want to buy toy. So swasan go with him.

Both samar and raksh enters the shop at same time.adi and ragya was selecting toys for her while raksh for himself. Suddenly he got an urgent call and went to attend it telling both of them to stay there. While samar was selecting toys swasan was also selecting toys for their baby.

Both samar and raksh saw an awesome toy car and ran to get it.both of them took it at the same time and it was the last peice there.they started fighting over it. Swara comes and tells samar to give it to him. Ragya tried to control raksh but then she knew it was out of her hand.she went to call ragini.

Ragya went and told ragini about the situation and went to the toy shop with ragya. Swara was trying to control samarbuthe was not listening.suddenly she hears a familar sound…

Ragini: raksh kitne baar time samjao ki dusro ke saath jagda math karne ka.
Swara looked up and saw a lady in tight jeans an d red striped top. She took a closer look and found ragini. Ragini still did not notice her.

Swara: rag..ragini( she screamed at the top of her voice)
Ragini looked up and found swara.
She became very emotional and went to hug her sister. Both hugged each other tightly. By this time all the maheswari family come there and find ragini. Laksh was beyond happy to see ragini again. Ragini did not notice him. She went and hugged everyone and took blessing from elders.suddenly they hear a kid.

Ragya: he mamma ke sathe baath kar rage hai raksh.
Raksh: arre mete buddu behen maa ki koi dosth hogi shayad.
Ragya made a puppy face. The children did not know about them as the pics were in a room which they never used to enter.ragini told them that there was a demon who eats children in that room as she did not want them to know. About it early.

All were shocked to hear them addressing ragini as their mother..including Ragini as her secret was out.

All looked at ragini confused.

Ragini: raksh ragya tum log ash aunty ke paas jao me aati hu. They ran to ash.

Ragini then thought it was high time she revealed everything. She told them all what happened after she left the house. All were emotional knowing about their grand children. Laksh was crying very badly. Somewhere he was happy that he was the father of two kids and somewhere he was sad of betraying ragini at a time like that and not been able to be with his children at the beginning of their life.

Then adiashragyaraksh came both children on one persons hand. All were confused seeing them. Adiash was happy meeting her family which she always talks about.
Ragini : ye hai adi or ash
They took greetings from them .
Raksh: aap sab humare that aao na.
Ragini was shocked as her house was covered with their picture.
But then raagini agreed and took them all home.

At her house.

All were sitting and talking with each other while raglak had a painful eyelock.
Suddenly they hear raksh’s scream they all rush to there.

Raksh: ma samar me go kamra kol do jisme demon hai.
All were confused and went there before ragini could stop them. All were shocked to see their pics hung on the wall. Look laksh was crying badly in heart. They all look at ragini emotionally. They talk for some more time. All were surprised to see adiashrakshragya bonding and adiashragini bonding. Laksh was filled with jeolousy when adi casually hugged ragini.

They all tell her that she would have to come with them for uttara’s wedding. Ragini resisted a lot but because swara made her put her promise so she agreed.

They stayed there a few more days. Ragini and laksh barely talked with each other. But ragsh and laksh shared a good bondining with each other in a sort period of time

After some days they all go back along with ragini and children. Children were really happy when they reached a new place.

All were sitting and talking while ragya who was sitting in ragini’ s lap went and sat in laksh’s lap. Ragini looked at her surprised. Then laksh started playing with her after sometime of talking all heard a scream

Raksh: mama. Vo dekho jis ladki sirf aapke pass aakar so sakte hai vo to kumbakaran ke tarah laksh mamu ke sathe so raha hai.

All look at laksh and ragya both were sleeping in each other’s embrace. Ragini gets emotinal.
All gets emotional as a father and children had reunited after a long time.

Like that days pass.wedding day

Wedding went well and it was their reception party. Ragini was in a black sari with stone work with her hair left loose and light make up. She was looking stunning. Laksh was mesmarised seeing her. Ragya was wearing a black frock and was looking really cute. While raksh was stealing the show with his black suit and handsome appearance just like his father.

Raksh and samar was getting bored in the party so the thought to go out and play. While playing their ball rolled to the road raksh went to get it and was hit by a bike samar ran to him and people crowded. The security went and informed the family members. All rushed him to the hospital. Ragini was crying like hell in outside the ICU. Doctor came and told that they needed o- blood which was a rare blood group and told them to get it fast.
Sanskaar: laksh tumara blood group o- hai na tum jaakar kund do.
Laksh: ha bhai
And was about to go. Ragini stopped him and said
Ragini: uski koi zarrorath nahi hai. Agar vo nahi hora tab bi mein apne bache KO bacha sakti ti. Itni sal uske bina hi meine aapne bache KO bade ki hai to issliye mujhe iski maddad nahi chahiye. Jab vo mere pyaar par bhi barosa nahi kar sakti ti to shayad age bhi uske me like kimat chukane KO kahegi.

Laksh was really hurt this time and went from there while ragini went to the blood bank and asked for O- blood. He said a man is donating blood and asked her she wants it. She instantly agrees she says she wanted to see the person but he says that they are not allowed to reveal the name.she goes after sometime with the blood. Then it is revealed that the person who gave blood was none other than laksh.raksh was saved.

It was night and laksh was walking on the road crying thinking about ragini’s words. Suddenly a truck comes and hits him and he is lying in a pool of blood. He is taken to the same hospital where raksh is lying.someone informs sanskaar about laksh and he tells to all. Ragini was numb she not reacting.swara came and shakked ragini but she was not reacting swara slap ragini to make her come back to the world.ragini starts crying then they all rust to the ICU .

The doctor comes and says sorry we couldn’t save him as he has already lost a lot of blood now again he lost he could not survive. Ragini understands it was laksh who donated the blood. She pushed the doctor away and went inside.

Ragini: laksh utto laksh ye mazak ka waqt nahi
hai utto jaldi. Ek baar gym mujhe chod me chala gaya noon phirse kiya to mar dalogi mein apne aap KO.laksh tum sun rahi ho na mein kya key rahi hoon.mere liye nahi to hate bacho me like it to. Laaaksssh……..
She screamed at the top of her voice. Suddenly he started breathing she calls the doctor fast. The doctor says if you can bring blood we can surely save him. By that time Dp reaches there and donates blood. Laksh was okay now.

Ragini: agar ek aur baar tum mujhe chodne ki socha na to mein tumari bahut buri hal karoongi.
Laksh: nahi ragini kabhi bhi nahi.but never stop loving me.

They inform the children that Laksh is their father and they get exited as the found their father at last.

Laksh and ragini married again this time their children were the witness of their marriage.


Ragini was calling raksh continuously but no one answered then laksh came and said I put him to sleep cause he won’t disturb me in giving him a sibling. Ragini was blushing but then her heard an angelic voice
Ragya: papa and started laughing including ragini. Laksh was standing there shockked.
Laksh: meri pyaari beti hi meri love story ka villain hoga and started tickling her and lied cuddling with her. Ragini went and took raksh from sanskaar’s room who was sleeping there peacefully. All 4 slept cuddling with each other.

After one year raglak was blessed with another twins. One girl and another boy. They named them akshra and ansh.

At last over with ot. I dedicate this story to my best friends who also watch this serial. And also to the people who liked and commented on my TS.

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