I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-7)


Hey guys sangee back with Episode -7 thanks for ur comments and compliments…because of ur encouragement I started writing long ones hope u guys enjoy pls comment even if it is one word iam over excited  
Rasam office :
Rasam entered the office all the staffs congratulated them but Rasam had no idea y they are congratulating them.
They went to editors room and asked for the reason
Editor showed the paper in which article wrote by Rasam was published
Editor : congratulations guys ur article is getting a very good response
It’s ur luck that it got published today. ACPs action and ur article is creating sensation in the city

Super work… I think we will regain our no one position soon… If we get such a good response from people
Both Rasam were happy and headed towards their table
Sam: these words are so intense radu wen you changed this article the copy we finalised is totally different..
Radika : day before yesterday night I wake up in the middle of the night sleep lessly. I got a idea to go through the final article copy…
But how I changed it I completely don’t know…. I don’t know y I wrote these words
May be I wrote in the sleep in the morning wen I got up I gave a read to the article it was mindblowing I so I submitted that copy to the editor
Saying this radika winks at Sam
Sam: Wat ever the article becomes a big hit… Thats good
Both Rasam laughed giving a hi5

After long drama made by arjun, Neil somehow managed arjun got injected him
Arjun was murmuring in the car throughout the way
They reached commissioners office all media people were present there and started questioning arjun and Neil.
Arjun : our operation didn’t completed I will give you all the details after the operation is completed successfully
Saying this arjun and Neil headed in..
All press people were disappointed with Arjuns answer they left the place
Commissioner cabin :
Commissioner :welcome officers congratulations for ur first success ?
Commissioner appreciated them and the whole team for their success and enquired abt their next step
Arjun : our next target is his human trafficking network I got some reliable news that he is going to conduct a auction soon we shud get him red handedly sir.
Commissioner wished them for their success.
Arjun and Neil headed to his cabin all the other officers also gathered there
All started discussing abt their next move…
Somewhere in some country :

A man in black coat suit sitting in the bar and drinking saw his phone vibrating attended the call. …
Voice over the phone : sir all our drug agents are arrested sir
Man: who the hell is so dare to arrest shyam manohars agents
Voice over the phone : new ACP of the city arjun ?
Man cut the line and throwed his phone on the ground… ???
Rasams office :
Rads was pacing here and there restlessly
Sam : Wat happened radu

Radika : nothing serious Sam
Sam : are u planning for some murder ?
Radika stared at Sam
Sam: ur antics and face reaction shows that u r plotting against some one ???
Giggled Sam
Radika : Sam iam going out for one important work u go home I will reach late
Radika said in one line and ran outside
Sam: y is she behaving weirdly…. she will not go anywhere without me now she has important work outside ?

Stupid girl Sam started working suddenly she had a thought ? did radu went to meet her lover ???she didn’t told anything abt it to me… ??
After sometime chi chi who will have guts to fall in love with this rowdy saying this she face palmed and started working..
Rasams place :evening 6 o clock
Sam was standing in balcony and waiting for radika…. Her fear was increasing each and every second…. Radu left office at 2 pm still she didn’t reach home….. Her phone my foot it’s not reachable were did she went ???

Sam started pacing in the balcony a hour passed clock stiked 7 Dats it she was in full frightened mode… She again dialed radus number…. Again not reachable…..
Hours passed clock striked 8 Dats it Sam was literally crying she don’t know where to search
She was blank her mind didn’t work.. She sat in the couch disheartened
Sam heared sound of knocking the door omg radu came thinking dat she ran to the door and opened.. Arjun and Neil were standing there
Seeing Sam in desperate state Neil asked Wat happened Sam y r u like this….
Sam hugged Neil hard and started crying holding his t shirt
Arneil were shocked they never saw Sam crying like this…
Neil :Wat happened Sam y r u crying pls tell me u r frightening me
Sam broke the hug and started weeping
Neil removed her tears side hugged her and consoled her
Sam admist of the weep : Radika is missing
Arneil at the same time with shocked tone : Wat ????

Sam told them the whole incident how radu went out and till not reached home and her phone not reachable ???
Arjun angrily y u didn’t inform us before itself Sam ?
Sam : Sry iam totally blank my mind didn’t worked saying this Sam started weeping again
Arjun : Neil console Sam I will inform control room abt it tell them to search
Neil nodded
Arjun dialed number in his phone and went outside
Neil sat next to Sam in couch and hugged her and started consoling her… Sam buried her face in Neils shoulder and go on weeping ??
After 15 mins arjun entered the room :
Sam and Neil look into his eyes
Neil signed arjun?

Arjun nodded negatively
Arjun ; still no info abt her where abouts
Neil and Sam looked shocked ??
Arjun : it’s already 9 we shud not waste time lets search for her every where. Neil inform abt this to our department friends and ask them also to search… Send radikas photo to them in watsapp…
All headed to search radika
Neil : Arjun me and Sam will go in bike u go in car we search in different areas. Will inform u if we get any info
Both parted in different directions
All the three started to search in different directions one hour passed but no information
Nesam stopped in one Street and dialed Arjuns number arjun switched on his blue tooth and answered
Neil and arjun at the same time did you get radika negative reply from both
Arjun : I also asked our friends but no one saw radika.. Ok come to flyover I will reach there in 5 mins
All the three reached the flyover
Sam was in bad state her face is full of tears
Arneil tried to console Sam
Arjun :Sam pls try to compose your self radika Will be safe
Arjun signed Neil.
Neil consoled Sam and made her to sit in the car and
Neil came to arjun

Arjun was seen tensed
Neil : Wat to do now Arjun…. I can’t see Sam like that…. More than that iam afraid of radika Wat happened to her…. daily we come across many cases like this ?
Arjun :stop thinking negatively Neil…. Radika will be safe (though arjun consoled Neil he is was the one who is more worried)
Arjun closed his eyes… His eyes is full of tears… He cleared it before Neil notice it
Arjun opened his eyes hearing Neils phone ringing..
Arjun looked at Neil…. Neil took his phone from pocket…. His phone flashed …. Radikas name…………..

Precap :

No Precap today 😉
As usual ignore my typos and grammatical errors
Bye take care dears

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  1. S.v

    Woo woo woo what an updaye nail biting. Radhika’s name bur what will happen next ?? I dont want to anything to happen to radhika and arjun he is melting . Lovely bit im a bit scared as what will happen next ?? Lovely one update soon. Love u soo much. Muuhhhaaa

    1. Sangee

      Thanks Sv for the comment i swear nothing will happen to our rads 😉

  2. Starz

    Cool epi….I hope rads will be saved soon…. love you and take care

    1. Sangee

      Exactly Starz thanks for ur care 🙂

  3. Rossy

    This is not done…why no precap…?? m reading n reading and it ended soon…i think that goon only called from rads no… What will happen and how will she saved…btw I liked ur emos…update soon

    1. Sangee

      Thanks for ur complement Rossy 🙂 🙂 🙂 sry for no precap i promise radika will be fine 🙂

  4. Brin

    Awesome episode, I hope Radhika is not kidnapped, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sangee

      Thank you so much for ur compliment Brin

  5. Jewel

    What happened to rads… Is she kidnapped by shyam’s people?? I can’t wait sangee please post the next soon

    1. Sangee

      I will post the next epi soon jewel ….shyams people didnt kidnap radu 🙂 cool
      thaks for the comment

  6. Shubhadha

    May be shyam kidnap Radhika..and call to neil from her mobile..Why he call to neil..why not to Arjun..May be radhika didnt store Arjun number in her mobile.. bcoz they are tom and jerry na..Now Arjun show his love towards radhika..am i correct dear.. but goid concept yaar…take care…next one plz…

    1. Sangee

      i think even if she have arjuns number her ego will not allow her to ask help from arjun 🙂 🙂
      Thanks for the comment

      1. Shubhadha

        Haha..yah correct..

  7. Sweetie

    I hate cliffhangers when they are cops involved.. 🙁 Why no precap??Please post soon,how’s ur health now??Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

    1. Sangee

      hi sweetie thans for the comment i have already submited the next chappy lets wait and read after its updated..pls do read and dont forget to commnet ur views….

    2. Sangee

      ya iam fine now dear thank you so much for ur concern dear u too take care

  8. Jessie

    Sangee.. seekiram update pannu.. bak baknu iruku…is she with that human trafficking group..got caught?? Super epi ma..TC dear.. loads of love

    1. Sangee

      Thank you so much for commenting jessie i have already submited the epi its still not updated
      pls do read after updated and comment waiting for ur views dear… 🙂 take care

  9. Ahhhh…cliffhanger. …what happened to rads…ufff..I’m so worried. ….keep it up honeyyy. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . . .muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug

  10. Meen

    omg….cliffhanger……sangee i must tell u dear ….this one was awesome……looking forward to read next to know what happened to radhika…..will comment on next after reading

  11. _Ritu

    Amazing Sangee…hope Rads is all good…going to read d nxt one… Loads of love. 🙂

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