I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-8)


hi dears sangee back with Episode -8 i am very happy seeing ur response so to save you nails we will directly jump into the epi…..

Neils phone ?flashed radikas name….
Neil opens the sms sent by radika
Sms: Neil I found the place were shyam s goons have hide those kidnapped girls.. There are more than 15 girls surrounded by goons I can also see one man ordering others to get the girls shipped to some country pls come soon to the abandoned construction near the flyover.. Iam waiting
Both Neil and arjun were shocked to read the sms
Neil : Arjun that place is not safe for radika we shud go there immediately if they found radika there they are capable of doing anything
Arjun : let’s go there immediately I think we two can handle the situation do u have ur gun?
Neil nodded positively..both checked their guns and went to Sam and told the whole news and told her to go home because it’s already 1 O clock and they can’t take risk by taking Sam with them
But Sam refused to go home alone with no other go they took Sam with them and started to dat place
At the same time in the abandoned construction :
Radika is hiding behind some pipe stacks and watching the goons…. At that time some cat came there and jumped over radika she shouted in fear…
Goons head : some one is hiding here search……

All searched for radika one goon found her hiding behind the pipes he is abt to catch her Radika sees his shadow and started running she was running here and there finally goons head caught her tied her hands and shoved her infront of a man standing his back facing radika…
The man turned he is none other than shyams son Akil
Akil pulled radika towards him…
Akil : u look so beautiful after these all hardships…. Saying this he headed to wipe sweat from her face… Radika moved her face before he touches and throwed a angry glare
Akil : u look so beautiful wen u are angry ?
Radika was at rage of her anger
Radika : Wat you think women are? U thought they are toys u use and throw after ur work is over? Don’t u have sister…. Will u behave the same way to ur sister ?…
Akil : I don’t have sister Wat to do miss. Beautiful chuckled Akil
Radika : so don’t you have mother…. ?if ur born to good mother means she might have thought you how to behave with girls Smirked radika
Akil become angry because radika take his mom’s name he slapped radika hardly ….

Radika started bleeding…. Her face became burised immediately because of the hard slap
Akil and full anger… But with wicked simile in his face….
Akil : ok my mom didn’t teach me good values…. U teach my son how he shud behave with girls…. Saying this he started moving forward towards radika
Radika was in utter shock she don’t know wat to do…
Radika : u r doing a big mistake by nearing me…. Stop this nonsense…. Cried radika
Akil : u look so cute while crying also winked at her…
Radika started moving back.. Finally her back hit the wall… Akil came closer to her….
He was about to force him on her
Radika closed her eyes tightly…. She opened her eyes some ones scream
Akil was lying unconscious….
Radika moved her glaze upwards…. She saw 3 faces starring at her angrily
Those three faces are none other than arjun Sam and Neil ???
Radika : thank you guys ?
All the three throwed daggers at radika
Radika with puppy face ?: Sry guys

All three intensified their glare ???
Radika : ok do u guys came to stare at me…. My hand is paining pls untie this rope ????
At the same time all the other goons came running ???????
Arneil : Sam untie radika we will see them ?
Radika :thank god atlast they decided to save me ?
Sam : u come to house I will see you there ? radika smiled sheepishly ?
Neil and arjun started fighting with goons…
In the meantime Akil got conscious he saw the surrounding arjun and Neil fighting radika and Sam standing aside…
Akil sees radika and says I will not leave you…..he ran away from there
Arjun and Neil tied all the goons in the pillar and asked them abt the girls they kidnapped
One of the goons showed them the room were the girls are locked…
Arjun and Neil went to the room and released the girls….

All girls were tired of crying every is is swollen and all have buries allows over their body because of the goons torture…. All the girls thanked them…. Arjun called other officers and sent the girls with them ordering them to leave them at their home safely….
All the girls thanked them and wished them that their families will be blessed ?
Arjun and Neil became very emotional… After they left Arneil come to Rasam…
Neil : are you mad radika to come to this place at this time… Shouted Neil
Radika started crying….
Arjun : Neil it’s already 3 let’s move to our place

Radika murdered good idea ?
All the three stared radika….
Radika : you can also stare at me after we go home ?
All the four went out…. Arjun took the driver seat and Neil beside him, Rasam in back seat
Arjun put on his seat belt and gave one shall to Sam… Sam signed him for Wat…. Arjun signed to give it to radika…

After that only radika and Sam realised that radikas tops was torn here and there…. Radika wrapped the shall and smiled at arjun through the mirror… The reply she got from arjun is non other than another angry glare ?
Radika mind voice : Iam totally done today all the three will burn me into ashes just by staring at me ?????
The whole travel was silent… They reached their apartment and went inside Rasams flat
Rasams flat :
Sam : change ur dress refresh and come radika…. Still staring at her….
Radika made puppy face and went inside her room lowering her gaze ???
All the three sat on couch
Arjuns phone ringed he attended the call I don’t want radikas name included in this case no shud know abt it do u get it… Arjun ordered angrily
Arjun to Nesam if we include her name it will become a big threat to her let’s not involve her in this case
Nesam nodded positively

Radika came outside in simple night dress with lowered gaze and stood before them..
Neil placed the first aid box on the table and signed radika to take it…
Radika : do I need to put medicine on my own ??
Sam : u went in search of kidnappers on your own na stared Sam
Radika : stop staring at me guys I didn’t go on my own… She started describing the whole thing how she saw a goon kidnapping a girl how the girl pleaded for help and no one cared how she followed them and reached the place and informed them etc…and u guys know wat happened afterwards ???
Neil : y u followed them u might have informed police orelse atleast us u don’t know wat Sam underwent wen u were missing ?
Radika : my phone was not reachable Hw can I contact u more than that if I contacted u in the meantime I might have missed them ?….

Sry for every thing guys… Here after I will not do anything like this ?
Neil : oh still u have a plan to do so another time ?
Radika Sry with puppy face I thought to help them…. How worried will be their family…. Think that one of the girls were ur sister how miserable it was ?
Arjun had a same flashes of some one dragging a girl…
Neil : if something happened to u means… Before Neil complete sentence
Radika : after all iam an orphan but those girls had family,brothers, sisters I know the feeling of loosing a family
Saying this radika sat on the floor and started crying between her knees ????
All the three were dumbstruck seeing cheerful radika crying like dat…

Sam went to her pulled her up made her sit in the couch beside her wiped her tears and started applying ointment over her buries
Radika : Sry Sam ??
Sam : ok stop crying between y u went out without saying where were you going?
Arneil was eagerly looking at radika for the answer
Radika : actually Sam di called and told that she is comming tomorrow so I thought to surprise her by buying a gift and surprise you by not telling di is comming chuckled radika
Sam : ok And continued applying ointment suddenly reality hits her…. Wat? Di? Comming tomorrow?
Rasam in one go yesterdays tomorrow means today’s today na ??
Arneil watched them in confusion…
Rasam screamed Noooooooooooooooo
At the same time their door bell rang…. ??
Rasam look at each other and screamed…. Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Arneil closed their ears

Precap :
Di’s entry

That’s it for today guys… Hw was it waiting for your comments ??????
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  1. S.v

    Rads saved but anil is escaped ayyayoo what is he going to do ?? Who is the di ?? Next part soon. Love u soo much

    1. Sangee

      ya anil will be the main villan in ardikas life thanks for the comment S.v

  2. Jessie

    Hey Sangee… so Akhil still a danger.. and Di.. me to eager to see her.. Rads makes fun even then..lol .. Arneil ore dishoom.. dishoom than.. waiting for next one.. Arjun has a soft corner for RAds it seems.. Appidiya.. ??!! TC and loads of love

    1. Sangee

      thanks for ur love jessie….Akhil will be the main threat in ardikas life

  3. Cute cute cute ??? lovely one Sangee ?

    1. Sangee

      thank you so much suga

  4. Brin

    Outstanding episode, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sangee

      thank you so much brin

  5. Shubhadha

    May be Nandhini..missing sister of Arjun..stay in orphanage with Radhika…..no..no..lot of ideas…but waiting for your story line dear..take care..

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the comment shubhadha….

  6. Jnana

    outstanding dear…… post soon the next one

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the compliment jnana

  7. Jewel

    it is a nice chapter sangee. who is this di?? waiting for the next, come with that soon

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for the comment jewel 🙂

  8. Rossy

    Akhil idiot..
    Di means nandini??? The glares rads got m laughing ? aloud..very nice chapter dear…waiting for next chapter

    1. Sangee

      ya radika is so naughty she was craking jokes in that tensed situation .. 🙂
      Thanks or the comment…

  9. Omg sangeeee…it was really superbbbb episode. ..rads helped arneil catch goons n released abandoned girls…..wowwww. ..all the stares on her…lol…poor rads….neil n arjun very much worried for rads…but so angry on her ..arjun’s past always haunts him….rasam bond is incredible ….n the last line….hilaaaaaaarious. …who is this diiiii????…plzzzz upload soooooooon. ..love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart 😉

    1. Sangee

      Thank you so much roma for this cute comment ……hugs and kisses for u toooo 🙂 🙂

  10. _Ritu

    Amazing Sangee…Rads all fine. .. 🙂 m so happy. ..Anil d main mastermind I guess…going to read d nxt one…loads of love 🙂

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