I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Prologue)


Hi guys this is Sangee writting my first ff hope you guys enjoy it.This is a police story the main leads are Arjun and Radhika from manmarziyan.
This story is a romantic,fun filled,action oriented which revolves around the main leads,how destiny have interviend their life..etc
Their past,future and present life.

In this update i will give you a prolouge and the character sketch of main characters and will update other characters whenever they are introduced.
Pls forgive me if there is any typos….waiting for your valuable comments suggest me whether to continue the ff or not with no other delay lets get into the character sketch

Arjun:(played by Aham sharma)
Arjun(28) Asst commissinor of police(ACP) ,A honest,strict,staright forward officer in simmple angry young man wen it comes to his work.
But very caring and fun loving wen comes to his personal life.
Attained a very good position in department (also in the heart of people and seniors) in very young age because of his honesty and straight forward nature.
An orphan Lives with his friend neil.

Radhika:(played by Monica Sneghal)
Radhika(26) A journalist works in a wellknown tv channel for 2 years. Very bubbly happy going girl.if any one mess with her they will see her another face.
Apart from it a sweet girl.An orphan Lives with her frnd sam.

Sam:(played by Kashmira Irani)
A girl of today with morern thoughts.Met radhika 2 yrs ago a good friend of Radhika from den. No secrets between them. best buddies. works with radika .loves Neil.

Neil:(played by Shravan Reddy)
Works next to Arjun .a Good friend of arjun. happy going guy. When his work comes he is very focused ,sinceire and honest.loves sam.

Lets jump into the prologue 🙂

One fine morning sun rays start falling over Lotus Appartments.
Alarm starts ringing its morning 5 o clock its time for jogging.sam and radhika got up and got ready in their jog suit and started towards the central park in their society.
Radhika is wondering why sam is very happy today.beacuse in normal days radhika have to spend atleast 15 mins to make sam get up from her bed but today sam woke up before the alarm and got ready . Radhika was very suspisious abt sams activity. but didnt ask her about anything and continued their morining jog.

On the other side.
Morning 6 O clock
a room full of dust, packages etc seems like they are vacating the place today all things had packed ,one man is sleeping admist of that boxes.His mobile alarm started ringing in full sleep he took the phone and started taking…:) there is no response from other side he started shouting who the hell is disturbing my sleep ……he is none other than our neil blabbering in half sleep.Arjun heared this noice and came inside the room to see wats happening. he saw neil blabbering in the phone. he laughed and started shaking neil.
Atlast Neil wake up from his sleep.

Neil:Wat happend man y are you laughing like this?

Arjun explained the whole scene and started laughing again.
Neil gave a cheesy grin and ran towards the bathroom because he knows his friend is capable of pulling his leg for whole day if he let him.

Arjun headed to stop neil but he ran fast into the bathrooom and locked it.

Arjun:Neil you cannot be in the bathroom for the whole day, U know na we are shifting to new place today…wen u come i will see you(in teasing manner).

on saying this he moved towards kitchen to make cofee.

Shifting to new place the words echoed in neils ears and he started smilling :):):)

on the way back home
Radhika exclaimed wat neil is shifting to our appartment that too our next flat (surprised)

Sam: yes radhu,iam so exited
sam smiled in all her 32 teeths:):)
on seeing radhika’s expression
Sam:(with sad face) Are you not happy with this radhu?
Radhika: with full smile ok ok stop ur drama neil is a good guy iam happy for you guys.

both headed towards their flat.
suddenly radhika screamed nooooooooooooooooooooooooo:):)(all the people on they way look radika weirdly for some time then continued their work)
Sam:in shock wat happend radhu why are you shouting like this?
radhika:in shocked expression
Sam:(shaked radhika ) what happend radhu?
Radhika:wat were you telling?
sam:wat i said? (raising her eye brows)
Radhika throwed a angry glare
sam: (without expression) neil is shifting to our appartments..wat is shocking in that? quetioned sam
Radhika:So that devil(arjun) is also shfting with him?(in anger)
sam:nodded positively (with smile)

Radhika screamed again nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

her scream was heared by arjun who was miles away from her:):)


thats it guys waiting for ur comments. will continue according to your likes.
if you guys dont want iam ok to drop
then comming to the plot you can know the relationship btw radhika and arjun by radhus expression
lot more to come guys fights btw radi and arjun sam and neils romance etc etc…
how this new place is going to change their life:)
the whole plot revolve arround radhi,arjun,sam,neil their relationships and i also thought to introduce some other characters.

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