I will never stop loving you (raglak) two shots. shot one by srsl


Hi guys my name is srsl. I was also a silent reader but then I got this idea and wrote it. This story starts from the time tanya aka kavya entered the show.

The marriage day…..

Kavlak got married. Ragini was standing there numb.she was not even in a state to show any reaction. Everyone was shocked.

Raagini: laksh you are lying right. This is not a good joke.

Laksh: not me ragini u had made me life a joke like as if I am a thing that you are fighting for me I do not love you. Please go away from my life.please…….

Kavya: ofo laksh why are u pleading to her. I can’t see you like this.

Swara: kavya it would be better if you don’t interfere.

Laksh : she has the whole right to interfere as she is my wife…

Kavya smirks

Sanskaar : lucky what happened to you yaar why are you behaving like this..

Laksh: why do you people have problem with me being happy.

Ap: its not like that beta par tum ragini ke saath galat kar rage ho…

Laksh: to usne Jo kiya vo sahi hai

Ragini started running back

Skekhar: ragini sunno…ragi

Ragini: nahi papa aap sab KO meri kasam hai kuch der mujhe akela chod do…

And she ran back to baadi


Ragini ran inside her room and started crying badly.. She was really hurt..she was thinking about all the good memories she had with laksh and the family.she was thinking about something else which she was worried about.


Ragini was feeling uneasy and did not feel good.she was really engrossed in trying to save swara from jail.but then she thought she had to consult a doctor. She took her tests and waiting for the result and was tensed for swara.doctor came

Doctor: ragini aap ma bane wale ho

Ragini was beyond happy she was so exited she started jumping

Doctor: sambahlke

Ragini stopped and said sorry and thanked the doctor.

She thought of telling this to everyone after their wedding as a wedding gift.

Flashback ends….

She was crying badly. She thought will have to leave the house and go somewhere as she did not want laksh to know about it. She quickly changed her dress and wrote a letter and kept it there. She packed her bags and left.


Everyone was tensed. Gadodia family decided to return as it was late.

They left…

Everyone was looking at laksh angrily while he was busy talking with kavya.but he felt pain in his heart but left his thoughts.


Everyone was shocked reading the letter. Sumi informed swara and she told everyone about it. Everyone rushed to gm.


Swara was reading the letter

Dear papa ma swara dadi dada
Aap sab mujhe maaf kardo mein is ghar chodkar jaa rahi hu. Aap log mera chinta mat Karo.mein vapas zaroor aungi. Mujhe to swara KO Dee gayi swragini ka vadhajo nibhana hai. Par ab mujhe in San we thodi der door rehna chahti hu.dad I aapki laado zarror vapas aungi.
Laksh KO merit tarafse aik maafi bhi maango uske zindagi mein ane me liye
Aapki ragini

All had tears in their eyes including laksh. They all left with the hope that their ragini will come back one day.

Next morning in Delhi…

We see a girl roaming here and there for job. She was none another than ragini. She did not get job anywhere or maybe she couldn’t answer properly.

It was night..

She was walking and er mind was somewhere else. A car was coming towards her.they put horn but she did not listen but the car stopped and a person of maybe around 27 got out

Man: are time Marne me liye or koi gaadi nahi mili. Kudh ke bhi nahi sochti or dusro ke bhi nahi.

Ragini was already in the verge of crying and by listening to this she started bursting out. The man tried to console her that another lady came out of the car

Lady: oho Adi tum isse rolaya.
She went to ragini but ragini could not see anything as she was fainting but before she fell down the man caught her.
They took her to the house and called doctor.doctor came and informed about her condition.

After sometime she gained her conscious.

Ragini: mein kaha hoon?
Man : aap mere char me hai.
Ragini: aap koun?
The man explains everything to her what had happened.
Man: by the way mera naam aditya hai or he meri patni aishwarya pointing to the lady sitting beside her.
Ash: tum mujhe ash bula sakte ho aur isse Adi.aaj se tum hamare that mein rahne wali ho.
Ragini: nahi usku zaroorath nahi hai agar aap merit madad Karna chahti hi to phir mujhe kahi kaam dedijye or rahne me koi jaga de dijiye please aue much nahi.

After fighting a lot they had to give up in front of her. They searched a job for her in their office. And she got her job.m and accomdation. Now all three were best friends always there for each other and never let her feel lonely.

Months passed she went for her check up and got to know it was twins. She was now on her eighth month.

In Kolkata

All were missing Ragini badly. Kavvya’s truth came out and was put behind bars. Laksh was regretting his decision of leaving ragini…he came to know how much he loves her. Swara was also going to be a mother and all were behind her mood swings. She was missing ragini very badly. She was dying to meet her.

After one month in Delhi

Ragini Adi and ash was sitting and talking suddenly she felt pain and was taken to hospital. They filled all the formalities and ragini gave birth to a cute girl and boy.she named them ragya and raksh.

After some months swara gives birth to samar.

Ragya and raksh now grew up. Now raksh was very naughty and ragya was a cute little gem. Ragya’s favorite was her adi uncle and raksh’s was his ash aunty. Both of them pampered them a lot..raginis house was full of pics of her family Adi and ash and ragsh( ragya and raksh).
She loved all of them a lot and now she wasn’t the old traditional ragini gadodia she was a new modern lady…


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