I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-9)


Hi guys here comes the Episode -9….thanks you so much every one for commenting…ur support is very valuable for me …
Lets directly go into epi…
Rads screaming diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ????
Arneil closing their ears
Rasam stood up
Radika : Wat will she think if she saw them (pointing at Arneil) at this time in our flat ????
Arjun : hello miss Wat do you mean ?in serious tone
Rasam look at each other
They heared knocking of door now

All the four jerked
All the four went towards the door Rasam first and Arneil following them
Sam opened the door
There stands a girl in her late 20s in black cotton saree with gold border a black hand bag in her right hand… Holding her trolleys handle in left hand and a black colour coolers…
Morden stylish yet simple…. Her face had a light smile.
Rasam at once hugged her screaming diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Di hugged them back… All the three are smiling ear to ear
Arneil who were standing behind dem don’t know wat to do they were standing still ??
Di: u guys will not invite me inside… Laughed di….
Radika picked her handbag and sam took her trolley and all the three came inside…
Di came inside and saw Arneil their and stoped there itself ? looking at them
Di: u guys didn’t told me that u got married ??

All the four screamed in one tone : we? Married? Nooooooooooooo
Di: living together ??
All the four again. Screamed in one tone : Noooooooioooooo
Di : stop screaming guys ?den y the hell they are here at this time…… ?
Rasam were searching for words…. Both were stumbling to talk….. L
Di: will you guys open ur mouth orelse I will call mom ?…Di took her mobile ?in hand

Sam started narrating the whole story….
Di was sitting in couch…
Neil, Sam,radu,arjun were standing infront of her…radu stands with her head down ?
Sam this is Wat happened di…
Di stares angrily at Rads

Radika murmurs another one joined in staring me ?
All the time Arjun was seeing di without blinking he don’t know wats going inside him… He had varried emotions inside him
Radika sees arjun seeing di without blinking… She moved near him and murmered
Radika : ACP sir… Di is already married she has a daughter too ??
Arjun saw her questiongly
Radika : u were seeing di like that I thought u were…. Winked radika…
Arjun throwed daggers at radika ??
Radika resumes her position.. And smiles inwardly…
Di got up with serious face and went near radika… Radika was gulping in fear…
Di went near radika and squeezed her ears…..
Di : wen will you became detective radu….
Radika jumped in pain and cried

All the other were looking radika and di in fear
Suddenly radu and di started laughing ????
All the other gave a sigh of relief …
Di :Radika but u shud be careful…
Radika : sure di…u have saved me from these devils if u were bit late means u must have only seen this poor radikas ashes ?
Di : naughty… Stop ur blabber ?
Di went near arneil

Di: I am Samriddi Karan kapoor… Riddi for friends and di for these two sweeties
Neil : Iam Neil malhotra mam
(di here after riddi)
Riddi :no mam and all just ridi else u can also call me di… I always dreamed of having a cute brother like u saying this riddi pinched Neils cheeks
Nesam were looking at each other (Hw Neil will call riddi as di because if he calls riddi as sister inturn riddis sister Sam will become sister for Neil too ?????????)
Neil stumbles to talk…
Riddi laughed and patted Neils shoulder (riddi already know dat Nesam were seeing each other just to tease them she asked Neil to call her di)
Riddi next moved to arjun… Arjun was still looking at her
Riddi shaked him hello brother where are you seeing…

Riddi looks here and there as if she is searching for who arjun is looking at ???
Riddi giggled
The word brother echoed in Arjuns ears…
Riddi : thank you so much for saving my radu arjun

( I will give some information abt radu and riddis relationship… Riddi is sams sister…she always treat radu also as a sister some times even Sam got jealous seeing radu and riddi is bond… Both don’t know how they became so close..both of them had a divine relationship radu got all the love and affection she longed for from riddi…both riddi and sam obeys riddis decision…so on the whole riddi is a sister,friend and also a motherly figure for sam and radu )
Arjun was standing still
Riddi : Wat happened to him y he is standing like this … She started laughing again…
Neil pinched arjun. Arjun was standing still…

Riddi giggled again…
Neil waved good bye and some how dragged arjun out….
Riddi :btw I think I have seen him before itself his face seems familiar…
Sam and radika again hugged riddi and started chit chatting ??????
Arneils place :
After some time
Arjun took that chain and and opened the locket… The locket opens it contains photo of a girl in onside and a boy on the other side he closed his eyes….. Same flashes came infront of his eyes
His eyes were full of tears…..
Arjuns mindvoice : y Sams di is looking familiar for me…. Y have these emotions wen I see her…..y her smile soothes my pain….. Wen she called me as brother I had a weird happiness…. Wats going inside me….

At the same time Neil saw arjun crying seeing the locket…
Neil : y arjun behaved weird seeing Sams sister…. Now he is crying seeing the locket… If I see the locket I get some clue….
Arjuns phone rang at that time… He keeps the locket inside the drawer…
Arjun disconnected the call and slept….
Neil saw arjun sleeping… He tip toed and went inside his room and took the pendent with him..
He came to his room and saw the photos inside the locket…
Neil : who are these kids…. Wats the connection btw arjun and these kids… Y he is crying seeing this locket….

Neil kept the chain in safe place and fell into sleep…
Once he closed his eyes His phone started ringing…
Annoyed Neil took the phone he cried seeing the screen…
( the screen showed 6.00 am…. And snooze ? yes his alarm was ringing )
Neil with puppy face ? ? ? All because of this radika…. ?????
He got up and went to washroom….
Rasams place :
Sam,riddi and radika were lying in one bed radika and Sam hugging riddi and sleeping…..Phone started ringing… In full sleep mode she turned to another side and started sleeping…
Phone still ringing…
Radu was also in half sleep mode took the phone and kept it in her ears
In phone : Good morning darling …started kissing

Radu wake up in shock…. And shouted who the hell is that….
Male voice in phone: u forgot me so soon…..this not fair …its less than 24 hrs we saw each last…
Radika was bewildered and started sweating heavily…..

Rasam and riddis bond…

That’s it for today guys waiting for ur comments….pls comment dears…
And I need suggestions for the characters riddi and karan Kapoor(riddis hubby) suggest me someone for these characters dears….
Bye take care…..

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  1. S.v

    yaar a big update pls next time. It is always so curious where u give the end card. Not fair dear. Who is the one speaking over phone if my wild guess is right is that anil ?? arjun kaila kedachan sethan. Super one sangee update the next part soon.

    1. Sangee

      i will try to post big updates next time S.v …. actually i didnt plan to give cliffhanger but it is happens.. 🙂 wat to do….

    2. Sangee

      Thanks for ur comment S.v….

  2. Jewel

    superb update sangee…riddi is arjun’s sister??… then how she became sam’s sister?? who was that in phone is he akhil??

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the comment jewel…i will give answers to your question in upcomming episode..:)
      pls read and comment ur views

  3. Jessie

    Sangee.. super ma .. adhu akhil thana.. phone panadhu..I love the emojis.. so ridhi.. arjun oda akka.. wow.. neil to call di.. lol.. shock adichurukum rendu perukum..
    radz n Arjun.. ?? eager 4 nxt one.. TC n loads of love

    1. Sangee

      Phone pannadu akhil ah kuda irrukalam 😉 and neil LOL no one will call his/her loves sister as sister 🙂 🙂 thanks for the comment jessie

  4. Rads always cute ???lovely one ??? loved it ? love u ?

    1. Sangee

      Thank you so much for ur love suga 🙂 🙂

  5. Brin

    Awesome episode, I think it is Akhil on the other line, Sam is Arjun’s sister, how did they get separated? Eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sangee

      sam is not arjuns sister Brin…..thanks for the comment brin

  6. Rossy

    Its great yaar…waiting for more…what is happening…waiting for ardhika’s bond..

    1. Sangee

      sure i will give ardhika s bond soon thank you for the comment rossy

  7. Shubhadha

    Nice update dear..eagerly waiting for next one dear..

    1. Sangee

      Thank you so much shubhadha

  8. hiii grlsss i am new here…..anybody pls suggest some good storiesss…….. i am new here….. some very good mmz storiess

    1. Sangee

      Hi sima welcome….if u ask suggestion from me i will say pls give read to all the stories in mmz page because each one is unique….we will get new experience while reading each one…
      all the writers here are fantastic…..if we read and comment our views they will be more encouraged to give good story lines…so pls do give a read to all the stories 🙂 🙂 all are my favorite …i think you have read this epi of mine thank you so much for commenting pls keep reading and keep commenting for encouraging us 🙂 🙂 take care

  9. Very awesoooooome episode. ..loved it very much. ..arjun lost seeing riddi…rosieee n rads bond is very sweeeeeet. …arjun’s past n riddi…somehow connected? …. whose pic in the locket…..neil also curious. …..I think riddi’s husband called…lol….keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the comment roma….and abt the call u guessed correctly…..:) 🙂 iam very happy seeing ur comment takecare thanks for ur love and kisses

  10. Meen

    awesome update dear…….superb……..will read d next one & then comment…..loads of love sangee

  11. _Ritu

    Amazing sangee.. 🙂 all cool cool update.. 🙂 going to read d nxt one..loads of love. 🙂

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